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Sidney Biggles-Jones is a human from the TFUniverse.
Personal information
Real Name

Biggles-Jones, Sidney (PhD)


Ridgewood, New Jersey





Military information
Service branch

Cobra R&D

Primary MOS

Electronic Engineering; Physics

Secondary MOS

Hypervelocity Weapons Research


3 - Scientist


Anything new

Organizational information

Cobra and M.A.R.S.


Research and Devolpment

Wait until you see my new and improved weapon!

Doctor Sidney Biggles-Jones is a Cobra scientist. The designer of an electromagnetic railgun, Dr. Biggles-Jones's dedication to technology has given her uncanny bravery even in the face of seemingly insurmountable threats. She knows that science can level all playing fields; if one side is more advanced, victory for the other side is a simple matter of understanding the opponent's technology. Far from a shut-in, Dr. Biggles-Jones is in peak physical condition and knows how to carry, aim, and fire a weapon half her size.


Doctor Sidney Biggles-Jones often wears knee-high boots, tights, and a stunning, contour-hugging one-piece under her open, flowing lab coat.


Marvel Comics continuity

The scientist who developed the experimental weapon known as the Rail Gun prototype -- actually the first of two. Despite her young age, Biggles-Jones was one of the leading scientists in her field. She and the Rail Gun were captured by Cobra from her laboratory in New Jersey. Cobra Commander offered her a place in Cobra, along with Scarlett (who was pretending she gave up on the Joe team). She then participated in a mission with Cobra to destroy the second Rail Gun prototype, which was being guarded by the G.I. Joe team.

Biggles-Jones continued to work for Cobra for some time, developing other versions of the Rail Gun. She was with Cobra during their involvement with the Transformer known as Megatron. Biggles-Jones even helped repair Megatron after a battle. Soon after, Cobra and Megatron joined forces against the Joes in the Cobra-subjugated town of Millville. During the fight, Megatron decided he can use Biggles-Jones's scientific knowledge. She eventually surrendered herself to Megatron in order to save the Joes, Cobra and the entire town from his rampage. Biggles-Jones was saved due to the efforts of the Joes and the heroic Transformers, the Autobots. She was then offered, and accepted, a Job by Destro, to work for M.A.R.S.

MUX History

Doctor Biggles-Jones is a top scientist, working for Cobra by way of MARS. In 2016 she was lured away from MARS to work directly for Cobra, developing railgun technology at their underground facility in Ollistan.


  • Dr. Biggles-Jones's only other fictional appearance was in Devil's Due's post-Marvel G.I. Joe material, in non-Transformers-related issues. She was mentioned as being held in a Cobra prison and in a coma. She was later listed on a computer screen as having been killed.
  • Screw you, Devil's Due.
  • She is not dead on the MUX. Also, most of her comic history is non-canon.


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