Sevax was a Quintesson.

Sevax of the Poor Judgment

SEVAX was one of several smaller five-faced Quintesson "judges" who once answered to Lord Kledji and then reported to Acerbitas. Sevax’s only purpose was to eliminate those who threatened the Quintessons’ goals. However, Sevax didn't have a very good track record delivering the death his would-be victims deserved. With the destruction of his homeworld of Quintessa, Sevax had been tasked with colonizing Earth. Twisted by exile and betrayal, Sevax entertained himself with mock trails, petty cruelties, bizarre experimentations and attempted subterfuges.

"Lord Kledji - I must protest!"


Marvel comics UK continuity

Sevax was in charge of the Trawler Project, seeking out suitable metal worlds for the Quintessons to migrate to, as their home planet's orbit was decaying, tearing it apart while slowly sending it into the system's sun.

MUX continuity

Failing to find suitable worlds to colonize, Sevax was instead assigned to Acerbitas's forces invading Earth. He helped run the Quintesson Spiral <Loquella> in Moscow. In August of 2013 the Loquella was attacked by Windshear, operating solo. Intrigued by scans of Windshear as well as his brave/foolhardy actions, Sevax allowed Windshear into the Loquella, thinking to capture and study (ie: torture) him. This proved to be a bad idea, as Windshear evaded capture and severely damaged two Seacons as well as the Loquella's Space Bridge nexus. For this lapse of judgement, Sevax was taken to the Bellum and sentenced to death.

Sevax survived the Sharkpits, getting away from them and hiding in an access pipe. When others entered the tank, Sevax helped battle Sicarius to help the others escape. In thanks, Snarl used Sevax as a flail to destroy the Bellum's power core.




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