Transformers Universe MUX
Skyfall is an Autobot TP-only character.

They say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Skyfall is an up-and-coming Autobot weapons engineer who envisions a very bright future for himself. He has an effusive and enthusiastic personality, always heaping praise on those around him and telling them things they already know, in a way that doesn't seem suspicious at all. Whenever his friends reach a major success, Skyfall is always there to join in the celebration (and glory), and wouldn't you know it, whenever his rivals fail, things just seem to work out to Skyfall's benefit too. What a lucky bot he is! One day, Skyfall will accomplish great things —- you'll see! Oh, you'll see.


Skyfall was a member of the Kimia Facility staff until it, er, fell from the sky.

In 2019, he refueled from Imager's batch and in doing so caught nucleosis. He was eventually cured, but lost his altmode in the process.

OOC Note

Skyfall is a TP-only character, and cannot be apped.