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Shockwave is a Decepticon from Tarn.
Clarity of thought before rashness of action.

MILITARY OPERATIONS COMMANDER SHOCKWAVE has a cold, brutal, scientific approach to war. He secretly seeks to overthrow Megatron as leader of the Decepticons because he believes logic says he would be a better leader. In the meantime, however, he plays the faithful toady, believing it illogical to telegrah his intentions like some people.

As a laser gun, Shockwave can emit lethal beams of energy from anywhere on the electromagnetic spectrum: gamma rays, X-rays, visible light, infrared rays, radio waves, etc. He can fly in his laser gun or robot mode. He has a high fuel use, but can be powered by nuclear sources if necessary. He is often confounded by intuitive, emotional thinking.



Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Shockwave is from Tarn. He is a highly ranked and staunchly loyal Decepticon, and with Soundwave, apparently one of the first at Megatron's side.

Certainly he was one of Megatron's more favored troops, in that Megatron's constant praise of him seemed to annoy Starscream to no end.

More than Meets the Eye

Shockwave was entrusted with the stewardship of Cybertron by Megatron when the latter left to intercept an Autobot mission surveying for new forms of energy. Neither Decepticon suspected that Megatron's absence (and Shockwave's command) would last four million years. Little changed on Cybertron during those years, although Shockwave apparently lost his left hand and replaced it with a laser cannon.

Transport to Oblivion

Shockwave oversaw all Decepticon activity on the evidently near-empty Cybertron. His keen scientific mind resulted in several incredible devices, including the space bridge. Although he was able to keep Cybertron functional for the extended length of time, he continued to try to contact Megatron in hopes of finding an energy source to revitalize the planet.

Roll for It

In 1984, he finally reestablished contact with the Decepticon leader. The two coordinated the refinement of the space bridge, first to send energon cubes, and eventually as an easy method of transport for Decepticons.

Divide and Conquer

However, Autobots would also occasionally hijack use of the bridge, and Shockwave found himself having to repel stowaways on more than one occasion.

The Ultimate Doom

"Welcome to Cybertron."

Eventually, Megatron and Shockwave developed a space bridge powerful enough to transport Cybertron itself to Earth.

The close proximity of the two worlds caused horrible weather disturbances that the Decepticons were able to utilize as sources of energy which could easily be shipped back to their homeworld. It was during this affair that Shockwave and his men had to stop an attempt by several Autobots and Spike Witwicky to rescue Spike's father, who was being held on Cybertron as a slave. The Autobots were eventually able to escape with both Sparkplug and the data for Doctor Arkeville’s mind-control hypno chips.

Countdown to Extinction

Even though he partook in the near-destruction of the Earth, he could also be credited with helping save it shortly after. With Megatron presumed dead following an explosion on his star cruiser, Starscream assumed command on Cybertron. He rigged Dr. Arkeville's exponential generator to blow up the Earth so the Decepticons could harvest the release of energy. Despite Starscream's orders, Shockwave continued to make communications to Earth, finally reaching Megatron, who wasn’t dead after all, and warning him in time to disable the generator.

The Autobot Run

He once came to Earth, but only for a short time.

In an attack on a Blackrock Industries oil platform, Shockwave injured Josie Beller, unintentionally creating Circuit Breaker.

Desertion of the Dinobots

When all the Earthbound Transformers began to malfunction due to the deterioration of the essential element Cybertonium in their bodies, Shockwave was tasked with having more mined from Cybertron to send to the Decepticons. The Autobots sent the Dinobots to attack the space bridge and snatch some Cybertonium for them. Instead, the rebellious Dinobots used the space bridge to travel to Cybertron, where they intended to stay.

They were captured by Shockwave’s sentinels, rewired, and put to work in the Cybertonium mines. Spike and Carly were also captured when they attempted to rescue them, but Shockwave underestimated the two humans. Once they were put in the mines, Spike and Carly were able to fix Grimlock and the others. The Dinobots broke free and were able to escape Shockwave with enough Cybertonium to repair the Autobots.

The Search for Alpha Trion


Though he'd believed them to be extinct, Shockwave discovered a small group of Female Autobots when they attempted to raid his energon stockroom. Although they got away with some supplies, he was able to track them to their hidden hideout. He alerted Megatron, who devised the plan of kidnapping their leader, Elita One. Megatron knew she had a relationship with Optimus Prime. Sure enough, after her capture, Optimus raced to Cybertron to rescue her, only to be captured himself by Starscream. Thanks to Elita's special power, she and Optimus were able to escape. Meanwhile, Shockwave, Starscream, and the other Decepticons had to contend with Ironhide leading a small group of Autobots who had followed Optimus Prime. With the help of the Female Autobots team, they eventually cornered the Decepticons, until Shockwave blasted them off the bridge with his gun mode. He would’ve been able to finish them off had Prime and One not intervened at the last moment to save their comrades, send Starscream and the others running off, and blast Shockwave down into the pits of Cybertron.

The Key to Vector Sigma

He wasn’t out of action for long. After Megatron built his new combiner team, the Stunticons, Shockwave helped locate the key to Vector Sigma, the computer that gave life to all Transformers.

He later learned and reported to Megatron that the key had other unknown properties on other worlds, which Megatron discovered meant turning organic matter into metal. Unfortunately for Megatron, Silverbolt was able to score a precise shot, blowing apart the key before Megatron could get away with it.

War Dawn

Another device built by Shockwave was the Kronosphere, a time machine that was used to dispose of the Aerialbots. When the Autobots were able to drive the Decepticons out of their hideout, Shockwave helped Megatron reactivate a fallen Guardian robot to try to take back the base. In the end, the Autobots were able to bring the Aerialbots back to the present, and with their help, drove the Decepticons away for good.

Starscream's Brigade

Later, Shockwave alerted Megatron to the theft of five personality components from the Decepticon Detention Center on Cybertron. These were stolen by Starscream to build his own force to defeat Megatron, the Combaticons.

The Revenge of Bruticus


This coup failed, and Starscream and the Combaticons were exiled to deep space. While Starscream went off on his own, the Combaticons instead made their way back to Cybertron, where they attacked Shockwave and his sentinels and succeeded in taking over Decepticon headquarters. Shockwave ran into Starscream, and the two teamed up to stop the Combaticons and their plan to use the space bridge to push the Earth into the Sun. However, Starscream saw an opportunity to assert power over Megatron, who was still on Earth. He turned against Shockwave, the two fought each other, and they were captured by the Combaticons. They were both eventually freed when Megatron and Optimus Prime came to Cybertron to defeat the Combaticons themselves.

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MUX History:

Shockwave programs his funky techno beats

Ultimately, I serve only one master... Pure logic.

In 2006, Shockwave attacked a large corn farm in Iowa. He was eventually driven off by Ironhide, but not before stealing enough corn to use in his research into alternative energy sources.

Shockwave often came to Earth to lead the Decepticon Assault Infantry division when necessary, leaving Cyclonus in charge of Cybertron forces while he is gone.

During the Dweller's assault on Polyhex in 2012, Shockwave was crushed beneath a falling building.

In August of 2013, Earth-reckoning, Shockwave recovered enough to blast himself out from under the rubble under which he'd been buried. After refueling in Tyrest, Shockwave received a call that Polyhex was under attack by a Quintesson ship. Unfortunately, The Quintesson Vashik successfully landed a Spire in Polyhex under heavy fire from Shockwave, while Shockwave and Starscream dispatched quite a few of the Quintessons' Overcharges.

In the wake of the Quintesson invasion and the return of Shockwave, Megatron restored Cyclonus as Intel Commander and arrested Starscream in his place, naming Illarion the new Decepticon Air Commander. Megatron also restored Shockwave to AI leader, Military Operations Commander, and Guardian of Cybertron.

Since his return, Shockwave has overseen the rebuilding of Decepticon Headquarters in Tarn.

On May 1st of 2015 (Earth reckoning) The Female Autobots attacked the roadway from Helex to Stanix. During the fight it was so badly damaged by the fighting and acid rain that the Decepticons will likely have to use the Helex/Stanix tunnel to move shipments from Fort Scyk to Castle Decepticon.

In 2016, when Cybertron threatened to tear itself apart, Megatron discussed with Shockwave and Starscream about the possibility of obtaining information from Vector Sigma about how best to save Cybertron. Shockwave expressed curiosity, wishing to gather more data in able to make better decisions. Starscream advised caution, citing warnings given by Vector Sigma last time Starscream sought its help. As usual, Megatron ignored Starscream's warnings and vowed to move ahead with his plans.

...Your witty banter will not guarantee your success.

In early 2017, Counterpunch, Dust Devil, Seaspray, and Shockwave traveled down to the Cybertron Underworld to seek out the knowledge of Vector Sigma. In spite of clever diversionary efforts by Counterpunch, the Decepticons were almost overwhelmed by Centurion Droids... until they were suddenly called off by Dust Devil. Shockwave received cryptic information from Vector Sigma, which he relayed to Megatron. He was then ordered to lay siege to Iacon, which he did successfully.

In 2018, Shockwave was made an at-large Decepticon commander, placed in charge of all military operations, regardless of division.

In 2020, Shockwave recovered a strange, energy-rich meteorite that crashed on Cybertron.

Soon after, Barabat, Nacelle, and Vandal were apprehended trying to gain unauthorized access to the Tarn Space Bridge with several cubes of stolen energon. When they were apprehended, they were feverish and incoherent. They were turned over to Shockwave for study and treatment.

In 2022, Shockwave traveled to the center of the galaxy to try to find missing Megatron.

OOC Notes

  • Female Autobots are Shockwave's kryptonite.
  • Shockwave can't shoot for beans.
  • Shockwave has poor equilibrium.

Logs /Posts




Jan 05 - My Return Shockwave

<The spinning Decepticon insignia halts, and a bright yellow light appears in the center of it. Soon, this light resolves as the Spinng fades, revealing Shockwave's features (or lack thereof.) His optic flashes as he speaks...>

Greetings, Decepticons. With recent victories on Cybertron, I have taken it upon myself to leave Hun-Grrr in command of our forces there and return to Earth. I expect reports from all infantry commanders on Earth immediately. I will also be meeting with Intelligence and Aerospace officers in order to more efficiently coordinate operations, as well as Research and Development division heads. I expect prompt responses from the appropriate personnel. Shockwave, out.

<Shockwave's image fades back into darkness, the yellow point of his optic the last to be replaced by the Spinny.>

Mar 03 - Anomaly

<The Spinny fades to an image of Shockwave, standing in the Siberian wasteland. Behind him is what appears to be a sheet of broken glass, standing slightly off the ground and glowing around the edges. The yellow optic flashes as he speaks.>

Decepticons, I have detected several quantum anomalies across this planet's surface. Most recently, one has occurred approximately twenty miles, thirty-seven degrees northwest of Trypticon. Initial readings and investigations indicate the anomaly is a tear in space-time, connecting our reality to an alternate one. The terrain immediately on the other side of the portal appears identical to the surrounding terrain on our side. I will be assembling a force reconnaissance unit to investigate the alternate reality in more depth and report our findings. Shockwave, out.

<Fade back to Spinny.>


Aug 30 - "Standing Orders"

There is a brief glimpse of the Decepticon Insignia before the image fades to reveal the cyclopean, featureless visage of Shockwave. He stares directly into the camera, and promptly gets right to the point.

"Decepticons, I bring word from Megatron. One solar cycle ago, I was contacted by the Autobot, Prowl, with an offer that Megatron has chosen to accept. Until such time as the Quintessons have been driven from Earth, we are allied with the Autobots. However, you are instructed to let the Autobots take the front line. Allow them to absorb the brunt of the damage. Do so intelligently. The Autobots may be fools, but they are not stupid. Earth's resources are too important to lose to the Quintessons. Once they are dealt with, then the Autobots will become expendable."

After this, Shockwave takes a step back from the camera and gestures with his cannon armor, revealing the cylindrical structure of the Space Bridge terminus.

"On Cybertron, I have reconstructed and reoriented the Space Bridge in Tarn. Long Haul is to be commended for dismantling and saving it, thus keeping it away from the Quintessons. As such, our direct link to Earth is now restored. All Decepticon forces not required for operations on Earth will return to Tarn, which has been established as the Decepticon base of operations on Cybertron. For those unaware, the Quintessons have taken a portion of Polyhex with one of their spire ships. As Guardian of Cybertron, I will see them extracted. By the next solar cycle, I will have completed my work on a waveform emission capable of destroying their forcefield."

Shockwave moves closer again, his optic flaring brighter.

"They will regret coming to Cybertron. Shockwave out."

9/3 - "Last Stand"

The Dweller has been lured to the Quintessons' Space Bridge Hub and has taken his revenge. The destruction has fed back through the Space Bridge network, destroying all the Spirals, save for the Bellum. Cut off from their allies, the Quintessons mount a fierce defense against Earth's last assault against them.

October 12 - "Go Get Some Kaff"

Highly skilled intelligence analyst Floodlight is... sent to get Kaff

October 21 - "The Plan"


With the Decepticons' energy reserves in Polyhex destroyed, they need a new way to supplement raids, and fast. Scrapper has worked out plans to build a super-reactor on Cybertron, but he needs energy, equipment, and fissionable materials. To that end, Decepticons are staging raids on nuclear power plants. The Autobots must stop them, not only to keep the Decepticons from getting a new source of energy, but also to keep them from causing an accidental nuclear meltdown.


October 17 - AAR: Decepticon City

<< The image of Shockwave crackles into view. His voice is as flat as always, despite clear strain in even his stoic demeanor. >>

"Decepticons, Dr. Arkeville has been taken by the Autobots and their human allies. I defer to Lord Megatron with orders regarding his search or destroy status. Infantry guard postings are to be doubled in key locations around Trypticon, but I require the bulk of my forces to return to Autobot City. If they have taken Arkeville, then they clearly seek to reactivate Metroplex."

"All infantry defense plans are to be completed immediately. Defense mechanisms will be re-calibrated and adjusted to account for human operative interference. I will be overseeing this effort directly. If they devise a cure, they will not be given the chance to use it. Lord Megatron, when Trypticon is secured, I will return to Autobot City and remain there, pending other orders."

<< As straight and to the point as always, Shockwave bends his arm across his chest in salute and cuts the feed. >>

Nov 19 - AAR: Autobot City

<Text Only>

In follow up to Scrapper's report, the Autobots have retaken Autobot City. Of their attacking forces, eighty percent were severely wounded, some critically. Decepticons suffered no losses with my own damage being the most severe due to the intervention of Superion.

Though we lost Metroplex, the Autobots regained their city with substantial loss to personnel and equipment. I applaud Scrapper and Starscream for their forward thinking, as their designs left the interior of Metroplex in ruin.

Due to the severity of my injuries, I am temporarily placing Onslaught in command of the Assault Infantry division. I have complete confidence in his tactical ability.

Shockwave out.

<End Text>


Mar 29 - Promotion: Onslaught

<Text Only>

Onslaught has been promoted to second in command of the Assault Infantry division. All Decepticon forces will acknowledge his new rank, and afford him the respect attributed to his position. His strategic ability is invaluable, and his contributions will be prove a significant advantage in our war against the Autobots. This respect extends also to the Combaticons as a unit, and I am confident that their actions on the battlefield will continue to speak for themselves.

Shockwave out.

Apr 15 - AAR: Space Station Delta

<Text Only - Location: Astrotrain>

The control cube from Space Station Delta has been successfully recovered and secured. When Astrotrain returns us to Trypticon, I will begin analysis and upload all retrieved data.

Astrotrain and Vortex are to be commended for their speed and efficiency in executing the operation.

Shockwave out.

<End Text>

May 01 - AAR: Outskirts of Helex


Female Autobots Aegis, Firestar and Flareup attempted to sabotage the main road to Helex. Acid Storm detected Flareup as she tripped the sensors along the road and I ordered him to pursue her while I personally investigated the explosives that she placed. I was able to jam her radio transmission and disable her in a nearby tunnel before her companions arrived to reinforce her. Acid Storm utilized his corrosive weaponry to disable a majority of the explosives.

In the end, we repulsed the Autobots, but there is significant damage to the road from the fighting and continued Autobot attempts to detonate their remaining bombs. Work crews will be dispatched immediately to begin repairs, but the extensive damage, acid run off and likelihood of further Autobot sabotage attempts forces me to close the road to general Decepticon traffic and military operations. It is advised that all personnel utilize the tunnel system linking our cities. Starscream, I recommend hightened patrols in the area regardless. Acid Storm performed well, but will require repairs before returning to his duties.

Megatron, the Autobot Aegis displayed uncalled for enthusiam at the beginning of our battle, proclaiming an age of the Autobots and that Cybetron belongs to them. I corrected her logical fallacy, but am certain you will wish to show them the greater extent of their error. We will be ready.

Shockwave out.

<End Text>


Jul 05 - Derelict Space Station

<Text Only>

Communication officers reported Autobot energy signatures in a section of our territory. I conceded that this discovery warranted personal investigation and traveled with Astrotrain and Slugfest to a derelict space station. I dispatched Astrotrain to follow the Autobots and ascertain their purpose in respect to the truce, which hindered their exploration efforts.

I interfaced with the station terminal and determined its origin, purpose and the nature of what it housed. Though it is my belief that the Autobots escaped with a device capable of destroying the Dead Energon Sea plaguing out world, I acquired all of the data necessary to make a version of our own. All forces are to monitor communications for mention of this device and patrols should be mindful of its existence.

I am uploading a summary of the data, including a superficial description of the device, to be made available immediately to all Decepticon forces.

Shockwave out.

<End Text>

July 5 - "Shockwave's Report"

Shockwave reports on the events that transpired on Plumgaige's Derelict Space Station.

Sep 13 - ARR: Hydrax Spaceport

<Text Only>

Lord Megatron. As you commanded, I responded to reports of Autobots and neutral parties attempting to flee Cybertron. Slugfest and I responded. The ship was shot down and Slugfest herded many of the neutrals away from the craft. No casualties of your subjects to report.

Shockwave out.

<End Text>

December 12 - "Plans for Vector Sigma"

Starscream is probably the most recent Decepticon to have dealings with Vector Sigma... Shockwave might want to talk to him before he descends into the depths.


Jan 17 - Vector Sigma

<Begin Text>

Counterpunch and I have returned from an excursion into the heart of Cybertron to commune with Vector Sigma. Below, we discovered the Autobots Dust Devil and Sea Spray. Dust Devil, it seems, was designated to speak with Vector Sigma and secured us passage past the Centurions and into Vector Sigma's chamber. A holographic projection, potentially a data remnant, of Alpha Trion was also present and assisted in speaking with Vector Sigma, who confirmed correlation between the fate of Cybertron and Vector Sigma's continued existence. His answers were unfortunately cryptic otherwise. Megatron and Starscream, I will transmit the contents of Victor Sigma's final message within this report. The encryption key has been made available to both of you.

<Begin Encrypted Data Log>

"There is another Key, even greater than mine. It was hidden so no mech may find it, and it accesses a room into which no mech may venture. As Cybertron approaches a dying sun, access this room once more, and the planet will be restored."

In addition, Alpha Trion personally informed me that if Cybertron is successfully restored, there will be limitless energy for all of its occupants. There can be no mistake - he spoke of another Golden Age.

<End Encrypted Data Log>

<Resume Unencrypted Text>

The chamber containing Vector Sigma collapsed behind us in the upheaval, but I find it unlikely that it was destroyed. Counterpunch, you are to report to our medical team for examination. Medical team, Counterpunch was blasted by an energy beam from Vector Sigma as the chamber began its collapse. I require the data from the examination as soon as possible.

Lord Megatron, I await your command.

<End Text>

Feb 20 - The Siege of Iacon

<Begin Transmission>

To all standing Decepticon forces. We have established a perimeter siege of Iacon. All remaining infantry forces not otherwise occupied with important tasks are to report to the front to fortify our stranglehold on the base. Let no Autobot in or out. Hail Megatron.

Shockwave out.

<End Transmission>

Mar 22 - Iacon Siege Update

<Text Only>

Lord Megatron, Trypticon has fallen. He nearly breached all of Iacon's defenses single-handedly before the Autobots managed to deactivate or destroy his transformation cog, forcing him into his city configuration. We still hold the perimeter around the city and much damage was inflicted by Trypticon's attack.

I will maintain the siege pending further orders. The Autobots seem content to lick their wounds at this time, but it is logical to conclude this victory will embolden them. I remain vigilant.

Shockwave out.

<End Text>

Mar 09 - AAR: Siege of Iacon

<The image of Shockwave, the sound flooded with explosions and general chaos in the distance, appears on the screen. He is airborne and traveling fast, his optic and much of the faceplate around it cracked.>

"Lord Megatron. The Autobots have broken the siege. The Insecticons succeeded in reviving Trypticon, who proceeded to damage much of the wall of Iacon and the surrounding area, and was then engaged by Omega Supreme. This was a trap - the Autobots set off explosions beneath our lines, bringing most of our forces and Trypticon himself falling into the depths of Cybertron. I have ordered a general retreat to spare our resources. Search parties will be sent into Cybertron to locate Trypticon. The Autobots have deployed Omega Supreme outside of Iacon in our wake. I am overseeing the organization of what remains of our ground forces and await your orders. Shockwave out."

<The image winks out.>

September 12 - Autobot Attack on Toraxxis

After drugging the Decepticons with an energon additive that made them attack each other, the Autobots move in to capture the Toraxxis mega-refinery.

Sep 12 - Refinery Aftermath

<Text Transmission>

Decepticons: If you are receiving this transmission, I have failed to hold back Optimus Prime.

Upon receiving the report on the refinery situation from Coldsnap in Toraxxis, I attempted to determine what happened to our forces. As I required further data, I traveled to the refinery myself to determine the scope of the situation and its cause. I arrived to find all Decepticons present in a broken and battered state, the result of a brutal free-for-all battle between one another. I was able to speak with Bonecrusher only briefly before Optimus Prime attacked. He states that he was overwhelmed with a relentless urge to attack his fellow Decepticons - I presume the other Decepticons felt a similar urge. Optimus Prime seemed to expect this and the timing of the Autobot follow-up attack was too well coordinated to be a coincidence. If the refinery still stands, I recommend testing the Energon stores and all of the extraction points. Given my work with Energon in the past, and the effects Bonecrusher described, I suspect fuel sabotage.

<Transmission Abruptly Ends>

Oct 25 - ARR: Toraxxis Refinery

< Text Message >

This is Shockwave, reporting in. Hook, Brawl, Scourge, Slugfest and I performed an ambush on the occupied refinery in Toraxxis. I was able to inflict heavy damage to the automated defenses and the front entrance of the perimeter before Autobot forces engaged us. We inflicted damage to the defenders and a full data assessment of the refinery and what defenses remain have been recorded and uploaded to Decepticon Command. I propose that a full assault be planned, coordinated and carried out soon to take advantage of this skirmish.

Starscream, the automated defenses that we encountered largely consisted of aerial drones. The Autobots have not placed heavy weaponry to guard their prize and, based on interactions with the enemy, I conclude that this is due to its proximity to their beloved "Rollout Bar". I am certain that this weakness can be used against them.

< End Text >

November 01 - "Imploring Shockwave"

Acid Storm and Banshee bring their proposal to Shockwave.

November 29 - "Ideas Presented"

Acid Storm and Banshee present their ideas to Shockwave.

Nov 30 - Operation: Megatron's Reach

<For once, Shockwave physically appears on the screen rather than text, his purple bulk taking up much of the space. His optic flashes as he begins to speak.>

"Banshee and Acid Storm, Lord Megatron has approved your proposal for limiting retribution against the human race to known Autobot collaborator and sympathizer, Spike Witwicky, and his supposedly untouchable family. Cyclonus or Soundwave, we will require concrete intelligence concerning the whereabouts of the human and his kin before this operation commences. Banshee, you presented a well-constructed preliminary plan for an assault on Metroplex. Continue to develop it to precise detail, as it will prove to be the scenario carrying the highest potential risk. Coordinate with me regarding any further need for resources and I will see them provided."

"None will escape Megatron's wrath, and so I assign this operation the designation 'Megatron's Reach'. Do not fail him. Shockwave, out."

<The image fades into the Decepticon insignia.>

December 18 - "Attack on Autobot City"

The Decepticons launch an attack on Autobot City.


May 18 - Status Update: Valvolux


LOCATION: Outskirts of Valvolux

After recovering from the ambush by Elita One and her Autobot soldiers, Decepticon forces under my command resumed our march toward Valvolux to secure the city and gain a foothold in the recovering industrial sector of Cybertron. I anticipated that the Autobots would use Elita One's actions to prepare themselves, an assumption which proved correct in practice. The battle began as predicted, but courtesy of data provided by Floodlight and direct observation by myself, I determined that the Autobots had set up a trap for our ground-based infantry. Initial attempts to disable this trap proved fruitful, but the Autobots meddled in our efforts, raising considerably risk to our minimal air support. I concluded that with the composition of our forces at the time that the city could not be breached without unacceptable losses.

To that end, I have pulled our troops back to the outskirts of the city. With additional data and visual confirmation of the defensive layout of Valvolux, more accurate plans are in works to increase probability of success considerably. Included with this report are copies of the data acquired from the battle, for the review of Decepticon officers and strategists.

ATTACHED: Images and surface schematics of the walls around Valvolux along with numerous ruins that the Autobots used for hiding and covered. Their defensive ground troops utilized trenches supported by multiple artillery pieces and towers which are also pictured and structurally analyzed. A final shot shows one of the guns arranged near a large hole in the wall, which was blasted open by Shockwave. The gun was destroyed by Blast Off. There are many more, all within range of that spot. A final image is a shot of Discretion, the Dominicon.

RECOMMENDATION: Additional air support and firepower advised to silence artillery and support ground thrust. Autobots responded with numerous air units, including Windblade and a Dominicon. My data indicates that they are Discretion. Blast Off performed admirably, but the Autobots were clearly prepared for an aerial assault.


May 30 - "We Are War Machines"

Overlord and Shockwave discuss philosophy while planning the Autobots' destruction at Valvolux.

Jul 20 - ARR: Munitions Factory

< Begin Video Feed >

The image of Shockwave appears, looking worse for wear. Behind him is the laboratory of Castle Decepticon, where he has clearly been undergoing repairs.

"The battle for Valvolux turned a few nights ago. Our forces made a solid effort to push the Autobots out of the city, with Overlord and myself striking at one of the munitions factories. The Autobots pushed back with a creature I have never seen before, a winged beast resembling a dragon from the Earthlings' mythology. It drove back Overlord, and though I caused significant damage to Ultra Magnus, I was forced away as well. That creature claimed that Valvolux was its city, so at minimum it must either be a local or originated in the city. Regardless, with this unknown combatant protecting them, our hold has crumbled. As we fell back, Overlord enacted his contingency plan to leave the city in ruins. Ravage detonated charges planted in Valvolux's main energon refinery, bringing it down entirely. We have retreated, but it is a stalemate at best, a Pyrrhic victory at worst, for our enemies."

"Shockwave out."

< End Video Feed >

Oct 17 - Soundwave

The image of Shockwave appears on-screen, the metallic crags and spires of some remote part of Cybertron behind him.

"I am returning from outlying operations on Cybertron to Trypticon shortly. Soundwave is to be left undisturbed in the Repair Bay. I will attend to him personally."

The image winks out.


Jun 28 - Ghost-Omen Condition Report

<< Decepticon Spinning thingie comes to show Shockwave in one of his Labs >>

"As requested by Lord Megatron, I was summoned to give a through examination of the one called Ghost, though at the moment she seems to be responding to the name Omen. Her Core/Essence has been transferred to a Tape-grade Bird-like form with no issues besides a change in range of abilities and strength of such, so currently she is approved for full activity and return to duty as of Megatron's orders."

<< Decepticon Spinning thingie again before fading to black >>

<< As it fades Shockwave can be heard mutterings "Hopefully a repeat of Harbinger doesn't happen.." >>

Aug 22 - Possible new energy source

<< Spinning Decepticon symbol-thingie clears to show Shockwave in his lab, a large blood-red rock resting on a lab table behind him, a little msg flashing in the upper corner showing it is tagged and coded for High Command-level access, and the large purple Mech's armor looks rather.. bubbly, as if someone had blow bubbles into his armor with a good bit of looks like melted spots on it mixed in. >>

"I have delayed this report as was assessing the rock I recovered with the assistance of Omen and Ravage, as well as Valour's armed assistance. Deep scans show a liquid-like substance deep inside of it which causes severe reaction in standard Cybertronian Energon, though there are ways to counter it via proper shielding. Initial tests show that the sheer energy in this substance is stronger then any recorded type of Energon even in its current reactive state, as well as minor traces of other items that lead me to believe that this may be blood to something as Energon is to us.... but also causes a sever raising of temperatures in any metal-type substance nearby." A hand lifts up and shows the heat-based damage along his arm again.

He pauses as he checks a datapad on the table next to him before he continues, "I have a series of tests in progress to further test it to see if we can harness it as alternative energy besides energon but would do little good unless I can find a further source of the substance. Thanks to Trypticon's sensors, and the assistance of Omen, I have a solid line on where it may have come from so intend in the near future as the tests finish to request the use of a starship as well as a armed team to track it down and acquire it for the Empire."

His hand raises to stop the recording before he pause, "Ah. And one of my premier scientists has returned to the fold. Arachnae was released from her stasis chamber under Polyhex due to the changes passing through Cybertron and used the immediate sources at hand to fix the damages she suffered as well as to defend herself against the unexpected and unknown changes that has swept our world. Baring Lord Megatron choosing to step in, I am returning her to her position as my primary scientist as well as giving her the position of my Hand.. she will speak in my name in most matters of science. The position of my Knife.. remains quiet for the moment. If a issue arrises due to the actions she was forced to take when she was awoken, bring them to me and I will deal with them."

With that he pushes a button and turns off the recording.

<< Spinning Decepticon symbol-thingie again reappears before fading to black. >>

Sep 08 - Attempted Space Pirates

<< Spinny Decepticon symbol with the background showing that it is to High Command fades away to a view of Shockwave in Tarn Medical, somehow giving the impression of being annoyed even without visibly being able to shift his face >>

Behind him is a cordoned off area of the bay with what looks like a rather large variety of security setup. A few moments of him tinkering with a command pad before he focuses on the camera and speaks, "As of a few cycles ago, a trio of Seekers was prevented from accessing the Space Bridge in Tarn while carrying an array of energon cubes with them. They have proven feverish and rather incoherent even by the standards of other Seekers so I have had them placed under high security quarantine inside of Tarn Medical and am assigning Arachnae to examine them and find the source of the issue. As such I am ordering a restriction on access to the Space Bridges and suggest that word be passed along to Banshee and have access to the Bridge on Trypticon //heavily// guarded and examined so as not to risk whatever seems connected to it to effect Trypticon himself as well. I am beginning my own preliminary exams myself shortly and will report in when more information is acquired, Lord Megatron. For the Empire."

<< With that he reaches out and taps the console and a return of the spinning High Command symbol reappears before the report fully ends >>


Feb 09 - Space Bridge Status

Shockwave's image appears on the screen after the usually opening spinning symbol, "With the readings Hand Arachnae has brought back and the destruction of the Dweller within the Space Bridge I have conducted a series of tests that show it has returned to normal reading levels from prior to the Dweller's influence so as of this time, travel via Space Bridge has been unlocked though security measures on all ends of Bridge travel under our control will have additional scans of any travelers."

On the Command level boards Shockwave posts all the results he took, as well as the details of the various safety measures added so the various divisional leads can share as necessary.

  • March 12 - "Ibex Incursion" - Valour leads the Decepticons in a strike to take over Ibex itself well before the deadline he, himself, had set. The Autobots scramble, the defenses they had worked on now being put to the test.
  • March 12 - "Assault on Ibex" - Ibex Grande Push

May 20 - HighCom Poacher Follow-up

<< Standard spinning Con symbol with the markings to show it is set to High Command only, with a sub-tag to ensure its brought to Ghost's attention quickly, reverts to a view of Shockwave in one of his labs, light damage shown on his armor from what of him is in view >>

"A follow-up report to the one Thunderblast has choosen to post. During the incident at the Mithril Sea I was able to intercept multiple communications from the one called Shackle, who currently is being held in the medical bay of Tarn under guard waiting for Ghost to withdraw what information she can from the subject. The comms was to a being called Moonlight, who at this time I have no identifcation for beyond the name, making it clear that his return would only be allowed if he brought the cargo back with him and eventually a order to scuttle the shuttle.. which failed due to damage delivered to the shuttle's engines that slowed it and allowed the Odin's Wrath to land a proper strike on it that caused it to crash into the Sea itself."

A pause as he fiddles with something out of view before speaking agian, "I entered the Sea and entered what remained of the shuttle and managed to recover a large part, perhaps the majority, of what was on the computer's systems and am in the process of decyphering it. As soon as I have finished doing so I will send a copy of the information to Ghost for use."

<< With that he taps something and the spinning symbol returns again before fading away. >>

  • December 20 - "Personal Medical Evaluation" - Shockwave opts to be the one giving Ghost her requested medical scan. More questions arise.



In 2001, Shockwave was played by MightyShoxy. Shockwave was played by Dean until September of 2010. Since August of 2013, Shockwave has once again been played by MightyShoxy. In 2018, MightyShoxy stepped down to focus on playing Optimus Prime, but may still temp him on occasion.


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Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Shockwave is a passionate leader and stalwart defender of the people of Cybertron, and Decepticon ambassador to Earth.

What If? Universes

Bot World

In Bot World, Shockwave is warlord of Tarn, and is working on a Coda Remote to deactivate the Autobot Guardian robots.

Decepticon World

On Decepticon-dominated Cybertron, Shockwave spends most of his time in  his lab in Tarn. Among his experiments are the Dinobots, who in this world are Autobots Shockwave captured and altered to be his personal soldiers. However, there is question about if he actually controls them...

After the Decepticons overtook the Autobots' main base and the death of Ultra Magnus, Springer issued a direct challenge to Bumblebee's leadership, imploring the gathered Autobots vote "no confidence" in Bumblebee's leadership and install Springer as interim leader. He vowed to begin using Decepticon tactics and begin a campaign to instill terror in the Decepticons' psyche by conducting small, but deadly raids. While he had the support of the senior Autobot leader Hot Spot, Springer's initiative ultimately failed (263 voted "No Confidence", 327 voted against). Despite losing, Springer vowed to support Bumblebee and ordered all of his followers to follow his lead. In a gesture of solidarity, Bumblebee promoted Springer to City Commander, the position held by the deceased Ultra Magnus.

Hot Spot died leading a final group of Autobots to the Decepticon-controlled Space Bridge. He was incinerated by Shockwave's powerful cannon blast, along with nearly 40 other elite warriors and scientists. The two remaining Protectobots, Streetwise and Blades, grieved for their fallen leader shortly after Bumblebee was presented the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. During the battle, Megatron was killed by Sky Lynx, who was also able to dislodge the Matrix of Leadership from Megatron's arm cannon. Shockwave is now the presumed leader of the Decepticons.  

Decepticon World logs

  • 2013 November - "Escape to Nebulos" - Megatron and Shockwave attempt to stop the Autobots once and for all as Bumblebee and Springer lead a wounded, ragtag bunch to the Space Bridge. 

Joe World

With the destruction of Cybertron in 2005, Shockwave was trapped on Earth, where he had traveled to help stop the Autobot/Joe alliance.

Cobra World

Shockwave HISS tank

With the destruction of Cybertron in 2005, Shockwave was trapped on Earth, where he had traveled to help rescue Decepticon drones from Cobra enslavement. In 2012, Shockwave had himself rebuild into a Cobra H.I.S.S. TANK to help infiltrate Cobra forces.