Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Shattered Glass Finale


Characters: Arcee, Benin-Jeri, Dust Devil, Elita-One (SG), Emperor Prime, Grimlock, Hot Rod, Jetfire, Nitro, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Rodimus, SG-Beachcomber, SG-Brawn, SG-Growler, SG-Jetfire, SG-Warpath, Side Burn, Silverbolt, Sit-Com, Skyfire, Slingshot, Spike, Springer, Typhoon

Location: Autobot City, Nevada

Date: October 10, 2013

TP: Shattered Glass TP

Summary: Emperor Prime and his band of Shattered Glass Autobots make an assault through the last remaining portal linking their world and the main one.

Mechanical Engineering - Medical Wing - Autobot City

 This lab is Wheeljack's home in Autobot City. Multiple tables are stacked with weird gadgets and in-progress experiments. A few of the tables and part of the floor is partially melted from one or two (or ten) experiments gone wrong. Advanced scientific equipment and numerous parts bins add to the chaos of the cluttered room. Amongst all the bizarre gadgetry, it's difficult to determine if the room is currently occupied.

  • Hot Rod  
  • Prowl  
  • Springer  
  • SG-Brawn  
  • Grimlock  
  • Silverbolt  
  • Optimus Prime  
  • Typhoon  
  • Skyfire  
  • Benin-Jeri  
  • Emperor Prime  
  • SG-Growler  
  • Elita-One   
  • Portal  
  • Abandoned Armor of Luminous  
  • Wheeljack's Workshop  


Silverbolt also trots his way into engineering with his rifle in his hands. He frowns a bit as seeing Prime.........

Grimlock bounds into the room, claws poised for attack and mouth wide open, teeth gleaming.

Optimus Prime skids into the room, cannon drawn, and skids to a stop when he sees what is waiting within. His optics quickly move to his doppelganger, and they narrow. "Your reputation precedes you." he growls. "One that disgraces that symbol you wear. You have once chance to return from whence you came, or we show you the door the hard way."

Springer comes in behind the Dinobot, weapons online looking around for the problem.

Slingshot has arrived.

Elita-One stands in the mechanical engineering lab, weapons ready, looking familiar yet dangerous. Behind her stand a squad of evil Autobots, led by none other than Optimus Prime!

Arcee has arrived.

Jetfire comes in from Repair Bay - Medical Wing - Autobot City. Jetfire has arrived.

Hot Rod comes in, following Springer. "...Uh oh..." he says, getting ready for a battle. This wasn't going to end well...

SG-Jetfire has arrived.

Springer glances at Hot Rod, 'Easy, kid. Let's see waht the situation is first before we go 'uh-oing'."

Rodimus has arrived.

Grimlock looks between his group of comrades and the others present, not quite confused but definitely not grasping this whole situation "Me Grimlock want answers..NOW!" He bellows with all the authority his title of king affords him.

Jetfire raises his weapon and aims it at the incoming evilBots. "If you're looking for a fight, you couldn't have chosen a worse spot."

Side Burn has arrived.

Rodimus comes through the portal, and stands behind Emperor Prime. He spots his good-aligned self, and sneers.

Emperor Prime says, "Autobots! Raid the city! Plunder everything worth taking, and burn the rest! Weapons free to kill who you want, but Optimus Prime is MINE!" Emperor Prime is behind everyone... Elita is in front. ;)

SG-Growler zooms in through the portal, shrieking like a maniac. His optics glow bright blue in alarm as he nearly slams into a wall due to his poor control of the jetpack he's wearing. Somehow he manages to land without tumbling head over heels, and takes out his needler pistol. The Beastie Boys "Whatcha Want" blares from his chest. "Yo all you punks, don't you get in my way," he raps, "'Cause the killer Autobots are gonna wreck your day!"

SG-Jetfire smirks and looks at Rodimus and Emperor Prime. "If I haven't proven my worth already - I think this certainly will add to my many accomplishments. For the glory of Emperor Prime - ATTACK!!"

Springer looks from Emperor Prime to the freak jetpacked bot that just came crashing though. "Come wreck my day." he dares as he pulls his blade sword.

SG-Beachcomber has arrived.

Skyfire stands up straight as he watches the other world's Autobots forming, making certain to stay somewhere he can get a clear firing line without blocking anyone else. "And here I thought I could simply close the portal without incident."

 Optimus Prime's chief military analyst had been sitting at a workstation in Security, going through reports, checking rosters, reassigning where necessary, running strategy simulations hundreds of times over, and...maintaining contact with his agents when the alarms had sounded.  Prowl glances up to check the alarm type--code red, alpha priority, it would seem. And it's accompanied by a series of energy signatures not known to this particular dimension. The strategist doesn't appear all that startled though--he's constantly aware of the fact that the chance of that occurring at any given base including Metroplex at any given moment is at least 69.28%.  Thus, not wasting an astrosecond of time, he makes haste to the location of the security breach, that being Wheeljack's lab space in the Engineering sector. That particular location doesn't come as a surprise, either. If there was going to be a breach... Upon reaching the lab, he finds a series of what appear to be clones of his teammates, although he doesn't see anyone who particularly resembles himself. Interesting. Keeping a defensive stance, he scans the enemy ranks. "What do you want." he states. He won't be the first to fire.

Optimus Prime narrows his optics. "The hard way then. Autobots, defensive positions. It's time to send these universe rejects back where they belong." He brings his cannon up and selects his counterpart. "As the humans say, you picked the wrong town to mess with." With that, he sends a cannon blast towards the self-proclaimed 'Emperor'

Silverbolt lowers his rifle at Emperor Prime's proclamation. He then nudges Jetfire. "Let's give Grimlock some room." He says before looking to 'Emperor' Prime. "This isn't your dimension, so you can't, and you WON'T do what you want here!" His tone of voice sounds a LOT like when he's in the air, stern and quite defiant.

>> Optimus Prime strikes Emperor Prime with Rapid-Fire <Medium>. <<

SG-Warpath has arrived.

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "I'm in the command center - What should I do with Metroplex, lock him down, or keep him open so you guys can get some of these guys out in the open?"

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Keep the doppelgangers from leaving the base."

SG-Jetfire backs up with Silverbolt.

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "At least in here, we can keep collateral damage to a minimum."

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "Acknowledged! Commencing locking Metroplex"

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "If they do get not hesitate to shoot them down before they can get out of range."

<<Autobot>> Commander Grimlock says, "You Spike. Me grimlok agree with Prowl. Keep them auto-butts locked in here with me Grimlock... Me grimlock make sure them not go far..."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Thanks Spike! We'll keep them busy down here!"

Basewide Intercom: Teletran II: Warning. Autobot City locking down.

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "Lockdown commencing!"

"Yeah, go back to your own dimension! We have enough trouble with the Decepticons without you mucking it up!" Slingshot shakes a fist at the interlopers. "So, we going to form Superion and kick them out, boss?" he asks Silverbolt.

"This world seems like MUCH more fun!" Rodimus says with a smirk, drawing his rifle from sub-space. "So which of you pathetic wimps wanna dance with me?!"

Basewide Intercom: Spike: Any humans who are in any part of Metroplex, return to the designated human quarters immediately and wait for further instructions. This is not a drill - repeat - this is not a drill.

Elita-One lets out a scream and leaps to attack! She suicidally bounds at Grimock, kicking right at his giant snout!

>> Elita-One strikes Grimlock with Kick. <<

Hot Rod raises his forearm blasters, looking at the group of anti-Bots. "I think we can say 'uh-oh' Springer!" he says. Seeing the evil version of Elita-One kick Grimlock in the nose, Hot Rod aims at her. "Back off!"

>> Hot Rod misses Elita-One with Forearm Lasers <Low>. <<

Side Burn slips in behind the rest of the Autobots, practically unseen, which is almost surprising considering his garish red paintjob. Pulling out his gunblade, he calmly aims it, and fires at Skyfire.

>> Side Burn misses Skyfire with Laser <Medium>. <<

SG-Brawn says, "Alright! Finally, some action! Let's see if this world's version of you is as weak as ours!" SG-Brawn slams his mighty gauntlets together, and leaps at Jetfire! >> SG-Brawn strikes Jetfire with Punch. <<

Jetfire carefully aims his particle beam cannon at Rodimus, but he's suddenly hit by Brawn. He recoils back from the bash and frowns, holding his armor-plated forearm, he swings it right at Brawn.

>> Jetfire strikes SG-Brawn with Punch. <<

GAME: Grimlock PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

SG-Growler glares across the room at Rodimus, pointing his needler pistol at the flame-painted mech. "Let's just see who's the pathetic wimp," he shouts in his irritatingly whiny voice. "Who designed your paint job, anyway, loser?" He fires his needler at Rodimus.

>> SG-Growler misses Rodimus with Needler <Medium>. <<

<OOC> Rodimus O.O <OOC> Skyfire says, "pretty sure that was a mischar" <OOC> SG-Growler says, "Did I confuse the good one for the bad one?" <OOC> Rodimus says, "Same Team! You want Hot Rod!" <OOC> Typhoon says, "Yeah, but that almost works. LOL" <OOC> Skyfire says, "lol" <OOC> Rodimus snickers. <OOC> Rodimus says, "Lets roll with it!"

Emperor Prime is blasted back by Optimus's rapid-fire laser, and grumbles in response. "Out of my way!" he growls to his own troops, as he swaps out his right hand for a massive axe and charges Optimus Prime, roaring in rage. "You. You are who I came for. I will rip out your Matrix, and claim it as my own." With a jump into the air, he attempts to bring his axe down right on top of Prime's skull.

>> Emperor Prime strikes Optimus Prime with Energy-Axe. <<

SG-Jetfire frowns and points his particle beam cannon at Prowl. "Let you sample the might of the Autobot second in command!" >> SG-Jetfire misses Prowl with Particle-Beams <Medium>. <<

Humming the chorus to 'Turn the Page', SG-Beachcomber removes a large pick-axe which he hefts over his right shoulder. Smiling at his fellow Mirror Autobots, SG-Beachcomber states, "And you don't feel much like ridin' -- you just wish the trip was through." He then looks at the counterparts. He cackles as he swings his pick-axe back and forth, moving towards the closet Autobot which happens to be Hot Rod. "There I go, yeah, Here I go, yeah, yeah." The pick-axe is lift upwards towards Hot Rod!

>> SG-Beachcomber strikes Hot Rod with Pick-Axe. <<

Typhoon looks a little overwhelmed at all the action in the relatively small room - combat is not her forte. Lifting her pistol up shakily, she squeezes the trigger, firing at Warpath.

>> Typhoon misses SG-Warpath with Laser <Medium>. <<

Springer stares at the mech looking at him and steps up with a swing. Might as well get this show on the road and shut the music up.

>> Springer misses SG-Growler with Light-Saber. <<

In a flurry of pink-hued movement, Arcee arrives to 'greet' the portal arrivals. (Better late than never.) Setting her optics on SG-Beachcomber, Arcee faces him down with a stern expression, looking...not very menacing at all, actually. That's always been her problem -- and, the ace up her sleeve. "Hi. I'm here to officially...UN-invite you to the party," Arcee quips, taking a haymaker-style swing at the little Bob Seger-singing miscreant.

Did she pick him because he hurt Hot Rod? It's entirely possible, but she'll *never* admit to it.

>> Arcee strikes SG-Beachcomber with Punch. <<

"I'll KAPOW, blow this whole place up if you don't ZINGO, give us the Matrix!" SG-Warpath growls, getting ready to fire some shells, "I'll give you to the count of three before I BOOM, start firing!" The tank-based minibot glowers as menacingly as he can with a full faceplate.

Benin-Jeri's backpack plays Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" as he activates his own lightsaber, moving in to slash at Rodimus. "Up your nose with a rubber hose," he quotes, stabbing the sabre at Rodimus's goateed face.

>> Benin-Jeri strikes Rodimus with Slash. <<

Grimlock looks to the Autobots near him, commenting on the statement made about him "Me Grimlock need room." He nods affirmatively " Me Grimlock guarantee pile of dead chasis' clog up this whole area." optic passing over the intruders as a whole "Who am brave enough to take on greatest warrior, take on Me Grimlock, King?" As Grimlock finishes, his inquiry is met with a foot to the snout. Utterly taken aback, Grimlock roars "Her hit Grimlock!? Me Grimlock no taking any res..respon-sible for what me Grimlock leave of her. Me hitting her back! Any who get mad can keep mouth shut!" Grimlock springs forward, the very snout Elita kicked and boot-scuffed now snapping at her viciously. >> Grimlock strikes Elita-One with Bite. <<

Skyfire moves just enough when noticing the one slipping around and firing, barely evading the shot and letting it sail past. Once he's recovered, he steps forward again. With a quick thought to where they are, he maneuvers to swing a punch downward at Side Burn, not wishing to cause a problem by hitting something potentially explosive. It is, after all, Wheeljack's lab.

>> Skyfire misses Side Burn with Punch. <<

Stepping to the side, Silverbolt smiles as Grimlock willingly takes point to handle the 'dead weight' of the SG-Bots. However, Silverbolt had learned that playing fair never really got anyone anywhere. As the Emperor surged forward, Silverbolt immediately leveled his rifle at the more aggressive 'Prime'. "Not if I have anything to say about it." And Lightning crackles out towards the 'Emperor'.

>> Silverbolt strikes Emperor Prime with Electricity-Surge <Low>. <<

>> Emperor Prime temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

Optimus Prime stumbles back a bit from the blow of the axe, and with his optics narrowing, extends his own energy axe from his hand. "You'll get the Matrix when you pry it from my cold dead circuits, and you're welcome to try." he growls. "Scum like you have no right to bear the symbol of leadership." Stepping into position with his own axe raised, he states, "Foot to foot, hand to hand, toe to toe, so be it. The only difference between your version of how these events will play out and mine is that I'll be sending your aftside back into that portal, with the imprint of my foot ridges on it!" he says, taking a swipe at Emperor Prime in return just as Silverbolt's electrical surge strikes him.

>> Optimus Prime strikes Emperor Prime with Energy-Axe. <<

Hot Rod winces as the evil version of Beachcomber swings a pick-axe at him. "Ow, that scraped my paint." he says dryly, stepping back from the Mirror Autobot. He grins as Arcee gives a nice punch to SG-Beachcomber. "Nice one, Arcee! Let's give him the one-two punch!" He steps foward and goes for a double-fisted strike to *hopefully* knock the evil Beachcomber on his aft.

>> Hot Rod strikes SG-Beachcomber with Bash. <<

Elita-One cries out as she's bitten - hard! She actives a laser knife, and stabs at Grimlock's snout while it's still biting her.

>> Elita-One strikes Grimlock with Bash. <<

Side Burn woahs! As a massive punch descends on him from above. Moving quickly out of the way, Side Burn says, "Sorry, big guy! Can't have you closing the rift before we're done with it." He smiles, pulling out a missile launcher with his other hand and firing it point-blank up at Skyfire.

>> Side Burn strikes Skyfire with Rocket. <<

Rodimus scowls at Growler as the other mech tries to shoot him. "Slaggit, Growler, learn how to aim! You want to shoot at the enemy, dumbaft!" The Seeker-Commander seems about ready to shoot his own teammate back, but then a Junkion leaps up and slahes his chest. "Grrr, stupid Junkion; know your place, scrap-heap!" He raises his rifle, and aims at Benin-Jeri's face!

>> Rodimus strikes Benin-Jeri with Pulse-Laser <Medium>. <<

SG-Brawn ughs as he's smashed in the face, which doesn't make it any prettier. "Huh. You ARE as weak as our Jetfire," he taunts, and swings his guantlets up, attempting to connect with the taller Autobot.

>> SG-Brawn strikes Jetfire with Blow. <<

Jetfire says, "Ah!!" Brawn definitely can pack a punch - and Jetfire can't. Assessing quickly that firepower is needed, he brings out his particle beam cannon and aims it at the stocky Autobot.

>> Jetfire strikes SG-Brawn with Particle-Beams <Medium>. <<

SG-Growler notices Springer moving toward him at the last moment and dances aside from the light-saber swing. "Oh yeah?" he challenges, swinging upward at Springer with his small fist.

>> SG-Growler misses Springer with Uppercut. <<

Emperor Prime is unexpectedly shocked by Silverbolt, which sets him up to be slammed by Prime's energy axe. Leaking energon freely, Prime growls, "I'll be returning, all right - with the Matrix and your head as trophies!" Drawing his massive G-Metal sword, he swings it right at Prime's neck, hoping to destroy him in one swift stroke!

>> Emperor Prime strikes Optimus Prime with Destroy. <<

SG-Jetfire smiles and keeps up the attack on Prowl. This time, he raises his arm and fires a missile.

>> SG-Jetfire misses Prowl with Photon-Missile <Low>. <<

Smirking as his Pick-Axe connected with Hot Rod, Beachcomer completely misses the blind side punch from Arcee which connects against his jaw staggering the evil doppelganger backwards. Then Hot Rod hits him right in the chest, knocking him off his feet. Rising from the ground, SG-Beachcomber reaches up to wipe the Energon off his lips, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to, Cry if I want to, cry if I want to, You would cry too if it happened to you..." He pivots and with cat like reflexes towards Hot Rod's face. "Judy and Johnny just walked through the door,Like a queen with her king, Oh what a birthday surprise, Judy's wearin' his ring." His optics dart from Springer to Arcee as his fist flies at Hot Rod!

>> SG-Beachcomber strikes Hot Rod with Punch. <<

Springer doesn't appreciate his swing missed but there's always another shot at it. the Triple-Changer side steps the return attack and swings back toward Growler. "Yeah."

>> Springer strikes SG-Growler with Slice. <<

Slingshot shoots at Emperor Prime, just because. "We gotta take out their leader, then maybe they'll retreat," he says to Silverbolt. "After all, they're all just a bunch of Decepticons in Autobot clothing, right?"

"Are my optics deceiving me, or have you actually managed to learn something?" Arcee says, watching in surprise as Hot Rod lands a nice punch on the evil Beachcomber. "Not too bad...I *think* you're actually trying now. Maybe." She grins back at Hod Rod. The best duels are the ones with words, no doubt about it. Turning her sights back on evil Beachcomber, she cringes. "You're the worst. I mean, the WORST. And my name's not JUDY." As if to put a fine point on it, she puts her foot on evil Beachcomber's chest-plate and tries to kick him over.

>> Arcee misses SG-Beachcomber with Kick. <<

>> Slingshot strikes Emperor Prime with Neutron Beam <Medium>. <<

Typhoon says, "Why don't you just -- go back where you came from! You can't expect to win - just leave us alone!" Typhoon fires her laser again.

>> Typhoon strikes SG-Warpath with Laser <High>. <<

"Frag y'all! Frag y'all! I POW, do what I want!" SG-Warpath retorts, as he's hit. "YEOW! I'll get you for that!" He fires a shell at Typhoon. "Get back in the kitchen and BLAM, make me an enersandwich!"

>> SG-Warpath strikes Typhoon with Explosive-Shells <Medium>. <<

Half of Benin-Jeri's face is blown clear off, which does give him pause. "Dang it!" he quotes. "I just had that eye replaced! Oy, it makes me mad! Mr. McGee, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Pulling out his Blaster Pistol, he aims at Rodimus's face and tries to play fire-up-through-the-goatee.

>> Benin-Jeri misses Rodimus with Blaster-Pistol <High>. <<

Grimlock savors the taste of Elita only briefly before a stabbing paint erupts in his already abused snout. Grimlock reacts instinctively, turning his face and massive body away from the weapon that struck him. Whether purposefully or a happy accident, his tree trunk-like tail swings toward the evil femme-bot as he shows his comrade how savage and unfair Elita is. "Her stab Grimlock!" he announces to his caring cohorts.

>> Grimlock strikes Elita-One with Bash. <<

Skyfire gets blasted with the rocket and steps backwards, a distinct "ooof" coming from him as he tries to right himself with a nice sized hole in him. He cringes, but doesn't let up yet. "You will find that far more difficult than you seem to realize." He checks his big weapon, and tries to aim in a manner to avoid hitting anything critical on the walls should he miss with it.

Dust Devil comes in from Repair Bay - Medical Wing - Autobot City. Dust Devil has arrived.

>> Skyfire strikes Side Burn with Double-Barreled-Cannon <Medium>. <<

Smiling a little as Optimus nails Emperor with his axe, he partly turns his attention away from the Primes to see Warpath attacking Typhoon. "Yeah Slingshot. They're just Decepticons in Autobot frames. Offline them." He says rather coldly as he levels his rifle at Warpath, who just went after Typhoon. Bad Move. "Slingshot, Typhoon needs our help more." He then zaps at Warpath.....

>> Silverbolt strikes SG-Warpath with Electrostatic <High>. <<

Optimus Prime is slammed back by the force of the sword. Though his neck is slashed, he proves far harder to behead than the 'Emperor' believed, and he gets back to his feet. "The last person to try that, ended up regretting it." he says, and draws his cannon again, the power control ratcheting as he sets it to maximum. "Time to head back to that twisted world you came from." Aiming, he squeezes the trigger, sending a blast from the Oppycannon towards the 'Emperor's chestplate.

>> Optimus Prime misses Emperor Prime with Laser Cannon. <<

 As the battle between the Autobots and their doppelgangers breaks loose, Prowl doesn't engage right away, but hangs back and attempts to search the lab for any clues as to how the clones had managed to bridge the gap between dimensions and enter Autobot City. If he could find out how they got here, perhaps he could find a way to send them all back.  ...What had Wheeljack been up to in here, anyway, as of late?  Despite this, he keeps his guard up, continuing the track the movements of the other targets, both friendly and hostile. If any of them come near, they'd be fools to think they could catch him unawares.

Rodimus chuckles. "Heh, you'll need more than just a new optic when I'm done with you..." He deaftly dodges the Junkion's blaster, and ducks down, rushing at Benin-Jeri without restraint. "Go down!"

>> Rodimus misses Benin-Jeri with Smash. <<

Elita-One is smacked soundly across the room, crashing into a table full of dangerous contraptions. Learning the hard way the golden rule of "don't go hand to hand against a Dinobot," she instead pulls out her heavy laser pistol and fires at the massive Autobot field commander.

>> Elita-One strikes Grimlock with Laser <High>. <<

"Aw, c'mon Arcee, I'm not *that* bad, am I?" he almost pouts for a moment, but quickly becomes serius again when the evil Beachcomber rabbit punches him. "...Man, you are getting annoying, real quick!" the red racer grumbles. Just go back where you belong!" He notices Arcee trying for a kick, and decides to mimic her, bringing up his own leg for a strike.

>> Hot Rod misses SG-Beachcomber with Kick. <<

SG-Jetfire bursts out laughing at Hot Rod's inability to land a kick. "Ha ha ha! Pathetic!"

Side Burn is struck soundly by Skyfire's Double Barreled Cannon, blasting away a sizable chunk of his armor. Oddly, however, Skyfire might notice that the edges of the wound keep glowing almost seem begin healing right away. "That… actually hurt. I applaud you." Smiling madly, he fires up again with his gunblade as his rocket-launcher phases in a new missile.

>> Side Burn misses Skyfire with Heavy Laser <Medium>. <<

SG-Brawn ughs! As he's struck by Jetfire's Particle Beams. "That the best you got, you ninny?" the demolitions engineer sneers. "I've doing you a favor putting you out of your misery." He draws an axe from his backpack, slowly, and then launches it up at Jetfire's face.

>> SG-Brawn misses Jetfire with Axe. <<

Jetfire leaps pack as Brawn attempts to deface him in this...face off - of sorts. He then tries to grab Brawn as his balance is off, and smash him into Metroplex's floor.

>> Jetfire misses SG-Brawn with Throw. <<

SG-Growlers whiny voice erupts in a shriek as Springer's saber slices into him. "This is wack, man," he complains. "We outclass you, dorks. Just give Prime the Matrix thing and we'll leave yas alone!" He launches himself at Springer's face, fists locked together and swinging at his opponent.

>> SG-Growler strikes Springer with Bash. <<

Emperor Prime growls as he's struck by Slingshot's Neutron Beam, and has to dodge hard to avoid Optimus's laser cannon. The Emperor of Destruction leaps onto a lab table, smashing aside whatever Wheeljack was working on, as the cannon blast sails within millimeters of him, destroying part of the wall behind him. "Threats, Optimus Prime?" the Emperor snarls. "You'll have to do better than that!" Aiming his arm at Optimus, the Emperor swings down his smokestacks, which form into weapons which the Emperor fires at Optimus.

>> Emperor Prime strikes Optimus Prime with Blaster <Medium>. <<

SG-Jetfire laughs as he sees his double miss Brawn. "This is too easy! Obviously, this side of the portal is woefully untrained in combat - which is more of a reflection on the leadership than anything else!"

Basewide Intercom: Spike: Optimus!! Look - he's got a blast -

SG-Jetfire raises his weapon at Prowl and fires

>> SG-Jetfire strikes Prowl with Particle-Beams <Medium>. <<

SG-Jetfire says, "Die, pathetic Autobot!"

Springer gets punched in the face! He losses his balance and falls back toward something really scary looking. Considering this is Wheeljacks area there no telling waht it is. But could it be the Illudium Q-36 Space Modulator? And if so does anyone really know what its suppose to do? Its anyones guess as when the Triple-Changer hits the machine a kilidascope of color explodes out of it, stunning the Triple-Changer.

"Now how did we *both* manage to miss him? I guess being close to the ground has its advantages..." Arcee doesn't answer Hot Rod's question on purpose, just to taunt him silently. (Maybe he really IS that bad!) She smirks and pulls her electro-sword out of subspace. "Time to finish this, not drag it out, yes?" she tells Hot Rod, while silently trying to calculate which way evil Beachcomber's going to dodge. In a way that's graceful, like a choreographed dancer, Arcee steps neatly, then lunges, sword glowing brightly as she tries to slice open the little tacker.

>> Arcee misses SG-Beachcomber with Electro-Sword. <<

Laughing as his fist connects with Hot Rod, he then tilts his head at Arcee as he winks at her, he leans backwards as the kick misses his chest by a fraction of inch. He then ducks under Hot Rod's kick as he pulls out his pistol which he fires at Hot Rod once he stands back up, "Mr. Saturday night special, Got a barrel that's blue and cold, Ain't good for nothin', But put a man six feet in a hole." He looks over at Arcee for a moment, as he continues to fire at Hot Rod, "A creeper think he got nothin' to lose, So he creeps into this house, yeah, And unlocks the door, And as a man's reaching for his trousers, Shoots him full of thirty-eight holes." Beachcomber leaps back away from the sword slices where he was, he continues to blast!

>> SG-Beachcomber strikes Hot Rod with Pistol <Medium>. <<

Dust Devil has to duck gunfire as he arrives. "Awww man, I thought we were done with these guys?" He tries to find a safe spot as he enters, attempting to figure which are which of the bots.

Typhoon grrs as now she's getting angry, and into the fight. She bares her teeth, which seem to be a lot sharper than she used to be. "I will NOT be making you a sammich!" she yells, and leaps at Warpath, looking like she plans to bite him!

>> Typhoon strikes SG-Warpath with Bite <Medium>. <<

SG-Warpath yeowches as he's bitten! "Oh yes you will!" he says, reaching out with his open palm to strike at Typhoon. Is SG-Warpath going to have to smack a b*tch?

>> SG-Warpath strikes Typhoon with Punch. <<

SG-Warpath is so enraged at Typhoon that he barely notices Silverbolt's attack!

Benin-Jeri grins madly with what is left of his face. "Not without dinner and a movie, buster," he quips, and then dodges to his side, raising his shield like a cape. "Ole!" he yells, bull-fighter-style, and then turns, firing his blaster under said shield.

>> Benin-Jeri misses Rodimus with Blaster <Medium>. <<

How Rude! Grimlock, back to his opponent is giving a show and tell all about his stab wound and Elita shoots his mple target of an aft??? Grimlock instinctivly tries to rub the affected area, but his little arms can't reach. "Me Grimlock no appreciate you Evil-bot giving Grimlock rashes and scuffs." Grimlock peers at Elita, optics flaring as beams fly forth.

>> Grimlock strikes Elita-One with Eyelaser <Medium>. <<

SG-Jetfire raises his weapon (Pose, no attack). "Fight on, brave Autoobts! Victory is at hand!"

Skyfire frowns down at Side Burn, shaking his head slightly even as he dodges. "That is not something to be impressed with. However, it becomes a necessary measure of discouragement when fired upon multiple times." With that, he fires a secondary laser, to further discourage.

>> Skyfire misses Side Burn with Laser <High>. <<

SG-Jetfire laughs at Skyfire's miss. "Pathetic! How have the Decepticon's on this side NOT managed to defeat you?!"

Silverbolt backs up immediately when Typhoon bites Warpath. "oooookay." He then chuckles before hearing the most annoying voice he can possibly imagine.......and shoots at SG-Jetfire! "Why don't you shut the scrap up!?"

>> Silverbolt misses SG-Jetfire with Electricity-Surge <Medium>. <<

Optimus Prime takes the blaster bolt and stumbles.. sparks fly from spots where he's starting to show significant battle damage. Rousing himself with obvious effort, the rifle is readied once again, setting unchanged... this time, he doesn't sully the moment with words, and simply pulls the trigger.

>> Optimus Prime critically strikes Emperor Prime with Laser Cannon! << Emperor Prime is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

 So far, so would appear that the doppelgangers are occupied with the rest of the team. Prowl makes his way slowly toward their flanks, slowly strafing around them and dodging any stray shots. Finally, he reaches the dimensional rift and approaches the control array. Hmph, he'll have to have a word with Wheeljack later. But for now, he needs to find a way to not only shut the thing down, but cause its collapse to draw the anomalies in. They had to have a signature unique to their universe...yes?

Basewide Intercom: Spike: Awright, Optimus!

Rodimus goes flying past Benin-Jeri, scowling at the quick Junkion. "Bull fighting, huh... try THIS on, Junk-Bot!" He collapses down into his car form, the blaster shot going over him as he drops. "You like quotes? I've got one; Dodge THIS!" He revves his engine, intending to run Benin-Jeri down. RTBD!

The young robot begins falling forwards, as his roof spins into place, legs come together, chest rises into position, and arms form into doors, converting him once again into a futuristic hot rod car.

>> Rodimus tries to ram Benin-Jeri but misses. <<

Elita-One ows as she's struck by Grimlock's optic-lasers - apparently this Grimlock is just as deadly as the Grim of her world, even if only a tenth as smart. Time for her to be smart. Taking cover behind an overturned bench, she pulls out her Photon Laser, balancing on the edge of the table. She aims carefully, scanning for weak spots in Grimlock's damaged armor and, before he has a chance to fire again, takes her shot.

>> Elita-One strikes Grimlock with Photon-Laser <High>. <<

Hot Rod blinks as SG-Beachcomber goes pew pew athe him.. and looks down with a sigh. "Like that peashooter's really going to help you out. Sorry pal, end of ther line for you!" He draws his rifle and takes careful aim, not wanting to hit Arcee by accident. "Here's a REAL gun, you evil imposter!" Before he shopots, he lets out a victory whoop as he spots Prime taking out the Emperor. "Oh yeah, Autobots, Rock On!"

>> Hot Rod misses SG-Beachcomber with Pulse-Laser <Medium>. <<

Jetfire frowns "Hot Rod, focus! We still have the others to contend with - now's not the time to get over-confident!"

Basewide Intercom: Spike: C'mon, guys, you almost have the floor mopped with these rejects!

Hot Rod says, "Don't you worry Spike! These guys are just punks!"

Slingshot fires at SG-Jetfire too! "Good, we're going to pulverize these punks! They make the Decepticons look like a challenge!"

>> Slingshot misses SG-Jetfire with Neutron Blast <Medium>. <<

Side Burn fades to the side to avoid Skyfire's laser, seeming almost to go out of phase a moment as he dodges the attack. "I can understand your attempt to discourage me, fellow Autobot-but-not. However, I really must insist that you die quickly so we can plunder your fair city of its equipment and knowledge." With an almost pleasant smile, he fires a missile up at Skyfire.

>> Side Burn strikes Skyfire with Missile. <<

SG-Brawn flips around quickly, evading Jetfire's grasp. "Really dumb of you to get so close, Autobot," he growls, and charges one of his gauntlets, smashing it at Jetfire with a snarl of hate.

>> SG-Brawn misses Jetfire with Gauntlet. <<

Jetfire frowns at Brawn "I have no time for this!" Forever the tactician, he sees right after Emperor Prime's fall - he goes right to what appears to be the next most threatening - either Elita or Rodimus. Taking the clearest shot, he fires at Rodimus.

>> Jetfire critically strikes Rodimus with Heavy Machine-Gun <Medium>! <<

SG-Growler holds up a hand to shield his optics as the bright explosion of color erupts from the worktable Springer landed on. "That's what I said, punk," he crows, turning to aim his needler at Optimus Prime himself. "You messed with the best, and it was a mistake," he raps, grinning broadly at Optimus's back. Then he sees Emperor Prime struck by Optimus' powerful blast, and the fight goes right out of him. He activates his jetpack and flies for the portal.

>> SG-Growler retreats from the area, leaving himself open to SG-Warpath, SG-Beachcomber, Side Burn, Rodimus, SG-Jetfire, Jetfire, Arcee, Slingshot, Hot Rod, Prowl, SG-Brawn, Grimlock, Silverbolt, Optimus Prime, Typhoon, Skyfire, Benin-Jeri, Emperor Prime, Elita-One, and Dust Devil. <<

Before he was struck, Emperor Prime clearly had the upper hand. Optimus was clearly injured, badly damaged, while Emperor Prime has weathered his attack handily. However, his overconfidence becomes his downfall, as instead of simply shooting Prime again, finishing him from his perch on the workbench, Prime draws his sword again, and leaps down from the table - straight into a near-point-blank cannon-blast to the chest. Lavender windows shatters, Prime staggers back toward the portal, and seems to be shocked and surprised by what's happened. His faceplate moves as if to make a final admonition, but instead he simply falls, practically at Prowl's feet.

Dust Devil frowns and tries to figure out who exactly is who before he just attacks. A smirk appears on his face as he calls out to the fray. "Hey Raise your hand if you or someone you knew got blown up when your bomb got returned through Wheeljack's portal thingy" Oh yeah, lets remind them of happy times. "Oh and I was the one who sent it through...." He does raise an arm to send a blast toward Rodimus. "Just because I've always hated that paint job...."

>> Dust Devil strikes Rodimus with Pistol <Medium>. <<

SG-Jetfire manages to be the luckiest d-bot alive as he evades his attackers. Standing over the fallen Autobot leader, he gives him a mournful look. "No!" He then says "Who will pick up arms for our belolved leader! I believe he would want ME ... " He takes the energon axe resting on Emperor Prime's side, has a bit of a problem wielding it, but tries to slice Optimus Prime's chest with it. "You shall pay for this!'

>> SG-Jetfire strikes Optimus Prime with Bash. <<

"Jetfire's right, Hod Rod, just shut it!" Arcee glances over at Hot Rod with an expression that could either be construed as concerned, or annoyed, or perhaps both. He's already taken a number of shots...he might be hurt. What's more, this is very distracting to her, which is making her fight like crap, which annoys her even MORE. It's a destructive cycle, Arcee thinks. "Enough of these songs, get back to *your* side of the portal, and stay there!" While she still has the electro-sword out, Arcee points it in evil Beachcomber's direction, and fires off a concentrated beam of particles designed to hurt pretty bad. Provided she can hit such a rapid little target.

>> Arcee strikes SG-Beachcomber with Electrical Burst <Medium>. <<

 Searching the lab's database, Prowl finds that the portal has a failsafe, a self-destruct mechanism that would launch an explosive into the rift and detonate it at the narrowest portion of the matter bridge, causing it to collapse in on itself.  Now presumably these doppelgangers will want to return to their native dimension...if they are aware of the fact that their only way back home is about to be destroyed, there is an 88% chance that they will retreat, given that Metroplex had been locked down. <<Spike, I want you to use Metroplex's internal comms to inform the intruders that their only feasible path back to their native dimension is about to be destroyed. If they do not wish to become trapped within Autobot City here, then they best retreat now.>>

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Spike, I want you to use Metroplex's internal comms to inform the intruders that their only feasible path back to their native dimension is about to be destroyed. If they do not wish to become trapped within Autobot City here, then they best retreat now."

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "Acknowledged -"

Basewide Intercom: Spike: *Spike's voice lowers a few octives for some...reason or another* Portal structure in Medical Engineering at critical levels - collapse imminent.

SG-Beachcomber throws his pistol down after he hits, smiling at Hot Rod failing to notice Arcee who blasts the minibot off his feet. Cackling in manic glee, Beachcomber reaches up towards his head and grabs at it as he laughs and laughs, smoke pouring out of his chest. He then pulls his right hand back which has a large hook in it. Slowly he stands up and then moves and sidesteps around Hot Rod's blast, he almost looks like he is dancing to music that only he hears. Pausing Beachcomber looks at his hook for a long moment as he sings again, "Because I'm hungry for those good things, baby, Hungry through and through, Well I'm hungry for that sweet life, baby." Slowly, Beachcomber leers at Arcee, before beckoning his hook at the femme, inviting her towards him. Suddenly, he shakes it no at her, before he points his hook at Hot Rod and leaps. Beachcomber and his hook heads towards Autobot's head, "I can almost taste it now, Oh, it's sweet as wine, Ain't gonna waste it now, When it's finally mine."

>> SG-Beachcomber strikes Hot Rod with Hook. <<

Typhoon's head snaps back as she slapped in the face, her optics widening. "I can't believe you did that!" Her fangs are very prominent now, and to those that know her, a serious change has overcome her. "Warpath or not - you're dead!" She leaps bodily at Warpath, attempting to bite him and drain him of all of his energon at once!

>> Typhoon strikes SG-Warpath with Energy-Drain. <<

GAME: SG-Jetfire PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Awesome! Spike finally hit puberty!"

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Haha - ow, the litte twerp hit me!"

SG-Jetfire thinks o o o (Do we retreat, or do we continue to fight for what we came her for - the matrix? What would Emperor Prime do? Wait, he's gone! - what would YOU do?!) "Fight on, brave Autobots, for Emperor Prime! Your interim leader commands it!"

"Oh BLAM, no!" SG-Warpath says, as he's chowed down on. He flails as the Autobot femme drains him. Hopefully a flailing arm or leg will strike his assailant!

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "*voice returns to normal* Shut it, Dust!" >> SG-Warpath strikes Typhoon with Kick. <<

Benin-Jeri yells, "Ole!" again as Rodimus missing him again, driving right through the place Ben just was but isn't any more. As Jetfire nails him with lead, Ben brings his shield down on the Seeker as he drives past, attempting to shatter his windshield with the spiked shield.

>> Benin-Jeri strikes Rodimus with Shield-Bash. <<

GAME: Jetfire PASSES a COURAGE roll of Very High difficulty.

Grimlock gets distrated by all the celebration, the intercom, Hot Rod, the fall of Empoer Prime. Grimlock is caught up in it all, his attention elsewhere as the poton shot impacts his damaged torso armor, a hole melting in his thick metallic hide. A roar escapes the Dinobot leaders maw that rivals any he has ever belted out before. The immediate area around Grimlock pulsates with the thick gutteral sound. "Him Prime think him can out do Me Grimlock by killing him double?? Me Grimlock show him Prime. Me show you all! You Cheer Grimlock, ME KING!!!!!!!!!!!!" shifting into robot mode Grimlock swiftly kneels, crosses his left arm across his body and produces his large rocket gun. King Grimlock takes aim at Elita's table, a shimmer passes across his visor as he pulls the trigger. His faceplate vibrating as he grunts angrily.

Grimlock tilts his head down and raises up, unfolding and twisting into robot mode.

>> Grimlock misses Elita-One with Missile. <<

Jetfire smiles through his faceplate. "You hear that? Your world is collapsing! If you don't leave now - you're stuck here - and there is about 10 times our forces who haven't even had a dent who are willing to deactive you for good! "

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Ah you know you love me!"

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Spike--that wasn't what I...ugh."

<<Autobot>> Arcee says, "Spike, you're doing just fine."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Arcee likes Spike!"

Letting Jetfire do the talking, Silverbolt makes it a point to insure that they're going to leave. He fires another shot at SG-Jetfire.....this one might be a warning shot, but it has massive implications.....

Prowl sends a radio transmission.

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "Sorry...thought an official warning would sound more convincing - I don't think they're the tope to respond to bluffs."

>> Silverbolt misses SG-Jetfire with Lightning <High>. <<

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "I'm not bluffing."

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "No! It's just - forget - we'll talk about it later - wipe the floor with these douchebags"

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Prowl never bluffs. Bluffing would insinuate a personality that allows for fibs and general fun. Prowl doesn't do that."

Optimus Prime gets himself roused with great effort after taking yet another blow. His windshields are cracked, and he's sparking from several spots along his cracked armor, but he still draws enough strength to send a prime titanium knuckle sandwhich right towards the evil Jetfire.

>> Optimus Prime misses SG-Jetfire with Double Uppercut. <<

Skyfire turns to see the other Prime fall like that, just for a moment, but it'senough. He gets struck with the missile, making a much louder noise this time as he staggers back from the hit, a much more significant hole in him now, and an energon leak. HE staggers rfrom it, trying to keep balance, one leg flailing in Sidespin's direction.

>> Skyfire strikes Side Burn with Kick. <<

SG-Jetfire laughs then practically cackles at Prime's uppercut attempt. (it's going to be a bit before my pose) "Look at you! You've lost!! Surrender the matrix now, and we shall leave - and POSSIBLY let you live!"

<<Autobot>> Aerialbot CO Silverbolt says, "Jetfire....."

<<Autobot>> Jetfire says, "Yes"

<<Autobot>> Aerialbot CO Silverbolt says, "We need your help to take down your double."

<<Autobot>> Jetfire says, "Acknowledged"

"Oh, no you don't!" Slingshot says to SG-Jetfire. He fires a blast at the evil not-autobot. "You're not getting the matrix now, or ever! Now get lost!"

>> Slingshot misses SG-Jetfire with Neutron Rifle <Medium>. <<

 Identifying the other Jetfire as the current leader, Prowl stands where he is but directs a missile in the other mech's direction to get his attention.  "If you're at all intelligent, you should realize that if you and your dwindling forces remain here, you will be overwhelmed, and you will not succeed. Your efforts are futile. So I suggest that you retreat to your native dimension before I close the door behind you and prevent you from ever returning there again."  Indeed, he isn't bluffing. He's already entered the activation sequence for the failsafe mechanism, the only thing left to do is hit the EXECUTE button to launch the explosives. "You have fifty astroseconds to make a decision."

>> Prowl strikes SG-Jetfire with Incendiary Missile <Low>. <<

Rodimus is suddenly having a really bad cycle. And things had been going so well for him too. First, he blows past the Junkion matador; as he tries to slow and correct himself, a hail or bullets rip through him, followed by a singular shot. And then the Junkion comes over and shield bashes him. With a growl that mixes with his engine, the Autobot Seeker transforms back into robot form. "Autobots, fall back through the portal!" he commands, in flat defiance of Jetfire's previous order. He glares at Jetfire. "You too, or we're leaving you behind!"

The sleek, futuristic sports car begins to stand up, doors forming arms, hood lowing into the chest piece, roof twisting around one-eighty degrees. Soon, the familiar appearance of Hot Rod is revealed.

GAME: Rodimus PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of Extreme difficulty.

Elita-One is countermanding as well, as she leaps above the exploding table, firing blindly at Grimlock as she heads for the rift. "To the Pit with that! Autobots, retreat! Leave Prime and Jetfire behind - it's every Bot for herself!"

>> Elita-One retreats from the area, leaving itself open to SG-Warpath, Side Burn, Rodimus, SG-Jetfire, Jetfire, Arcee, Slingshot, Hot Rod, Prowl, SG-Brawn, Grimlock, Silverbolt, Optimus Prime, Typhoon, Skyfire, Emperor Prime, and Dust Devil. <<

Hot Rod yelps as the minibot swings at his head, giv ing him a rather pirate-y scrape over an optic. "Ow, ow! Hey shortaft, you're Boss mech is down, and if you stick around, you'll be stuck here!" He steps back, and tries again to kick the evil midget. "Scram!"

>> Hot Rod strikes SG-Beachcomber with Kick. <<

Side Burn is kicked by Skyfire, and he glances back at the portal. "Rodimus and Elita are right… I'm out of here!" He abandons the fight and makes a break for the portal.

>> Side Burn retreats from the area, leaving itself open to SG-Warpath, Rodimus, SG-Jetfire, Jetfire, Arcee, Hot Rod, Prowl, Grimlock, Silverbolt, Skyfire, Emperor Prime, Elita-One, and Dust Devil. <<

SG-Jetfire looks around in aghast panic as his forces are retreating. HIS forces! "No! Cowards! Fight on! For Emperor Prime! I COMMAND you!"

Noticing SG-Beachcomber considering an escape route, Arcee covers Hot Rod, placing herself between him and the demented portal-bot with the hook hand. "Rods. You, uh. You might want to run now. I got your back." She kind of knows he's not going to do the intelligent thing and retreat, but she figures it's worth it to try this tactic. Maybe he'll realize he's been shot. (no attack this round as SG-Beachcomber had to leave for a few minutes)

SG-Jetfire leaving himself WIDE the hell open, Jetfire kneels down and does the unenviable task of trying to drag Emperor Prime back to the portal.

GAME: SG-Jetfire FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Extreme difficulty.

SG-Brawn growls as first Jetfire ignores him to attack Rodimus, then lectures them, and then Prime's field commanders signal a retreat. "I'm not givin' up! I got your back, Jets! And killin' this Jets!"

SG-Brawn swings his massive gauntlet at Jetfire

>> SG-Brawn strikes Jetfire with Gauntlets. <<

Damn if Brawn's gauntlets don't pack a punch. They send the Air Guardian back into the wall. Wounded, Jetfire gets up, his optics flashing briefly with anger. He tries to grab Brawn's leg and arm, and literally toss him into the portal. "I...have...had...ENOUGH...of...YOU!"

>> Jetfire strikes SG-Brawn with Throw. <<

Basewide Intercom: Spike: Last chance to get the slag back to your world, Autobums - portals aren't forgiving, and our holding cells here are even LESS forgiving!

SG-Growler flies his jetpack in a haphazard spiral and plunges into the portal without a scrap of his typical attitude.

Emperor Prime is unceremoniously dragged into the rift by Jetfire, and dropped through to the other side.

Emperor Prime has left.

SG-Growler has left.

Dust Devil is about to add some more character marks to Rodimus' nice finish when he sees Optimus being attacked. Scanning his leader, he rushes into the fray, reaching out with his hands. The air shimmers around Optimus as the smaller Autobot tries to keep Prime from further damage with his forcefield. "You might want to leave. The Optimus shooting gallery is closed...and your ride is here." He defiantly stands.

>> The forcefield protecting Dust Devil fades away. << >> Dust Devil projects a forcefield over Optimus Prime. <<

SG-Jetfire frowns as he sees more and more Autobots disappear. He manages to lug Emperor Prime's enormous aft into the portal. Now, staggering, and a bit dazed, he stands by the portal. (feel free to blast me in :) I've been a docuhe tonight :) )

SG-Jetfire looks around and mumbles " his energon ax, all the other Autobts...accounted for..."

Jetfire gestures to his evil-alt. "Feel free to to the honors anyone. I think he needs some 'assistance' back to the portal."

Skyfire is still staggered really, and not getting too much better. He fades back somewhat, trying ot not fall on anyone else, just slide down an empty patch of wall for a moment.

Rodimus pauses, looking back at the positive-verse Autobots. "We'll find a way to return to this world..." he threatens darkly. He looks over at Jetfire, not with compassion certainly, but perhaps a measure of respect. Maybe. "Commander, go; I'll cover you!"

Typhoon is kicked backward by Warpath, and crashes into the table behind her, falling to the ground. She wipes energon from her mouth, staring at Warpath hungrily.

As Grimlock watches Elita escape certain death and avoid eating a missile by retreating he snarls to himself in disgust. These fake Autobots are almost as cowardly as some of the REAL Autobots. they don't even rate as high as a lowly Decepticon. Lucky for grimlock he's not an Autbot for either side.. He's a DINOBOT! And when a Dinobot sees a tastey meal he doesn't just let it run off. quickly flipping a switch on his weapon he fires one final shot at she who decided to wake tease T-Rex. "Me Grimlock no give up so easy.."

>> Grimlock strikes Elita-One with Laser <High>. <<

SG-Jetfire nods wearily. He leers at Optimus Prime, "It took THREE Autobots to fall Emperor Prime - coward! When we return, pray you have as much backup as you do now!"

SG-Jetfire disappears into the void!

SG-Jetfire has left.

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "Safe to unseal Metroplex?"

 Prowl smirks ever so slightly as most of the doppelgangers do the smart thing and retreat. As they pass through to the other side, he watches the small yellow blips on the screen signifying their progress through the wormhole. He is tempted to detonate the warhead inside the matter bridge while they're in it, sending them reeling into oblivion. But...he doesn't. Instead, he waits until they have reached the other side before destroying the bridge. "Heh, that is...if you return."

Warpath aims his big cannon at Ty. "You don't POW, drink MY energon and get away with it!" he announces, pointing at the vampiric femme. "I'm not a BLAMMO, sandwich, either! Now get back in the kitchen!"

Elita-One is blasted as she retreats, and sails into the rift with her armor on fire. Elita-One has left.

>> SG-Warpath strikes Typhoon with Artillery <Medium>. <<

Rodimus snarls. "Warpath, Beachcomber, retreat NOW!"

Arcee sees what's about to happen, and she begins backing up, away from the portal as much as she can. She puts a hand on Hot Rod's arm, and tries to pull him back in her direction, too. "We're going to need to move here, in a moment. This is about to become a bad place to stand."

Silverbolt grumbles. "Jetfire, Slingshot, I think he needs a little encouragement to go through the portal." He then levels his rifle at SG-Jetfire........just as he leaves. "You won't return, aftplate. If you do, Superion will flatten you." Then a CANNON BLAST catches his attention. "We have someone who refuses to leave!" ZAPPO!!!!

Side Burn has left.

>> Silverbolt strikes SG-Warpath with Electricity <High>. << SG-Warpath is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Typhoon is blasted back into the wall, collapsing as a rack of sharp pointy things fall on top of her.

SG-Brawn doesn't have a choice, as he's thrown bodily into the rift. "I'll have my revennng ---" *bloop*

SG-Brawn has left.

As the kick from Hot Rod lands on Beachcomber's chest, the mini-bot looks at Hot Rod, then Arcee, then looks at Rodimus, then his hook with its fresh energy. Staring at the hook he continues to sing, "We were never, meant to worry the way that people do, And I don't need to hurry as long as I'm with you, We'll take it nice and easy and use my simple plan, You'll be my lovin' woman, I'll be your lovin' man, We'll take the most from living, have pleasure while we can (2-3-4)." He starts to step backwards and backwards, drifting into the portal, "And don't worry 'bout tomorrow, hey, hey, hey, Sha-la-la-la-la-la, live for today." And with that he falls back into the Portal, disappearing from whatever hell he climbed out of.

Rodimus scowls. He /wanted/ to leave Warpath here, the dumbaft - but Warpath was too useful to discard so easily. He mutters under his breath, quickly leaping forward to grab the unconscious Warpath with one hand, and drags him back. "You haven't seen the last of us!" With that, he tosses Warpath into the portal, before entering himself.

Grimlock stows his rifle and looks around, half disappointed. "Me Grimlock wanted momentos of them. Now me has nothing to show for it."

Benin-Jeri watches them leave, calling, "AAAAAAAAAND stay out!" before going to tend to the extensive wounded.

Jetfire walks over to Optimus Prime. "C'mon... let's get you to the repair bay."

Benin-Jeri heads for Jetfire, who seems the most critical.

Hot Rod sighs, rubbing his head. He's dented and scraped, bleeding from some wounds, but doesn't seem too worried. "Don't write!" he grumbles. He looks over to Prime. "Are you okay, Optimus?"

Benin-Jeri says, "He'll get there, but you need to as well. I'm a doctor, not a mortician."

Rodimus has left.

SG-Beachcomber has left.

GAME: Typhoon PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Average difficulty. GAME: Typhoon PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Average difficulty.

Typhoon moans and slowly drags herself out from the damaged weapons rack, cut in a thouand new places and leaking energon badly.

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "Unsealing Metroplex - speak now..."

Silverbolt says, "Everyone who's hurt should head for the medbay." He then looks to Grimlock. "Can you help Jetfire?" he then helps Optimus up....."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Affirmative, the doppelgangers have retreated."

Once the portal fiends have departed, so does Arcee, taking off for parts unknown inside the base. She's not normally one to leave her friends alone, but they're being tended to -- she wants to go check on the Witwickys.

<<Autobot>> Aerialbot CO Silverbolt says, "Yeah, I think we're good, SPike."

<<Autobot>> Prowl says, "Excellent work, please--get repairs before you reenter the field."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "How's everyone holding up?"

<<Autobot>> Weatherbot Typhoon says, "I feel strange, but I think I'll be OK."

Silverbolt says, "Come on Ty. Let's get you to a medbed......."

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, ""

Basewide Intercom: Teletran II: Autobot City unlocking sequence engaged.

Dust Devil lowers the forcefield and goes to Typhoon. "Can I help you?" Not like he's going to lift Prime OR Typhoon...but he could be used as a crutch.

<<Autobot>> The college dropout, Spike says, "Awesome job everyone - I'll be in the repair bay to repair Prime and anyone else who needs fixing."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Grimlock needs fixing especially. Last thing we need is more dinobots."

Benin-Jeri says, "You, too, Jetfire."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "See you there Spike; I'm not too bad off, so I can wait."

Benin-Jeri focuses his attention on the Air Commander.

Hot Rod goes over to help Prime up. "C'mon Optimus..."

Typhoon nods, looking dazed, energon running down her face and body.

<<Autobot>> Commander Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock just fine Her Elita clone... hit like a girl."

Silverbolt says, "How're you doing, Jetfire?"

Typhoon lets herself be led into the medbay.

Optimus Prime has left.

Typhoon has left.

Jetfire looks at his dented frame. "What did they say about 'any battle you can walk away from?'"

Skyfire tries to push himself back up enough to walk into repair bay himself.

GAME: Skyfire PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Average difficulty. GAME: Skyfire FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Average difficulty.

Jetfire gives a respectful nod to Silverbolt. " the way." He also nods to Skyfire.

Skyfire nods.

Benin-Jeri quotes, "Let's walk you to medbay."

Repair Bay - Medical Wing - Autobot City

 This medlab is carefully maintained by Blizzard, and is therefore usually spotlessly white and clean. Well-stocked medical cabinets line the walls, and tools and spare parts are hung in strategic places. The room is large, even by Autobot City standards, allowing people the size of Skyfire to move around easily. Various tools are available so medics of all shapes and sizes can work on any patient, no matter the differences in scale. Medtables are carefully arranged around the room to handle as many patients as possible; more are in storage in case there is a rush. Usually, there is at least one medic on hand, even if it is only a lowly intern, or the grumpy Lugnut, who seems to always get stuck with the longest shifts.


Skyfire moves in, and quickly moves for a bed, to drop onto

Spike walks into the repair bay and just stands there. "Oh god..."

Benin-Jeri quotes, "It's been rough, but we survived."

Nitro immediately picks up Spike and puts him on Optimus......

Hot Rod helps Optimus into the repair bay.

Benin-Jeri is following Jetfire around, ready to repair him once he stops moving.

Spike says, "So, I guess probably I'll start with - *woah!*" He gets picked up by Nitro, and then is placed near Optimus Prime. He nods to Nitro. "Th...thanks - can you grab my tool belt and that scanning pad by my work station?""

Dust Devil is in great shape for once. He's done a good job of NOT getting himself damaged with his new body. "Well that was eventful...Hey Benin, did you need any repairs too or can I grab parts for you to use in Jetfire? I know there's a quissinart around here somewhere that might be useful in him."

Nitro tromps her way around the med bay. "B-J, Come on. Let's Jetfire and Skyfire up and runing so we have extra hands around the repair bay....." She then grabs Spikes tool belt and places it near him. She then gets to work on Skyfire.....

>> Nitro finishes the repairs on Skyfire. <<

Jetfire climbs up to the repair table and lets out sigh as his chest components rattle. "Slag...I don't know what they use for armor there...but whatver it is - it packs a whallop."

Typhoon lays down carefully, allowing energon to pool beneath her. She idly licks some off the back of her arm.

Benin-Jeri quotes, "I'm fine, Dust Devil, and would appreciate the help."

Jetfire frowns and mumbles "What's a quissinart?"

Benin-Jeri ignores the Cuisinart suggestion, and sets to work on Jetfire.

>> Benin-Jeri finishes the repairs on Jetfire. <<

Spike says calmly "OK...easy...easy... just lay him down - " He backs up, and keys in an order for 2 astroliters of energon for Prime.

Dust Devil smirks, "Food processor....Or maybe a TV...then Jetfire can babysit the Witwicky kids..." He does move back and forth getting parts for Benin's work.

Spike frowns at Dust Devil.

Benin-Jeri accepts the help appreciatively, his backpack playing the themes from several medical shows in a row.

Jetfire looks at Benin-Jeri. "Work on the more critical Autobots, Benin-Jeri - we all took a beatign tonight."

Hot Rod looks over at Spike. "Well, I think we've seen the last of them." he says, optimistic. "Hang on Prime... We'll get you good as new in no time!"

Sit-Com comes in from Main Entrance - Autobot City. Sit-Com has arrived.

>> Hot Rod finishes the repairs on Optimus Prime. <<

Typhoon lays quietly, awaiting her turn.

Spike says calmly "That's right - you'll be out of here in a day - two tops."

GAME: Spike PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Dust Devil grins. "Did you see how nicely I ruined that Rod clone's paintjob?" He grabs some a bunch of replacement wiring and tubing and begins making rounds to Benin and Spike. He grabs the discarded parts and puts them in recycle.

Spike begins to stanch some of Prime's internal bleeding. When he's done, he begins to set an energon drip into Optimus Prime, giving him an infusion of life-saving energon. He nods at Dust Devil. "Thank you."

Benin-Jeri grins. "I see a red bot and I have to paint him black."

Hot Rod looks over at Benin-Jeri, mock upset. "Hey, no one's repainting *me*" he says with a grin.

Nitro starts her own energon drip into Skyfire before nudging Hot Rod. "On the bench, lead head." She then holds out her hand for Spike. 'Come on. Let's get Hot Rod Fixed up too."

Dust Devil smirks, "You have to recharge at some point. Ask Ty what happened to her..." He does head over to Typhoon with an emergency energon pack and drip line...and a pack of energon goodies. "Here, this'll help till they get ta workin on you..."

Benin-Jeri looks at Hot Rod. "You want to be a Black Repaint, too?"

Hot Rod shakes his head. "I can wait until the others are taken care of, Nitro." he says softly.

Typhoon looks up at Dust Devil with rare gratitude. "Thanks, Dusty. Much-needed." Her smiles shows her new fangs, recently used on Warpath.

Spike nods at Nitro. "Just a sec..." He then closes up a few panels of Prime's. Not knowing if he can hear him or not, Spike pats Prime's arm, "Will be right back, boss - "

Dust Devil frowns a little, "Ya might want to ask Benin about a Ferengi tooth filer..." He finishes hooking up the lines and glances over at Spike and Prime. "Wonder how long it would take Prime ta figure out he's got a bumper sticker...."

Sit-Com wanders in, rubbing his optics. "Ferengi will be quiet in the morning. Worf is sleeping."

Benin-Jeri looks up, smiling with the half of his face that is left. "Sit-Com!" he calls out, his backpack playing an audience cheer.

Spike wipes some sleep from his eyes and gestures Hot Rod over. "C'mon - the sooner I fix you up, the sooner I can get back to Prime.

Hot Rod sighs, and nods. Well, okay. If you insist." the red mech clamors over to a bed and lays down. "...Thanks Spike."

Spike looks at Hot Rod and waves a hand dismissively. "Eh.." He begins to do some repairs on Hot Rod. >> Spike finishes the repairs on Hot Rod. <<

Typhoon smiles, closing her mouth. "I'm sure it will be fine," she mumbles.

Nitro chuckles at Typhoon. "We should rename you Tyfang...."

Typhoon looks over and grins. "That's pretty close to my name in Chinese."

Nitro says, "The new teeth are pretty cool though." She says before putting a scanner on Skyfire, then looks to B-J. "Hey B-J, make sure there are scanner hooked up to everyone." She then looks to Hot Rod. "You're staying on the bed for the time being though. Overnight and all that. I doubt you'll have any problems....""

Spike smiles at Hot Rod - joking aside. "How you feelin'?"

Hot Rod smiles. "I'm doing fine, Spike." he gives a thumbs up. "That evil Beachcomber was obnoxious - but his bark was way worse than his bite!"

Benin-Jeri nods. "Right-O, Nitro." He plays a song from the 80s metal band Nitro

Spike nods. He looks at Hot Rod, he wants to help, but he has that 'would you mind if I get back to repairing Prime?' look.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream, for Starscream!" Sit-Com says, "OK, ten cents, the doctor is in. Who wants to be an amputee?"

"Go, go help Prime." Hot Rod says to Spike's unasked question. "He needs it more than I."

Spike shakes his head. "Heyah, I didn't say...anything."

Spike looks at Nitro, "Can you give me a lift over there?"

Nitro grabs onto Spike and carries him over to Prime, along with his tool belt. She then scans Hot Rod again......

Spike begins to repair Optimus Prime. "So, have we seen the last of those guys? I gotta say - Emperor Prime looked even more terrifying than Megatron."

Jetfire's head lulls to one side as he finally is overcome by exhaustion and goes into stasis.

Typhoon slowly fades into unconsciousness as well, but stays stable thanks to Dusty's energon feed.

Spike continues his repairs on Optimus Prime well into the night.

Hot Rod eventually falls into restful stasis as well.

Benin-Jeri quotes, "I hope we've seen the last of them. Until next time on... The Transformers."

Sit-Com goes around to tend to those who have gone to sleep.

Sit-Com POINTS at Benin-Jeri. "No fourth wall!"

Spike frowns and adds "What was up Prowl's aft? He ASKED me to announce that the rift was closing, then he jumped down my throat when I did EXACTLY what he said!"

Dust Devil grins. "That's Prowl for ya. Just be glad it wasn't Red Alert. Or you might be in the brig right now for insubordination."

Benin-Jeri grins at Sit-Com. "It's not like I'm making references to us being on a MUX..."

"No, you're making references to us being in a TV show," Sit-Com says.

Benin-Jeri quotes, "Oh, that. Well, the humans do like to make shows about them. Well, us. The new movies are terrible, though. It's like they don't even care about getting anything right."

Spike climbs down from Prime's table. "OK, I'm just going to take a SHORT nap - will be back in about two hours - cool?"

Dust Devil smirks as Spike says he's leaving. "See you when you get back...." Yep, prime is getting a bumper sticker.

Benin-Jeri loks over at Spike. "Good night, Spike. And... sorry for losing that new matching optic you found me. I did quite like it."

Benin-Jeri shakes some debris out of the missing half of his face, and gets back to work.

Spike waves a hand and mumbles "Will be up in 2 hours - and don't worry about the optic..." he mumbles, already in REM sleep. "That optic doesn't come out on Blu-Ray 'til tomorrow anyway..."

Spike zzzzzzs.

On the other side of the portal...

Nevada Desert - Shattered Glass Universe

 Off the beaten path, one of the many Nevada deserts uninhabited by communities. It is a large stretch of land, miles and miles around. There is no build up here; no houses, no factories. It's completely empty.


Shattered Glass Jetfire

SG-Jetfire turns away and walks toward an Autobot shelter. When he's alone, his faceplate starts to smirk as he truly FEELS like a commander now.

Side Burn shakes his head, and kind of slowly fades back away from the others, as he's wont to do.

Elita-One is watching Brawn deal with Emperor Prime, while keeping a wary optic on Jetfire

SG-Jetfire walks past Rodimus and says "I expect nothing less than a full military parade tomorrow in my honor." He adds "As well as a mass prayer vigil for Emperor Prime...but the parade comes first."

SG-Jetfire walks out to go where Prime's office is.

Rodimus snorts and glares at Jetfire. "Stuff your parade, Jetfire! You almost got us killed!"

Cackling, Beachcomber slides the hook back behind his head as he looks over at a near by rock. He holds up a finger and shhhhhsss the rock. Smiling, he looks at the Portal, cooing again, "And it makes a fiery ring, Bound by wild desire, I fell into a ring of fire." Slowly, he moves towards the other Autobots and waves, "And the flames went higher, And it burns, burn, burns, The ring of fire, the ring of fire." He looks up at Jetfire then Rodimus as if asking for something.

Emperor Prime lays still as Brawn hoists him up and simply carries him back to the shuttle.

SG-Jetfire frowns and his optics flash. He makes an attempt to grab Rodimus.

GAME: SG-Jetfire PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.

SG-Jetfire grabs Rodimus' arm. "'I'm am acting Autobot commander, THAT means my word is as permanent as Emperor Prime's - and 'I' say 'I' want a parade to mark my ascention - since it's likely Prime will be out of commission for months!"

SG-Jetfire frowns and shoves Rodimus back. "Now get to work!"

GAME: Rodimus PASSES a COURAGE roll of High difficulty.

Rodimus sneers at Jetfire. "If *I* hadn't given the order to retreat, *we* would have been slaughtered!" the Seeker-Commander snarls. "I don't think you're fit to lead!"

SG-Jetfire continues to walk, he waves a dismissive hand. "It's already been decided. Check the log book - 'I' am Prime's second in command."

Emperor Prime is carried back to the shuttle, and therefore can't weigh in either way.

Emperor Prime has left.

SG-Brawn says, "Argue it out later! We need to get Prime back to the Ark!"

SG-Brawn adjusts the weight of Prime draped over him, and transforms, driving back with Prime draped over him like he was a medstretcher.

Rodimus trudges after Jetfire angrily. "Hmph. We'll see how that goes for you, /Commander/." His voice is dripping with contempt.

SG-Jetfire nods. He looks at Brawn, "Rodimus, help Brawn get Prime back to the ark. I need to begin with my duties as leader."

SG-Brawn has left.

SG-Jetfire transforms and leaves Brawn and Rodimus

With the trademark transformation soundbite, Jetfire transforms into Gerwalk mode.

SG-Jetfire has left.

Arizona Desert - Shattered Glass Universe

 The Sonoran Desert (sometimes called the Gila Desert after the Gila River or the Low Desert in opposition to the higher Mojave Desert) is a North American desert which straddles part of the United States-Mexico border and covers large parts of the U.S. states of Arizona and California and the northwest Mexican states of Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur. It is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America, with an area of 311,000 square kilometres (120,000 sq mi). The desert contains a variety of unique plants and animals, such as the saguaro cactus.

     (Source: Wikipedia)

  • SG-Jetfire
  • Assault Quad #3006
  • Autobot Shuttle <Empire>
  • Grand Canyon

SG-Jetfire flies up in the air, trying to avoid Rodimus.


Rodimus looks up at Jetfire. "I can still see you!"

(Radio) Elita-One sends you a radio transmission, 'We should talk. Later.' (Radio) Rodimus transmits, "Fine. Just tell me when." to Elita-One.

SG-Jetfire has left. (Radio) Elita-One sends you a radio transmission, 'Soon. We can't let this buffoon lead us to ruins. Prepare.'

Utah Desert - Shattered Glass Universe

 The Escalante Desert is found northwest of Cedar City, Utah. It lies mostly between State Route 56 and State Route 21 and north and west of Interstate 15 in Iron County. It is about 3,000 square miles (7,800 km2) in extent, and embraces most of Iron County. The Escalante Desert is part of the Basin and Range Province.

 The Highest parts of the desert around the periphery range from 5,700 feet (1,700 m) above sea level, slowly sloping down to an average of 5,080 feet (1,550 m) in Lund Flats a mile northwest of Lund and along the railroad tracks from Milford as they approach Lund. From this low point the land around the railroad climbs briefly up to 5,090 feet (1,550 m), then resumes dropping to 4,957 feet (1,511 m) above sea level by the time it reaches Milford.

 This area averages 8 inches (200 mm) of rainfall per year.

 In 2005 three fissures were discovered to have formed near Beryl Junction. The likely cause of the fissuring is believed to be the extraction of groundwater for irrigation.

     (Source: Wikipedia)

  • SG-Jetfire

(Radio) Rodimus transmits, "Agreed." to Elita-One.

SG-Jetfire has left.

Bottom of the Arizona Bay - Shattered Glass Universe

 This area used to be southern California. Destroyed by a nuclear attack in 1988, many of the larger structures remain, deeply underwater.

  • SG-Jetfire
  • SG-Brawn
  • Autobot Warship <Ark>

Shattered Glass Brawn

SG-Brawn is outside the Ark with Optimus Prime. "Seriously, Teletraan-X. Let us in."

Rodimus looks over at Brawn as he approaches. "Is Teletraan being stubborn?"

SG-Jetfire sighs. "Very well - Teletraan-X - This is Jetfire - ACTING COMMANDER of the Autobots. I command you to let us in - "

SG-Brawn looks up. "Yeah. She won't open without Prime's authorisation."

Teletraan-X's voice eminates from within the ship. "Only Optimus Prime can name an acting commander."

SG-Jetfire frowns. "SCAN Emperor Prime - you will find he is incapable - so be default - it shall be bestowed to the NEXT in line - which is me."

Rodimus looks over at Jetfire, smirking. "Teletraan, Prime has been incapacitated. Please let us in?"

SG-Jetfire says "This is no joke. As acting second-in-command, I ORDER you to open the doors. Our leader's very life is at stake!"

SG-Beachcomber has arrived.

Side Burn has arrived.

SG-Jetfire looks at Rodimus and Brawn. "This is a somber occasion - so I don't want a festive parade tomorrow. It'll be a somber occasion. We'll celebrate my interim status as leader, and I will lead in a planet-wide prayer for Emperor Prime's recovery." He bangs outside the Ark. "And we could get a move on if someone LET US IN!"

Elita-One has arrived.

Rodimus crosses his arms, ingnoring his many bullet wounds for right now. "Please, Teletraan?" he asks sweetly, which is really funny. He's still glaring at Jetfire though.

Teletraan-X's voice repeats, "I cannot transfer leadership without Optimus Prime's consent. His current health does not change that."

Rodimus grumbles. "Well, at least let us in?"

SG-Jetfire frowns. "Teletraan - it's relatively simple. Do a scan on our beloved emperor. You will see he is indisposed. That means the chain of command goes to the second of command, which is ME." He frowns "NOW LET US IN SO WE CAN REVIVE HIM!"

Teletraan-X says, "Prime specifically did not give anyone else command if he is indisposed. You may not enter until he is revived."

GAME: SG-Jetfire PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

SG-Jetfire holds his hands up. "FINE! FINE! Be that way!" He kneels down and opens a few chest panels that are broken until he sees Prime's laser core. (OOC: Rodimus, feel free to push me aside with a str roll :)

SG-Brawn chuckles. "Sounds like someone didn't trust you, Jetfire."

Looking at the others outside the Ark, Beachcomber looks at the Ark and begins to sing to it, "And you can do this, oh baby, if you try, All that I want for you, my son, is to be satisfied -- And be a simple kind of man." He then looks at the others and shrugs.

SG-Jetfire frowns, "Stupid, paranoid computer..." He barks at Brawn. "SILENCE!!!" He then activates a device in his arm which turns into an electrial-current discharger and proceeds to aim it JUST so in Prime's core.

Rodimus snarls, and steps up, shoving at Jetfire. "What do you think you're doing?!

Side Burn sighs. He could help... he helped Brawn build the Stellar Spanner... but, nah. Let them fight over the honor.

GAME: Rodimus FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Above Average difficulty.

SG-Jetfire activates a small force field to prevent a water-induced shockwave - and proceeds to press the current DIRECTLY into Prime's core. GAME: SG-Jetfire PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Above Average difficulty.

Hearing the weapon charge up, Beachcomber whips around and cheers as he claps his hands, "Put another dime in the jukebox, baby!" He exclaims as he claps and claps, laughing hysterically now. He watches Jetfire as he laughs and claps.

>> SG-Jetfire incompetently makes Emperor Prime's damage worse! <<

Side Burn opens his mouth to tell Jetfire he's about to... uh, too late.

Emperor Prime sparks and jerks as Jetfire's feed makes things worse.

SG-Jetfire looks on impotently as Prime's laser core begins to shut down - and fade. "Uh..." He looks around "Uh... Uh...!"

SG-Brawn says, "Oh, Primus. Let us do it! Move aside!" He tries to shove everyone aside to fix it himself.

Rodimus glares at Jetfire. "You, You - MOVE, NOW!" He aims an angryfoot at Jetfire's aft. "Out of the way, you incompetent morom!!

GAME: SG-Brawn PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Above Average difficulty.
GAME: SG-Brawn PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Above Average difficulty.

>> Rodimus fails his generic combat roll against SG-Jetfire. <<

SG-Brawn shoves them both out of the way and tries to save Prime's life.

>> SG-Brawn finishes the repairs on Emperor Prime. <<

SG-Jetfire is flown aside. He looks on in worry. "Hurry, Brawn!"

Elita-One watches dispassionately, not lifting a finger to help, or showing the slightest bit of concern.

As the repairs go sideways, Beachcomber goes sideways towards the ground grabbing at his sides, he can't stop laughing, "But, he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke, The same cigarettes as me."

SG-Brawn saves Prime with his quick action. Prime's core starts to recover.

Side Burn seems relieved. "Maybe I can bypass Teletraan and see if I can get him inside."

SG-Jetfire looks over at Elita-One and puts a reassuring arm on her. "I will do everything in my power to ensure he makes a full recovery, Elita-One."

Side Burn pulls open a panel, and jacks himself into the ship.

GAME: Side Burn PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

SG-Jetfire says, "No! Get Prime talking - he'll activate it, and then shut him down and get him repaired!""

Elita-One deadpans, "I appreciate your diligence."

Rodimus looks over at Brawn. "Do you need my help? I know a thing or two about repairs..."

SG-Jetfire nods at Rodimus, "Yes - help him."

Side Burn looks over, and grins, as the Ark's bay doors unseal.

Rodimus looks at Jetfire with a glare. "Didn't ask you."

GAME: SG-Jetfire PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

SG-Jetfire's optics flicker, "Wait...who opened...WHO OPENED the Ark?!"

Side Burn has left. Ark> Side Burn has arrived.

Rodimus snickers. "Side Burn did, like he said he would." Shaking his head, Rodimus kneels down and starts helping stabilize Prime.

SG-Brawn looks at Rodimus. "Thanks. I got it." He carefully lifts up Prime as Side Burn gets the warship unlocked.

SG-Jetfire takes the legs to help Brawn. "'I' will help."

Elita-One looks at Rodimus. "I think I'll wait at the Stellar Spanner in case we're needed back on Cybertron," she says meaningfully.

Rodimus nods. "Good idea. I'll patch myself up, and come join you." he replies to her.

Ark> Side Burn argues with Teletraan-X, trying to overcome her programming

SG-Jetfire looks at Rodimus "Good, I'll ensure Prime is in stasis so we can transport him safely to Cybertron."

Rodimus looks at Jetfire, optics narrow. "What for? Surely we can repair him here, yes?"

GAME: SG-Jetfire PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

SG-Jetfire shakes his head. "I would rather repair him RIGHT - so we should WAIT until we get to Cybertron."

Emperor Prime is stabilized, but still comatose.

SG-Jetfire waves a hand to Rodimus. "Those are my orders."

SG-Brawn says, "Look, I got him. And as for getting him back... do you want to risk him in the Stellar Spanner? Because we still can't fly him back to Cybertron through the Plait Expanse."

Elita-One shakes her head, and heads out. Elita-One sends a radio transmission. (Radio) Elita-One sends Rodimus a radio transmission, 'Keep me informed of developments.'

Elita-One has left.

Rodimus gumbles, and nods at Brawn. "He makes a good point."

SG-Jetfire frowns and almost pouts, "FINE - it won't do you any good though!"

(Radio) Rodimus transmits, "Of course, Elita." to Elita-One.

SG-Jetfire may not have his parade though :(

SG-Brawn growls icily, "Uh.... OK. I'm getting him inside. You two can argue later what to do with 'im. I'll keep him stable."

Emperor Prime has left.

SG-Brawn has left.

Ark> SG-Brawn has arrived.

Ark> Emperor Prime has arrived. Ark> SG-Brawn dropped Emperor Prime.

Ark> Emperor Prime lapses into deeper unconsciousness.

SG-Jetfire looks at Rodimus and folds his arms "He HAS to pull through - I mean...he HAS to!"

Ark> Side Burn continues to argue with Teletraan-X, trying to give the Autobots control of the ship.

SG-Jetfire thinks o o o (Otherwise, 'I' will be FORCED to be commander)

Ark> SG-Brawn heads to the small repair bay, and spends the rest of the night trying to save Prime's live.

Rodimus sighs. "Hmph. You seemed eager to claim Command not to long ago. Don't think you're up for it?" he sneers.

(Radio) Elita-One sends Rodimus a radio transmission, 'Very good.'

SG-Jetfire sneers at Rodimus "EMPEROR Prime has groomed me for years for such a task!"

SG-Jetfire mutters to Rodimus "And unlike YOU - 'I' already have legions of admirers."

Rodimus scoffs. "You're nothing more than his faithful hound, Jetfire." At the 'legions of followers' comment, he scowls. "Perhaps... but I have experience in leadership. Or perhaps you're forgotten my status as Seeker Commander?"

SG-Jetfire turns around and points to Rodimus before going to his private quarters "Besides, I don't want to hear that defeatist talk out of you. Prime's going to pull through, don't you forget it!" SG-Jetfire frowns "Bah, you lack my daring and christhma - no one would follow you into battle like Emperor Prime or I..." SG-Jetfire walks into his quarters. "I am not to be disturbed until the parade tomorrow. I have much work to do in Prime's absence."

Rodimus snorts, "Obviously, you've never seen me in battle with my Seekers..."

SG-Jetfire shuts the door. lalalalalala - I can't hear you

Rodimus heads to his own quarters, to patch himself up as best he can.