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Side Burn is an entity of unknown origin nominally aligned with the evil Autobots from the Shattered Glass universe.
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Side Burn is a rising star in the Autobot hierarchy. Although young and new on the scene, he has recently come to the attention of both Optimus Prime and Rodimus as a promising operative. Completely undistracted by the wiles of passing femme bots, Side Burn is diligently devoted to the progression of the Autobot cause. Why then do Blurr and other Autobots have difficulty trusting him? Is it suspicions about where he came from? Questions about how he survives fatal injury without a scratch? Or just simple jealousy? Time will tell.


Shattered Glass

Pre-MUX History

MUX History

Side Burn car mode

Side Burn was reporting to Optimus Prime along with Blurr after a disastrous melee between the Mayhem Suppression Squad and Wheeljack's newly-minted Dinobots at the fuel depots of Khon. Despite Prime's rage, Side Burn gently reminded his liege that had the Wreckers been reformed at his earlier suggestion, the Suppressors would be less of a thorn in their sides. When Optimus Prime declared routing the Dinobots overtake the preparations for the Ark as the Autobots' top priority, Side Burn was unusually perturbed. As Optimus prepared to banish Wheeljack back to Gygax, Side Burn instead stepped in to offer an alternative punishment — put the high-minded Wheeljack to work on computer programming maintenance for the Ark, punishing him with "menial" technical labor while accelerating the Ark's time table. Prime found it delightfully cruel, and accepted the notion over Blurr's misgivings.

After Prime left the room, Blurr violently confronted Side Burn for overstepping his boundaries. Although Side Burn pleaded loyalty and innocence, Blurr was nevertheless quite suspicious of the young Autobot's true intentions.

TFUMUX History

Side Burn was among the Autobots who journeyed to Earth aboard the Ark.

Side Burn later assisted Goldbug in the creation of a Stellar Spanner, a project that was absolutely, definitely of course authorized by Optimus. Prime used the Spanner to bring Elita-One to Earth, and forced her to take point in Prime's invasion of Autobot City. Side Burn took part in the invasion, fighting Jetfire in Wheeljack's lab, and upon their return, he hacked Teletraan-X so the Autobots could return to the Ark.




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