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Skywatch is a human organization.

Keep V/atching the skies!

Skywatch is a government organization who deals with Cybertronians. It has changed a lot throughout the years.

Originally a covert organization originally bent on investigating the Cybertronian presence on Earth, Skywatch would became a military force working under the United Nations, using reverse-engineered Quintesson technology to aggressively hunt down and detain the aliens, who were deemed enemies of humanity.

But as time went on, some Skywatch agents learned that the Autobot side of the Cybertronians were really not hostile at all, and a secret alliance was formed between them. For a time, they worked together to capture the Decepticons hiding on Earth.

Skywatch units

Crashing through the sky, comes a fearful cry!


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Skywatch (スカイウォッチ Sukaiuotchi)
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