This page is for the evil hunter/destroyer Singe.
  • Name: Singe
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Division: Intelligence
  • Sub-Group: Sweep
  • Type: OC

"To know pain is to know that you're alive."

SINGE is Considered twisted even by his fellow Sweeps. Singe not only enjoys physical suffering - he welcomes it with open arms. In robot modes he is Armed with a multi-setting, variable-range flamethrower and multiple incendiary devices. In Sweepcraft mode, Singe possesses advanced tracking sensors and can travel interstellar distances. While outgoing and efficient, Singe's masochistic tastes sometimes go overboard, putting his life in serious jeopardy.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Singe was created from the wreckage of an unfortunate Decepticon long-range patrol that ran afoul of Unicron. Sent to Earth, Singe was originally subservient to the Chaos God, but since Unicron's destruction Singe is a free agent. He has chosen to throw his lot in with the Decepticons, gleefully hunting down insurgents on the planet Cybertron.


Flying soapdish mode

MUX History:

Singe serves Scourge on Cybertron and Earth.

In 2014, Bloodwulf was infected by Arkeville's primitive virus, and had to be dragged back to base by Scourge and Singe.

OOC Notes

  • Singe is an OFC Sweep. He is based on a 2k5 OFC.
  • Known as "The Crazy One."




Singe is available for application. Until then he was @emitted by Scourge and/or temped by BZero. In April of 2015 he was taken over by GilleyZ.

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