Transformers Universe MUX

While all humans are about the same size, at least as far as the MUX is concerned, the Transformers (and certain aliens) come in all shapes and sizes. On the MUX we handle this by assigning each size category a number, and it effects the combat system in terms of ease-to-hit and damage done. It should be noted that size is actually a measure of volume, and to a lesser extent, weight. The chart lists the sizes in terms of length only for ease of comparrison. A gestalt is certainly not 180 feet tall, but it contains the volume and mass of at least 5 regular Transformers.

Sizes 2-17.png

Size in Feet Size on +stats Example 1 Example 2
1-5 inches 00 Tape Mode Tape in tape mode
6 in.-2 feet 01 Small Object Tape Deck (Soundwave), Boom Box (Blaster)
2-3 feet 02
3-4 feet 03
4-5 feet 04 Animals Timber, Junkyard
5-6 feet 05 Humans You and me sized
7-8 feet 06 Motorcycles, Tape Robots Rumble, Frenzy
9-10 feet 07 Minibots Gears, Bumblebee
11-15 feet 08 Cars Average sized car
16-19 feet 09 Tanks, Trucks Van, larger SUV
20-23 feet 10 'Average' TF Mirage, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker
24-27 feet 11 Larger TFs Ironhide, Skywarp, Jazz
28-33 feet 12 Leader TFs Megatron, Optimus Prime, Gestalt leaders
34-39 feet 13 Big TFs Ultra Magnus, Dinos, Broadside-Robot mode
40-44 feet 14
45-49 feet 15 Big Altmode Dino Mode
50-59 feet 16
60-69 feet 17 Most jets Skywarp - Jet mode
70-89 feet 18 Car Carrier Skyfire - Robot mode; Seaspray - hovercraft mode
90-119 feet 19 Skyfire - Jet mode
120-149 feet 20 Space Shuttle Orbiter Blast Off/Sky Lynx - Shuttle mode
150-189 feet 21 Gestalt Bruticus, Defensor, Superion, Menasor
190-229 feet 22 Concorde jet, Guardian Omega Supreme, Silverbolt - Jet mode, Sky Lynx-KittyBird mode
1000-1250 ft 28 Carrier Broadside-Ship Mode, USS Flagg
3000-2500 ft 33 City Robot Metroplex, Trypticon
22000-30000 34 City Base Metroplex/Trypticon-City Mode