This article is about the Z Force driver - for the G.I. Joe vehicle driver, see Quarrel.
I'll drive anything that moves but I'll outride anyone on a motorcycle.

QUARREL is the daughter of a Swiss diplomat who was too busy to spend any time with her while she was growing up. To gain his admiration, she spent her early years training and excelling in martial arts, and eventually became well known as an all-around sportswoman. Although she was a top ranking competitor in the annual British Grand Prix Motorcycle Championships, she sought even more adventure and joined the S.A.F. (Special Action Force). Their Z Force infantry, armor and artillery unit gave her new challenges as well as unlimited access to high speed vehicles. She graduated at the top of her class in undercover ops school and advanced unarmed combat school. Although normally passive, she has the reflexes to explode into violent action at any moment. Her signature weapons include a modified crossbow, throwing stars (shurikens) and Chinese butterfly knives (dāo).

QUARREL is a daredevil on any motorcycle in the Z Force motor pool and always finds a way to use that to her advantage.

File Information

File Name: Pulver, Hedda
SN: AF 396942
Grade: OR-6 (SGT.)
Birthplace: Interlaken, Switzerland
Primary Specialty: Undercover Operations
Secondary Specialty: Commando


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Quarrel has not yet been introduced on the MUX.

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This character is available for application.

Preferred Vehicles

  • Z-Force RAM (Rapid Fire Motorcycle) (1984)


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