Characters: Cyclonus, Scourge

Location: Polyhex - Equatorial Cybertron

Date: January 14, 2013

TP: Dweller TP

Summary: Cyclonus consults with Scourge about Hubcap having taken over Darkmount.

As logged by Cyclonus - Monday, January 14, 2013, 12:46 AM

Polyhex - Equatorial Cybertron

Polyhex is a settlement that lies in equatorial Cybertron, where Kalis, the Torus States, Tarn, and the ruins of Crystal City surround it. The fortress Darkmount serves as Polyhex's capitol. Polyhex is in charge of Cybertron's satellites and home to the Cybertron network command hub. The Decepticons have held by the Polyhex for eons, and in time they have added such scenery as smelting pools and gladiatorial facilities.    

Scourge peers over a "fence" of rubble that is near Darkmount. He strokes his beard, pondering how they are to retake it. So far he doesn't have the means to do so. He wishes Cyclonus would return so he could bounce some ideas off him!    

Cyclonus suddenly appears to Scourge's left, being one of the few Decepticons who can approach him unawares. "Scourge. Report."    

Scourge senses Cyclonus's presence and turns around. "Oh, there you are," he rumbles, "I have been planning. We need to retake Darkmount. But we need something that can get through those doors."    

Cyclonus's armor is battered and dented from weeks of campaigning against the Dweller's minions.  

  "Looks like you've seen better days," Scourge adds.    

Cyclonus intones, "Starscream has obtained a promise of assistance from the Constructions. I will place Devastator at your command."  

  "Excellent," Scourge says, "If anyone can figure out a way through that door, they can. Though perhaps they can use the scientific approach before having to resort to bashing the doors open with Devastator."    

Cyclonus shrugs off any concern about his appearance. He seems to be running on determination and willpower alone. "Also a possibility. There are... other ways into the city. I will verify they are still accessible and relay you their locations."  

  Scourge nods. "Geist is at your disposal, if you need a stealth capable scout."    

Cyclonus nods. "Excellent. Valour has failed to block the use of the space bridge from Polyhex... Scrapper says it may be impossible. I intend to slip into the city and disable it myself."    

"Indeed," Scourge says, "And we have to haul that Autobot out of there and tear him apart."  

  Cyclonus intones, "I will leave the tracking and assassination of the Autobot to you, although you will of course have my support should I survive my mission of sabotage against the space bridge."  

  "Thanks," Scourge rumbles, "I've been anticipating ripping the little fragger limb from limb."  

  Cyclonus intones, "I wish you good hunting." He transmits the locations of several secret entrances to the city, using an encrypted code known only to those forged of Unicron. He then gives Scourge a slight nod, and disappears again to check the entrances to the city.

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