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Sixshot is a Decepticon Six Changer.

Determined to make bad where his Autobot son went good, Sixshot joins the Decepticons!

Few Decepticons are as feared as Sixshot, either by the Autobots or by their own comrades. As the first Transformer Six Changer, able to assume six different modes, he is officially designated as a "Solo Transformer Assault Group" (or "S.T.A.G."), but is more colloquially known among those who know and fear him as a "one-robot army". Sixshot's destructive ability is the stuff of legend, a gleeful murderousness that is matched only in ferocity by the intensity with which he sets to the bloody tasks given him. He is not to be mistaken for a mindless weapon, however—he is fiercely intelligent, and not without honor of a warped sort. He grants due respect to any opponent he deems worthy, and always speaks well of them after he has inevitably dispatched them to, as he puts it, "the great junkyard in the sky".

These attitudes are reflective of Sixshot's understanding of the inevitable end that waits for a warrior such as he, and the hope that when his own end eventually arrives he will be remembered in the same way. But that end will be long in coming, for although Sixshot believes that life is only worth living for as long as there are opponents who can challenge him, his mantra does not preclude his own allegiance changing in order to make new enemies and challenges where none existed before.

Sixshot Has 6 forms: robot, armored carrier (with twin laser batteries), ramming tank (with infrared rangefinder and target tracker), jet-propelled laser pistol, starfighter (maximum speed: 80,000 mph; range: .8 million miles), and wolf-creature Modes. Only the wolf creature has no need for Sixshot's 2 hypersonic concussion blasters, as the wolf Mode prefers to rip apart enemy Autobots with his razor fangs.

He kills. He destroys. He eradicates. He doesn't negotiate!

Megatron sums up Sixshot, Devastation #5


MUX continuity



Sixshot approached Shockwave with a request: Build someone equal to Sixshot's power and grandeur, so Sixshot would finally have an equal to mentor and train. As a result, Shockwave took scans of Sixshot and created Quickswitch. However, instead of turning him over to Sixshot, Shockwave wiped Quickswitch's memory and released him into the wild to see how he'd react.

Sixshot's six modes

Sixshot is among the Decepticons assigned to Cybertron.

In 2018 he encountered Delusion and Discretion outside the contested city of Valvolux. He engaged them both, but was defeated and forced to retreat.




Jun 22 - Sixshot Reporting for duty

>**Decepticon sigil disappears and is replaced by Sixshot's face**<

"Sixshot reporting. Autobot outpost in the Trifid Nebula has been destroyed. I am ready for my next assigment.

Sixshot out"

>*Decepticon spinny is back**<


Sixshot was temped by Bzero in 2018. He was taken over by Bhaal in 2019. In 2020, he was temped again by Bzero.



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