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Sherman Dam is the largest dam in the Western hemisphere. Its hydroelectric power plant has a capacity of one million, seven hundred fifty thousand kilowatts.

Said power plant has ceilings and platforms built perfectly for robots the size of cars. How convenient!

Sherman Dam is the perfect size for robot melees.

Canon History

Shortly after the Decepticon arrival on Earth, Megatron led his troops to Sherman Dam in an attempt to gather energy. He easily captured the facility from its human operators and sent Rumble to create more energy for the dam's generators by using his pile drivers to make a tidal wave. The other Decepticons then made energon cubes from the energy before the waves began to tear the dam apart. As the water from the "tidal wave" overtopped the dam, the Autobots scrambled about evacuating townspeople downstream and creating diversionary channels to reduce the flooding. Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots attempted to stop the Decepticons from escaping with their energy haul, but were defeated. The Decepticons fled, though the weakened dam never burst.

MUX History

OOC Note

Sherman Dam is connected to the Sherman Reservoir in Nebraska, which is used to store off-season water flows for release during the irrigation season. It's been redesigned and repaired since the Transformer encounter in the 80s.

Shattered Glass

When Emperor Prime launched a personal attack on Sherman Dam, Megatron responded immediately. Battling Prime on top of the dam itself, Megatron was victorious, throwing Prime's battered body into the swollen creek. Megatron then saved the homes and lives of the townspeople downriver from the dam, to welcome cheers from happy humans.

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