Seeker (SG)

The name or term Seeker refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Seeker (disambiguation).
The Seekers are an evil Autobot group from the Shattered Glass universe.

The Seekers are a team of Autobot cars.

Autobot Seekers

Current Members

Former Members


Shattered Glass

Former leader Drench was killed by Optimus, which caused Sideswipe, who was also a Seeker, to defect to the Decepticons. Drench's and Sideswipe's vacant spots were quickly filled by Goldbug and Rodimus respectively.

MUX History

Goldbug and the Seekers are currently on Earth, aside from Rodimus. Optimus Prime made Punch a Seeker in 2016.


In the Shattered Glass universe, Seekers are members of Goldbug's team, not Starscream clones. Nonetheless, some Autobots refer to Decepticon troops as "Seekers," assuming they perform the same duties as the Autobot Seekers.


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