Skalor is a neutral Seacon.
I stink, therefore I am.

Steeljaw hates him.

Skalor stinks, and that's not so much an insult as it is a declaration of fact. Skalor suffers from what humans would call a "glandular problem": small amounts of odoriferous lubricants and liquids seep out through his joints and pollute the environment with his putrid stench. While his fellow Decepticons have pleaded with him repeatedly to have his noxious ailment looked at by a professional, Skalor just shrugs their gasping cries off with a "Not my problem".

In creature mode, Skalor operates equally well on land or at sea. He can clamp his vacuum-suction mouth onto most ships and, by piercing their hulls with his diamond-tipped teeth, suck the fuel from them. A snap of his turbo-powered jaws can cut through any substance. His maximum swimming speed is 35 knots. His underwater range is 4,000 miles. His heavy armor allows him to function at any depth. In creature and robot modes he wields two crustation rifles, which encase and immobilize anything they hit with a stream of hard, sticky scales. One rifle shoots the scales, the other shoots a viscous adhesive that glues the scales to their target. In weapons mode, Skalor transforms into a twin-barrelled corrosive slime-shooter able to be fired from ports of Quintesson attack ships.

As a result of his leakage problems and generally poor self-maintenance, Skalor is prone to minor but frequent breakdowns. All are the result of low internal fluid levels. He sometimes overheats, suffers from locked joints and strips his own gears, for example. Occasionally he becomes immobilized at the bottom of a deep ocean and must be fished out by his fellow Seacons, with whom he can combine to form Piranacon.


MUX Canon

On the MUX, the Seacons are a TP-Only group created by the Quintessons prior to their upcoming invasion of Earth.

MUX History:

Until 2013, Skalor was based with his fellow Seacons on the Quintesson starship Bellum, awaiting deployment to Earth. In early July of that year Skalor was sent down to Earth in a dropship, and given orders to destroy.

After the invasion, the Seacons broke away from the Quintessons, seeking their own destiny.

In 2017, Skalor witnessed a conversation between his leader Snaptrap and the Unicron cultist Rartorata.

Though doubt may be imperfect, my stench is not.




Played by Dean.



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