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Skullgrin is a Decepticon Siege Warrior from Praxus.
Those who stand against me shall soon fall before me!

Nyeh! Castle Greyskull will be mine!

When you encounter Skullgrin, just who you're meeting depends largely on what he happens to be feeling at the time. The Cybertronian robot at his core is intelligent, logical, coldblooded, and vain. He tends to put his own interests above the Decepticon cause and is easily distracted from missions and even direct combat should something of interest catch his optic. He finds Earth in particular quite interesting and is eager (in a decadent and mercenary way) to learn what it has to offer him.

Should you meet Skullgrin on a bad day, however, you'll find yourself facing a whole different beast. Sometimes, a new personality takes over: he becomes a snorting, snarling, sinister sick-o. Low on brains but brimming over with boundless, unstoppable rage, this Skullgrin is the kind of warrior you just point in a certain direction and let fly. Mindless destruction is his favorite pastime, and he won't stop snarling and fighting until everything before him has fallen.

The disconnect between these two personas can lead to some rather erratic behaviour on his part. The two disparate personalities attempting to reconcile themselves within him can make who and what Skullgrin is like on any given day a toss-up, and should the coin come down wrong, a potentially deadly one for anyone nearby.

Skullgrin turns into a Cybertronic tank thing, with two built-in cannons in addition to Skullgrin's own main guns. The guns themselves can also be combined into a single double barrel gun.


MUX continuity

Skullgrin runs the Decepticon mines in Praxus.


Skullgrin is available for application. In the meantime, he's temped by Typhoon.


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On the MUX, Skullgrin is a regular Decepticon who turns unto a tank -- not a Pretender.

Foreign names

  • French: Crânien (Canada)
  • Italian: Korno


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