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This article is about the main-universe Dominicon gestalt - for the Shattered Glass version, see Taracon (SG).

Secura is massive even by gestalt standards, standing nearly as tall as a Guardian robot. Her torso is formed by the combination of an obsidian assault jet joined with a red and black siege tank. Her arms are formed by twin F-15 Eagles, one black, one white. Her right leg is a black and white riot control vehicle, and the right a black and yellow Sikorsky Sky Crane.

Secura is surprisingly agile for a combiner, moving quickly even while weighed down in an incredible amount of heavy armor. Her right arm is fitted with a massive pulse-laser, and her left with an Electrical Shock cannon. She carries a huge null cannon on her right hand and a heavy tower shield on her left. Altogether she is one of the most dangerous combatants on Cybertron or Earth.


Secura, originally called Dominicus, first merged in 2015 during a battle between Illarion (then called Knightmare) and Megatron. While suitably impressive and intimidating, she was shown Megatron's power when she was taken down by a single blast of his anti-matter cannon. After that, the Dominicons left the Decepticons and took off on their own.

In 2020, the Dominicons renamed her Secura.

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