This page is for the G.I. Joe Arctic Attack Soldier. For the Weatherbot, see Blizzard.
Sergeant Blizzard

"If you got the mission, I got the time."

Of all the G.I. Joe cold weather specialists, Sergeant Blizzard may just be the meanest of them all. He likes challenging the icy environment he operates in as if he has something to prove to the world. If places like the Arctic really feels so isolated, then being in the company of Blizzard will make it ten times more lonelier. He doesn't like the company of others and he prefers to work alone. Had it not been for his excellent service record and high success ratio, his superiors in Thule would have liked to kick him out of the program long ago.

File Information

File Name: Gregory M. Natale

Grade: E-8/ Master Sgt


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MUX History:

Blizzard is a cold weather specialist for G.I. Joe. He was deployed in 2011 for an Antarctic assault on a Decepticon installation at the South Pole.

OOC Notes

Left-over Blizzard figures were eventually released through some strange channels and ended up as prizes at Chuck E. Cheese pizza/arcades and carnivals around the country as "Skeeball" prizes in 1992 and 1993.



Sergeant Blizzard is available for application.


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