Sky Serpent VTOL

Sky Serpent VTOL

The Sky Serpent is a Cobra vehicle.
Sky Serpent
Machine information
Machine type

Tiltrotor VTOL


Personnel transport

Weapon feature(s)

Heavy cannon; high-impact bombs

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Air Forces

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Laser-Viper Officer; Any qualified

Organizational information

The Cobra Sky Serpent VTOL carries powerful Cobra leaders to secret meetings around the globe. If threatened, the pilot can respond instantly with heavy cannon fire and high-impact bombs.


Combining the best aspects of a fighter jet and a helicopter gunship, the Cobra Sky Serpent is a sleek and deadly looking machine. The entire craft is painted a bold blue, save for dragon winged Cobra sigils on its slender, graceful looking, wings with top to forward facing tilt-jet rotors mounted at their ends. The forward fuselage bears a long opaqued red canopy and a heavy vulcan cannon beneath the chin, giving the overall shape like a snakes head with a crimson diamond on the back of the neck. A pair of bomb containers jut out from the craft just back and to either side of the main body. The tail ends in a pair of stabilizer fins, with both the tail and the fins bearing tilt rudders for flight attitude adjustment and steering, instead of a helicopters normal stabilizing rotor.



MUX History

The Sky Serpent went into production in 2017, replacing the Black Dragon VTOL. In 2018 it was made the new personal transport for Cobra Commander.


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