Transformers Universe MUX

The Silent Castle is Destro's stronghold and getaway in Trans-Carpathia.

The ominous Silent Castle.

Pre-Canon History

The Silent Castle is an extensive citadel in the Trans-Carpathian mountains. It was built in a mixture of architectural styles and materials between the 13th and 18th centuries.

The earliest stone buildings on the site of the castle may be dated to the 13th century. Charles I of Hungary gave the castle grounds to his Italian supporters from the Drugeth family. They erected a rectangular defensive structure with rhomboid bastions that recalled the castles of South Italy.

The fortification, augmented in the 16th and 17th centuries, underwent numerous sieges (the last one by Francis II Rákóczi in 1703-04) but was never taken. In the 18th century it was modernised under the supervision of Lemaire, a military engineer from France.

Canon History

Cobra rebuilt the Silent Castle as a stronghold in the Trans-Carpathian mountains to create a major foothold in the Eastern European region. When the Cobra ninja Storm Shadow kidnapped Scarlett, he took her to the Silent Castle and held her there. Not long after, Snake-Eyes followed and executed a daring rescue mission.

Since then, Cobra Commander had the castle closed down because it reminded him of his vulnerabilities. The castle then came into Destro's possession as part of a bargain between the two men.

MUX History

Since then, Destro has had the Silent Castle renovated and expanded as a gift to his beloved Baroness, who grew up in the area.

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