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Signal Flare is an Autobot-allied Omnicon.

History shows again and again/how nature points out the folly of man!

Signal Flare is a craftsman; he loves spending his time carefully sculpting raw Energon into powerful weapons. He's considerably less interested in applying them to combat, though he's certainly no slouch in that department. Still, he'd rather leave the slice-and-dice to his feistier brother Offshoot.

He is very intelligent, and his ability to both detect and manipulate Energon in its various forms, be it solid, energy or gaseous, makes him an invaluable member of the Autobot forces.

He sometimes starts his statements with "CRZ!".


When Chromia and Windblade were ambushed and Windblade attacked, Ambulon and Signal Flare ventured out to recover Chromia's unconscious body.

In 2021, Blaster, Signal Flare, and Starlock witnessed Omen emerging from Ghost's frame, confirming Ghost's capacity as a host and Omen's existance as a symbiote.





A Joe Decepticon, and a Cobra Autobot. Hm.

  • A MASER tank is a vehicle created in the Japanese Godzilla movie series. This would make Signal Flare's Terrorcon counterpart Cruellock, who is patterned on the 1998 American-movie version of Godzilla. MASER tanks never really worked all that well against whatever giant monster was stomping around each week.
  • Development sketches from Aaron Archer reveal that part of the inspiration for Signal Flare's vehicle mode was the distinctively-shaped Cobra HISS tank from the G.I. Joe toy line.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Signal Flare (シグナルフレア Shigunaru Furea)
  • Russian: Signal'schik (Сигнальщик, "Signaler")


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