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This article is about the heroic G.I. Joe nerd laser trooper - for his evil Shattered Glass counterpart, see Syfy (SG).

Befriending Sci-Fi is not a very hard thing to do. It's putting up with his obsession over electronics that makes people stay away from him. He has no sense of humor and would rather talk about the latest technology in integrated circuits and complex optics. However, when it comes to using his laser rifle, his teammates not only rely on him to hold his ground for the weapon to make its effect on the enemy, they trust him. His concentration is very intense that it must take an earthquake to knock him off his target.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Young Sci-Fi-Seymour Fine.jpg

Born in Geraldine, Montana, in 1966, Sci-Fi was fascinated by electronics and became involved in the Army's most advanced weapons once he enlisted, including laser rifles. He later returned to school to get his masters degree in electronic engineering. His senior thesis -- a sophisticated security system that incorporated the remote targeting sensor from a laser weapon -- was so impressive that it was adopted by NASA. Sci-Fi eventually joined the G.I. Joe team where he used the Army's latest laser rifle. Sci-Fi joined the team shortly after the new Pit III headquarters was established in Utah. He participated in several missions with the Joes, including a mission on board the Defiant space shuttle, before taking part in the Cobra Island civil war. He was one of the many Joes arrested after the war when Hawk and the team were wrongly accused of acting without authorization.

Sci-Fi continued on the team for years before joining the short-lived Star Brigade in a space mission with former members of the Oktober Guard. The team fought old Soviet worker drones on an asteroid to stop it from colliding with the Earth. Not long after, the Joe team was shut down. Sci-Fi then returned to school to obtain his doctorate and became a professor.

MUX History:

Spike and Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi rejoined G.I. Joe when they were reformed in 1997, accepting a promotion to Captain. In a chance encounter at a comic book store, Spike Witwicky encountered Seymour Fine (Sci-Fi). The two formed a fast friendship and now the Witwicky household considers Mr. Fine part of the family.

Sci-Fi has begun dating Wraith.

In the early 2000s, Sci-Fi pushed to have the Starfighter program re-started, perhaps with the assistance of Autobot technology. With the shutdown of the US Space Shuttle program in 2011, leaving only the Crusader in service, there has been a renewed push to restart the Starfighter program.

Over Kill and Sci-Fi later stole a Stellar Stiletto when Sci-Fi was captured by Cobra. To prevent Sci-Fi from being executed or further harmed, Over Kill had a BAT fly him into space and land it in Joe safe terroritory. Sci-Fi modified the stolen Stiletto into the first Starfighter flying prototype.

Another time Sci-Fi was injured and assumed KIA but OK patched up Sci-Fi while he was in Version 2 armor so he woke up thinking he was a Borg because he had sustained some head trauma. Stephen (Over Kill's human person at the time) had convinced Seymour that OK was Locotus and Seymour was Hue the Borg so they were not supposed to harm humans. Poor OK escorted SF to Spike's house and was like, "Shhh. I am not here. Do not call the police. Take care of our friend." and Spike was like, "Dammit, Seymour. Before you do this shit, at least let me have a cup of coffee so I can deal with this." Spike had a lot of explaining to do.

In 2021, Sci-Fi was sent with a team of Joes to Nebulos.

SCI-FI Through Out The Years

Seymour Fine as a Teenager.jpg

Seymour Fine as a kid. He spent much of his childhood and teenage years competing in science fairs and different clubs at school. He did not social with others outside of these activities.

Sci-Fi 20's.webp

Seymour entered college and joined up with the military as well as G.I. Joe rather early. With his dedication to lasers, he has found himself fortunate as he has worked with NASA as well.

Seymour Fine in Combat Training.jpg

Sci-Fi has been active with the GI Joes for quite sometime. He has been in space and done several missions as well as training and activites .

Seymour Fine in space..jpg

Seymour Fine has been in space with for activities such as NASA missions, secret Star Brigade actions with GI Joe, as well as currently an endeavor on Nebulos.

OOC Notes

On the MUX, Sci-Fi has been promoted to Captain.



  • April 20 - "A Very Large Wrench" - When Over Kill turns up damaged in the desert, Major Bludd sees it as a perfect opportunity to end his troubles with the android ... permanently. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only one coming to the show...



Sep 04 - Strange Transmissions

To: (Classified)
Subject: Transmissions Recovered

This is Sci-Fi with an interesting report. We have detected unencrypted some transmissions that I cannot identify. Nor can anyone with the communication team. Perhaps when Dialtone gets back from leave, he can help. Please listen to these two files.

File A: *breathless* This map was wrong. Going to find something to shield myself from the blast.
File B: Corridor 159 was the one on the map that's wrong. That's the way I went. Remember that-" *BANG, silence*

Sources cannot trace who said these things. I'll see if I can get some intelligence on this but I'm out of my league. If anyone else can tagteam with me on getting a resolve, much appreciated.

(3)Enclosed Attachments: File_A_09013.mp3, File_A_09013.mp3, startrekpicardmakeitso.jpg


  • October 13 - "Now on Sci-Fi: Face Off" - Sci-Fi and Red Spot are doing attempting to capture the SG version of Sci-Fi without the normal G.I. Joes knowing about this play. Seymour Fine puts himself at risk while giving easy access to SyFy by teaching some guest lectures at the NYU campus; hoping that SyFy makes his move. SyFy has his own trap set as well against the pair.


Oct 11 - WTF! Sci-Fi In Space

Video message with the GI Joe logo that spins into a ‘WTF!’ text logo.... It then slides into text: "We’ve got a chance to think about what the problems might be in outer space before we go there." - Charles Cockell

The video image is of Seymour Fine; in his original neon green attire as he pats the camera; “Thanks for recording, Egon.” He looks a little confident. “Design ideas on our equipment to prevent HIVE interference has been implemented. I have added a manual switch to all fuel tanks, batteries, and such to prevent vehicles from being powered and controlled remotely. It’s a simple lever but it’s a failsafe for now. Should a vehicle or equipment go awry, we, in theory, should be able to easily disconnect it from the fuel or energy source.” He demonstrates the switch being used. “Without the energy being able to switch over into the vehicle, we should be able to use it as a ‘kill switch’ when the Sith hits the fan.” He smiles slightly. “Sorry, Nazgul, but you’re getting these bad jokes in case this is one of the last or best takes I have while up here.” He then smiles, “Speaking of bad ideas...” He pulls out a bag of salt and vinegar chips. “
In regards to the Zombie Transformers and Nebulon technology, we need to attempt to produce ethanoic acid; which fortunately is just CH3COOH... Also known as vinegar. We can attempt to make this acid as a weapon to rust through the stronger parts of the HIVE to potentially weaken them. Vinegar corrodes metals causes rusts, right?” He shrugs a little, “I also have been looking at the spare cans of break cleaner I brought with me for vehicle maintenance. You know, with the right idea...” Sci-Fi looks around, “Good, Hawk’s not here to stop me.” Seymour grins as he pulls out what looks like a glass jar. He then puts in some metal shavings and steadies a laser on it. A few seconds later, there’s a small explosion and metal crate has some noticeable damage as Seymour quickly quills the flame. “See, with a steady focused laser beam and these metal shavings... and some little chemical capsules I whipped up...Well, the laser beam focused on the jar... When I aim a laser at a capsule, the carbon nanotubes absorb the light, heating up the liquid inside and causing it to expand until it explodes.” There’s a cut scene of Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad saying, “Yeah, Science!” There’s another pause from Seymour.
“Mercury. I don’t mean the god of wealth either. We need to change our rations. We need more water, fiber, and to properly use chelators. Fortunately, we have some canned beans and legumes that are loaded with Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid. Hell, if I can make some distilled alcohol, we can help purge Mercury poisoning in no time. I also studied Steve Wilk’s laser equipment where he made an edible laser, gin, and tonic all at the same time.” He scratches his head, “I guess that’s all the geek out I have for today’s episode of ‘WTF! Sci-Fi in Space?’ And remember, that’s ‘Well, That’s Fine!”
Credits roll; ‘Well, That’s Fine! Is produced, directed, written, and acted out by Seymour Fine. This week’s edition is dedicated to the Letter H: For Nazgul. Camera work was done by WTF!’s own drone... Spengler-Bot!’

Nov 02 - WTF! Space Race

Video of Sci-Fi: Well, for this week's Well, That's Fine! I have a question... can we use my Starfighter to ferry some members between the two ships? I mean, it's been docked here and all systems are ready to go. I can take myself and a passenger up or down. Anyway, we better be back to see the new Ghostbusters in theater." Video ends.

Dec 03 - "What a Fine Mess!"

From: M.P. Officer Stever Carter
To: G.I. Personnel
Subject: Seymour Fine

This morning, on December 3, 2021, an alarm was triggered near one of the secure sections. Upon investigation, we found Seymour Fine, aka Sci-Fi, injured at the location. Our medics verified his identity and he is in critical care presently. He is expected to make a recovery. He has wounds from what looks like an electrical accident. He is claiming some memory loss and has suggested things that do not make sense. We are uncertain if he was quoting Harry Potter as well with the randomness of his thoughts.

He stated that he is the real Seymour Fine and that there is an imposter posing as him. Upon further review, we are concerned because as far as we knew, Sci-Fi was onboard to pilot part of the space exploration to rescue Poise.

Sci-Fi is complying with our procedures and agreed to be placed in one of our secure locations for recovery and further investigations. Bloodwork and everything check out from our database. I am confused on this one and I hope we can get answers soon. I hope that if we were breached that our space-bound crew is secure without any issues and are able to handle what issues this is suggesting are going to happen. We are keeping two guards on duty with him to make sure he does not escape or act irrationally.

This one is out of my paygrade. If someone can handle this one with a better idea on how we can have two Seymour Fines, that would be much appreciated.

Dec 19 - Captured Tech

       From: Sci-Fi
       To: Staff
       Subject: Captured Tech
After further investigations and the ability to manipulate the technology, I believe we should be able to advance our current tech that we have with this new hardware that we now have access to. I do have reservations but I believe that now that we have a stronger fortification and the access to Hi-Q's Facility, we should focus on potentially advancing our gear. I am uncertain on how Spike will appreciate this decision as he is very reluctant. Once Red Spot and the others are able to make their landing, I hope to be able to further adapt this technology onto the experimental ECHO tank project. I believe that we might be able to pilot our very own G.I. Joetransformer.’ We made a great victory though we need to consider that our presence will continue to draw the eye of other unfriendlies while we are here.

       Permission to continue?

Dec 29 - 65DaysOfStatic

From: Sci-Fi
To: Command

I’ve been playing with the alien technology and seem to have made reasonable prototype armors and weapons that we can use to turn the tide in our favor. Additionally, I am suggesting, based on a conversation with Spike, that we can, perhaps, advance our resources by getting my Starfighter... ‘Starship Velociraptor’ into orbit. Spike volunteered that he has a communicator that once we get in orbit, he can send a message off to the Autobots. By having the Autobots meet us in orbit; they are not violating their neutrality in this scenario but they can carry a message to Earth that we need assistance or that we are still currently alive. I believe that this will make getting assets secured and prepped much easier than continuing the static we have back home.

Additionally, I am concerned about the level of oxygen and supplies we have with our troops in orbit. We can use a refresher and I believe that this might be the best time to strategize and prepare for our next level of this... occupation. Additionally, I would like some new resources so we can perhaps ‘Exo-Squad’ ourselves through this. I understand that we have to logically do all of this but I am growing concerned of not seeing Earth soon. I have a pressing issue that must be addressed as soon as possible. I know we all do.

Your neighborhood friendly laser expert with an advanced understanding of space-age technological tools...


Jan 06 - re: Radio Communications

TO: All Joes
FROM: Star Brigade Sci-Fi
RE: re: Radio Communications

Signals are currently operating at minimum efficiency. Pardon the static. Currently working on alternative ideas to patch and fix frequencies to prevent downtimes. I am more of a laser expert than a communication expert. I am patching in from the Star Fighter. We are attempting a few more maneuvers to handle the forces of Zarak but if all ?????????????????g?`????~????_??o?????????´??????

Jan 10 - Warp Tour

To: Gears, Star Brigade, 2StarGorilla, Joe Command
From: Sci-Fi
Subject: Tesla Coils In Space

@Gears: If the damaged Warp Gate just needs a power supply available, I volunteer the Star Fighter to be refitted with a faraday cage and a Tesla Coil. If I can use my Star Fighter to bring your current reworked Warp Gate up, let’s do that first. Otherwise, I’m ready for some explosions in the sky

@Hawk: When do you want us to plan on getting this done? If I am going to disable the main Star Fighter, I need to make sure that I am all prepped to use the one I was going to have Red Spot test out.

Jan 11 - re: Warp Tour

From: Sci-Fi
To: Joe Command

The Warp Gate that Gears has supplied us is in position. Once we can have figured out how to fix the issues on our end, we should have full communication thanks to Mailman. But getting this up did not go as smooth as Zarak’s forces and those space pirates are now giving us more trouble. Will debrief in person after hopefully landing. Waiting for the Star Fighter to be properly triaged before we determine how bad this went. Gears, tell me the Warp Gate is functioning soon after all this. Attempting reentry with some concerns.

Jan 15- Updates and Clarifications

TO: Joe-Space-Command, Earth-Command, Starbrigade
FROM: Seymour "Sci-Fi" Fine
SUBJECT: Hopes and Expetations

Formal report from for once because a lot has happened with recent events that I want to make sure that Earth is involved with.

Starfighters: Wraith has been doing an amazing job working with the Earth based R&D on using the scrapped Starfighters I had left for future upgrades. She has been most impressive with learning how to use the 'Jester' model I had hoped to one day train her with. While it is a training version, it is still combat ready and armed with a reasonable arsenal. It can't compete against the Velociraptor but it handles better than the Cobra Stiletto that it once had. Congratulations on your promotion, Major Heather O'Leary! I hope announcing that is Fine one day.

Red Spot and I are continuing our work with 'Starlight Brigade' which is the unofficial work I've been doing on Starfighters since pretty much my time has began. We are are loosely working auto Autobots and other parties to potentially upgrade and improve the technology. I will be more than willing to explain this if it needs to be questioned as we are not sanctioned. I took full responsibility for any negative concerns that need to be addressed. We are working with our Earth partners to make sure that their work with and use of the Starfighters can help assist with potential issues that may arise.

Hi-Q has given a lot of great materials and resources to help us further our progress. I have been working with him on getting materials and overseeing reparis and upgrades

ROBO-JOE, Spike, and Red Spot have been doing impressive work the repairs.

Gears and myself helped get the the replacement Warp Gate up and running. Though, I did get banged up by the Space Pirates in the process. Speaking of which, what should we do with their Captain we have in custody?

Timmy "Mailman" Stanley is the person to thank for our communications being finally at full capacity.

Ozone and Sgt. Sideswipe deserve all the credit for keeping us alive. I cannot thank them enough. We cannot thank them enough.

Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, and Jinx have been handling the security detail and assessing potential threats. So far, Zarak's forces have not been able to give us much grief thanks to their efforts.

Lastly, General Hawk is pre-occupied with the locals and rebels to make sure that when we leave, they can handle this without it being a blunder.

Looking forward to catching up in person with all of you,
-Captain Seymour "Sci-Fi" Fine

Jan 17 - Transmissions

To: Joe Command
From: Star Brigade
Subject: Communications

We're losing our communications again. It was working but it seems like we will need to add in a booster or something. Perhaps Zarak is on to us. I'm going to try to break through and orbit the planet to investigate. I am starting to gather concern for the Starfighter's fuel supply.

May the Force be with you,
Captain Seymour "Sci-Fi" Fine
Star Brigade

Jan 21 - Starbrigade Going Underwater Idea

To: Joe Command
From: s.fine

Proposal: Submarine Aircraft Carrier. While the concept of a Helicarrier is tempting, I am looking for something that is not as impossible; I am looking into the idea of a submarine aircraft carrier such as an updated HMS M2 for the Starfighters and future versions. During World War I and World War II, they were designed and used to launch planes and attempted helicopters. Reviewing these plans, blueprints, specs, I am proposing to recreate one with an obviously updated system so the Starfighters can be launched from the ocean without giving specifics of our location.

This should help provide a cover on where and when we launch as Cobra is also in a new space race with us. Additionally, I would like to use a normal barge to help mask and restock this submarine. Think Mobro 4000 as a cover. Materials and resources can be shipped into the garbage barge and then transferred, discreetly, into the submarine. Additionally, these large barges can be used to help mask a facility where we are building new Starfighters.

With a mobile facility and launching pad, Cobra will not be sure of where we are. I can draw up better designs once home.

Jan 24 - Wreckage Systems

>*Audio Only*< "During an effort to overclock and overhaul the Velociraptor, I have managed to sustain severe damage in different areas. I used suppresssive fire on several targets that could try to object to our potential return to Earth. Velociraptor remains operational but integrity has been compromised. Will address primary objectives as priorities. Secondaries will be monitired and given concern as needed. Injuries on person are manageable."


Sci-Fi's player also plays Red Spot.



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