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The name or term Sideswipe refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sideswipe (disambiguation).
I don't break rules, I bend them - a lot.

Although nearly as capable as his twin brother Sunstreaker in the combat arts, Sideswipe is far less cold-blooded about it. He thoroughly relishes engaging an opponent in a fight to the finish, and will use any dirty underhanded tactic he can think of to come out on top. Back on his homeworld of Cybertron this conduct extended itself to the rest of his lifestyle: getting what he can out of life, enjoying it to the fullest, and cheating to get the rest. His exile to Earth hasn't changed his behavior, just his cause - now instead of doing everything for himself he does it for the sake of freedom for all. Personal safety takes a backseat to his reckless, but brave actions.

In Autobot mode, Sideswipe's two arms can be used as piledrivers. Each exerts 8000 pounds of force upon impact with up to five impacts per second, making him particularly useful in close combat and for breaking through fortifications. A rocket back-pack can sustain him in the air for two minute spurts before refueling is necessary. When launched, two shoulder-mounted magnesium phosphorous flares can each be seen from a distance of 18 miles on a clear night.

If it weren't for his rash behavior, Sideswipe wouldn't have any serious weaknesses. But as he often acts without consideration of the consequences and takes a special delight in plunging into extremely dangerous situations, Sideswipe, more than any other Autobot, finds himself being patched together by Chief Medical Officer Ratchet. Naturally, he takes his injuries in stride.

Lamborghini Countach LP500S mode


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Sideswipe was part of the initial crew of Autobots aboard the Ark when it crash-landed on Earth four million years ago. He awoke along with his fellow Transformers in 1984, with both he and brother being reformatted into Lamborghini sports cars. Sideswipe loaned Optimus Prime the use of his rocket pack when the Decepticons nearly escaped from Earth with a starship full of Energon.


Roll For It

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker often operated together. When antimatter-fueled Decepticons attacked the Ark on one occasion, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker took to the air to battle with the incoming Seeker jets, in a rambunctious, if ultimately ineffective, display of "jet judo."

S.O.S. Dinobots

When investigating tremors that were shaking the Autobot base, Ironhide's scanner found some interesting objects inside a rock wall. Sideswipe, using his piston-like arms, helped Brawn remove the rock wall and found a cave full of dinosaur bones, the discovery of which would lead to the development of the Dinobots.


Sideswipe once disguised himself as Breakdown in order to stop Megatron's evil plan, along with four other Autobots.

MUX History:

For decades, Sideswipe was one of Optimus Prime's most reliable warriors on Earth. In 2013, Sideswipe was bitten by Windshear and infected with the Dweller virus. Incarcerated by Cuffs and treated by Nitro, Sideswipe seemed to be responding to Jetfire's cure, enough so that Bumblebee loosened Sideswipe's restraints. Unfortunately, this allowed Sideswipe to escape, and he wound up with the Decepticons for 'treatment.'

Sideswipe while under the Dweller's influence

He joined the Decepticons while under the influence of the Dweller, and was only later recovered and cured by the Autobots.

Sideswipe in the city

In 2020, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker murdered two Decepticons while on patrol, and were sentenced to Garrus-1.

OOC Notes

Kre-O Sideswipe

Logs / Posts




Jun 04 - Unknown Shuttle Recovery


Arcee had been picking up a low band data transmission signal coming out from Thunderhead Pass in the border regions along Iacon. We went to sweep around in a patrol and located a weak signal being broadcast in a repeated cycle. It's language wasn't in any immediate databases, human or Cybertronian. Arcee haphazarded a guess it might be ancient Cybertronian.

The ground was weak in the area around it and with some pressure we found an exposed area that had a small crashed shuttle. Likely cargo shuttle. Shuttle's in bad shape and pretty mauled, but might be salvageable. We were joined by engineer Twidget who took stock of it. Inside the shuttle there was a body, executed and shot in the back after an internal firefight. Shuttle would have the space for two or three in it under normal circumstances. The blast seems to have been a close range Null Ray attack. A medic can probably confirm it. This reeks of Starscream to me. All the fun shoot 'em ups. Arcee recovered a data crystal and Twidget found some electronics that might be salvageable to get records from. But for now it's been taken back to Iacon for inspection along with the body.

Jun 09 - Manganese Mountains

On patrol in the Manganese Mountains, Sunny (that glitch of a bro of mine) got a distress call from a civilian outpost being attacked by some Cons. At least a squad of 'em. We got there quick and went to brawl the place up. I of -course- slagged more Cons than Sunny did. Getting rust in your old age Bro. Get less wax and buff, more time in the simulators!

Was a small civilian area, with at least ten occupants and facilities to support them. The engagement with the Cons resulted in the squad disengaging, three Cons scrapped and two running away with their tailpipes between their afterburners. The place was messed up and it's in the Manganese Mountains without support so if the civilians got away they're not going to get far. Requesting assistance in recovery operations and dispatch of search and rescue team to try and locate any survivors. Me and Sunstreaker will be going through the area to try and see anyone we can dig up until reinforcements arrive. Also we have the three dead Cons set aside in case there's anything useful from salvage.

July 31 - "Prison Break on Luna 2"

Cyclonus leads a force to break into the high security prison Garrus-1!

Aug 13 - "Cutscene"

Personal log of Garrus-1 inmate Sideswipe.

August 31 - "All Sorts of Problems"

The Medical Center is starting to fill up again.

September 2 - "Mysterious Influences"

Progress is made in treating the mysterious illness that afflicts Typhoon and Ratchet.

Oct 31 - Addendum: Manganese Mountains

An attachment file goes up and over to the report, filed a day or two later of Sideswipe.

"Just as Deathsaurus says there isn't doesn't mean there. The Destrons are subcontractors, not Decepticons. So no reason why Megsie would tell them if he didn't have to. Would like to state for the record just as he doesn't know doesn' mean there ain't.

Nov 08 - Titanium Turnpike Tumble

Subj: Titanium Turnpike Engagement

A patrol along the Titanium Turnpike came upon a Decepticon squad lead by Bludgeon that were assembling some sort of forward fortification with two mobile artillery batteries and a small escort group. Under Dust Devil, all present Autobots in the area were engaged by the Decepticons. Present were Bludgeon, whom seemed to be in charge of the area, Ghost, and late arriving Motormaster and an unknown Decepticon.

Dust Devil lead the patrol of myself, Dawnfire, and later on Slag wandering in and setting things on fire. Dawnfire was badly injured by Bludgeon to near stasis lock, I was badly damaged by Ghost and Slag and Motormaster beat on one another. Dust Devil detonated the Con artillery units and then rejoined the fight. With Dawnfire badly injured Blackwing and Starlock came for an emergency evac and personnel withdrew to Iacon.

There is no further toll-booth on the Titanium Turnpike. I guess we toll'd them off.

Nov 08 - Addendum: Unit Ghost

To: Intel Division And Rank 6+
Subj: Decepticon Ghost Abilities Update

Msg: During the skirmish along the Titanium Turnpike after having inflicted moderate damage to the torso of Decepticon designate: Ghost, she deployed a cassette. She went 'Omen, Eject' and then deployed said unit, which was some sort of avian style (Video upload of Ghost deploying Omen while she ha%3D%3Ds moderate damage). Unit tagged 'Omen' flew above the battlefield making high decibel cries out of effective shooting range. Unit did not move to engage or do anything to interfere in battle.

Given ejection of unit mid battle, lack of interference, positioning high over battlefield and independent action, cassette unit did not seem to be acting as any sort of drone or remote deployed unit. Given it's lack of deployment previous to battle it was likely not acting as a battlefield recording unit. I tentatively offer this as addendum to combat report for separate analysis and confirmation. But she definitely launched the bird Soundwave-style.

Nov 21 - Patrol Skirmish

General Audience
Subj: North Metal Plains Patrol

Msg: While on patrol of North Metal Plains, ran into unknown Decepticon rotary. She gave pursuit and engaged. Transponder tagged her as 'Arachnae', she had a medical loadout and talked about acquiring 'test subjects'. She retreated over engagement. Continued on patrol.

Nov 30 - Dweller in the Depths

To: Command, R&D, Archaenology
Subj: Encounter with the Dweller/Detritus

Message: The Dweller, or something associated with it, had been tracked to an underground area underneath Kalis. With the permission of the Decepticon garrison, Jazz lead a team to the underground to investigate and engage in search and destroy. Jazz's team consisted of myself, Glyph, Tap-Out, Cerebros, Backblast, Dizzy, Trespass, and Dust Devil. The team was accompanied by Goth as an outside expert on the Dweller. The Kalis garrison sent Cyclonus and Ghost along to monitor.

When we began tracking underground we encountered a large clutch of what looked like eggs or cocoons. The team was then attacked by a group of drones or small insectoids that were quickly dealt with. Demolitions charges and incendiaries were used to clear out the majority of the clutch.

Another room forwards a large opened 'seal' with indecipherable writing and markings on it. Glyph went to inspect it when the entire team was attacked by a large number of Trans-organic mechanoics, most of which had a similarity to Earth animals. They were engaged but Glyph was incapacitated, and the team took heavy damage before the Trans-Organics withdrew. The team then disengaged and fell back for medevac to Iacon. Kalis is in Decepticon territory so further actions will be initiated on the side of the Decepticons if they want to hve us back or deal with things on their own. As far as I'm aware some data was shared. Glyph was badly damaged but entire team made it back to Iacon. Goth was also badly damaged in the melee and had some sort of emotional reaction. Data handed over to R&D along with samples for analysis.

Nov 30 - Ideas

Well, since the bosslady asked for 'em. Nice to be appreciated for all the fun I got up to.

Kalis. Well, the Dweller's there so we might want to not step on any toes there for the moment. I know Shockwave's up to something nasty in Crystal City so we could maybe try something there instead? Shockwave tends to respond well to 'projects' so if we throw something up in the area that catches his attention, that might lure him out for some playtime when we can drop in.

Cure Distribution? Let the Cons know what we're sending and when. Doubt they'll care much but can't hurt. Then just have Cosmos drop it in from above. Even if there is anything nasty on the ground, it wouldn't catch him coming in and nothing feral would fly that high. And if we're gonna drive it that far? Just send a tanker and a few gumbies. Easy enough. Cons won't get in the way and anything that would attack would go for something that's edible, not a fueler group.

Hydrax: Well, what's Valour's personal fetish? Pretty sure he has something or someone that gets him revved up and foaming at the mouth. We just put 'em somewhere nearby and he'll be chomping at the bit.

Dec 10 - Dweller Retrieval

To: General Report
Subj: Retrieval of Hubcap

Msg: The prison ship Alchemor, which had been seized by Hubcap early on in the second breakout of the Dweller Virus, was tracked to space. A team lead by Jetfire and Hound consisting of myself, Dust Devil, and some others boarded the ship at the same time as a Decepticon force consisting primarily of Sweeps did the same.

The Alchemor was boarded and one of the guards (Drift) was recovered and stated he was the only survivor but was still functional. He lead the team to the bridge right as the Decepticons arrived. Hubcap had gone cuckoo and activated the self destruct system right as Scourge grabbed him.

Hound put up a hologram and Dust Devil threw Scourge off of him and we were able to retrieve Hubcap as the Sweeps retreated. Hubcap disarmed the self destruct and was given the mass deployment cure. The Alchemor was retrieved moderately damaged. However, the majority if not all of the prisoners aboard are presumed to have been evacuated by the Decepticon raiders and likely will be active on the front lines or in support positions soon. Command should update files on them accordingly. Drift was not damaged further in the melee returned to Iacon, stating he had to report to someone.

Separate Note (To Medical): Given this is the second time that Hubcap's been infected by the Dweller suggest he should be put under heavy observation and be taken in for psych evaluation pronto. This is the second time he's been made to do this. Do not leave him unattended at any point.

This leaves the majority of not all of known infectees recovered and treated, and only any outlying areas that have not had medical teams sent in with the treatment requiring any further actions if any.

Dec 10 - Driftsponsibility

To: Command
Re: Alchemor

Msg: I take full responsibility for allowing the Cybertronian pretending to be Drift to return with us to Iacon. I'm the one who gave him a weapon and did not look to confirm if he was a member of the ship's crew or a guard before acting. Whatever he does is on me and I take full responsibility for breaching security.


  • Jan 9 - "Unhinged" - Motormaster shows yet again why he's King of the Road. Also really dialed into being crazy.

January 09 - Tri-Torus Trashing

To: General Report
Subj: Tri-Torus Skirmish

Msg: Along the Tri-Torus Route, several dozen kilometers from any claimed areas and in a chunk of the ruined roadway in Dead Mech's Land a team lead by Doublecross was looking for anything of useful salvage that could be brought back. Consisting of Doublecross, Kodiak, and I we were set upon by Motormaster.

Motormaster leveled most of the area with his weapon, setting off a firestorm with his cyclone cannon. Damage to the area was heavy. Kodiak displayed great heroism in helping to drive Motormaster off. The Decepticon launched himself away from the area on fire after myself, Kodiak, and Doublecross were moderately to heavily damaged. Kodiak ran out of energon during the fight and was medevaced back to Iacon by Solstice. The area is in worse shape than before but Motormaster was in worse shape than the rest of us! I call it a win.

Jan 09 - Attack Thought                    

To: Operations and Infantry Command

Subj: Motormaster; Operations Proposal

Msg: Motormaster has in short time been noted at wide angle patrols unaccompanied. He has been rather.. Psychotic during them. Given Motormaster's tendency to go berserk it means the other cons are probably giving him a wide berth if he's worse than normal and he's liable to attack anyone that goes after him. Might be worth it to try and setup an ambush for him to neutralize him. Even if he's just badly mauled, it takes Menasor off the table for awhile.

Jan 19 - Tri-Torus Patrol

To: General Personnel
Subj: Patrol Tri-Torus Region

Msg: A Race-patrol looping around Tri-Torus hugging the line along Praxus and rubbernecking between the Kalis offshoot and Crystalline Highway consisting of Dust Devil, me, and Dawnfire ran into an ambush of Razorclaw joined by a flier (tag: Blitzkrieg). We were engaged and Dust Devil was hit badly quickly and we weren't handling it well. Kup came as reinforcements and covered the retreat. All of us came out pretty mauled and the Cons held the field pretty handily and could've chased us down easily.

Razorclaw's known to be in Kalis and this confirms that. Any patrols we send through the area should probably have some higher ends on them to cover in case he drops by.

Feb 14 - Re: Titans in Ibex

A small note is sent to Command Personnel from Sideswipe, filed away in whatever catalogue suggestions from the rank and file are put in for analysis.

Sub: Trypticon at Ibex
Msg: Given the fact Starscream (for however much that was worth) said that Megatron planned to flip Trypticon at Ibex, I presume we'd counter with Fortress Maximus.. Is there any reason that in the event of an attack that Metroplex couldn't be space bridged in given the SPace Bridge is working again and teleportation within the range of Cybertron could be used by groundbridge?

Feb 15 - Rolling Out

To: Command and Medical Division
Subj: Fortress Maximus Roll Out

Msg: Fortress Maximus decided he needed to stretch his legs and go for a roll out. Doing so he went along to the Kalis Overpass. While there an encounter was had with Decepticon Intelligence Operative Ghost and Cityspeaker Banshee of Trypticon. Banshee offered some energon to Maximus in greeting and there was some discussion.

While speaking of diplomacy Fortress Maximus was getting advise and said multiple Autobots speaking on the channel was disorienting to him and threatened his link between his components and was possibly overloading. He also expressed worry if it was to happen in a combat situation and that he needed training and practice.

On a personal note, how the -slag- are we putting Spike, Cerebros, and Fortress Maximus through this when they can barely handle multiple Bots talking at once? Wht the slag has this done to the three of them that they can't multitask at all? Medical, sweet primus find a way to help him.

Mar 08 - Ibex Convoy

To: General Personnel
Subj: Ibex Convoy

Msg: Myself and Streetwise were escorting a convoy of automated haulers towards Ibex. Along the way we were hit by two of the Combaticons, Blast Off and Vortex. I got lucky and Blast Off forgot which direction was 'up' and crashed and Vortex disengaged around the same time. The haulers got through, I think what was left of 'em. Heading to the field repair bay along with Streetwise.

  • March 12 - "Ibex Incursion" - Valour leads the Decepticons in a strike to take over Ibex itself well before the deadline he, himself, had set. The Autobots scramble, the defenses they had worked on now being put to the test.
  • March 12 - "Assault on Ibex" - Ibex Grande Push

Mar 13 - Ibex Defense Trial

To: General Personnel
Subj: Ibex City Defense Thread VSB-117

Msg: The Decepticons violated the conditions of the 'evacuation' of Ibex. We shouldn've have trusted them. They came in with an attack wing that Valour lead and told us that he'd kill us all and run us down. The defenses were suppressed by the first air runs as reinforcements came in.

Then Trypticon and Bruticus came in. Trypticon's cityspeaker was.. Feral. Just screaming and raging and.. Nevermind, that's something for Intel and Operations to evaluate. But the way she was going after Optimus and.. It was like something broke in her. I've seen her at the Rollout and it was like she was having a circuit-twist that was coring her.

We engaged Bruticus and distracted him before reinforcemetns came in. Grimlock and his team engaged Valour and Shockwave until Optimus arrived with Metroplex and FOrtress Maximus and the engagement spread throughout Ibex.

The Titans were like nothing I'd seen. Like the Fallen, like Unicron.. It was something from the Inferno, the Allspark. It was.. Scary. Like the whole rest of us weren't of any consequence. No matter who won the battle on the ground or the city ti wasn't important.

Shockwve came in and was just casually going through all of us. Like our hits weren't there. He was casually blasting apart Grimlock and Sludge and he was given the chnce to disengage. Twice. Each time he shot another of our friends. He was let go at laser point. AFTER he'd been given prior chances and had thrown them away. Trypticon fled up to orbit with the rest of the Decepticons. The Destrons evacuated the ones who didn't go up that were still alive.

Personal Log: I.. I haven't felt such hate in.. Since I murdered. It just came out of nowhere. When Shockwave was casually executing the Dinobots when he'd been given the chance to withdraw. And it was given to him again. He.. He could hve killed them and he could have flown off. We let him. I.. I could have shot him. I didn't. I wanted to shoot the evacuation team the Destrons sent. I.. I could brely stop myself. In front of Prime. In front of everyone. I.. I could barely stop myself.

I.. I think there's something wrong with me. I.. I can't talk to anyone about it. They all have their own issues to deal with. I have to deal with mine.

Mar 28 - Preference

To: General Operations
Subj: Personal Thoughts

Buried along the massive numbers of general memos or requests fro personnel (likely sent to Prowl) is one from Sideswipe.

The Cons have hit us hard. They've attacked Ibex twice, Protihex, laid radioactive mines along supply routes to neutral cities.. We've not done anything back. We've not raided them, we've not made them feel pain -back-. All the fighting is on our territory. We have to bring the fight back to them as each time we get hit and they don't, we give them more time to rebuild. So personal recommendation is that we look for places to counterattack on. We shouldn't use Fortress Maximus, but there are plenty of places we can bust through the enemy.

Apr 10 - Slaughter City Supplies

To: General Personnel
Subj: Slaughter City Supply Run

Msg: A convoy taking supplies to Slaughter City, a forward outpost around Vos was primarily being driven by Wideload with myself and Dust Devil (mission commander) for escorts. Along the way through the Badlands we were engaged by Cons. Dead End, a crazier than usual Wheeljack knockoff (Deluge), and Skald. Myself and Dust Devil went to engage Skald and Dead End while the Con Wheeljack kept monologuing and throwing things at Wideload. We were able to make a hole in the Con lines long enough for Wideload to get to Slaughter City wtih a good bit of the supplies on our run.

We fell back and were pretty badly hit and were evacuated by Blackwing. Dust Devil can probably debrief more extensively on Skald. Deluge sounded like someone who got hit on the head a few too many times and thinks he's with Evil Inc. Supply run got in with enough to hopefully hold out Slaughter City while longer and we got out alive. I call it a win.

Apr 19 - Courier Interception

To: General Personnel
Subj: Courier Intercept

Msg: Along the Uraya Pass, saw a Con shuttle going down. The Gumby-Lord went down hard along with most of the Cons in it. They were carrying some sorta thing for Con Intel. Went to race after it while rendezvousing with Typhoon. While we were there we ran into Motormaster.

He was really wanting to get rough and offroad so we were engaging in some ramming. Playing bit of chicken. Got a few chuckles out of that old Clucksterfrag. Took a few lumps and think he was a bit mad. But he got sidetracked on trying to hammer me and let Typhoon sneak up. She got towards the crash landing and got the courier package. Or whatever the frell the ship was carrying with it. She got it to the nearest city and awaiting Intel pickup. We got a win here and hopefully something useful. Cons will be able to salvage whatever's left of their shuttle and any survivors and they know we picked up the info in it so we have a real short turnaround on it being useful. So suggest get to it pronto.

Apr 28 - Skirmish with Ghost

To: General Personnel
Subj: Skirmish at Melpomeme Bridge with Ghost

Msg: Was going along the 'scenic' route and was going along the Melpromeme Bridge. Where.. Ravage tried to kill Spike a couple of weeks back. When there I saw Ghost, Decepticon Intelligence Field Agent just.. Walking and wandering. I went to intercept and challenged her and we started to fight.

I rendered her heavily damaged at what point she collapsed. After calling for extraction. Soundwave came. We.. Agreed to stand down and I stepped back. He did field repairs on her and she was extracted.

<< Appendum - To Operations Personnel >>

It was.. Weird. What was she doing just randomly walking all the way out there and just wandering like she was all out of it? Soundwave seemed.. Really freaked when he came to get her. Like Sunny'd just run over those little freakoids of his. Desperate. He gave all his attention to her and stabilizing her and didn't threaten me, send the Goon Squad after me, or do.. Anything, really like he normally does. Not sure what if anything to make of this so throwing it up the chain. And.. Got some visuals of her insides. They're -freaky-. Never seen anyone with so many cables. Couldn't keep track of 'em, like they were everywhere. In her body, in her wings.. Freaky. Took visual scans of 'em and attached to report. < Insert attached imagery for Intel >

May 27 - Arachnae

To: Intel
Subj: Arachnae

Msg: Had a chat with Arachnae while was at the Copse in the Mercury Swamps. She was going on about how she knew a lot of Autobots when they were 'young'. Was talking about herself on a bar with Kup, knowing Wheeljack and Ratchet when they were young.. Could just be a Con throwing drek but adding it to a list of things in case anyone wants to follow up on it.

May 28 - Copse

Put up an automated monitoring station in the Copse Gardens in the Mercury Sea to monitor the environmental status of the area and take occasional samples. Encountered a Decepticon (Arachnae) doing something similar. Gave her the transmission frequency used by the monitoring device to make sure there wouldn't be any disruption of the Decepticon ones and to make sure the Cons knew about it.

Jun 16 - Musings

Memo: To Intel
Subj: Decepticon Command

One of dozens if not hundreds of unimportant memos filed daily that vanish into the abyss of the computer network to be archived, Sideswipe drops in one

Hey, uh.. Just sort of thinking now that Starscream's going to be in charge for a bit, and not have to worry about Megatron being cannoning over his shoulder, and since he had nothing to do with Megatron going down the black hole.. I imagine a lot of the Cons aren't gonna be happy. Valour's gonna be a bootlicker but Shockwave might decide that of course leadership -is- logically 'his'. So might be worth it to try and lean on osme of the Cons some in the Rollout or Valvolux to see if they're a little raw. See how their morale is doing and who might be getting into power games. Starscream's gonna have to fly by his own thrusters now, so I imagine at some point he's gonna have to do something big to try and make sure everyone's united behind him. So if we an figure out what his stupid thing's gonna be and how happy the rest of the Cons are wtih him, we can maybe try and make some schisms for what it's worth.

Jun 28 - Re: The Fist

Sideswipe's comm-frequency is used to send one of those general mass-send memos that no doubt vanish by the thousands into the archives on a day by day basis. "The 501st is Valour's personal battalion. So if we can send him on a wild petro-rabbit chase he'll take them with him. I dunno, maybe something like someone has some tech that could be used to help locate Megatron?"

Jun 30 - Tri-Torus Patrol

Sixshot's back on Cybertron. Was patrolling the Tri-Torus route and ran into him and the Motormaster wannabe Convoy. Did some damage to them but I was mauled pretty badly and retreated.

Jul 11 - Protihex Patrol

Myself and Dust Devil were patrolling along our side of the border at Protihex when a couple of Cons came on by it, a Sweep and Esmeral. We bantered while we stayed on our side and they tried to get ideas. Finally they came on down and Esmeral tried to grab me. I throw some paint in her optics and she threw me off. She and the Sweep went to bug out while they were narrating. We didn't exchange any shots with 'em and they fired first.

Aug 28 - Nova Cronum

I ran into Ghost in Nova Cronum walking about. In turn I went to attack her and inflicted damage upon her. Shortly into the melee it was announced that she was the current head of Decepticon Diplomacy and negotiator for the peace talks. Jazz came in and ended the fight. In turn I accept whatever consequences of my actions for having attacked a diplomat engaged in negotiations that was not posing any sort of threat or acting aggressive.

Dec 12 - Spitze

To: Medical
Subj: Spitze

Ran into Spitze in one of the loading areas in a cargo container. She needed something to do. Offered to take her smashing things and she declined. Took her to the sim center and she got interested in going go karting. Over it I think she stated she really didn't remember anyhting of what she used to do. She didn't transform upon prompting or being asked on it. She might not know how or just might not want to. She definitely wasn't in the mood to bust things up which is -weird- for the Dinobots.

Dec 20 - Spitze

To: Medical Staff
Subj: Spitze

Msg: I had a spar with Spitze in the sim room. As soon as she was engaged and angry she became much more focused and aggressive. When she turned over into robot mode she showed heightened awareness, focus, and anger. She was extremely ambivalent while in dinosaur mode and went inert at the end of the sim. She seems to get more coherent in robot mode or when she's angry like any proper Dinobot is.

Dec 29 - Deathsaurus

To: Operations
Subj: Deathsaurus

Msg: Deathsaurus was ranting over about an incident where the trigger was him watching a group of Autobots racing (at the Ibex track) and being friendly and him alking wtih them and I believe agreeing to go out drinking. He then stated (summarizing broadband and public channels) that he was going to rage beause all he knew was conquest. Along wtih variations of raging at Star Saber, he then went to the Great Trench. He stated he was angry but going somewhere no one was around.

Upon arriving there I attemped to talk, no weapons raised and he threw a large boulder at me, inflicting moderate damage to a leg. Ghost showed up shortly after and she attempted to calm him down by trying to help get him to use her in cannon mode to shoot at debris. The topic of conversation was the him focusing on that he was not Megatron and how no one could compare them. He also did free me from the boulder.

He went on to talk about rage, conquest, and then quoted Megatron's motto of 'peace through tyranny' and then withdrew, seemingly extremely agitated further and upset with himself. At his departure Ghost went to pursue him to try and help calm him down after calling for a medical pickup for me.

Deathsaurus the next day stated he did not have any memory of what he did, apologizin for his anger and lashing out. He agreed to pay reparations to compensate for the damage inflicted and did so to a neutral party (Encore at the Rollout). I consider the situation handled and make sure to keep Operations updated that it is so. And note that his anger causes him blackouts and comparing him to Megatron, or him doing so imself causes him immense rage.


Jan 15 - Thrust

Ran into Thrust at Maccadam's Old Oil House in Valvolux. He seemed to be pretty dissillusioned with the war and fighting. I told him that he might consider asking the Dominicons about seeking refuge there. Thrust is a bad actor and he seemed genuine, I just don't trust him at all. But passing this up the chain.

Feb 21 - Motormaster

To: General Personnel
Subj: New Harmonex and Motormaster

Msg: New Harmonex had Motormaster sitting around the edge of the city gates and.. Being threatening to the locals. He did so within the spec of the treaty but not the spark. Upon approaching him with some exchange of prose he went to pursue myself and Dust Devil and we got into a lovely chase and smash. Motormaster was lured away from the city and evaded. Also he wants hugs.

< Picture is attached of Dust Devil in hovercraft mode atop his trailer >

Apr 02 - Stanix Blockade

To: Rescue Operations
Subj: Stanix Blockade

Msg: The Cons are fortifying access lanes to Stanix to cut off supplies and trade. Kodiak and I were escorting a convoy when we came upon a partially constructed series of entrenchments along one of the routes. We engaged Mixmaster and a Sweep and hit one another up pretty badly. Kodiak did some real nice drumming up of Mixmaster's drum-stack. The Cons retreated, but we were pretty hit up and they could have reinforcements inbound. We escorted supplies the rest of the way and will be heading back. Tell any more runs to be on the alert. And if the Cons don't fortify the pass again a salvage crew from Stanix might be able to nab whatever they left there.

May 03 - New Harmonex and Refugees?

A memo is put forwards to Operations, and the appropriate sub-department helping with refugees from Sideswipe.

       -- Is New Harmonex a good location for refugees? It has relatively new construction and habitable areas, and is within our supply lines and can be easily given defensive assistance if threatened by the Decepticons. Since it's officially neutral some of the other city states might feel better with offering assistance there, particularly if they can do so quietly.

May 16 - Sacking of Stanix

To: General Personnel
Subj: Attack on Stanix

Msg: Primus Pilus attacked Optimus Prime while he was in Stanix to parley. In the melee, Primus Pilus heavily damaged Optimus, inflicting significant damage to his frame. Optimus called for backup but was critically damaged. Jetfire lead a response team consisting of among others Cerebros, Dust Devil, and myself as backup. While we were there Primus Pilus was engaged long enough to retreat to Slaughter City. Primus Pilus then proceeded to level Stanix.

       Optimus' spark has been saved and is being installed in a new frame to recover at Fortress Maximus. The Matrix is for now safe as far as we know but not in our hands. Command will put up new briefs and standing orders soon. Stanix is considered full Decepticon territory and actively hostile.

May 16 - Stanix <Classified>

Addendum to Stanix Report - Classified to Division Heads and Above -

       During the attack on Stanix the Matrix came into contact with Ghost, whom fled with it and vanished. She is currently missing but considered a priority to locate as the Matrix was last seen with her fleeing. Soundwave also gave significant assistance in helping to coordinate an evacuation from Stanix and with our forces. He shows a level of willingness to go against Primus Pilus or at least when things are critical enough. That should be added to his profile for now. He's highly disoriented from events and seems panicked to some degree. Suggest to Intel some level of trying to see if information can be traded with him.
       Thunderwatch came to our aid after blasting Optimus, then Primus Pilus, then evacuating the area and helping to save Optimus' life.

May 16 - Veritas: Maximum Encryption

To: High Command

       Subj: Veritas
Msg: After the melee, I went to the Rollout and met a 'new' Cybertronian flier designated Veritas. She's heavy, strongly built and with a big swet of wings. Claims to have just come online. While we were there, Soundwave came in and the two had a discussion. He called her his muse and the duo of them talked about needing somewhere -safe- to find to talk to one another. She's a singer of some note. Seems to be trying to correlate between disingenuous dataframes. At least in my presence seemed to be freshly forged and online with a lot of data. She and Soudnwave definitely have a very strong emotional attachment to one another. Logging this for analysis and review.


Sideswipe had a dedicated player from August of 2012 to December of 2013. In 2014, he was played by Scaythe.


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