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For Sephie Beller's slightly-crazier main-universe counterpart, see Circuit Breaker.

Sephie Beller

Josephine "SEPHIE" BELLER is Professor Arkeville's top intern. A brilliant doctoral student in cybernetics, Beller is an unabashed technophile and unrelentingly cheerful. She loves electronics and machines, and is forever fascinated by the latest gadget. A luminous engineer, SEPHIE helped design and build Professor Arkeville’s prosthetics after his accident, and helps maintain them in the field. Since meeting Ravage, SEPHIE has taken an instant like to the Decepticon, becoming his constant companion and guide to Earth culture. With her combination of intelligence, kindness, and wit, Sephie is potentially a valuable ally to the rest of the Decepticons as well.

Let's face it, in every conceivable way, they're better than us. They're bigger, stronger, smarter, they have powers we don't.


Soon after the TP began, Professor Arkeville and Sephie went out to the desert to investigate the crash of what they believed to be a strange meteor. Establishing first contact with Ravage, they took him back to their office, where they helped explain some elements of Earth culture. Ravage allowed himself to be scanned by Professor Arkeville, who recognized his energy signature as being similar to readings he'd taken in the Arctic Circle.

Crossing over to the main Transformers Universe, Sephie and Ravage stayed with the Joes guarding that side of the rift until it was closed by Skyfire. At that point Sephie was approached by a mysterious Transformer who offered her advanced Cybertronian tech if promised to use it wisely. Sephie accepted the tech, and teamed up with her main-universe counterpart to attempt to exploit it. When Skyfire closed the next-to-last rift, Sephie traveled to Autobot City, saying good-bye before using the last rift to return home.

Sephie Beller as Emulator





Sephie is played by Carrie.

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