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SHADOW STRIKE infiltrated the ARASHIKAGE clan to corrupt it from within, secretly working for COBRA COMMANDER. SHADOW STRIKE pretended to be a loyal member of the elite ninjas. He watched and waited, looking for an opportunity to betray his brothers and sisters of the sword. When he found a weakness that he could exploit, he began the slow, careful work of breaking the foundation and unity of this ancient clan. Continuing his ARASHIKAGE training under STORM SHADOW, he became a gifted warrior with quick moves that were almost faster than the eye could see. His strength and his weakness were one and the same: he arrogantly believed he was above the notion of clan loyalty; he valued individual action over team unity. This belief kept him alive for a while, but undermined the ability of the COBRA ninja force to work together to defeat their common enemy.

I am a blade of grass that pushes against a rock until the stone splits. That which appears harmless can destroy a mountain, with time and persistence.


Momochi Kawakami was born January 14, 1951, in Tokyo, Japan. Shadow Strike was hired by Zartan in 1976 to assist in persuading Storm Shadow to defect to Cobra Commander. He infiltrated the Arashikage Clan to corrupt it from within. He continued his training under Storm Shadow but afterward he worked as an independent mercenary. Besides spying for Cobra Commander, he did no further missions for Cobra until 1993, when Cobra believed Tiger Claw's training was subject to a similar corruption. However, Shadow Strike failed in his attempt to corrupt Tiger Claw, and returned to the Arashikage Clan.

In 2018 Shadow Strike was hunted down, killed, and replaced by D'rge as a means to access the Arashikage, Cobra, and G.I. Joe at the same time.


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