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The name or term Skystriker refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Skystriker (disambiguation).
The Skystriker is a G.I. Joe vehicle.
Skystriker XP-14F
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Jet fighter


Aerial combat

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US Air Force

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The Skystriker XP-14F is a variable wing fighter aircraft that was first deployed in the 1983 by G.I. Joe. It is a heavily modified version of the Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat. This jet fighter is frequently piloted by the G.I. Joe member code named Ace.


  1. E-81 Aero Vulcan Gatling cannon
  2. Nose-mounted pulse-Doppler radar
  3. Portside E-41A1 Vulcan 50 MM cannon
  4. 360-degree visibility cockpit canopy
  5. Variable sweep wings
  6. High-strength titanium/boron epoxy composite skin
  7. Site-5 Sidewinder missiles
  8. Site-3 Sparrow missiles
  9. Site-3Z Phoenix missiles


A Skystriker, and Ace

Comics continuity

The Skystriker XP-14F was first deployed in 1983, and was used in almost every dogfight G.I. Joe had with its enemies.

It was the central focus when Ace piloted a Skystriker in a dogfight against the Cobra pilot Wild Weasel. Neither pilot won.

It often appeared in relation to the USS Flagg, the Joe's aircraft carrier. For example, several Skystrikers are lost over the carrier's side during a tsunami.

Its use lessened after Ace traded it for the newer, more sophisticated Ghoststriker X-16, a craft based on F-16 Fighting Falcon.

It was eventually replaced by the Skystriker XP-21F.


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