Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Similar But Different

Characters: Goth, Knock Out

Location: Altihex

Date: 03/19/2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Knock Out comes to speak with Goth regarding many things, the war, 
their home planets and get  to know each other better.

As logged by Goth

Central Altihex - Northeast Sector of Cybertron

Goth is standing near the gates of Altihex as he awaits the arrival of a red-medic that wasn't an autobot. His wings where furled around him like a cape as he waited, keeping his ears open for sounds of a the familiar revving engine if he didn't spot him already coming a mile away in the sand of the desert.

Imagine someone primarily red, who is also usually an automobile, but isn't an Autobot. That describes Knock Out, a contrast to norms in many ways. He'd sent a signal ahead with a request to chat, but details were light. Best not to say much over lines of communication that could be monitored. Even encrypting the message is no assurance someone like Soundwave won't crack it, and encryption is a good way to draw even more suspicion. Soon enough, the familiar vehicle - the appearance being the original Velocitronian one designed for speed and a sleek appearance - enters the area. There is an Earthen equivalent, but it is not used often around here.

Goth's ears perk up when he hears him and then sees him and gives a nod, stepping aside to ensure Knock out would be able to enter without hitting him and without trouble, soon as he starts transforming Goth approaches. "There we are, Hola, Knock out, I hope you've been well." He'd greet.

The vehicle leaves a trail of some dust and sand in its wake, zipping closer at speeds higher than truly necessary. If this was a car being driven by a human with insurance and it was being tracked, the speeds being racked up would no doubt lead to less of a discount in costs. When you're the car yourself, you don't need be concerned with such trivial matters. There is a slowing down enough that when Knock Out changes back to his upright mech mode, he can leap forward a short distance further and land with comfortable panache, always showing off in some way. "You look like one of the vampires from those Earth movies, all like that," he points out, miming the wrapping of the arms and wings.

Goth just raises a ridge at Knock Out with his comment.. the fact he knows this, maybe an indicator that he's aware... Thankfully that wont be left to interpretation. "Well aware Amigo, doesn't help I am also a Cybertronian vampire." He adds dryly with a slight tilt of his helm as he looks down at the medic, as if pointing.

Shaking his head, Knock Out admits, "I still don't understand much about that, or you, or your race. I've been to New Harmonex, and..I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself." His facial expressions shift from looks of thoughtfulness to frustration, curiosity and distaste. Hard to tell why, just yet, but it sounds like that's coming. He does have to look up to meet Goth's optics, but not by a whole lot. It's close.

"Ahh got plenty of time to learn about all that." Goth says as he gestures for Knock out to follow him to the normal tea spot. "So, start from the beginning, normally the best way to start." He chuckles. "Any kind of tea flavor you rather?" he asks as a addon.

Knock Out holds up a hand at the offer of tea. "Do you have anything with energon?" he queries, a brow-ridge lifting slowly as he mulls over just what to say. "I came to learn the Ibex Speedway took major damages during a fight. A part of me had to go see how bad it was." If Goth knows anything about territory control, the Decepticon doing this probably put him in danger. Yet, he appears unscathed.

Knock Out holds up a hand at the offer of tea. "Do you have anything with energon?" he queries, a brow-ridge lifting slowly as he mulls over just what to say. "I came to learn the Ibex Speedway took major damages during a fight. A part of me had to go see how bad it was." If Goth knows anything about territory control, the Decepticon doing this probably put him in danger. Yet, he appears unscathed.

Goth nods and sets up an order with the tea stand, before leading over to sit at the table near the oasis... He raises a brow, looking over maybe even doing a slight scan of the medic. "Huh, seems you where unharmed in doing so.. but yes I heard of the titan sized mess over there."

"I came in from the spaceport," the one the Decepticons control, of course. "Immediately I was met with an escort, a very suspicious one at that. I can't imagine why. Do I look suspicious to you?" he asks as an aside before continuing. "Once I explained if I was truly there to cause trouble I'd have brought others with me or tried to avoid detection, it seemed to help when I informed the Autobot I used to own the speedway and I was simply hoping to see how bad those oversized..fools..damaged it." There is a mild chuckle that follows. "Later on, I learned my arrival there caused no shortage of consternation amongst their radio chatter. Seems some of them are more than happy to keep beating the drums of war."

Goth tilts his helm looking at Knock Out. "No, not really, actually quite handsome, however." he'd reach over and tap the Decepticon badge. "That may cause issue." He'd nod and continued to listen. "....No one said the combaticons are graceful." Goth would say, WELL aware of who he was friends with.

He'd lean on his palm as he listened and hemed. "Indeed, I maybe an ex-decepticon, considered a traitor, but I do tend to avoid most Autobots if I can, given some of them seem to have the mentality of a child where there is only black and white." Goth sighs. "Was quite worried about getting shot every moment I was there working on the space bridges, and again before, when I was trying to ensure Khamsin's well being and safety after..." Goth's optics dim and he goes quite, there's definitely a far off look there.

Knock Out pauses as Goth just says that in answer to the question of what he looks like. Well..of /course/ he's handsome, and pretty! It takes a lot of time and effort to look so free of spots and blemishes and if Goth knew the buffing and polishing just coming out to this place required later...

"Indeed," he says after he's caught back up to speed on things. "And I know you and Khamsin have it more difficult with what you've done. I'm not sure what the rest know of my ventures out this way, but there is a part of me that doesn't care. I am not from Cybertron. I had no desire to become part of this never ending war, but I got sucked into it. Have I enjoyed some of what it's given me the freedom to work on without worry of how I might afford it? Naturally. But, I have learned there are those on both sides who cannot let it go, who cannot see a world at peace."

Goth gives a 'mm' in response, clearly lingering on the traumatic events that too place. "Indeed.. learned quickly after Khamsin was.. struggling, to stay online after his and the others bid to rescue me form Megatrons exaction." Goth says with a soft nod, folding his wings around himself once more.

"Hmph, basically my stance as well, at least then when I still bared that scarlet letter of a badge." Goth huffs. "I was an outsider forced into the fray, but reaped its benefits while I could as a means to an end, and now..?" Goth says as he tilts his helm, glancing up at the city. "..I'm quite glad to be rid of it, and the constant us, vs them mentality and being nothing more then canon fodder." He'd huff.

His optics settle on Knock out though. "...I do however miss those I have.. bonded with, in my time there."

Knock Out shakes his head. "I still would never have expected..Khamsin, though." Goth ought to know exactly what he's getting at, given that he knew Khamsin prior to being Khamsin. And, it's been a source of curiosity for him in one way or another. "I use whatever excuses I can find to avoid the battlefield. I have no interest in becoming scrap for a fight I would just as soon have nothing to do with. I will repair those who need it and go about my business, but I have been questioning what I am doing more than a few times of late. There are some who cannot even tell me what everyone is fighting for."

Soon as the energon drink arrives he sips from it, and his optics brighten subtly. He's watching Goth more closely now, then he shares, "I also went to New Harmonex to seek more knowledge. There is very little about Onyx Prime compared to the rest of what's there."

A small, warm smile comes to Goth's face. "...I can, even if it was just a bit at adapting and hiding away, to take on such a mode, knowing what sort of uphill fight he'd have if everything returned to peaceful here.." Goth says softly. "...Hmph, brings white a bit of pride for him and warmth to ones spark." He'd chuff.

"Hmm.. indeed, you'll find such.. They've been fighting for millions of years, their history in shambles and largely lost, most seem unable and even lost as to why they are even fighting in the first place." Goth muses as their ener-tea is brought over, and Goth starts sipping on his mug.. He then opens an optic and raises a brow.

"Indeed, he's a bit.. elusive historically speaking, even more so being an beastformer... doubt the functionalists enjoyed /that/ information." Goth huffs!

"Mostly, it was..not even thinking in those terms, to completely take a new form, and one so distinct," Knock Out explains. One thing he has not been able to explain is the initial and nearly immediate interest it stirred in a part of him. Awkward, to say the least.

He goes on. "And after so long..well. I am certain the war was in progress even before my own creation. Why am I supposed to care about it? Why are you supposed to? We did not come from Cybertron. I was given a choice, but 'or become scrap' is not much of a decision to make, now is it?"

Knock Out gestures toward Goth with an open hand, having taken up a seat that puts them slightly closer to the same level, especially if Goth ever hunches over. "And this is how I come to ask you more about Eukaris."

"Khamsin has always been one about survival, its no surprise he'd be able to make himself a new frame and then transfer his spark over." Goth chuckles. "He had been quite a good doctor at that." Goth hems with a smile.

"It honestly isn't, Megatron does not believe in neutrality, only future soldiers.. and don't tell Des this, but there are also no 'contractors' much as he says... Its join them or die." Goth sighs. "I don't know about the autobots, i have not worked much with them, are an odd lot, I will state that." Goth admits as he sets his mug down. "Like it or not though, we have more a footing, and with Khamsin.. I do think we have a chance of peace." Goth adds before raising a ridge.

"Oh?" He asks, hunching over a bit in interest.

Knock Out glances around, then lowers his voice. "That one is unfit to lead a thing. He is only concerned with destroying whatever stands against him." He is still careful not to directly say Megatron's voice, further when he adds, "And the one on the other side? I don't know if he's much better right now. I wish I knew more so I could be certain." Never know who could be eavesdropping, but with what they've said already, is using those names going to make a difference if somebody is? Knock Out did say that immediately after Goth mentioned the Decepticon ruler.

"Anyhow, I have come up with some fine inventions if I say so myself, but not to that level. Apart from weapons, my expertise has lied in repair and cosmetics, improvements for speed." He seems uncertain what to add to Goth's new level of curiosity, so he taps a few fingertips against the table as he indicates, "You beast types remain a mystery to me."

Goth nods in agreement, thankfully he can pick up the faintest of whispers with this big ears of his... That and his enhanced hearing. "You do need to be careful.. should they hear, you'll likely end up in the same tight spot I did... I can only ask Des so many times to slip me past sensors in order to help." He whispers back.

"Well, you know I'm willing to teach, after all, does seem like something right up your path with the improvement's." Goth muses.

"In what way? Come now, don't hesitate in asking questions." Goth states with a slight smirk. "We are both scientists after all, how we like to poke, prod, and figure things out." he'd grin over his mug.

Knock Out's optics roll, and there is an audible huff to go with it. "I take what cautions I can, but I dislike not being able to go anywhere I please without being watched, or worse, potentially shot at or worse, someone attempting to /scrape/ me." There is a visible recoil at the mere /thought/ of such behavior.

"Teach what? Creating a new body? What use would I have of that? How would I be able to improve upon perfection?" he questions, as if such a thing is so obvious it shouldn't even need consideration. "But you are right about wanting to know what makes someone tick, to see beneath the chassis so to speak. It's just that you beast types confuse me. I can't tell what you're supposed to act like, if you actually think you're animals, if you just pretend for appearances.. especially with how you are viewed."

"It is rather obnoxious." Goth agrees with a cringe as he sips on his tea. Goth then snorts.

"Well, it will make you a bit more of a valuable asset they wont want to scrap right away, and improve on your skills... Hmm and whom knows, may allow you future opportunities, outside the Decepticons, as there are those on this planet that where constructed cold, and their sparks wish for what they would of been." Goth nods.

Goth hms. "How to explain.. it's part of how we're born, some sort of innate programing I suspect, some show it more then others, to not at all... Much like how we just know how to transform into our alt-modes."

"Perhaps," Knock Out murmurs, given a reason to consider how it could improve his standing even if he were to do something to put it in danger. "Given the choice, I'd rather go back to serving neither side, but who knows if that is possible any longer." He has not been a saint, but there are those on both sides who are guilty of various transgressions. The Autobots are not all flawless, either. "I will have to consider it and what it would take to learn and do."

He focuses more on the beastly side of the races that exist. "It is in your sparks then, perhaps? Or tied to what you are?" He gestures toward the bat form Goth holds. "A matter of personality? What do you feel?"

"It wouldn't be easy by any stretch of the imagination.. and would be fairly dangerous, but I think possible." Goth muses in thought as he nods at Knock Out.

"That maybe a much better way to explain it, I'd say both, as it would be something in the spark when it's ignited, and then when it molds the birth metal around it, to form a frame befitting of it." Goth hems in thought as he thinks about it. "Its why those cold constructed have issues with their pre-made bodies."

"Might be why I believe I am already perfect," Knock Out quips, gesturing to himself, for he truly does see his appearance as flawless and he certainly takes steps to keep it that way. What else would see itself as perfect?

He continues, "So this is the colony you are from? You all have something that binds you to an animal? I don't know of any other forms of creation that work that way. I am familiar with the ones you bring up, however. I have seen the way some of them act."

Goth chuckles. "Suppose that's one way to think about it." Goth states with an amused grin as he leans on the table.

"That is an interesting question, our forms do tend to lean more towards fauna.... But I have heard of those that take the form of plants, however.." Goth hems as he thinks. "Considering we'd never been on earth, or heard of it, thus we didn't adapt our forms from there.. I think its generally more animal based, earthen or otherwise, so I do think there maybe other 'alien' type beastformers out there.. case and point we have a faction on Eukrias full of Dinosaur based alt-modes along with other reptilian based alt-modes." Goth explains, looking lost in thought.

"Though that does make our instincts even more of a question, as where would such information of come from?"

Knock Out squints. "Plants? That, I have not seen before." He would likely have remembered it if he did. The concept catches him as more off-guard and hard to believe than he would have thought when it came to animalistic forms. "Though I have visited Earth for various reasons, and I have seen the variety of life on that planet. It is very primitive compared to what we are familiar with." A pause, then he corrects himself by adding, "I don't know how primitive your homeworld is, however. There must be a basis behind it. Now I wonder if the 'Dinobots' are related to your kind at all. You, at least, speak much better than they do."

Goth spins his hand as he looks for the words. "It is... How to explain, Chela and Onyx Prime did not cyberform the planet, as they did not wish to eradicate or oppress the natural life there, as they had been here on cybertron.. thus it has all its natural flora, fauna, and water ways.. quite the beautiful place honestly." Goth muses.

"That aside, they needed to create a method for us to have energon, so they managed to create Energon Synthesizers to keep us fueled, that and of course Chela's natural reserves that he can replenish... Which he also used to birth the first native Eukarians, such as myself." Goth explains.

"So it is both, the capital in Talon Valley is much more advanced in appearance then most other places on our dual sunned little planet, as I said, most have broken off into alt-mode based factions, but there is no war, but there is a bit of rivalry." Goth adds.

Knock Out reaches up to rest needle-like fingertips against the side of his head, near a finial. "So it was more natural than Cybertron. Maybe, closer to parts of Velocitron as well. And most of your forms took after what already existed," he supposes, shifting to tap his chin. "My world is based around speed. The faster you are, the higher your status. It is not quite that simple, but it covers it well enough. We hold elections with races, important decisions with races. It is primarily a desert land, and the sun burns so hot that it is only possible to survive by staying on the nighttime side. Our cities must be mobile, and move to stay out of the direct path of the sun."

If Goth did not already know, now there is a strong reason for most any Velocitronian to live by the concept of speed, to possess a sleek, fast alt mode in the shape of a road vehicle. "We also did not fight, and we did not need energon when we could harness the sun's power for energy. Still, your world sounds eminently more interesting in ways."

Goth tilts his helm, blinking and listening. "Fascinating, how large do these mobile cities tend to be? and how do you keep in contact with others?" He asks, clearly wondering what type of engineering has to go into this. "So because most things where solar powered I imagine energon was not much of an issue?" He asks then hms.

"Guess your speed obsession now makes sense, as if you're not fast enough, it means death...So your speed improvements do sound like something that was rather heavily important." Goth adds, now starting to realize that Knock Out maaay have been quite a high status in the past.

The only way to know about Knock Out's status would be to have a way to compare his speeds to others. "There aren't many faster than I am," he boasts, though there is one Autobot nobody is faster than. It can also give an explanation to why he ended up taking over the Ibex Speedway. The bet he made probably had to do with a race. It would fit.

"Delta is our largest city, and it is massive. It rolls on giant tracks along the equator. Would you believe the darkest side of the planet turns icy, then is scorched when the sun is in the sky, then it all repeats again?" He notes, "With all cities staying in the cold, it is not so difficult to transmit messages from one to another, and our network of roads and no speed limits makes it simple to travel from one to another if needed. We have energon, but it is normally kept in reserve. The biggest danger is in a city getting stranded. Some closest to the poles have been destroyed due to breaking down, with not enough time to repair them. There is a reason mechanics and, city medics, you could say, are important."

He waves a hand, as if growing bored with telling the story of his planet. "What of you and yours, then? You say you create new bodies for pre-mades who are unhappy with theirs?"

"Interesting, your planet must be quite close to the sun, but has some kind of atmosphere that rapidly cools in a cold-zone once its rotated into darkness." Goth muses as he thinks of the astronomy involved.. He raises a ridge at Knock Out. "Indeed.. Technical know how would be an important and dangerous job." Goth muses. "...A whole city full of thousands of bots just being incinerated in seconds.. quite the terrifying prospect." Goth adds, as his ears pin back, he feared fire, and that planet sounded like HELL... So why did Knock Out leave?

Goth glances over. "Yes, that is.. something I do now, now that I am no longer a decepticon, a way to make ends meet." Goth says with a nod as he leans back. "Its not what I did on my planet, mind." he adds. "Back then I was one of the scientists that could move between factions, despite being largely aligned with the Cloud Walkers."

"Let me take a guess. You were a..Cloud Walker..because of those?" Knock Out asks, pointing to the wings without actually touching them. "I attended the Delta Science Institute, and I started out as a mechanic before that. Let's just say I was good enough to be noticed, and I moved on to lead the way in new weight-reduction techniques and aerodynamic alterations." He puts on a sigh of fatigue, however. "But, we are very isolationist. Outsiders simply do not understand us, and we do not have the patience for those who can't figure it out. I wanted to change that, so I came to Cybertron." Chuckling, he admits, "Perhaps I should have adhered more to our way of life. I might have avoided the war."

He also would not have met many of the ones he has, regardless of his opinions of them. "Now in your case, if animals are simpler creatures, I would assume you lived simpler lives. Would that be an incorrect assumption? What types of science exist there? I am envisioning better ways of hunting and gathering."

Goth would stretch out his wing as Knock out points it out. "Si, Cloud Walkers largely consist of those that can fly in the skis above, though there was an argument at the time that I was a Fur walker." Goth muses. He then freezes hearing Knock out's reasoning for coming to Cybertron.

"Ah..? You where a lost reprehensive, attempting to re-contact the planet then, I assume?" He asks, there is something in the bats optic, almost like some sort of kin-ship he'd been deprived of, but as to how? How knew.

He then stops as he thinks about it. "Largely we focused on environmental science... Such as natural ways to generate power, such as geothermal, and resource conversion without being too harmful to the planet, also studying and conserving the organic flora and fauna on the planet." Goth explains, glancing to the side.

"I... May have veered a bit, and started study into sparks and mechological pathogens after becoming interested in biological ones I'd study in the fauna... My Drone specialties came from trying to design a type of drone to go and safely collect samples without harming living specimens." Goth explains with a gesture of his hand.

"So you had groups depending on your appearances?" Knock Out questions. This does not do much to dissuade him from any opinions that the Eukarians are a more primitive species. "Is this where the rivalries come from?"

There is a shrug on his part. "A lost representative? No, not so much. Perhaps I could return at any time I chose, but if I had a falling-out of some kind, it might put others back home in danger. That is not something I feel like risking at this time," he explains.

Then there is some understanding in those black and red optics of his, a lingering curiosity in their glow. "Your own way of harnessing energy, of maintaining what existed, but you found other interests. And this is how you came to leave, hmm?"

Goth nods. "It could get muddy at times, such as with someone like myself." Goth explains. "..I think it was more the tribe leaders had gripes with each other that where never resolved." Goth states with a roll of his optics. "like.. a few of them where more warrior types and thought it better to solve things with fighting... Then there was the fur walker leader who wanted to race everyone due to being one of the planets fastest." Goth grunts.

"Still it is.. interesting you chose to come here, it would of meant having to reactivate the space-bridge that your worlds titan, Navitas, should of left behind." Goth muses and glances away with a huff. "Si.. I had.. wanted to also reconnect us to our origin planet, Cybertron, to show our colonies hatred of 'standard formers' was wrong, but.." Goth spins his wrist.

"...I am no saint, I did horrible things that got my colony killed as a result and sent me deeper into psychosis.... which pushed me to do further horrible things, and being an outliar among my kind, I did quite the damage.. eventually i messed up.. had a number of things removed that.. have since been restored and.. I was meant to be exacuted." Goth coughs as he struggles to get this all out, as he shifts uncomfterbly.

"But aaah, I managed to get control of the ship, I'd killed many at that point, why not." he laughs awkwardly, not looking at Knock Out. "And then I spent I think.. thousands? of years drifting alone in space... and came here with nothing." he shrugs. "Cons offered... and having no where to go, no shanix, and my previous.. family, dead, what was there left to lose?" he asks with another shrug.

A wry smile takes shape. "I have a feeling your Fur Walker leader and I would have understood each other well." Up to a point, at least.

As the rest is dipped into, Knock Out's expression shifts toward something more neutral. There is weight to what he hears, what appears to be remorse and sadness over loss, and he crosses his arms atop the table. "It sounds like you made some mistakes that were compounded into worse ones instead of atoning for what happened. It also seems you have developed a habit of others seeking to have you scrapped." Is it an attempt at humor? To lighten the moment in some way? With him, it can be hard to tell.

"But you can't change it. I can see why you fell in with the Decepticons. Had the Autobots approached either of us first.." Again, he shrugs as well.

Goth snorts. "Quite sure you both would." He'd huff with a shake of his helm, his posture relaxing and less tense.

"Indeed, grave mistakes.. I am known as the Immortal Mourner there, for a reason." He'd chuff, but once more chuckles. "Is it a wonder we all thought I was cursed for all those years?" He asks with a tired smile.

"Indeed.. I am.. attempting to make up for it now... Being so good at taking others apart came in handy in learning how to build frames to make people whole again." He smirks. "...I will admit though, I am.. grateful for falling in with the Decepticons for one thing only.. and that is meeting those I consider friends, and family." he says, closing his optics and knitting his fingers together.

"...I suspect hadn't it been for them, and Khamsin back then, I'd never of started to recover...And as you said, it happened, nothing I can change it.. All I can do now is atone, and hope those on Eukarias will be willing to take me back once I finish the space bridge."

There is still much about this Knock Out doesn't know, but for now the details are painting a picture that fills in a few blanks. "Time will be the answer of that. I can't say what is right or not for you there." Some of Knock Out's morals have been skewed by his time with the Decepticons, or maybe they were already part of the way he was and they just gave him more freedom with them. Power and a lack of oversight can corrupt. It has led to things many might not have otherwise done.

The true answer comes in what one does afterward. Is there an attempt to do better? A further cementing of those ways? "I have a number of things to consider, especially if this is not a war that will ever end. It may be too late for me to return home without bringing some of this with me."

Then comes a different question. "What is it like being one of you?"

"..Si, it did well for Khamsin, all I can hope, which is funny, that it may do the same for me." Goth states with a tired huff out. "...There will always be part of all this that will remain, all we can do is.. attempt to control it." Goth says with a nod in a slight bid to comfort the medic.

"That said, I wouldn't be staying on Eukaris, I'd.. merely be visiting, letting Khamsin finely see my birth place... After all you lot have made me see this war-torn rust-ball as something of a home." He'd huff out with a smile.

"As in being a beastformer?" He asks with a raised ridge.

Knock Out's gaze shifts toward one side. "I don't say this lightly, but he was a sight to lay optics on." And he barely gave the mech form prior to that a second glance. Just like him to be caught up with appearances. "Yours has grown into a mild curiosity as well," he suggests, lest he make Goth feel too comfortable.

"And I don't know about this as a home. My home will always be where I'm from, no matter where I am." But, he didn't leave Delta and Velocitron on bad terms. Different situations.

The question about being a beastformer draws a slow, sly, "Yyyeeeesss. I already know what it's like to feel as if you are in a place you don't belong."

Goth snorts. "He is quite handsome and time has only refined his personality, goals, and morals, honestly has made him into something of the god he was masquerading as." Goth laughs with a smile, clearly very much in love with his mate. "Only made me love and admire him more.. Some of the old Dust Off is still there, but.. grown, and refined." Goth says, closing his optics as it brings him some peace of mind.

Goth then perks up and raises a ridge as he brings his hand off his chin and looks down. "I suppose it has changed a fair bit, even if it retains something of the same shape and colors." He admits, that rebuild form Bulwark did wonders for him to the point he looked youthful again.

"And that is fair, it sounds you didn't leave on bad terms, where I was exiled." Goth nods, and sits there in thought.

"...Well That's.. definitely a unique experience .. You feel as if you don't belong, but do at the same time, you're no different from anyone else, but everyone sees you as different, there are those always judging you, thinking you dumber then you really are.. Those whole gladly steal your work, and claim it as their own cause how could someone like you /ever/ do something as that?" Goth muses. "Not to mention when you have fur, like I do, everyone wanting to touch it without consent, not to mention cleaning! Oil baths are not an option." he states.

As Goth details some of the things that have strengthened the attraction to his mate, Knock Out begins to yawn just after Goth's optics shut. His mouth remains open by the time Goth's looking his way again, and he quickly covers for it by downing the rest of his energon drink. No boredom there! (He was totally getting bored)

"It's simply that we are from different planets and others don't know as much about us. Ask someone what he knows of Velocitron, and if it's anything at all it's probably that all we care about is racing." His head tilts as he has to admit, " not entirely false, but my point is there's more to it than just that, just like you are not completely dumb animal mechs ruled by instinct." He fakes a cough into a hand. "Which it sounds like what most see you as." There was a time he fell into the same trap.

A sly smile takes shape by the end of the bat's explanation about the experience. "But my databanks tell me it is natural for Earth inhabitants to want to pet anything with fur. I'll grant you the cleaning. Be honest with me. You needed the updates because you never got that sewage smell out." A too-wide grin, now.

Goth gives Knock out a judging squint, but lets it slide. "This is true, and there is much more to Eukaris then us being beastes." Goth adds as he listens with a smile and SQUINTS once more. "Please I spent hours in the bath getting that out!" He'd groan.

"Given it was nice to fully be rid of it, but, no it was because I had nearly died." Goth huffs.

"That is also a valid reason," Knock Out remarks, without sign of humor of any kind. A mischievous expression then follows. "Have you ever imagined others as your kind? Did you picture Khamsin as what he became?" The curiosity of a scientist begins to spread, leading to the wonder.

Goth thinks about that a bit. "It would be a lie if I said it never crossed my mind, but, as for Khamsin? I figured something more fox like, and tan colored, but I was close." he'd chuckle. "A Jackal is similar." He'd muse.

Knock Out drums his fingers atop the table. "I see. And have you thought of this for anyone else? You've probably even created designs in your head in your spare time, haven't you?" he asks, looking far too curious for his own good. Even his body language says it.

Goth's ears fall back and.. he may look a bit embarrassed and scoffs. "Yes, well, designs are designs, even if they are never to be used, it would be a waste to not save them." He states as he looks away, crossing his arms. "..But such a thing would be /rude/ to whom I think of them for unless they are interested."

Knock Out simply raises a brow, giving Goth a pointed look for a brief period of time. "You're too ashamed to say more! I can see it!" he exclaims, a hint of laughter coming out before he adjusts his position more comfortably. "But you're right. It must depend on one's level of interest, no doubt. Wouldn't want to subject it to someone who might scold you for it."

Goth lets out a loud 'Gah!' as he throws his hands up, yep, definitely embarrassed and just.. face palms and grumbles. "Yes yes yes.. and I'd rather not, so, unless interested, I'd never reveal such." He'd huff out, his face a bit pink.

Knock Out squints at Goth, and is apparently satisfied with enough of this reaction that he appears amused, if a little disappointed that the prodding didn't go anywhere. "Well, perhaps one of these times you'll feel like sharing," he puts out there, a brow lifting again at the signs of coloration. Rather than outright stating his curiosity, he will leave the bat to wonder about it. "All the same, I am to report in soon, so best I be going. Alas."

Goth peeks from behind his hand slightly, ears perking up in interest. "..So long as you promise not to tell a soul." He'd huff. "..I'd not.. mind sharing some of the designs." He'd say, lowering his hands.

Knock Out glances over a shoulder and wheel, just enough that he can see Goth's reaction and the bat can see the sly wink he gives. At least it might be a wink. Only one eye can be spotted from that angle. "Why don't you get a few together for the next time I come out this way," he suggests, then he steps away until he has enough room to change, zipping off again on four wheels.

Goth sets his hands on the table and smiles, watching the speeder off. "I think that's a fine idea, amgio." He'd huff out, mainly to himself as he settles back in his seat.