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The name or term Sharkticon refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sharkticon (disambiguation).

"He disagreed with something that ate him."

Sharkticons are big, dumb, plentiful, and voracious —- in short, perfect soldiers for the Quintessons, or whoever happens to be the one letting them off their leash at the given moment. When they're not near-mindless army units for the tentacled aliens, they're simply their own race carving out a niche for themselves in the cosmos. In general though, it's not unusual for the Quintessons to throw their captives into a big tank full of the feisty nippers after a mock trial just for chuckles. Though individual Sharkticons are not especially durable, like piranha, they swarm in en masse and can devour a full-sized robot in a few seconds with their razor-sharp teeth and claws.

One notable Sharkticon is Gnaw, friend to the young Autobot Wheelie.

A series of upgraded Sharkticons in some universes includes Air Sharks, Land Sharks, and Sea Sharks.



In just about all of their visual depictions, Sharkticons are mechanical lifeforms that can transform into creatures resembling sharks. Sharkticons also tend to mostly share the same body-type within their own continuity families.

Sharkticons in the "Generation 1" continuity are typically appeared as squat, round, humanoid robots with a grey and purple color scheme. They also all share the same alternate mode, an alien, bipedal ogre-like creature that bears resemblance a shark's head. In at least one universe however, there exists an upgraded version of Sharkticon that holds a much closer resemblance to the typical Transformer in both modes, going from humanoid robotic form to a shark-styled submarine mode. The Sharkticons of this universe are further divided into the three subclasses Land Shark, Air Shark, and Sea Shark which specialize in... well, what their names say, we guess.

Sharkticons in the "Aligned" continuity have had various descriptions and depictions. In the Retribution novel they possess a blue-green coloration, as well as being covered with spikes and various armaments. They are also described as being quite similar to their world's other fish-bots, which themselves are described as "...short, and covered in blue-white metallic scales, each one highlighted with a golden tint." These fish bots are further described as "several meters long" in their alternate modes, giving the impression that the Sharkticons in this section of the multiverse transform into full-sized shark creatures. In their depiction within the Robots in Disguise animated series, Sharkticons have no humanoid form, instead utilizing their shark-like form as their robot mode and transforming into various aquatic vehicles for their alternate mode. Characterized as an animalistic subspecies of Cybertronian, rather than the off-world enforcers of the Quintessons, the Sharkticons of this universe also have various differences in their robot modes instead of all looking identical. For example, Hammerstrike and Ragebyte each have their optical organs within diamond-shaped protrusions on either side of their head, while another unnamed Sharkticon possesses more typical optics set directly within their cranium.

The Sharkticons seen in the live-action movie universe physically bear a large resemblance to the Generation 1 versions, albeit much smaller than their other counterparts, being much closer in scale to actual Earth sharks.

The Sharkticons in the Cyberverse cartoon once again mostly look identical to the Generation 1 version, although here are never seen outside of their beast forms. In addition to this, some have quite different characteristics, with some individuals possessing heads that skew much closer to Earth sharks, as well as various faction leaders possessing tribal markings. A statue of Lord Gnaw also appeared much different compared to the others, the main divergence being a large saw-like snout, although the character was identical in appearance to the others of his species when he was seen in person, so it is quite possible the statue's unique look was simply artistic license on the part of the sculptor.


Generation 1 continuity family

Generation 1 cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Don't jump over them!


File:TFTM Grimlock Quintessa.jpg

There's always a bigger fish.

When Hot Rod and Kup found themselves stranded on the planet Quintessa, they were captured by Allicons and brought to a group of Quintessons to be put on trial. The Autobots witnessed two other prisoners be judged "innocent" and dropped in a large pit of Sharkticons, but when it was their turn, they managed to get out of the pit and fought back.

Soon enough, the Dinobots arrived and started thrashing the Sharkticons until they backed down. Grimlock then ordered them to turn against their Quintesson masters, and apparently choosing to follow the strongest one, the Sharkticons complied. The Transformers: The Movie

Note: The Sharkticons' involvement in these events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the comic mini-series Transformers: The Animated Movie and the storybook "Transformers the Movie".

File:Sharkticon Robot Mode.jpg

A squad of Sharkticons were used to abduct Ultra Magnus, Kup, and Spike Witwicky from the Galactic Olympics. Undercover of a smoke bomb, they entered the game grounds and successfully snatched the trio to be taken back to Quintessa for trial. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 The trio were found guilty and thrown into the Sharkticon pit. A battle ensued until Rodimus Prime arrived with Springer, Arcee and Grimlock as reinforcements. Many of the Sharkticons were still on Quintessa when the Quintessons blew it up with a core bomb. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2

File:FFOD2 Sharkticon is blown up.jpg

What happens when a Sharkticon eats chipotle.

During the brief Quintesson-Decepticon alliance which besieged Cybertron, a commando team of Sharkticons were deployed to the deeper levels of the Transformer homeworld in order to find the master switch which would shut down all Transformers as part of the Quintesson master plan. Fortunately, the commando team was intercepted by Rodimus Prime and Blitzwing, who prevented the trio from succeeding in their goal. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

File:G1-BigBroadcast Sharkticons journal.jpg

"Hooray! We found the- oh crap."

Sharkticons were used to defend Inquirata's Time Window. They didn't do a particularly good job, and the experiment fell into Autobot hands. With the Universe in peril, the Quintessons sent the Sharkticons to assault the base, which again resulted in failure, though they were later able to persuade Rodimus to shut the Time Window down. Forever Is a Long Time Coming A few Sharkticons attempted to retrieve a Quintesson Journal from Junk, however as soon as they laid their claw on it, the Junkion drove them off and they had to leave without the journal. The Big Broadcast of 2006 Outback managed to trick one particularly stupid Sharkticon into opening the cell which he and his pals were imprisoned in. The Quintesson Journal

File:QuintessonJournal Outback sharkticon energon.jpg

When the Quintessons double-crossed Dirk Manus, they sent a squad of Sharkticons to make sure Manus didn't survive the crash of his ship. Fortunately the Technobots were able to drive them off. Money Is Everything Two were used for a mission to Zamojin to retrieve Perceptor, however local blacksmith Katsu Don was easily able to damage them thanks to everything on the planet being ultra-dense. The Face of the Nijika

A large group of Sharkticons were later infected with the Hate Plague, and was chasing a lone Quintesson on an unknown planet when Sky Lynx saved him. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1 The infected Sharkticons somehow made it to Earth and continued wreaking havoc, at least until they were cured by the Matrix of Leadership. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

Japanese Generation 1 cartoon continuity

In an attempt to skip out on his own trial, Primacron used a whistle that controlled Primitives to enthrall numerous Sharkticons to his will. They fought off the Autobots and Quintessons attempting to recapture Primacron, but were ultimately defeated. Controverse

Kiss Players

When the time-traveling Kiss Players Marissa Faireborn, Shaoshao Li, and Atari Hitotonari found themselves on a mysterious planet in the year 2011, their ship was captured and they were surrounded by Sharkticons. Shaoshao attempted to placate them with the universal greeting she had learned from Hot Rod in 2006, but the Sharkticons swarmed over them while Shao cursed the Autobot as a liar.

Put on trial by the Quintessons, they were found "not guilty" and dropped into a pit full of even more hungry Sharkticons. Only a last-minute rescue by Optimus Prime and Goldbug saved them from being devoured. Tokyo Toy Festival live performance

Beastformers catalog

As part of his support for Alligatron's faction of Beastformers, Galvatron gave them Sharkticons to help conquer Beast. Beastformers catalog

Legends comic

The Sweeps obtained a Sharkticon tail on Beast and took it with them to the Legends World, where they used Blowpipe's electro-clone beams to create a bunch of Sharkticons they could control. One escaped and was fished up by Hot Rod and Shaoshao Li who used it to track down the Sweeps' lair, where Grimlock used Trypticon to menace the rest of the Sharkticon clones into turning on their creators. They then disappeared into the wild, and Hot Rod was charged with capturing them. Bonus Edition Vol. 44

When the Micromasters settled Micro, they ran into a stray Sharkticon that so scared Kup that he left the planet altogether. His traumatic memories of the event flared up when the Sharkticon clones attacked his used car shop in the Legends World, but Sue helped him through it and he was able to pacify the beasts using her Targetmaster mode. Bonus Edition Vol. 46

Generations Selects Special Comic

In 2050, the Quintessons returned to lay claim to Earth's supply of Angolmois Energy. Sharkticons and Allicons joined their other creations the Terrorcons in marauding the Selectors and Cybertron Alliance. Abominus comic 1

TV Magazine comic continuity
The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers

A Sharkticon joined Galvatron and the Decepticons in their bid to steal spaceships with a giant spaceship that ate other spaceships. The scheme failed miserably. The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers #1

The Headmasters comic

The Sharkticons joined the Decepticons in a second bid by Galvatron to conquer planet Beast. They flanked Predaking in battle, but were ultimately driven away by a joint attack from the Autobots and their Beastformer allies. The Decisive Battle of Planet Beast!

Later, the Sharkticons were dispatched alongside all the other Decepticons with aquatic or amphibious alternate modes to take part in a scheme under the sea. The idea was to steal energy from the Earth's core at a break in the crust. The Sharkticons attempted to protect their operation from an attack by the Trainbots, but even with the help of a giant robot squid, they were ultimately defeated. The Headmasters #3

Wings Universe


File:Motormouth landsharks generation 2 redux.jpg

You're that clever shark, aren't you?

The Quintessons built improved versions of the Sharkticons for Clench's Decepticon Syndicate. Their leader was Sky-Byte. The Sharkticons fought alongside the Decepticons against the Autobots at the Large Hadron Collider on Earth but the villainous forces were ultimately routed. Generation 2: Redux After Clench and Sky-Byte teamed up with Jhiaxus, the Sharkticons came with their commander to Qre. Jhiaxus set them on a team of Autobots who came snooping around. A Flash Forward, Part 4 Sideswipe disguised himself as one while moving around Jhiaxus's base. A Flash Forward, Part 5 A couple of them attempted to help Jhiaxus after the prisoners got free, only to be blasted by Blaze. A Flash Forward, Part 6

Captain Cannonball thought that Tornado and Ferak grinned like hungry Sharkticons when they looked over a list of items they would need to build in order to join the Star Seekers. Tornado - Decepticon Saboteur


As part of an elaborate (but ineffective) deathtrap, the Skuxxoid unleashed a horde of Sharkticons upon a group of Cybertronians it had abducted from throughout the multiverse. And by a "horde," he meant a single sickly and rusted Sharkticon. Embarrassed by the lack of a threat his Sharkticon presented, the Skuxxoid ordered his prisoners to fight one another to the death instead of bothering with it. Prevenge


A group of Sharkticons investigated Optimus Prime's shuttle when the Autobot leader touched down on Quintessa. Kup tried the universal greeting on the creatures, but they responded unfavorably. Optimus was forced to sic the Dinobots on their attackers, who easily dispatched the aquatic warmongerers. Deviations

Marvel The Transformers comics


Shart attack.

When sharing war stories, Landmine claimed to have faced off against 50 Sharkticons. Recipe for Disaster!

Marvek UK future timelines
Note: The movie adaptation, originally published by Marvel US, is in italics

In an alternate timeline, Hot Rod, Grimlock, and Kup were taken prisoner by the Sharkticons on planet Quintesson. After being brought before a kangaroo court, the Autobots were promptly sentenced to death and dunked in a pit of Sharkticons. Swoop, Sludge, Slag, and Wheelie came to their rescue, and Grimlock intimidated the Sharkticons into turning on their cruel masters. As the Autobots watched the Sharkticons swarming the Quintessons, Kup mused that the planet's "problems" would be solved in short order. Judgment Day!

After being taken prisoner on the planet Quintesson by the Quintessons, Wreck-Gar attempted to escape by cutting through a body of water. Not too smart, as he was immediately beset upon by a school of Sharkticons. He managed to stave them off, expending much of his energy reserves but managing to stay alive until he was rescued by Wheelie. Space Pirates!

The Big Broadcast of 2006

Template:NoteMarvelBB2006 In a strange alternate future, the Sharkticons were sent by the Quintessons to the surface of Junkion to retrieve a lost data canister. Their clumsiness alerted Wreck-Gar to their presence and they were driven off by the Junkions. In the melee, the canister was lost deeper in the junk pile where its finder-alarm was disabled. The Big Broadcast of 2006


Template:Noteclassics When Cliffjumper's shot was foiled by Skyfall's personal force field, Cliffjumper swore, "Son of a Sharkticon!" Crossing Over: Part 4

Toy pack-in material

File:Decoy comic matrix.jpg

They're not even trying!

A Sharkticon was present during a battle against the Autobots on a moon base. He fought alongside the likes of Cyclonus and Trypticon. Decipher the Decepticon

A couple of Sharkticons were posted around the Creation Matrix in order to guard it from the Autobots after the Decepticons had stolen it. They were defeated by a small group of Autobots that infiltrated the Decepticon base, and fled with the relic afterward. Start Your Own Decoy Collection

3H comics

Upon the Mutants' arrival on New Quintessa, Derodomontatus found the beasts guilty of contempt in his court and sentenced them to death... by Sharkticons! Alongside some Allicons, the Sharkticons leaped out of a nearby pool and began to maul their prey. Betrayal

Primal Prime's team of Wreckers also ran afoul of Sharkticons, though they fared better against their aggressors; after agreeing to take Al-Badur off of his icy prison-world, a school of Sharkticons surrounded the group, and pounced in to attack. The better-armed group tore the Sharkticon to shreds in response. Disclosure

The Quintessons brought legions of Sharkticons to Cybertron in an effort to reclaim it as their own. The Wreckers: Finale Part 1 What ensued was a planet-wide battle, with Maximals and Predacons fighting alongside one another against the Sharkticon hordes. Ultimately, on every other battlefront, the Sharkticons failed to overpower the residents of Cybertron. Though they seemed to possess the advantage at first, ore and more Sharkticons joined the scrap heap as the technorganics began using Cybertron's reformatted terrain to their advantage. They didn't yield much better results when facing the fully-technological Decepticons inhabiting a non-reformatted city. On another battlefront, Cryotek used his Primus-derived powers to reformat several Sharkticons into facsimiles of Megatron and other villainous Cybertronians in order to do battle against Sentinel Maximus. Even more Sharkticons fell offline as Al-Badur overrode their systems to prove to the Maximals that he had truly allied himself with them. A platoon was melted to slag at the site of Darkmount, another under Cyclonus command was met by the Wreckers, and yet another group was dealt with by the Dinobots.

The Sharkticons left behind on the Quintessons' homefront were not spared either, as the two Mutants they had failed to slay, Icebird and Poison Bite, channeled Primus's power to slaughter the drones alongside their Quintesson masters. The Quintessons were ultimately forced to abandon their conquest of Cybertron outright, abandoning the Sharkticons as they fled to their ships, or using their corpses as cover from Cybertronian fire. But a small group of Sharkticons were spared by the Mutants on New Quintessa. Taking pity on them, Snowbird endowed them with the ability to feel hope and joy as he began to reformat the planet into a new technorganic paradise. Wreckers: Finale Part II

Big Looker storybooks

A group of Sharkticons were awaiting being fed a young robot, only for him to escape the Quintessons’ clutches. Darn.

Later, The Quintessons led a group of Sharkticons to apprehend the crew of an Autobot shuttle that had crashed down on their planet. They were easily defeated by the Dinobots and their friends.

Wheelie also had a necklace that appeared to be made out of Sharkticon teeth. The Story of Wheelie, the Wild Boy of Quintesson

Dreamwave Generation One continuity


Aw HELL gnaw!

Wild and deadly, with a voracious appetite for energon, the Sharkticons were slaves from a Quintesson colony world, used by their masters as soldiers and guards. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide They could be seen guarding their masters on the planet Quintessa as the aliens plotted against the Cybertronians. Generation 1 #0

Template:Unreleased WW comic

Following Flash's teleportation to Quintessa during the Age of Internment, he encountered a mob of Sharkticons and Allicons, but managed to evade them by taking shelter in a Quintesson Citadel. The Age of Wrath Pt.4 The Quintessons discovered Flash spying on them and sent their Sharkticon hordes after him again, only for Flash to escape using his superior speed. The Age of Wrath Pt.5 The Sharkticons were nonetheless able to follow their target back to Cybertron. The Age of Wrath Pt.6

Packs of Sharkticons prowled Cybertron after the Age of Internment. One such pack attacked Shockwave shortly after he was reawakened, and only the intervention of Herald of Unicron Scourge saved his life. As thanks, Shockwave blasted his savior and used him as the basis for his twisted experiments. Gee. Cold War

Around the same time, a lone Sharkticon identifying itself as "Gnaw" was befriended by the Autobot survivalist Wheelie, and when its young companion joined the Autobot resistance movement led by Hot Rod, so did it. Passive Aggression


Jackpot remarked that he had seen more trust in a Sharkticon's smile when he questioned Cryotek on whether the bar owner could be trusted to not sell out the wanted fugitives Jackpot and Hubcap. Gone Too Far

2005 IDW continuity


Called "Sharkticons" because "Chrome Teeth Piranha Pugs" didn't fit on the box.

The Quintesson Pentius's memories of the death and destruction spread by his race included Sharkticons being used to attack planets. Primacy #1 Perhaps this is how Sharkticons ended up living in the Acid Sea on the ruined planet Junkion, where they attacked Megatron when he passed by. He was able to kill the first of the creatures, but several others overpowered him and pulled him into the ocean depths. Rage For reasons unknown, possibly related to the presence of Pentius, these Sharkticons ended up releasing their grip and allowed their prey to escape. Fallout

During a brief return to Junkion, Megatron recruited Sharkticons into the Decepticon army. He deployed them during the attack on Iacon, creating a perfect environment for the aquatic beasts by preemptively flooding the battlefield with liquid coolant. Primacy #3

On the world of LV-117, carvings of the Sharkticons and Quintessons adorned an ancient temple. Spotlight: Wheelie

In the modern day, the Junkions led by Wreck-Gar kept an untold number of Sharkticons penned up in their strange, corkscrew shaped ship. While exploring said ship, Cosmos, Rumble, and Frenzy were set upon by a horde of Sharkticons. Behind My Bleeding Back Despite their best efforts, the sheer mass of the creatures overwhelmed them. Incensed by the attempted infiltration of their ship, Rum-Maj unleashed all the Sharkticons on-board on a diplomatic gathering outside the ship. Dance Among the Shadows

The Sharkticons attacked various places on Earth, including Mexico City where they were met by Jazz, Future Glories Lost and Palermo where they fought members of G.I. Joe. Feel Safe Without Regrets At Autobot City, Soundwave realized the Sharkticons were enslaved by the Junkions and quoted Megatron's works about a revolution in the hopes of pacifying them. It worked, causing them all to transform to robot mode and turn on the Junkions. Future Glories Lost The Sharkticons fought their former masters until the battle ended with peace being brokered between the two sides. After that, they settled down with the Junkions in the Little Cybertron settlement on Earth. Feel Safe Without Regrets

When an Ore-13 mine was opened in Kentucky, some Sharkticons got jobs there. Surfeit of Primes Another Mine

When the Colonist Soldiers went to war with the Dinobots and the Joes, Rum-Maj jumped at the opportunity to conquer Earth once again, rallying the Sharkticons to Mount Rushmore, riding atop Vajra. As they arrived, Jazz quickly deescalated the situation before Unicron teleported into orbit. Time Will Rust A Sunrise Dark

When Bludgeon's Worldsweeper crashed into the lawn of White House, the Sharkticons came to the President's defence, swarming the Maximal survivors. When the Chaos Bringer was felled, the Sharkticons settled into a new life on the organic world. Ceremony A lone Sharkticon on Little Cybertron was later seen tending to the cemetery. Post

Knights of Unicron

The Sharkticon Pit, located on Planet Quintessa, was the ninth venue for the Knights of Unicron on their 2014 "Till All Are One" tour. Knights of Unicron

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

After the Joes bombed Iacon, Grimlock angrily threw them into a pit of Sharkticons. Arcee took pity on the hapless humans and threw them some explosives to defend themselves with. The Joes fed the explosives to the Sharkticons, which gave them indigestion, allowing the soldiers to escape. Funeral for a Friend After the war, Sharkticons spread to Neptune, forcing the colony of New Atlantis to relocate to Triton. The War Never Ends

Swindle's Spiel

Swindle, Swindle and Swindle had Sharkticons among their drones for sale. Ask Vector Prime

Aligned continuity family

The Covenant of Primus

When the Quintessons gained control of Cybertron, they established a kangaroo Supreme Court where anyone could be charged on scant evidence and the common verdict of "innocent" meant death by Sharkticon.

During the Transformer uprising that marked the end of the Age of Wrath, the Quintessons deployed hunter-killer packs of Sharkticons. They patrolled the roadways and cut off rebel supply lines. The Covenant of Primus

Aligned novels

On the colony planet of Aquatron, the Sharkticons served as the planet's warrior caste.

When the Quintessons arrived, most of them were re-conditioned by the invading Quintessons. In their new role, they served as elite honor guards for high-ranking Quintessons, while simultaneously intimidating any would-be Aquatronian rebels into submission. They were usually led by their Commander Gnaw, although, when the need arises General Tyrannicon could also take command of the force.

At an unspecified point, a splinter force of Sharkticons attempted to rebel against their masters, foreseeing a time when their people would be freed. Their rebellion was ultimately unsuccessful, but before the rebels were fed to the Gamekeeper they managed to carve an image of a being prophesied to lead them to freedom, on the cavern wall.

When the Autobots first arrived on Aquatron, Kup, Rodimus, and Bumblebee discovered a large vault of dormant Sharkticons the Quintessons had assembled as an invasion force to retake Cybertron. When a combination of Quintesson manipulation and Starscream's own treachery drove the Autobots and Decepticons to battle on the planet's surface, they were arrested by a large force of Sharkticons led by Gnaw. The remaining Autobots and Decepticons encountered more of them and were forced to fight the armada. When the Quintessons succeeded in opening the space bridge to Cybertron, Tyrannicon led a large flotilla of Sharkticons thorugh the space bridge, where they manned numerous vessels and acted as shock troops on the ground. Gnaw's division battled against Jazz and Starscream's combined forces.

Eventually, Megatron stole Xeros's replica Matrix of Leadership that the Quintessons also used to coordinate the Sharkticon's movements. When Megatron placed it in his chest, the new Sharkticon Matrix of Leadership changed his body into a Sharkticon-like form and granted him complete and unwavering control over every Sharkticon in existence. The Decepticon leader's new forces turned on their masters, wounding Tyrannicon and killing Xeros. Tyrannicon would eventually steal this Matrix for himself, but it presumably was destroyed when he was eaten by the Hydratron.

The surviving Sharkticons turned on one another and went feral, forming dedicated pockets of resistance on Cybertron even after the invasion was thwarted. Retribution

2015 Robots in Disguise cartoon

File:TRID E 38 Sharkticon.jpg

Shark Tales, anyone?


The Sharkticons seen in this cartoon differ greatly from those seen in other "Aligned" materials, in that they are portrayed as one of many animalistic-looking subspecies of Cybertronians seen after the Great War's end, rather than drones of the Quintessons. Sharkticons here are known to have varied physical characteristics, but the two with known alternate modes have both utilized submersible vehicles. All seen Sharkticons have been allied with the Decepticons, with known individuals being Hammerstrike and Ragebyte, with several others being seen as prisoners on the Alchemor.

Once Cybertron's most feared pirate, the Decepticon Hammerstrike was freed from his stasis pod after the Alchemor crashed on Earth. He took to the new planet's waterways intending to turn the sea into something approximating home and attacked the oil tanker, Windward. Bumblebee and Grimlock came to the stricken tanker's aid and were able to fight Hammerstrike off. He instead went to a nearby oil refinery, hoping to use it to achieve his ends, however, Bumblebee and Grimlock turned up there too, and despite him putting up a fight, they managed to trap him in an empty oil barrel. Trust Exercises

Another Sharkticon had fallen in with Glowstrike's crew of Decepticons. After Glowstrike accused the Sharkticon of acting against their interests, Steeljaw beat him up to prove his loyalty to her cause. Portals

Many Sharkticons are seen during the Bee Team's raid of Decepticon Island. Decepticon Island (Part 1) They were all incarcerated, when the stasis bomb went off and placed on board the Alchemor for transport to Cybertron. Decepticon Island (Part 2)

The scientist Ragebyte came to Earth to experiment with explosives, but was caught by Windblade. He was briefly freed to continue his experiments, and would have blown up Crown City Bridge had he not been stopped by the Bee Team. Blurred Template:--

Animated cartoon

Jackpot once found himself surrounded by Sharkticons and tried to talk his way out of it. It didn't work, and he had to scramble out of the situation as best he could. The Complete AllSpark Almanac

Bumblebee Movie Prequel

Malignus had a pit of Sharkticons in his abandoned castle lair. When Bumblebee entered the base, a Sharkticon tried to take a bite out of him. Energon Is Forever Once the Decepticons had revealed themselves, the Sharkticons began chewing into the Autobot, even following him underwater. The Sharkticons' lack of intelligence allowed Bumblebee to outmaneuver them with one hapless specimen finding itself on nosecone of Malignus' warhead. The force of the launch shook the beast loose and it found itself atop Dead End. Though content to snack on the cannibal, the deranged Decepticon promptly shattered the predator. From Cybertron with Love

Cyberverse cartoon



I'm a shark, I'm a shark, I'm dumber than a tree. I only have three thoughts and they are "eat," "swim," "eat."

Lord Gnaw was once a key figure to Sharkticons, with a statue built in his honor. Under unknown circumstances, the Sharkticon homeworld was destroyed. The survivors of the cataclysm regressed into three small groups: The Fins, The Tails, and The Snouts, led by Jawsy, Backbite, and Sawtooth respectively. They all began fighting each other for resources, particularly the largest chunk of their world to remain intact, a plateau that they called The Park.

In 2007, the Ark, flying back to Cybertron, came across the ruins of the Sharkticon homeworld. When solar flares began traveling through the system, the Autobots, Hot Rod, Cheetor, and Bumblebee, broke out the solar-wave boards, each one of them running across one of the three Sharkticon factions. When all three factions converged at the Park for dominance, each hoping that their Autobot would win their civil war for them, Cheetor tried to persuade all three groups to work together, but instead succeeded in turning them against him and his friends. The Sharkticons chased the Autobots across the solar system only to flee at the sheer size of the Ark. Back aboard the ship, Cheetor seized the AllSpark and used its power to, largely, reconstitute the Sharkticons' homeworld. Despite the cracks on the surface, the Sharkticons were content to have their home back, the factions calling a truce. Wiped Out

Concurrently, Starscream and the Titan Croaton were abducted by the Quintessons, who used Sharkticons as an officer class in their forces. The End Of The Universe I

After the Quintessons had conquered Cybertron and placed the populace in a virtual reality, the Sharkticons commanded the Prosecutors in finding any citizens who had yet to be captured. The Loop When Hot Rod was brought before the Quintesson Judge, he tried to rekindle his honorary membership of the Snouts only to be sharply rebuffed and carried before the Judge. The Trial

After Soundwave had been freed from the Loop, the Resistance captured an elite Sharkticon, Biter, for information. The Prisoner

When the entirety of the Cybertronian race had been freed from Quintesson control, they launched an assault to free their planet only to be beaten back by the savagery of the Sharkticons, led by a Sharkticon named "Gnaw". It was only when Windblade partially unearthed Iaconus did the Sharkticons retreat. The Alliance

When Iaconus' cloak was deactivated, the Judge led the Sharkticons to the Titan, the invaders falling to the Cybertronians, including getting munched on by Skullcruncher before the old Judge fell and the new Judge, Starscream, revealed himself. The Judge

Pledging allegiance to Starscream, the Sharkticons were repainted in his colours and recaptured the Cybertronians, The End Of The Universe I before they were set free, venturing to Maccadam's where they toasted the end of the universe. When Windblade entered to make another attempt at reawakening Iaconus, she and Maccadam fought their way through the Sharkticons to the cityspeaker chamber. The End Of The Universe II Those who remained on guard duty were swiftly dealt with by Maccadam's formidable alternate mode. The End Of The Universe III In the final stages of the invasion, the Sharkticons fought off the Cybertronian ground forces only to all be destroyed. The End Of The Universe IV Template:--

Commercial appearances

While stranded on Quintessa, Hot Rod and Kup ran afoul of a school of Sharkticons. The Sharkticons swarmed on the Autobots, only for Wheelie to join the fight and help them beat the merciless 'bots back. Sharkticon commercial


The Transformers (PS2)

File:TF PS2 Sharkticon.jpg

Thinks that Jill sandwiches are for eating.

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During Shockwave's reign of destruction, the Quintessons provided technology to allow the elite of the surviving Transformers to travel back in time to obtain the Zel Quartz before Shockwave learned of its existence. Some Sharkticons came in secret with Galvatron and the Decepticons to help them.

A swarm of Sharkticons attacked the Autobots while they were exploring the Karzite mine. The leader announced that the Autobots were not allowed to pass and transformed to robot mode. It stated that the Sharkticons were obeying Galvatron due to how strong he was, and warned that if the Autobots got in their way, the Sharkticons would kill them. Rodimus Prime expressed his annoyed grief before announcing to the Autobots that they were going to have to beat the Sharkticons before they could continue their exploration. After a lengthy battle, the Sharkticon leader announced to his swarm that he was wounded and ordered them to retreat. As Rodimus watched the Sharkticons flee, he stated that they were not very tough. Later on, the Autobots had to fight off more Sharkticons while they were trying to navigate through a minefield. The Sharkticons were defeated again.

In the Decepticon story, a destabilization in space-time occurred and when their shuttle crash-landed, all the Decepticons were scattered. One Sharkticon found himself alone, which he disliked. When the Decepticons found the Gem of Mystery, that one Sharkticon managed to catch up with them, expressing relief. It ran up to the Decepticons in its monster form and transformed to robot mode once it got close, explaining how it had come on board the Decepticon's shuttle in secret. The Sharkticon told them that since he was a swarm member, he did not like being alone and announced that he would join them. Galvatron stated that his crew was starting to gain really odd members but concluded that allowing the Sharkticon to join them would definitely help defeat the Autobots.

When Starscream stole the Zel Quartz and went off into space, it caused the future Transformers, including the Sharkticon, to return to their own era. The Transformers

Transformers: Autobots video game

When Ironhide was unable to contact Optimus Prime during a mission, an Autobot recruit commented that the situation "bites." Unfamiliar with the local slang, Ironhide asked if there were Sharkticons around. Transformers Autobots

Transformers Legends

The Sharkticons were used by the Quintessons for executions. Unfortunately, it was easy for Grimlock to persuade them to turn on their own masters. Mockery of Justice

Transformers: Earth Wars

Sharkticons followed Seaspray and Octopunch from Aquatron to Earth. They could be summoned into battle by Gnaw or a "Shark Attack" Battle Boost, which could be collected only during the four-week Sharticon Saga. Be warned that they will explode when killed or re-summoned by Gnaw.

There are three levels of Shark Attack Battle Boosts; using one will deploy three 2-star Sharkticons at level 14, 30, or 40, respectively. Gnaw summons four Sharkticons one star rating lower than Gnaw himself, and their level can be increased by upgrading his "Chomp Chomp Chomp" ability. Transformers: Earth Wars

Transformers: Forged to Fight


The most literal and awesome Sharkticons have ever been.

Sharkticons infused and upgraded with Dark Energon come in six class types, each with their own weapon, fighting style, and three Special Attacks. They are many of them running around! They may even ambush a bot during a mission!

There's also a powerful, class-less Sharkticon, as well as the rare Golden Sharkticon and S-1000 variants, all of whom show up in occasional limited-time missions. They also have the unique ability to replicate the opponent's buffs and gain some buffs at low health.

Each Sharkticon has access to abilities from other Bots in their class when their "Shark Enhancement" Signature Ability is unlocked. Transformers: Forged to Fight

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The Transformers

File:G1-toy Gnaw.jpg

Believe it or not, he's the fat one.

  • Gnaw (Sharkticon, 1986)
    • Accessories: Tail, "Maceration Laser"
Gnaw transforms into a rotund, squat-limbed, shark-like monster with chromed chompers. His beast mode tail becomes a mace weapon for robot mode and is also the most frequently missing piece from many Gnaws on the secondary market.
There is a minor production variation in the beast mode legs/robot arms; some have two screws holding the light-gray calf/forearms together, while other have three screws. Exciting, we know. Some releases of Gnaw also came with one of four pieces to a The Transformers: The Movie poster with glow-in-the-dark elements, advertising the Decipher the Decepticon contest.
Though the toy is labeled as "Gnaw", much like the Cybertron Scrapmetal toy, it can be considered either the individual character or one of the countless others of its type. Because of its fictional appearance as mass armies, it is one of the few original-line army builder toys, though it is notably costly to use it for that purpose.
In Japan, Gnaw was not available as part of the normal retail assortment, despite its semi-prominent fictional appearance. At first, it was a promotional item as part of a Beastformers giveaway. It was later made available in limited quantities, seemingly in U.S. packaging, as a mail-away during 1988's Super-God Masterforce series.



What is this bright G2 neon crap?

  • Land Shark/Air Shark/Sea Shark (multipack, 2010)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles each
A redeco of Energon Sharkticon, these three Timelines Sharkticons transform into a Cybertronic submarine/battleship with dimly animalistic styling. Their small gun turrets are movable, plus their side panels can extend outward to reveal spring-loaded missile launchers.
Each of the three Sharkticons came with its own bio card, dubbing them either "Land Shark", "Air Shark", or "Sea Shark". They were sold together as a bagged souvenir add-on set at BotCon 2010, with only 1000 sets produced.
This mold was also used to make United Axalon, and was retooled into BotCon 2010 Sky-Byte.


File:KreO-Toy SharkticonKreon.jpg

Commence army-building.

  • Sharkticon (Kreon Micro-Changer, 2013)
    • Collection: Collection 3
    • Bag number: ***** 58
    • Accessories: Logo brick, buildable mace
As part of the third wave of blindpacked Kre-O Micro-Changers, Sharkticon is a Kreon that can be rebuilt into a shark-y-beast-y thing-y. He uses the Warpath style helmet, and shares his shark head with Overbite. His tail-mace is made of ninja weapons originally designed for the Kre-O G.I. Joe sets. (An actual ball-mace piece would be introduced in 2014, making a nice replacement if being more original-toy-accurate is your bag.)
This Micro-Changer assortment was the last one to appear at Target, with later waves showing up only at Toys"R"Us or drug/discount stores.

File:KreO-toy Hammerstrike.jpg
  • Sideswipe Roadway Rundown (2015)
    • Set number: B1548
    • Pieces: 98
    • Kreons: Hammerstrike, Sideswipe
Kreon Hammerstrike was available only with the "Sideswipe Roadway Rundown" set (despite the two characters having never interacted in the show). His fin/tail assembly needs to be removed in order to get him inside the included stasis cell. You also need to fold the legs in a little, since his shark-nose is just a hair too tall for the container if he's standing straight.
All of the 2015 Transformers Kre-O product was skipped by retailers in the US (at first), seeing release in Canada, Australia, and various Asian markets. In fall 2015, almost all of it was finally released in the US through TJ Maxx discount stores, including this set. However, this and the "Strongarm Capture Cruiser" set were considerably harder to find than the others.


File:KreO-Toy SharkticonKreon2015.jpg

The greys aren't as different as they look. Different lighting and processing and whatnot.

  • Sharkticon (Kreon Micro-Changer, 2017)
    • Collection: Collection 3
    • Accessories: Logo plate, buildable mace
In 2017, the Collection 3 Micro-Changers were re-released in a whole new production run, appearing in drug stores and "dollar" stores. These releases use the almost-entirely-retooled 2015 Kreon (making most parts incompatible with older Kreons), with slightly-differently-hued plastics than the originals. Sharkticon's tampographs have been changed, removing the metallic silver on his torso to leave the slightly-metallic silver plastic (lighter than the silver of the original release) of the torso exposed. His purple has also changed to pink (including his insignia), plus his toes are now light blue.
Sadly, this release has no individual-identification code on the bag, requiring you to use the feel-through-the-bag method or just buy blind and hope.

Titans Return

File:TR-toy Gnaw.jpg

Nom nom nom

  • Gnaw (Legends Class, 2016)
    • Accessories: Tail/Mace
Part of the third wave of Titans Return Legends Class toys, Gnaw transforms once again into a squat-limbed, shark-like monster. He comes with a mace accessory, which can be wielded by his 5mm hands, or plug onto his back as a beast mode tail.
Like all other new-mold Titans Returns Legends toys, he has a riding compartment for Titan Masters (and Prime Masters)... but this one is inside his mouth. Yes, you read that right.
He's extremely short for a humanoid Legends Class figure, coming up to the shoulders of most other robot modes.



File:Legends-toy Sharktron.jpg

Double your army-builder dollar!... sorta.

  • Sharktron & Sweeps (Sharkticon)[1] (2-pack, 2017-09-30)
    • ID Number: LG44
    • Accessories: Tail/mace
Released in the twenty-first(!) wave of Legends, Sharktron is a redeco of the Titans Return Gnaw toy (as seen above). This toy has a richer color palette and much more extensive paint applications based on the original robot-mode animation model, which results in him having show-inaccurate shark-mode arms and tail/mace due to being part of the same sprue of unpaintable plastic shoulder parts.
He comes with fellow army-builder Sweeps, a retool and redeco of Titans Return Fracas.



File:CV-toy Gnaw.jpg

Eggmech, or as he's known in the US series, Dr. Robotshark.

  • Gnaw (Warrior Class, 2019)
    • Action Attack: Mace Mash
    • Accessories: Tail-mace
Part of the fourth wave of Cyberverse Warrior Class figures (and the first in the Power of the Spark subline), Gnaw is a Deluxe-sized mold based on Titans Return Gnaw, transforming into a robotic shark-frog-thing.
In robot mode he features a "Mace Mash" Action Attack: lifting up the shark-jaw part unlocks the free-spinning upper torso. Pushing in on the fin on his back activates a spring-loaded gearing gimmick that causes the upper torso to spin around and around. His head is attached in a way that it doesn't spin, however. His legs have tabs to lock into place in robot mode, offering more stability when using this gimmick.
Gnaw does not, in fact, look like his cartoon appearance as a statue, but does look plenty like the generic Sharkticons if they lacked their tribal markings, thus, use him as a generic Sharkticon to your heart's content. This design was reused for the individual that took up the Lord Gnaw mantle in Chapter 3 of the cartoon.


File:CV-toy Sharkticon-TTC.jpg

It's like a tiny West Side Story.

  • Sharkticons Attack (Multi-pack, 2019)
Three Tiny Turbo Changers Sharkticons (though they are not referred to as "Tiny Turbo Changers" anywhere on the packaging) are included in the "Sharkticons Attack" box set, each transforming from shark-monster to robot mode in a few simple steps, and having 3 mm holes in their fists for accessory-holding.
They feature the gang markings from their introductory cartoon episode: two of them feature the green markings of the "Snouts", with the third having the orange of the "Tails". The gang markings are only on the shark-mode backs, making them look basically identical from the front in robot mode.
This set was a Target exclusive in the US. It also includes a "Stealth Force" redeco of One-Step changer Hot Rod.


File:CV-toy Gnaw-TTC.jpg
  • Gnaw (Tiny Turbo Changer, 2020)
    • Series: 4
    • Bag code: A
Released in the fourth series of Cyberverse Tiny Turbo Changers, Gnaw is a much simpler recolor of the small soft plastic Sharkticon figures included in the "Sharkticons Attack" multi pack above, albeit released well after said pack.
In the US this series was effectively if not technically a Target exclusive, that chain being the only place it was widely (if briefly) available.

War for Cybertron Trilogy

File:WFCT-toy Sharkticon.jpg

Now in Floro Dery sketch colors!

  • Quintesson Pit of Judgement (2020)
    • Accessories: Tail/mace
A blue-tinged redeco of the Titans Return Sharkticon was included in the Hasbro Pulse exclusive War for Cybertron Trilogy "Quintesson Pit of Judgement" giftset.
This set includes a redeco of the Earthrise Quintesson Judge, the Quintesson Bailiff, and brand-new mini-figures of the Quintesson Prosecutor and Kranix. It was available first for people who attended the Hasbro Fans Expo in Hong Kong and preordered the set. It was later made a Hasbro PulseCon 2020 exclusive in the United States and Canada (except for Quebec), available to Premium members on September 23 2020, then opened up to all members on the 24th, where it sold out, went to pre-orders for more, then sold out of pre-orders within a few short hours despite a (stated) 1-per-customer limit. More pre-orders were re-listed again for a 2021 delivery in 2020 November.

Studio Series

File:SS-toy Gnaw.jpg

"How many would you like to buy?"

  • Gnaw (Deluxe Class, 2021)
    • Movie: The Transformers: The Movie
    • Hasbro ID number: 86-08
    • TakaraTomy ID number: SS-70
    • TakaraTomy release date: November 27, 2021
    • Accessories: Tail mace, fin sword, blaster, "Mockery of Justice" backdrop
Released to commemorate the 35th anniversary of The Transformers: The Movie, Studio Series Gnaw is a mostly accurate to the Sharkticons' general appearance in the original cartoon, though he has circular dents where the antennae should be. His tail-mace has a single swivel-joint at the base to give it a bit of articulation. His robot-mode blaster can attach to his beast mode's left side. Sadly, the gun barrel's end is not compatible with blast effects. His dorsal fin is attached by a simple 5 mm post, and can be removed and held as a knife, though Gnaw's cuffs cause some minor clearance issues.
Gnaw's backpack comes detached in the packaging, and Gnaw himself is set quite high in the box, with his head often humorously looking down into his chest.
Gnaw has the honor of being both the first Quintesson-aligned character released in Studio Series and the first toy of the character to not be labeled as a Decepticon. While this is a quintessential (hahaha) army-builder, designer Evan Brooks has stated that the figure is named Gnaw in reference to the original toy during its May 21 Fan First Friday reveal.[2]
A lot of Gnaw's details appear to be heavily inspired by an older Marvel Productions model of the Sharkticon, which in turn, is one of two refinded variants of line art based on Floro Dery's original designs. The final model by Toei actually mirrors the Allicon models (also designed by Toei artists), in that they share the same poses, but aside from those differences the base details remain mostly the same.[3][4] Additionally, the heads, shoulders and paint applications ressemble more of the final Toei models, therefore, making Gnaw a combination of both designs.
As with other Studio Series toys, the interior of the package forms a diorama display for the figure. In this case, it is the Dinobots' famous "self-invited" entrance at Hot Rod and Kup's execution.



Robot Heroes

File:RH-toy Sharkticon.jpg
  • Snarl & Sharkticon (Two-pack, 2008)
Part of the "Generation 1 Series" of Universe-branded Robot Heroes two-packs, Sharkticon is a chunky, super deformed soft-plastic figurine of the character in robot mode. He has simple swivel shoulders and neck articulation.
He came in a two-pack with "Snarl", who is actually Slag, who was going through some naming issues at the time but hadn't settled on "Slug" yet.
Due to their small size and price point, the Robot Heroes Sharkticon is prized by those wishing to inexpensively army-build Sharkticons. This made them harder to find in stores and severely overpriced in the secondary market. One can only wonder what became of the Slag/Snarls packaged with those Sharkticons.

Tiny Titans

File:TinyTitans Hammerstrike.jpg
  • Hammerstrike (Tiny Titans, 2015)
    • Series: 1
    • Number: 10/12
Part of the initial assortment of Tiny Titans blindpacked figurines, this version of Hammerstrike is a very small, minimally-painted soft-plastic figure of him in beast-robot mode.
He includes a collectible card that includes a scan-badge for the Robots in Disguise mobile game, which unlocks a random amount of Energon "currency" and a randomized bonus power-up item.

File:TinyTitans Sharkticon.jpg

*long, sustained baritone note*

  • Sharkticon (Tiny Titans, 2015)
    • Series: 2
    • Number: 7/12
Part of the second assortment of Tiny Titans blindpacks, this version of the Sharkticon is a very small, soft-plastic figure of him in beast mode, going all "raaaaar" at you.
He includes a collectible card that renders him in the 2015 Robots in Disguise styling. The card includes a scan-badge for the Robots in Disguise mobile game, which unlocks a random amount of Energon "currency" and a randomized bonus power-up item.
This wave saw fairly minimal release at "big box" retailers, but unlike other waves, was not picked up by drug stores and the like later, making them particularly hard to find.

Imaginarium Art

  • Grimlock (2018)
This 20-inch-tall statue set depicts Grimlock in his dinosaur mode and a slingshot-wielding Wheelie as they face off against five Sharkticons. Only 150 were produced.



Teehee. "Sharticon".

  • The Sharkticons had the preliminary name of Sharkons.
  • When asked about the Generation 1 Sharkticon design in an interview, Floro Dery's reply was, "Sharkticon is a shark."[5] He's apparently seen some pretty weird-ass sharks.
    • In his production notes, Floro Dery delves into this explanation further, writing that he designed it as a fantasy beast that uses qualities and traits of a shark, such as a large toothy mouth and a voracious appetite... which probably also explains why Sharkticons (referred to here consistently as "Sharkons") turn into fat little men.
  • One early color model for the "Sharkon" gave it pinkish-red parts. Additionally, this color model also features heavily refined line art, compared to other early revised color models which kept a lot of the details from the original Dery concept art, just simplified down.[6]
    • The finalized Sharkticon models by Toei were designed similarly to the Allicon models (also designed by Toei), sharing the same or similar poses to the Allicons (e.g. hunched over little pudgy robots, with big feet and hands).[3][4] Presumably this was done to keep the Quintesson and Quintesson-related characters looking alike so that they can be easily recognized as coming from the same place.
  • In Japan, the Generation 1 Sharkticon is considered an "Animatron", the Japanese name for the Predacons. It was also not available as part of the normal retail assortment, despite its semi-prominent fictional appearance. At first, it was a promotional item as part of a Beastformer giveaway. It was later made available in limited quantities, seemingly in U.S. packaging, as a mail-away during 1988's Super-God Masterforce series.
    • The Sharkticons' status as Animatrons may or may not be connected to Gnaw's shipping as the sixth figure in the Predacons' case assortment outside of Japan.
    • Timelines Sky-Byte is a Predacon and commands Sharkticons, both groups being Quintesson-affiliated in the Generation 1 cartoon continuity (and therefore the Wings of Honor continuity). This may or may not be a coincidence. "A Common Foe" depicted them teaming up to found the Beast Era Predacons.
  • During the Arctic level of the Transformers: Autobots movie video game, Create-A-Bot says, "This bites." Ironhide replies, "Bites?! Are there Sharkticons in here?"
  • In Volume 2 of My Little Pony: The Manga, Doctor Hooves mentioned saving a Cybertronian version of Fluttershy from the Sharkticon pits on Quintessa Prime.
  • The 2015 Robots in Disguise Sharkticons are portrayed as a naturally-occurring subspecies of Cybertronian like Amphiboids or Buffaloids, in contrast to the Quintesson-controlled subgroup from The Covenant of Primus and Retribution. They also distinctly resemble Rippersnapper and Overbite from Generation 1.
  • Aside from the tribal markings, the standard Sharkticons in the Cyberverse cartoon are identical, all of them being based on the original Generation 1 design.
  • Studio Series Gnaw having a blaster accessory is unusual for the scrupulously cartoon-accurate Studio Series '86, since none of the Sharkticons in ever carried firearms.
    • This was acknowledged by Evan Brooks during the figure's Fan First Friday reveal, who stated that the blaster was included out of necessity to reference the original Generation 1 Gnaw toy.[7]

Foreign names

Generation 1

  • Japanese: Sharktron (シャークトロン Shākutoron)
  • French: Requanicon (Canada, "Sharkticon"), Squaltican (France, "Sharktican")
  • Mandarin: Shāyú Jīngāng (Taiwan, 鯊魚金剛, "Shark Vajra") Shāyú Jīng (China, 鲨鱼精, "Shark Fairy")
  • Russian: Zhulikony (Жуликоны, "Swindlecons")


  • Russian: Akuloconi (Акулоконы, "Sharkticons")


  • Japanese: Sharkticon (シャークティコン Shākutikon)


  • Japanese: Same-tachi (サメたち, "Sharks")


  1. The packaging says "シャークトロン&スウィープス" (Sharktron & Sweeps) in Japanese, but the accompanying English subtitle is just "Sharkticon".
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