"See and you can know, know and you can destroy."

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Sidetrack is a G.I. Joe Ranger. For the G.I. Joe survival specialist, see Side Track.
Sergeant Sidetrack
Sergeant Sidetrack
Personal information
Real Name

John Boyce


New Manchester, West Virginia



Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS

Infantry; Medic; Interpreter

Secondary MOS

Ranger School


Sergeant First Class (E-7)


Submachine gun, Rifle, Handgun, Knife

Organizational information
I don’t want to talk them to death; I want to get my fist in their faces – now!

SIDETRACK was a former professional wrestler who found his calling as a Ranger in the US Army. Although intelligent, well-trained, and very articulate when he wants to be, Sidetrack loves to use the wrestling persona he created to strike fear into his enemies and to entertain the more boisterous of his Joe comrades-in-arms. Sidetrack believes there’s no finer place to be than in the middle of a searing firefight, with a missile launcher blasting away in his huge fist. As much as he enjoyed pinning his opponents to the mat for the entertainment of others as a wrestler, he enjoys pinning those he sees as the enemies of justice for his own entertainment. He fully believes his bellowing voice and belligerent attitude alone can put the enemy in a choke-hold. His extreme patriotism, bordering on jingoistic nationalism, combined with a propensity for physical violence can make him a rather explosive personality in the Joe Team. He was the only kid who ever got into a schoolyard fistfight over the proper folding of the American flag.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

SIDETRACK was a former professional wrestler who found his calling as a Ranger in the US Army.

MUX History:

Sergeant Sidetrack joined the Joes in 2002. During the Great Flood of 2011, Sidetrack was assigned to the Flagg. He looks up to Lifeline as an inspiration to pursue his medical studies to complement his ass-kicking skills. With the destruction of the Flagg, Sidetrack has been reassigned to the Pit.

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Sidetrack is currently temped by BZero, but is available for application.


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