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The Seaclones are a Decepticon subgroup.

Seafood Combo.

The Seaclones, save for their leader, Turtler, are a horde of mindless robotic drones. They were created, based on the sea life of Earth, by the Quintessons.[1]

The Seaclones consist of:

They can combine to form King Poseidon. In the absence of one of the main Seacons, The Seaclones can also fill in a spot to allow them to form Piranacon.


MUX continuity

The Seaclones appeared on Earth in 2013 as a swarm rather than a team. The five smaller robots were each several 'clones' of the same body-type, only ever appearing in beast mode. Snaptrap, the only 'regular' Transformer amongst them could combine with either the Seacons or any five distinct clones to form Piranacon.

After the Seacons' defeat at the hands of F-5, the Seaclones were taken by Snaptrap and pressed into service as pirates.

In 2017, Snaptrap ordered the Seaclones to find the Temple of Knowledge. They were successful, although many were destroyed by the temple's traps. Snaptrap later sent the Seaclones to instead invade Autobot City to recover the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Overbite led the attack on the city while Seawing infiltrated to steal the key. However, even though Seawing was able to overcome the Key's protector, Red Alert, Jetfire was able to grab and key and flee before Seawing could recover it.

In 2020, Devil Z took over the Seaclones that had been left on Earth.


  • Until the Super-God Masterforce release of the Seacons, every Decepticon-aligned combiner team sold in Japan had had their group suffix changed from -con to -tron or -ron (ie, Terrorcon to Terrortron) in order to line up with "Destron", the Japanese name for the Decepticons. However, for some reason this suffix change did not happen with the Seacons, making them the only Decepticon combiner team in Generation 1 to have the same group name in both English and Japanese markets. Their Japanese name is also always presented in the plural form; Turtler is the "Seacons Commander", for example.
  • The team has the distinction of having their own image song: the bizarrely cheerful and cheerfully bizarre "See See Seacons".


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