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This article is about Scarlett - for her evil Shattered Glass counterpart, see Ebony (SG).
Personal information
Real Name

Shana Mae O'Hara


Atlanta, Georgia


August 10, 1952


Red; Kasumi Shiranui

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS

Intelligence / Counter-Intelligence

Secondary MOS

Fixed Wing and Rotary Aircraft Pilot


(E-9) Sergeant Major


XK-1 Power Crossbow, Martial Arts, Katana, Throwing Stars, XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle[1]

Organizational information

GI Joe


Ninja Force, Desert Patrol

Beauty may be only skin deep, but lethal goes to the bone.

Scarlett's father and three brothers were martial arts instructors. She began her training at age 9 and was awarded her first black belt at age 15. Scarlett is confident and resilient; it's remarkable to some that a person so deadly can still retain a sense of humor. She's graduated from Advanced Infantry Training and Ranger School, and has special Education at Covert Operations School, Marine Sniper School, Special Air Service School, and the Marine Tae Kwan Do Symposium. She's a Qualified Expert in the M-14, M-16, M-1911A1, M-79, M-3A1, M-700 (Remington Sniper Rifle), Mac-10, XK-1 Power Crossbow, Throwing Stars, Garotte, and Ka-Bar fighting knife.

With any mission, you always have to be ready to take advantage of changing circumstances. And you need to make peace with the fact that this may be your last mission.




Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

On Augut 10, 1952, Shana Mae O'Hara was born in Atlanta, Georgia where her father and three older brothers were martial arts instructors. Scarlett got along well with her father and brothers, beginning her training at nine years of age. They discovered that Scarlett had a natural affinity for the ancient fighting arts and was only fifteen when she was awarded a black belt. Scarlett and her sister Siobhan never got along well, and they drifted apart as they got older. After joining the Army, Scarlett received a varied education, attending Covert Ops School, Marine Sniper School, Special Air Service School and the Marine Tae Kwon Do symposium. Scarlett has participated in many martial arts tournaments and is also qualified as an Army hand-to-hand combat trainer. She is proficient in various weaponry, including the XK-1 power crossbow and many martial arts weapons such as throwing stars, garrote and ka-bar.

Scarlett's first assignment on the G.I. Joe team was to train the new team in hand-to-hand combat. During the exercises, she met Snake-Eyes for the first time. While she bested most of the team's members, she recognized that Snake-Eyes was a superior fighter despite the fact that he had allowed her to beat him, wanting her to keep her dignity and respect with the other Joes. Scarlett was intrigued by his actions, and as a result, they became very close.

On a mission in the Middle East, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Rock 'n Roll, and Grunt were sent to save George Strawhacker from Cobra. On the way, the helicopter in which they were traveling began to malfunction, forcing Rock 'n' Roll and Grunt to bail out before it crashed. Scarlett remained stuck in the burning helicopter, however, and Snake-Eyes stayed behind to save his lover. He rescued her, but a window exploded right in his face, scarring him and damaging his vocal cords. Despite his injuries, Snake-Eyes convinced Hawk to let him continue with the mission. Scarlett recovered from her injuries but Snake-Eyes harbored no ill will and the two became even closer.

The two were later tasked with infiltrating Cobra's island hideout to rescue Dr. Adele Burkhart. They managed to infiltrate the base deep enough to actually confront Cobra Commander holding the scientist at gunpoint. Burkhart refused to let the Commander get away with his plan to kill the Joes and was shot. Scarlett took a risk and injured the Commander's hand with a shuriken. Burkhart, though wounded, was saved, but the Commander managed to escape.

Some time later, Scarlett participated in a mission in the Middle East to keep Colonel Sharif's men from getting an object the Joes dubbed "Hot Potato." She took a leave of absence during that time to participate in a martial arts tournament. It was broken off, though, as she was called on another mission to investigate an incident in the Arctic. There, she met the mercenary Kwinn whom even she couldn't best in a fight. The Eskimo knew how to use his size to good effect. As the Joes are ferocious fighters, he came to respect them.

After a raid on a Cobra stronghold, the Joes retrieved a Cobra battle robot. The next day, Scarlett and Hawk had to make a showing for a social tea held at the motor pool above the Pit. Despite the commotions that went on with the activated battle robot below, they had to maintain the cover that the motor pool was nothing more but just that. A robotic insect that was a remnant of the robot managed to get to the top but Scarlett quickly crushed it with her foot.

On a mission in Afghanistan, Scarlett met the Oktober Guard. After both groups escaped a gauntlet from Cobra, Stalker made the field decision to team with the Guard and go after the RTV, a decision of which Scarlett was highly critical. Her participation came in handy as she managed to keep the team from certain doom during a trap which flooded a tunnel in the Cobra stronghold.

Later Scarlett was captured by Cobra and held at the Silent Castle. She escaped her cell, overpowering Storm Shadow, and fled the castle with Snake-Eyes. Discovering that Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow sported the same tattoo, she compared notes with Hawk and Stalker to learn more about their silent comrade's past. She subsequently met the Soft Master and learned more.

At the same time a promotion was announced for Scarlett and all the other original Joes bar Snake-Eyes, being entitled to wear the Presidential Unit citation if and when G.I. Joe's activities were declassified, as well as being put in charge of operations at the Pit. However the Joes involved made their feelings clear that they wished to remain as field troops.

Cobra tried to capture Scarlett again when she took a romantic trip with Snake-Eyes aboard the Staten Island ferry. She was observed by the Cobra agent Fred II and three others who did not recognize Snake-Eyes. The four were quickly overpowered.

Around this time Scarlett was part of a Joe team sent to Afghanistan to capture a new Soviet a new helicopter-mounted laser canon. At the Pit Scarlett and other Joes discovered that the "Ripcord" they had saved on Cobra Island was actually Zartan. Soon after she took part in the assault on Springfield.

Back at the Pit Barbecue's mouth got him in trouble when he criticized Snake-Eyes for letting the Cobra ninja Storm Shadow just walk out of the base, resulting in Scarlett hitting him. Subsequently Snake-Eyes disguised himself as Flint so that he could be captured and infiltrate Cobra operations in Sierra Gordo. Scarlett was deeply concerned for him and was part of the team that went in to steal a Terror Drome, though Snake-Eyes had been taken on to New York. Scarlett joined with Storm Shadow and Timber and helped Snake-Eyes escape.

When Snow Job, Quick Kick, and Stalker were captured on a secret, off the books mission into Borovia, she and Snake-Eyes faked their deaths and along with the Blind Master, Billy, Storm Shadow and Jinx, went in to rescue them.

Just prior to the Battle of Benzheen, she had sustained severe Head trauma from a shot to the head by the Baroness, causing a short-Term Coma, but she recovered in time to join the Battle, and was assigned to Ninja Force for the duration, along with Storm Shadow, Snake-Eyes, and Jinx.

Much later Scarlett was given the mission of feigning defection to Cobra. She was deeply disturbed when she thought she had caused the deaths of Hawk and Stalker to maintain her cover. She was still not trusted by Zarana so sought to prove herself, working with Dr. Biggles-Jones in pursuing the fleeing Destro and Baroness. When confronted by Snake-Eyes the latter was forced to drive his sword through Scarlett, but the wound missed her vital organs. She received medical treatment, saving her life.

Transported to Milleville, Scarlett found that Biggles-Jones claimed to know she was a double-agent. Scarlett tried to deny it but Biggles-Jones told her "the whole truth." They were overheard by Dr. Mindbender who ordered Scarlett be placed under arrest but she broke free when Biggles-Jones was captured by the Decepticon Megatron. Scarlett escaped with the aid of Snake-Eyes, other Joes and a group of Autobots, but Biggles-Jones surrendered to Megatron to allow the others to escape the Decepticon. She was subsequently rescued by the Autobot Skydive.

Scarlett and Snake-Eyes took time out in the High Sierras, but they received news that Storm Shadow had been captured by Cobra and she told Snake-Eyes he had to "do what you have to" and go to save his old friend. Scarlett was part of the team of Joes present when the team was decommissioned and the Pit deactivated.

MUX History:

In 1997, G.I. Joe was reactivated once again. Scarlett was one of the first to return to duty with the G.I. Joe team, as she was dissatisfied with her work with other units of the Army.

In early 2003, Scarlett ended her relationship with Snake-Eyes, throwing her engagement ring into the sewer in a fit of rage.

Since 2004, Scarlett has moved on with her life without Snake-Eyes, remaining his friend, and her life with the Joes has gone on as normal, her missions unchanged. Undercover operations to draw out Cobra Operatives abound, inter-spaced with missions leading Joes into combat against Cobra. Most Notably, she and Temera spent time undercover in Colombia, trying and succeeding to gain access the Cobra Colombia Base, prior to the Joe invasion of that base. Scarlett helped Duke lead the invasion force, which led to the base's destruction.

In 2009 rumors began circulating that Scarlett and Snake-Eyes may be seeing one another romantically again.

In September of 2009, she was promoted to Sergeant Major and tasked with putting pressure on the Cobra Island command split. She is also, along with Stalker and Gung-Ho, one of the main Field Commanders for the Joe Team. She leads the Alpha Team.

Four nights prior to Christmas, 2009, she was mortally wounded in a fight with Over Kill, not by Over Kill, but by a Vector, defending Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This led to a month of paralysis and another month of rehab and recovery. She was framed for an assault on Krista, just after she was able to rejoin active duty, and surrendered to the Pentagon, to avoid having the Joes have yet more issues with the media. General Colton promptly gave her a mission to go through the portal, into the SG World, to gather intelligence, and she gathered a team to do just that. Shortly thereafter Snake-Eyes also disappeared through the portal, and has not yet returned.

During her time in the Shattered Glass Universe, Scarlett met with the Decepticon, Slickspin, and secured a semi-Alliance with him. Scarlett also infiltrated the SG-Pit, disguised as her SG double, Ebony. She was able to get a lot of information out to her team, (See the IC Journal Entries).

However, Scarlett's presence was discovered by General Flint, with Ebony's help, and she was forced to attempt to fight her way free. She fought Flint, knocking him out, but as she was just about to escape, Ebony arrived and knocked her unconscious. Ebony than killed General Flint for his failure, blaming the death on Scarlett. If not for the timely arrival of Slickspin and Airborne, whom she had ordered to return to the Prime Universe, she would have been killed, or captured than killed. (See The Looking Glass Breaks.)

Scarlett was returned to the Prime Universe, taken to the Pit, where she was in medical, recovering. When she awakened, she had knowledge of Infiltrators that she had to track down. When she recovered, she lead the group that tracked down the infiltrators, and she again went solo and took it upon herself to follow the infiltrators back to their base, and rescued Lifeline, Lowdown, and Raven from the SG-Joes (See: Red to the Rescue).

After this, she completed an Intelligence evaluation of the Pit's current location, and sent her recommendation up the Chain of Command. She has also noticed that there may be in issue with the drug cartels in Mexico, that may require G.I. Joe, or at the very least, American intervention. All of this has been accomplished, while still awaiting her Security Clearance to be reinstated, and her 'Wedding' to Lifeline to be annulled.

Her wedding to Lifeline was annulled, her Security Clearance returned... but this as just before Cobra Commander returned, and she flew a F-35 Lightning II into an Overpass, trying to get to the Scene in time to help the team of Joes that were pinned down. She ejected safely, but lost her Flight Clearance. She ran across Storm Shadow, and this set in motion events that would lead to yet another change in her life.

She knew Snake-Eyes would once again have to chase down Storm Shadow, and try to "fix" him. This lead to a fight, verbal as well as physical between Snake-Eyes and Scarlett, culminating with her returning his Engagement Ring, and permanently calling off their wedding. She left Snake-Eyes in the Infirmary, and walked away from him promising to: 'Never cry over you {Snake-Eyes}, again."

Scarlett's next tasking was to over see the construction of the new Pit, mostly due to the fact that it was her Intelligence that led to the new Construction. During Construction, she responded to the first raid by the newly aggressive Cobra, on Pensacola Naval Air Station. In the attack, she was wounded, but Lifeline was able to patch her up, and her duty of overseeing the construction of the Pit was not put behind schedule.

Also during the new Pit construction, she located Storm Shadow, in Washington D.C. and went to him. (Sword Fight at the Lincoln Memorial) The fight resulted in Storm Shadow fleeing, but left her with a broken Right Elbow, requiring both surgical repair, and some replacement parts (Surgery!). It also led to the begining of a possible new relationship between her and Lifeline, the early stages are tentative, and wrought with unknown.

While recovering, she was visiting Fort Hood, and was caught in the Final defense of the Pit located under it. She spent one week leading the survivors of the attack down through the rubble to the escape pods.

She has recovered from that surgery, and continued to do her Intelligence duties, while also taking on more and more dangerous missions. While she has not admitted it to herself, she knows she is doing so, because of the breakup with Snake-Eyes, and the loneliness in her heart (The Lifeline relationship still growing too slowly to take the place of the Snake-Eyes relationship). She has also been more active in Command decisions, asserting herself in ways that she hasn't before, ensuring that the Joes move forward with their work of stopping Cobra.

Greenshirts have noticed a chill about Scarlett in the Hand to Hand training classes that she still holds in the early mornings, but most Joes are writing it off to the break up, and think it is only temporary. Which it did prove to be, although she remains distant to all but close friends.

She took many solo missions, be they infiltration or intelligence missions, or just missions where she took a team of greenshirts away from the Pit for weeks at a time. The visible scars from these missions are few, but the greenshirt reports to their superiors are concerning. Scarlett is taking risks she shouldn't, and while she has yet to be severely injured, it is only a matter of time.

This happens in Late 2010 when she and Low-Light go to Delaware to stop Over Kill and his Vectors from stealing gold and diamonds from a repository there. She is injured from being over confident, but even this does not change her tactics. As soon as she is cleared from medical, she once again goes out and does more of the same. She is on an almost self-destructive path, but while on this path, she is dealing heavy blows to Cobra, and the Joe Command is having trouble reconciling the results versus the risks. Hawk, Duke, and Flint are arguing to pull her in, while the Jugglers are pushing to let her continue. Their thought is 'What is one solider, in the long run?'.

When Cobra attempted to reclaim the Cobra Consulate, it was she that ordered a team to attempt to knock Cobra out of the building, and it was she that authorized, and personally led the team that went in after the first attempt failed. She is starting to subscribe to the philosophy that it is 'Better to beg forgiveness, than to get permission, especially when you are right', rather than worry about all the red tape. This second attempt succeeded, however, Baroness, Major Bludd and Interrogator, who had taken refuge inside, were able to escape, while leaving a troop of BATsbehind to wreak havoc on [[[New York City]], and Scarlett had to deal with the aftermath of this.

In June of 2011 when Banshee went missing from a Hospital in San Antonio, Scarlett took it on herself to find her, and spent almost two weeks trying to find the woman, and just as she was giving up, Banshee returned, different. This caused Scarlett to reach out to the Autobots, for help. However, before she get very far with the Autobots, Cobra [[Al-Alawi Invasion TP}invaded Al-Alawi]]. Just as she and Spike were making progress on negotiations, she was ordered to lead a force into Al-Alawi to begin the process of removing Cobra.

She took a flight of Boeing AH-64 Apaches Helicopter accompanied by Ghostrider and a flight of F-35 Lightning II's against the Cobra Terror Drome and their forces. The Apaches were wiped out, and the F-35's were forced to fall back. Scarlett was the only survivor from the Apache flight. She was able to escape the Ground forces, by using her Crossbow to fire a net around Interrogator and Over-Kill, and escape. See: Air Skirmish at Al-Alawi

She was able to radio the Joes, and report the situation, but soon, a Jamming signal prevented any radio signals from getting out of the country. She stayed close to the Terror Drome, to gather intelligence, and was able to confirm that Cobra had captured the Crown Prince. However, soon after that, she was again confronted by Interrogator and Over Kill, and this time, they were able to severely injure her, and while she again was able to escape, she knew she was in trouble. See: Search Party and Settling a Score.

She spent a week trying to get out of the country, many of them flat on her back. After two days of wandering the desert, a group of Kurds found her, and took her in. They had watched her battle Cobra, and decided she was on their side. They did their best to care for her wounds, while carrying her to the Al-Alawi/Iraq border, where she was able to get a signal to the Joes, bringing them up to date on the situation in Al-Alawi.

The Joes launched a massive assault on Al-Alawi, but were pushed back. However, they did retrieve Scarlett, bringing her back to the Pit. See: Battle at Al-Alawi.

While she recovered from her injuries, she was 'talked' to by many of her friends, and shamed into thinking about her recent actions, and how they would feel about her death, if she had died on one of her 'suicide runs'. She promised she would try to make sure she always had a way out, if possible.

To prevent more suicidal runs, however, Hawk made her Duke's second, giving her more field command duties. Before she was even out of Medical, she was tested. The world started to flood. She was forced to give orders to many Joes she had never worked with much, while still working on ideas for kicking Cobra our of Al-Alawi.

Before any of her ideas for Al-Alawi could be implemented, Cobra took the Country, renamed it to The People's Republic of Cobra Unity or the CU, and got official U.N. recognition. However, Scarlett submitted a plan to use an Old Mobile Command Center on the Iraq border to keep an eye on Cobra, and than turned her attention to the Flooding problem.

When it was discovered Megatron and the Decepticon's were behind it, she was forced to swallow her pride, and form an Alliance with Cobra. This was after the Pit was flooded, and there was little way for the few people remaining inside to get out. Scarlett was trapped inside, but she found a way for her, and a few others to get out. In the Motor Pool were a wing of SHARCs, brought in for repair, that had been finished. They used the Elevator as an Airlock, and swam to the SHARCs. Scarlett used this method as a way in and out of the Pit many times. See: Strange Bedfellows

In November, Scarlett joined the Joes on the USS Flagg, to prepare for an attack on the North Pole facility of the Decepticons, and while there, she had an encounter with an Autobot that made her wonder if some of them were more child-like than Spike ever wanted to admit. See: Housebreaking Air Raid.

She was also forced to engage Windshear, where she lost yet another F-35, bringing her total of destroyed Prototypes to 3. She also was forced to eject into the icy waters of the North Atlantic, and suffered Hypothermia. While in the water, she decided she would never fly an F-35 again, as they seem to be bad luck for her.

She assisted lead the raid on the Northern Facility, both from the deck of the USS Flagg, by using a Sniper Rifle to shoot out the optics of Scourge and by flying an old Skystriker XP-14F, one of the last aboard the Flagg, into combat against Valour, to prevent the Cobra Kingsnake from being destroyed.

Scarlett's plan for the Mobile Command Center was approved, but before the base could be completed, in Iraq, Cobra forces attacked it, and destroyed it. (See Log: 8-8-2012)

Scarlett spent the next two years in Al-Alawai, mostly with the Kurd Rebels, fighting a losing battle against Cobra's take over of the Country. She rarely emerged from the country, and when she did, it was only for short periods of time. One of the times she did emerge was for the unveiling of the new Skystriker, the Skystriker XP-21F.

Finally in late December of 2013, she returned to the Pit, in bad shape, physically, emotionally, and with news of the total destruction of the Rebel Forces she was fighting with. She spent a week receiving medical attention, before she was even allowed to return to the Pit, and even after returning to the Pit, Lifeline recommended psychological therapy for her, which, for once, she did not fight, and she has been attending regular sessions with Psyche-Out.

In Early January of 2014, She engaged Over-Kill in New York City (See Log: You making a Movie?), and sustained some injuries. While recovering from these injuries, she left medical, without clearance, and closed on a farmhouse, 30 miles west of Offut A.F.B..

In 2015 she was sent to Iraq to replace Beachhead as advanced infantry trainer.

In 2016 she returned to the US.

In 2017, she was re-assigned to Pit I in Fort Wadsworth.

In 2022, Scarlett's brother Joseph disappeared.

OOC Notes

Scarlett formerly Led the Alpha Strike Team of the Joes. She now leads Strike Team Bravo.

She also spent long periods of time leading Rebel Forces in Al-Alawai/Cobra Unity. (Before they were wiped out)

Logs /Posts






Sep 22 - IC Taskings

TO: All Joe Personel
FROM: 1st Sergeant Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Mission Updates

With recent rumors coming out of Cobra Island, and Destro and Baroness' very public fued over Cobra Island control, we need to figure out exactly what is going on. I want all Intelligence personel to check into it, get with your Contacts, check known Cobra Bases for signs of a Military Buildup, Recon Flights and Satelite passes should be stepped up.

Communications Personnel, I want taps into all Cobra Communications and Internet Networks. Confirm the rumors.

All other Joes should be ready, on a short notice. The last time Cobra Island went Civil War, we were sent in to clean up the mess, and I want Assault Teams Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie on Full Combat Readiness. I have no idea which side we will be supporting, if any, but be ready to go. One team will remain on full Alert Status on each Shift. Alpha from 0 hundred hours, throu 0800, Bravo from 0800 until 1600, and Charlie from 1600 until 0 hundred. All times Central Time, based on the Location of the PIT. Team Leaders probably need to see me, after we get an Intelligence update.


Sep 28 - RE: Destro

TO: Lifeline

FROM: Master Sergeant Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara

RE: Destro

Lifeline, if you spot Destro again, let me know immediately. I have been unable to contact him, as I have been ordered to, and I am not above coming to Seattle, and ambushing, metaphorically, on the street.


Sep 30 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command And Intelligence Staff
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: Destro

As per orders from Flint, I met with Destro, about the situation on Cobra Island. Things are not looking good for the Possible Civil War there. He told me that he handed Cobra Island, and by default, Cobra, over to Baroness. So, the Civil War is not going to happen, and we missed out chance to kick Cobra off the Island, and to make any deals with Destro, it appears.


Nov 11 - IC: After Action Report

TO: Joe Command
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: After Action Report: 11/10/2009 - Cape Canaveral

Upon learning about the capabilities of the latest Satellite NASA intended to launch, Geo-Exploration (Oil and Precious Metal Exploration), I decided to ensure the Satellite's safe launch, by attending in person, with a full Green Shirt Technical Crew. Corporal Oaks detected a pair of Incoming Vectors, and I prevented the Cobra Attack to either destroy, or more likely, steal the Satellite. Wisp, in her Lightning II was able to beat back their Airsupport Night Raven, while I engaged Major Bludd, and Over Kill. The Greenshirt Technical Crew handled the B.A.T.s effectively.

NASA successfully launched the Satellite, and telemetry links are normal.


Dec 22: After Action Report (IC)

TO: G.I. Joe Command
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Wright Patterson Air Force Base

On the night of 12-21-2009 I was checking the Security around the Old Pit at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, when Cobra Attacked. Over Kill's Vectors bombed the Airfield, taking out most of the runways, all of the Support Buildings, and all Aircraft with the exception of three F-18's, two F-15's, and Slipstream's Conquest X-30. I was injured a little in the explosion, which is why it took me a little while to respond to Over Kill... He was on the ground, attacking the Base. Slipstream Responded immediately to the Air Threat, preventing the Vectors from causing any further collateral damage.

During the fight with Over Kill, I had him disabled, but the Vectors tried to rescue him, and severely injured me. Thanks to Lifeline, I am not going to die, but at the moment, I can not move my legs... I hope that will change, but Lifeline will have to answer that question.

Slipstream and Wisp must have gotten me back to the Pit, and they also must have driven the Vectors off.... But Wright Patterson will be ineffective as an Air Force Base for the foreseeable future... But it appeared that all the underground facilities were undamaged, and the prior Pit's Location does not appear to be compromised.


Dec 23 - Scarlett's Medical Report, by Lifeline

Scarlett sustained some serious injuries in last night's attack, including abdominal lacerations which caused considerable internal bleeding. She had some minor bruising and lacerations to several internal organs, and one of the lacerations cut very close to her thoracic vertebrae and her spinal cord.

Fortunately, nothing was severed. The paralysis that she's experiencing now is due to inflammation interfering with spinal nerves. In other words, it's a temporary situation, until the swelling and infection goes down. There may be need for a second surgery to stabilize some of the other internal injuries, but I really want to wait and see, because there's a chance it may not be necessary if she does well in coming weeks.

I'm sending a notice out to Joes with 'O-Type' blood to please donate for Scarlett. She bled heavily during surgery, and she will need a steady supply in coming days. Donation is painless, and it only takes about half an hour.



Jan 08 - RE: Snapdragon

TO: Command Staff, Psyche-Out
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Snapdragon

I will reiterate my position from many months ago, that being: I do NOT trust her. Even more now that I saw her sucking up to Cobra Personnel, especially Major Bludd, at the Cobra Holiday Party. It seemed a lot more than just polite discussion, but I was unable to get close enough to listen in.

I highly recommend that Ms. Arkoma not be given access to the PIT, or any Secrets we wish to keep.

Perhaps, as such, we should consider relocating the PIT, if she already knows the location for certain. Call me Paranoid, or what you will, but I have my concerns.



IC NOTE Fri Feb 12

Note found on Scarlett's Intelligence Console. Posted to the General G.I. Joe Message Server by an overzealous Greenshirt Tech.

Hawk, Flint, Duke and Stalker, Lifeline, Slipstream and myself have gone to watch the portal. We'll be back when it closes, or we have ended the threat.


IC REPORT Sun Feb 14

TO: Joe Command, Spirit, Pysche-Out
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana O'Hara, SCARLETT
RE: Slipstream
We have captured Slipstream, from the alternate Universe. He was taken to Camp Pendelton. Spirit, Pysche-Out, would you please question him. Press him for Details on what Ebony might be planning... She concerns me greatly, I can not place exactly why.


Feb 18 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command, Joint Chiefs, The Jugglers, Director: CIA, Director: DIA, NSA, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, National Security Advisor, PotUS (President)

FROM: Master Sergeant Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: Dimensional Portal <*insert Coordinates here>

The Portal in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon has become very active of Late. Repeated incursions from the otherside have included known members of the Othersides G.I. Joe Team, Copies of this Side's Cobra Vectors, and at least one person that claims to not be like the rest of the G.I. Joe Other-Sides. Slipstream. He is being detained at Fort Pendelton, awaiting questioning.

We need more Security Details, and we also might need to go to the Otherside, and see what we can find out about what they are doing here. Personally, I recommend that if anyone goes, it be a small team, and it should be ordered to *only* be there for at most, 24 to 48 hours.
Team should consist of:

Intelligence Specialist

Recon Expert


Heavy Weapons Specialist

Communications Expert

Computer Expert

This mix will allow for the best possible Intelligence, and Defensive Action (If needed), they should all be members of the G.I. Joe team, if possible, as they will be able to fight their way out of most situations, if they have to. Recommend against any other than a Foot, or possibly Automobile/All Terrain Vehicle, Incursion, due to the possibility of them being out of place. The Intelligence Specialist should be either myself, Lady Jaye, or Chameleon. The three of us have an eye that allow us to gleem the most important information the quickest. Recommended Members of the Team include:
Intel: Scarlett, Lady Jaye, or Chameleon
Recon: Stalker Or Snake-Eyes
Medic: Evac or Lifeline
HW:Roadblock, Rock'n'Roll, or Heavy Duty
Comms: Dial Tone or Mainframe
Computers: Mainframe or Dial tone

The Communications and Computer Experts, might possibly be filled by one person, but I would request than that we add another Weapons Specialist, Perhaps Bazooka, or an Infantry Specialist, Like Footloose, Leatherneck, or Grunt.

Shana M O'Hara
Codename: Scarlett
Master Sergeant
U.S. Army
Strike Force Delta: G.I. Joe


Mar 01 - Slipstream

TO: Joe Medical, Joe Command, Pendelton Prison, Joint Chief's of Staff, Secretary of Defense
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana M. "Scarlet" O'Hara
RE: Other Side Slipstream

I have spoken to Slipstream, from the other side of the portal, and I now believe he means us no harm. As such, I have ordered that he be treated more like a guest, than a prisoner. He is voluntarily staying at Camp Pendelton, in the Brig, but he will be allowed, under escort, outside for two hours a day, allowed to smoke, and be provided with soft drinks, from time to time. In exchange, he will answer any questions we have about the Othersiders.

Shana M O'Hara
Codename Scarlett
Master Sergeant
U.S. Army
Strike Force Delta: G.I. Joe

Mar 20 - IC Report

TO: Joe Command
FROM: Scarlett
RE: Portal Mission

Since there is nothing more I can do for Snake-Eyes... Nothing more I can do on this side at all, I am leading the team through the portal. The team consists of the following personal:

Scarlett - Command - Intel - Combat
Airborne - Combat
Bazooka - Heavy Weapons
Dial-Tone - Communications - Computers
Leatherneck - Combat
Stretcher - Medical
We will be available on Frequency 342.2134. You will have to send a drone through the portal with a prerecorded message, or send someone through, with a radio... We don't plan on being there for longer than two to three weeks, but it might be longer, if needed.


NOTE: At the last moment, Grunt was added to the team. Portal Teams will also report that Snake-Eyes followed a few days later.


April 5 - "Scarlett's Infiltration"

Scarlett has finally learned where the SG-Pit is, and has disguised herself as Ebony. She walks in from miles away, makes it look like she was in a fight, and tries to infiltrate the SG PIT

April 19 - The Looking Gass Breaks

Scarlett's Infiltration of the SG Pit is dicovered. General Flint is Killed. Scarlett is rescued by SG-Slickspin and Airborne

April 22 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command Staff

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara

RE: Mission to the Otherside of the Portal

I need to speak, in person to Flint, Duke, Hawk, or General Colton, immediately, if not sooner.


April 26 - "Back in the Saddle...Again"

Time for Scarlett to get back in the saddle, and get to work. Things have gone to hell, and there are infiltrators in the Pit, and she is not too happy about it... Time to fix it.

April 29 - Red to the Rescue

The SG Joes are preparing to move.... Scarlett swoops in and rescues their captives!

April 30 - IC Report

TO: GI Joe Command, GI Joe Medical
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Infiltrators

Lowdown, Raven and Lifeline are in Medical. These are OUR versions. I tracked Deadline to a Warehouse in Seattle, where he, The Otherside Lowdown, Ebony, and the Otherside Version of Spike Witwicky were holding our Teammates in an improvised Cell.

I rescued them, but it appears that the othersiders were moving on. They all escaped, and surveillance teams have shown no indication they have returned.

We need to make sure nothing has been done to them, no brainwashing, no implants... I have ordered them all to be in medical until such a time that they can be checked out by medical and psychological teams.



May 10 - Official Report on the Pit

TO: G.I. Joe Command Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff (Pentagon), Secretary of Defense, White House Chief of Staff, Vice President, PotUS (President)

From: Sergeant Major Shana M. O'Hara, CODE-NAME: Scarlett

RE: The Pit

After throughly reviewing all Intelligence files for the last several years, I have been left with no doubts that Cobra likely has figured out where the Pit is located. If Cobra knows, and if they plan on resuming their Terrorist Strikes on American targets, like Baroness Anastasia DeCobray has claimed they will do if we do not re-open Peace Talks with them, than we have to assume the Pit would be a High-Priority target. I would like to recommend that we begin an immediate dispersal of all essential personal to a secondary site. I have chosen four sites that make the most sense, and listed them in order from best suited to our needs to least. (See attached Report on Site Reports)

For a T-A-D (Temporary Away Duty) Assignment breakdown, I would recommend all Naval Personal be equally divided between the U.S.S. FLAGG and Ingleside Naval Air Station 20 Miles NorthEast of Corpus Christi, Texas. Our Air Force Personal should be T-A-D'd to Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi and Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Our Marine Personal should be T-A-D'd to Marine Corp Detachment of the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and to the Marine Corp Air Station Miramar, in Miramar, California. The Army Personal should be T-A-D'd to Fort Hunter Ligget, in California, Fort Polk, in Louisianna, Fort Stewart in Georgia, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma. These T-A-D Assignments allows for maximum Coverage of the U.S. Mainland from attacks by our main threat, Cobra, from their main base, in the Gulf. It does divide the team, which I do not like, but until such a time as a central location big enough to handle the entire team is put together, we will have to break the team down into smaller teams. I can prepare a more formal breakdown of assignments as needed, and forward those to the appropriate people.

The list of sites I have chosen for possible locations for the Pit V locations are as follows, with their Pros and Cons listed:

1) Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska Large, Defunct Strategic Air Command Base. Most of the Above and Below Ground Structure we need is already in place. The location is almost the exact middle of the Country. The only downside is that the SAC base is no longer in full service, but the Air Base is in full service. We could quietly reactivate the SAC part of the base, and having people there would not be too large of a problem.

2) Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma There is plenty of room to build, both above and below ground on the base. The base is located centrally in the Country and would allow the quickest response time to any part of the United States. However, the thousands of new people that the Pit would bring in Joes, Greenshirts, and Support Staff might be noticed.

3) Andrews Air Force Base, Prince George County, Maryland Close to Washington, close to High Value Targets. Influx of Military Personal would not be noticed. However, Difficulty in building the underground facilities and less than ideal centralization due lead to questions in idealness of location.

4) Edwards Air Force Base, Los Angeles, California Large Area for above ground building, however, Earth Quake Zone, and Location for Reaction time to Other Locations not ideal.

My recommendation: Offut AFB, Omaha, Nebraska

Master Sergeant Shana M. O'Hara

May 20 - IC Report: Mexico

TO: Joe Command

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara

RE: Mexico

I have noticed something odd going on in Mexico. Cartel Activity is High. And there seems to be new players involved. Attached are surviellence photos we have of known Cartel members, involved in a shoot out with At least two, if not three Cobra Agents in El Paso, Texas, Confirmed Identifications on Sebastian Bludd, AKA Major Bludd, Diana Bourne, AKA Artemis, and tenative ID, on Heather Pennington, AKA Tele-Viper 742, and believed to be now called Wiretap.

Pictures of all three in Civilian Clothing. Each involved in a shoot out with Cartel Members, Artemis from the Back of a MotorCycle, Wiretap from behind a Bench, covering another Cartel Member, and Bludd from inside an SUV

Bludd and the Blond, believed to be Pennington have been spotted across the border in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. It seems Cobra is either fighting against the Cartels, fighting with the Cartels, or both. This also goes along with Signals traffic (OOC: Radio Chatter, Cell Phone Taps, Landline Phone Taps, E-Mail Hacks, Chat-Room Hacks, etc) that Headman may be active in Mexico. This may be where he went after escaping custody. I will continue to monitor the situation.


May 20 - "Red in El Paso"

Scarlett has heard of Cobra Operatives operating in Mexico and El Paso. She goes to investigate, and finds proof

May 26 - "One Last Chance"

Scarlett tracks Snake-Eyes... And Finds more than she bargained for.

May 25 - RE: Followup Report

TO: Command Staff
From: Sergeant Major Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Indianapolis

I stayed behind to check the Clinic for Intelligence, and to see if I could find a lead on Cobra Commander's whereabouts. I found something gruesome in the remains of the Rage we destroyed...

I found the remains of Dr. Jonathon Grimes, Veterinarian. He was bound, gagged, and strapped into the Rage, likely as a hostage.

I found nothing to indicate where the Commander, Baroness, and Artemis went. I did however, find two more males, wearing the uniforms of Range-Vipers, although, Fingerprints and DNA will be required for Identification. Their heads were missing... Or, perhaps I should say, their heads were spread over a 30 foot radius from their bodies, like something blew them up from the inside.

May 27 - "Late Night Talk"

Scarlett has Plans to Catch a Ninja... And one comes to visit first.

May 27 - IC Report: (Storm Shadow)

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Intelligence
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Storm Shadow

I tracked Snake-Eyes to Washington D.C., last night, for personal reasons. However, it quickly became professional, when I discovered Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes meeting. I informed Snake-Eyes he had 24 Hours to bring Storm Shadow in, for assisting Cobra Commander's escape, before I would begin hunting Storm Shadow.
As much as it pains me to state, I do not think Snake-Eyes will bring Storm Shadow in.
I will begin my tracking of Storm Shadow later today.


June 8 - "A Parting Gift" & "A Parting Gift Part II"

Scarlett has been off the Grid for a Week, using Snake-Eyes'Cabin as a place to get her mind straight. Who should show up, but the Ninja Master himself... A short chat, with a breakup, and a fight!


July 1 - "It is Over"

The Aftermath of "A Parting Gift" and "A Parting Gift Part II"

For Scarlett's Journal Entry on the Aftermath, check out: IC Journal Entry: Scarlett - The Aftermath.

July 1 - IC Orders

IC Orders- Dated: Thu Jul 01

TO: All G.I. Joe Members

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara

RE: The Pit

It is the opinion of myself, and some of the Other in the Intelligence Department, that the Pit's location has probbly been comprimised, and that Cobra knows the location. We have been here for years, and as such, I have recommended a new location for the Pit. (See Intelligence Report Dated: 05-10-2010, Declassified for the whole team now.)

Orders have come down from 'On High', regarding the Pit. The Pit will be closing shortly. We will be moving to the Old S.A.C. Base under Offut Air Force base, as soon as it has been retrofitted to be our new Base. The retrofit should only take 1 month, at most, and during that time, Team Alpha will provide Security and Intelligence Coverage for the Base, while Teams Bravo, Charlie, and Delta will be sent to different Military Instalations around the Country, to provide over all coverage of Hot Targets. Bravo will head to Edwards, Charlie, to Andrews, while Delta will be at Tinker A.F.B, along with most of our Air Assests. The U.S.S. Flagg will also be a location we place a Small Team. Three Members of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta will be assigned to the Flagg, to be a mobile reaction force, along with the other half of the Air Assests. As soon as the Offut Pit is prepared, all teams will be reassigned to that location. Report to your Team Leaders for assignment. This Pit needs to be empty in 1 week.

OOC NOTE: Any Questions, send em to me, or General G.I. Joe.

July 20 - Two drink minimum

Scarlett takes a night off from over seeing the construction of the New Pit... She should have chosen a better bar.

July 22 - "They're back!"

Cobra attacks the Pensacola Naval Air Station...

July 23 - LL saves the Day

Scarlett was injured in Cobra's raid on Pensacola, she calls Lifeline for help.

July 30 - Escape

TO: G.I. Joe

FROM: Scarlett

I hate to tell everyone this, but the 'guy' Low-Light turned the Prisoners over to, that is Deadline. So, the Othersiders are working for Cobra now, or this was a one time deal. Either way, they are meddling further. I might know where to find Deadline... I'll track him down. Scarlett

July 30 - Sword Fight at the Lincoln Memorial

In the continuing adventures of Scarlett's broken heart, she goes after the man who she blames more than Snake-Eyes.

July 31 -Surgery!

Scarlett's elbow requires surgical reconstruction.


August 1 - IC: After Action Report - Washington D.C.

TO: G.I. Joe Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara

RE: Washington D.C. After Action Report

Storm Shadow was spotted by National Media in Washington D.C. and as the closest Agent likely to be able to stop whatever plans he had, I assigned myself the task of going after him. I commandeered an F-22 from the Offut Airfield, and flew to Andrews.

I went to the location of his siting, and found clues leading me to the top of the Lincoln Memorial, where I found Storm Shadow. I attempted to arrest him, he refused. A Fight ensued, but in an effort to keep property damage down, I did not use firearms. In the fight, Storm Shadow sustained many injuries, I only recieved a couple. The worst was a shattered right elbow that required surgical repair.

Lifeline has completed the repairs, and I am sure he will make a report on the surgery when his notes are complete.

Storm Shadow escaped. I am not sure, if any of the violence is Storm Shadow's work, other than the explosions. They were too perfectly timed with the start of the combat, to be anything other than part of his plan.


August 16 - Pit Fall

Cobra attacks the Pit...

August 17 - IC: Fort Hood Pit Evacuation

TO: Joe's in Fort Hood Pit
FROM: Scarlett

RE: Evacuation

With the Exit to the Pit Comprimised, all Joes are to report to the lower levels and begin Evacuation Plans Beta (Underground River Tunnel Sleds) and Delta (Digger Pods). Report to Wright Patterson, in Dayton, Ohio, as a Rallying Point. Hopefully, we can come back here to get your personal belongings, so only take with you, that which you can easily carry. Be Safe.


August 17 - IC: After Action Report - The Pit

TO: G.I. Joe Command, Joint Cheifs, SecDef, PotUS

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. O'hara, Codename: Scarlett

RE: The Fort Hood Pit

I was returning to the Fort Hood Pit for a follow up check up on the elbow surgery I had, when Cobra launched an attack on Fort Hood. As I had feared, Cobra knew where we were. The dispersement plan I had set in place meant they did not catch many of us here, but it also meant, most of our forces were unable to respond to the attack. We beat back the ground forces they commited to the attack, but their air support started bombing, and we were forced to retreat back into the Pit. The Bombs from their Air Cover damaged the Hatches Leading to the surface, warping them. We can not get them open from the inside. We dare not try to cut them open from the inside, or outside, because we are on recycled oxygen. I have initiated evacuation procedures, and all Joes are ordered to the Lower levels to use the Escape Plans Beta and Delta.

I will set the Demolition charges, so that if anyone tries to get in, before we return to remove our equipment, the place will blow... All G.I. Joe members in the Pit were ordered to report to Wright Patterson as a rallying point. I will be heading back to Offut, when I get out, to make sure the final preparations are complete, so that the Joes can move in.


August 19 - IC Report: Fort Hood Pit

TO: G.I. Joe Command

FROM: Scarlett
RE: Fort Hood Pit

The Fort Hood Evacuation is complete. I have made sure that everyone has been evacuated, and no one is inside. Every computer has been purged, and the data sent via hardwire to the Central Database at the Pentagon's Secure Site. I have placed the Anti-Tampering Charges on the Computer Core Units, as well.

We can attempt to open the hatches into the Motorpool, to get the vehicles stored in Vehicle Storage out, or we can blow the whole thing up, and bury everything under tons of rock, at your discretion. I have sealed off the Emergancy exits, and the sites are under remote surviellence.

As of now, the Joes assigned to Fort Hood as a Station keeping unit should all have arrived at Wright Patterson. I propose a staged move to Offut, over the course of the next week, to slowly move them into the New Pit.



Dec 08 - RE: Rift Activity

TO: Joe Command, Gung-Ho

CC: Evac, Charlie Strike Team Members

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara

RE: Evac Report on Rift Activity, Dated 2010-12-08

I have activated Charlie Strike Team, under command of Gung-Ho, and ordered them to report to the Rift. They will provide security to keep people from this side from getting too close, and they will also prevent any further excursions from the other side.

Internet Reports have an additional Rift somewhere in Siberia, near the Decepticon Base. I am tasking our Recon Satellites to the area to confirm.


Dec 14 - Diamonds for Baroness

Over Kill gets a target from Baroness, and gets playful when the Joes try to intercept him.

Dec 20 - Intelligence

TO: Joe Command, Joe Intel
FROM Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Destro's Weather Dominator

With the Associated Press Story about Destro's U.N. Desires, and the capabilities of the Weather Dominator, we should be concerned. From my reading of the story, it could possibly be used to severely damage the weather patterns of the United States, and cause either a drought, or too much rain. Either would destroy the agricultural system of the United States, and require us to buy food from another country... one who pays Destro to do such evil.

There is also the possibility of causing cold weather throughout all of the United States, or intensifying the cold in the North part of the country, again, causing us to purchase what is needed from outside the U.S., for example, Heating Oil. This could destabilize the U.S. Economy even more.

We need to consider getting close to Destro, somehow... I could go under cover.




Jan 20 - Note

TO: All Joes
FROM: Scarlett

I am back on duty.



Mar 29 - Lady Jaye's Intelligence Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: Lady-Jaye's Intelligence Report

I am ready to attempt infiltration of Cobra Island, Baronry DeCobray, or Trans-Carpathia, as Command sees fit. The most difficult infiltration would be Cobra Island, of course, but it could be done, has been done before, in fact. However, the other two locations would be just as likely to allow us to gleam information, if they are related to the same buildup as we are seeing on Cobra Island.

I await further instructions.



Apr 10 - IC Orders

TO: Alpha and Bravo Teams
FROM: Seargeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: Cobra Consulate

Continue to maintain a two block perimeter around the Consulate. I am efforting approval to launch an assault to retake the building from Cobra. No one in, or out of the building, arrest anyone attempting to do either.


Apr 12 - IC Orders

TO: Tunnel Rat
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Cobra Consulate

Tunnel Rat,

Get a team together, I want you to go down into the Sewers surrounding the Cobra Consulate in Manhattan, and cut off any flow of reinforcements and supplies that might be getting through that way. Take any action necessary.


Apr 13 - IC AAR

TO: Joe Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Cobra Consulate After Action Report

Lowdown and I led a team of Greenshirts against the Cobra Consulate, to kick out the trespassers. Lowdown quickly took The Baroness down with Sniper fire, while I lead the Greenshirts in the assault on the main building. Lowdown engaged Interrogator, with Sniper fire, while I took Major Bludd in closer range combat. We forced the High Value Targets to flee, via the roof, while capturing many Vipers.

However, Cobra deployed many BAT's via airdrop, and we were forced to engage them, giving many of these Vipers a chance to flee. By the time we took out all but the final five BAT's, who we have teams tracking, after they broke into the Sewers, too many Joes were injured, or killed, along with several NYPD cops that were trying to keep the BAT's off of civilians.

If Cobra has returned to using BAT's in this manner, we will be forced to prepare for it. I have ordered that as many of the BAT's that is possible to be reconstructed, be taken to a secure location at Edwards Air Force Base, so that we might have training missions practicing on taking BAT's out quickly, and effectively.



Jun 30 - RE: Abduction

TO: Joe Command, Intel Division, Air Command
FROM: Scarlett
RE: Banshee

I want all Intel assets that can be spared, to be tasked with finding Banshee. She may be scheduled to be discharged, but she still is a Joe, until she is discharged, and even after her discharge, she will still be one of us. I want her found, I want her found YESTERDAY!.



July 12 - IC Orders

TO: G.I. Joe Command, Air Command And Air Command, Sub-group Space Force
FROM: Scarlett
RE: Explosion in Space

I want to know what exploded. If it was something from Earth, we need to know, especially if it was a Cobra Satellite, or a Cobra Space Vessel.


July 14 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command Staff (Rank 7+), Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sec-Def (Possibly the President)
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: 2nd Lieutenant Lori "Banshee" Henshaw and the Autobots
SENT: 2011-07-14, 0950

At roughly 2200, on 2011-07-13, I received (As did the Entire G.I. Joe secure Communication Channel) word of Lt. Henshaw's whereabouts, directly from Lt. Henshaw herself. I had her prove her bonafides, than informed her of the location of the Pit. It did not take her long to arrive, and while in the process, she informed me that she had witnessed a Decepticon attack an Autobot, and provided a rough location. I passed this information on to the Autobots, via Spike Whitwicky.

Mr. Whitwicky returned information on Anastasia DeCobray, AKA The Baroness, and her interest in Mr. Whitwicky's newborn daughter Megan, and in Ebony, by duplicate from across the dimensional rift. This information will be forthcoming in an Intelligence Report.

Coldshot (P.O. Woolfe) and myself went to meet Lt. Henshaw on the flightline of Offut A.F.B., where she arrived in what I can only describe as a suit of what would appear to be Iron man Armor, but in a different color scheme. Her story is that she was taken from Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, Lackland AFB, Texas, by a Decepticon, named Thunderwing. He did.... whatever it is that was done to her. I was still in contact with Mr. Whitwicky, and I invited him and an Autobot scientist to Offut to investigate this Exosuit.

They arrived and began a series of visual scans, along with some kind of scan that is beyond our technology, or my ability to explain, except that it looked like a cross between a Star Trek Tricorder, and a Star Wars Holographic Projector. They sent this information to something called Teletraan Two. They also invited Lt. Henshaw and myself to return with them to their base, for further tests.

I am going to accept this invitation, for a few reasons.

  1. . We need to discover what this Thunderwing did to one of our Joes.
  2. . If the Exosuit is dangerous, to Lt. Henshaw, or the Joes, they might be able to remove it.
  3. . It will give me a chance to meet with the Autobot Command, and perhaps finally hammer out a deal for G.I. Joe/Autobot Mutual Assistance.
  4. . The chance to pick up Intelligence, just by being there, is too good to pass up. One never knows what I might see that our Scientists could use in their research. Not to mention, we need all the help we can get in fighting Cobra and the Decepticons.

I am going to leave Gung-Ho in Command of the Pit, awaiting Duke, Hawk, or Flint's return from their other assignments, but I do imagine, in case of emergency, that the Autobots will not stop me from leaving their base. I will also be in daily radio contact, and my receiver will be on at all times.

I am going to take a small group, myself, Lt. Henshaw, P.O. Woolfe (Coldshot), and perhaps one other.


July 20 - IC Report

TO: All Joe Forces

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. ' Scarlett ' O'Hara

RE: Cobra Al-Alawi Invasion

I have just confirmed that Cobra is involved in the Al-Alawi invasion. Recon Satelitte Imagery shows what appears to be a Cobra TerrorDome being built in the SouthEasternmost part of Al-Alawi. Between our Satelitte, and the Autobot Satelitte (Which I have just confirmed they have at least one of), it is obvious that Cobra is at least involved as a supplier of the Invasion Force. However, the construction is being handled by Techno-Vipers, their Purple Uniforms are impossible to miss. *Insert two different images, one conventional Recon Sat Image, one much sharper, much more zoomed in image, with an Autobot logo in one corner*

Consider this a War-Warning, Joes. As soon as the Brass gives the orders, we will deploy to the Middle East to stop Cobra, or their puppets. All Vehicles should be spot checked, and made combat effective. All Leaves are cancelled. All personnel on leave, are recalled. All personnel are to gather their Combat gear, and be ready to board planes for deployment with one hours notice.

I will have an advanced team ready to deploy within 10 hours.

The TerrorDome appears to be 25% complete, or so, giving us less than 26 hours to take it down.

Await Orders, Joes. Be vigiliant.

Yo Joe!


July 24 - Air Skirmish at Al-Alawi

Scarlett and a small force investigate reports of trouble in Al-Alawi and face Cobra opposition.

July 25 - Search Party & Settling a Score

Search Party - Interrogator and Over Kill set out to find Scarlett out in the desert.

Settling a Score - Cobra has just captured the crown prince of Al-Alawi. As the prince is led into the Terror Drome, Scarlett attempts to make a dent in some Cobra operatives, while Interrogator and Over Kill seek to even the score against her over an earlier confrontation.

July 31 - IC Intelligence Report

TO: G.I. Joe Team, Special Attention Command and Intelligence

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. ' Scarlett ' O'Hara

RE: Al-Alawi Intelligence report

I have speant many days watching Cobra forces, in Al-Alawi. I can confirm, for a fact, that they have captured Crown Prince Nassir Ali ibin Abassa. He is inside the Terror Drome.

I can also confirm the presence of Baroness. She arrived Thursday, July 28th, late in the afternoon.

I have been avoiding contact with Cobra Forces, as much as possible, after an encounter with a New Over Kill unit **Insert Photgraph of new Crimson Over Kill Unit, taken as he disembarks a Vector, heading for a Terror Drome in the Desert** and Interrogator. I sustained some injuries, and since than, I have made friends with a group of Kurds living in a series of caves in the Western most part of Al-Alawi. They helped me cross the border in Iraq, so that my Communications would get through. Cobra has some kind of Communications Blackout inside Al-Alawi, for all but their own forces.

I will return to Al-Alawi, as it appears Cobra is massing forces for a major push, of some kind further into Al-Alawi. The Kurds are trying to pick off lone Cobra Troops, or small bands, but Cobra has taken to patroling in Squadron Size or better. It may have something to do with me picking off a few of their teams completely, early on. Or it could just be the fact that they have enough reinforcements to upgrade their patrol sizes.

Don't take too much longer in getting here, or Cobra will be too entrenched to kick out.

Yo Joe!



August 1 - Battle at Al-Alawi

The Joes send an assault team to push the Cobras off Al-Alawi.

August 5 - Orders

TO: All Joes
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlet' O'Hara
RE: Orders

All Joes not assigned to any duties are to report to F.E.M.A. for assignment in assisting in Evacuation of the Coastal Cities to higher ground. All Tomahawks and Ospreys are hereby placed on Search and Rescue Duty. See Wild Bill or Lift Ticket for Assignments. -Scarlett

August 9 - IC Report on Al-Alawi

TO: G.I. Joe Command, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director: CIA, Director: NSA, Director: DIA, The President's National Security Advisor, SecDef, SecState, PotUS

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M.' Scarlett ' O'Hara, Intelligence, Alpha Team leader: G.I. Joe

RE: Al-Alawi (People's Republic of Cobra Unity) Border with Iraq, Intelligence Post-Defensive Position-Command Post

With Cobra control of Al-Alawi almost complete, and their claim to sovereignty pending in the United Nations, we need to get a dedicated facility along the Iraqi Border with Al-Alawi up and functional. The purpose of this facility would be as follows:

  1. . Provide Early Detection of any Cobra incursion into Iraq, or a buildup of Cobra forces along the border, in preparations for an attack. (Intelligence Post)
  2. . Provide eyes and ears on the ground(SIGINT), in close proximity to Cobra Forces, so that we can monitor their actions, and potentially learn of additional plans. (Intelligence Post)
  3. . Provide a strong point, past which Cobra would not be able to invade, without taking the facility out. (Defensive Position)
  4. . Provide a location for any possible retaking of Al-Alawi to start from. (Command Post)
  5. . Provide a launching point for any potential Human Assests undertaking Intelligence(HUMINT) Gathering Operations into Al-Alawi. (Intelligence Post)

Required Materials:

Prefabricated Reinforced Steel Building, with Defensive Weaponry, a State of the Art Radar, Communications, and Computer Center, and also with Facilities to House Personnel, repair facilities for 1-2 Armored Vehicles, and a Helicopter Landing Facility.

2-4 Main Battle Tanks

1 Tomahawk, Dragonfly, or Apache Helicopter, or 2-3 VTOL Capable Attack/Fighter Jets.

10 Greenshirt Support Staff

1 Computer Specialist (Hacker or Mainframe)

1 Intelligence Operative

1 Strike Team (Alpha or Beta by choice. The rest are assisting F.E.M.A. and National Guard Forces with coastal evacuations)

1 On Site Command Personage (Could be combined with Strike Team Leader, Intelligence Operative, or Computer Specialist, although only Strike Team Leader would be optimal for Combination)


Aug 25 - IC Orders

TO: All Joe Forces
FROM: Scarlett
RE: Flooding

Orders have come down from on high, and here they are:

The U.S.S. Flagg is to maintain its present location and duties.

Joe Naval Forces not assigned to the Flagg should begin a systematic search of the Polar Icecaps, what is left of them, for the source of the melting. Scientists agree this was too sudden for any natural cause, not to mention Megatron has taken credit for it.

Joe ground forces not assigned to the Pit, which may very well be under water in the next few days, should head to high ground, the Rockies, by preference, and prepare to strike at whatever the Navy finds. The same is true for Air Forces. All Air Assets are being transferred to Air Force Bases above the potential flood planes, and their crews shall go along.

Strike Team Alpha, currently assigned to the Pit, should be prepared for further orders, pending funding, to Iraq, to watch over the Cobra Forces in Al-Alawi. If funding comes through, we will have a base build... Otherwise, we will do so from the Mountains, with the assistance of the Kurds.

If Offut is flooded, Emergency Protocol Alpha Niner Bravo will be initiated, sealing the Pit, making it airtight, and internal Life Support Systems will be turned on. If you are trapped inside the Pit when this happens, be prepared for a long term confinement. If you will not be able to handle this, you need to see me immediately, to get orders to deploy to the Flagg, or to one of the other teams.



Sept 19 - IC Report: The Pit Flooded

TO: All Joe Forces

FROM: Scarlett

RE: Flooding

All forces inside the Pit are now trapped. The flooding above us has reached the 5 foot mark, and any attempt to unseal the Pit will lead to flooding the entire place. If there is an emergancy, the underground escape pods can be used, but only for medical emergancies that the Medical Bay is not able to handle. For now, we are out of the fight, unless we are ordered to abandon the Pit.


Sept 22 - IC Report: North Pole Ice Cap

TO: G.I. Joe Command, Intelligence Division

FROM: Scarlett

RE: North Pole Ice Cap

Satelitte Imaging indicated a Cobra Sea Ray flying over the North Pole, and the Pit Motor Pool Camera showed a S.H.A.R.C. that had just had repairs completed upon it. I used the Main Lift as an airlock, an swam to the S.H.A.R.C. and used it to investigate the Northern Ice Cap. I found no indication of the Sea Ray, but it appears Cobra is interested in the Ice Caps. We should run Recon Runs, in Force, over and under both ice caps, and see if we can learn anything.


  • Strange Bedfellows - Scarlett reluctantly contacts Cobra in hopes of securing a temporary alliance against the Decepticons.
Sept 27 - IC Orders: Alert Status

TO: Joes

FROM: Scarlett

RE: Upcoming Mission

All Joes, especially the Naval and Air Operations divisions, shall be on High Alert. We have an upcoming mission, that will involve us working with Cobra to destroy one of the sources of the flooding causing so much difficulty to the planet.

No. I do not trust Cobra any further than I could throw a Mauler, but these orders have come down from the VERY top. However, whatever forces go in with Cobra's strike team will be backed by a strike team of our own, ready to pull them out of the fire, if Cobra gets any funny ideas, after the fact.

Any one that can make it to the Flagg, or any of our remote air fields should begin making their way there, this mission will go off with little warning.



Nov 7 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command, Joint Chiefs, SecDef, PotUS FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara RE: South Pole

I took a SHARC, along with Major Bludd, and recon'ed the South Pole, looking for a Facility along the lines of the one at the North Pole. We struck paydirt. I gave Major Bludd a copy of the Raw Data for Cobra Techs to Analyze, and a copy is attached to this as well, for anyone that needs it. I have Mainframe and Dialtone working their crews as hard as possible to analyze the data. Major Bludd and I will compare what both sides gleam for the Raw input as soon as the Analysis is complete.

We will have another facility to take down, after we handle the one at the North Pole.


Nov 8 - Housebreaking Air Raid

How do you solve a problem like Air Raid? (Think of the Sound of Music, ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria?’) Than add in some [[Decepticon

Nov 8 - Hell's Bells

Scarlett writes in her jounral about what she discovered in Antarctica

Nov 9 - IC After Action Report

TO: Admiral Keel-Haul , General Hawk, G.I. Joe Command, Major Bludd, Spike

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. ' Scarlett ' O'Hara

RE: After Action Report for Action Dated: 09 November 2011, 2100 EST

I was speaking to Mr. Witwicky, Air Raid and Cuffs on the Flight Deck of the Flagg, and secured a promise of at least 20 Autobots to assist in the raid against the North Pole Facility, along with some Cybertronian explosives for the Demolitions teams to use in their mission. Shortly after Mr. Witwicky retired for the evening, and Air Raid went off to do... Whatever it is, that Cybertronians do when they are not busy, I continued to speak to Cuffs for a few minutes, about some underwater training missions in combination with the Joes and the Cobra Agents currently on the Flagg, when the Flagg's Radar picked up an Unknown Contact. The Alert Fighters had no pilots ready, so I took one, and went to investigate, while the Flagg prepared to scramble more fighter jets.

The unknown craft was Cybertronian in origin, and had Decepticon markings. I ordered it to turn away from the Flagg, and when it refused, by opening fire, a battle ensued. A battle in which, I was shot down, and my F-35B Lightining II was destroyed. I was forced to eject 50 miles out from the Flagg, but Cuffs was able to drive the Decepticon Tetrajet off. He might be able to tell us the name of the Decepticon in question, if anyone wants to know it's name.

I was picked up after 10 minutes, 3 of which I spent in the water. I have been informed my core temperature dropped at least 5 degrees, and that I am suffering the afteraffects of Hyperthermia. I am restricted to the Infirmary on the Flagg for the next 12-24 hours for observation.


Nov 15 - RE: Antarctic Assault

TO: G.I. Joe Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Antarctica

Cobra has also agreed to provide their King Snake for use in transferring Air Assests from the Arctic Raid to Antartica if we need it. However, if we are prepositioning units, using the Ark, do they have room for a flight of F-35's or XP-14F's?

If so, I will have a flight of them released from Duty at one of the T-A-D locations in Greenland, and sent to the Ark immediately.


Nov 23 - Arctic Assault

The combined air and naval forces of GI Joe, Cobra, and the Autobots stage their assault on the Decepticons' Arctic heating apparatus


Dec 8 - After Action Report - Polar Assaults

(OOC NOTE: While the Log for the first Assault took place on 11/23, the time frame was ICly about 24 hours)

FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: After Action Report - Antarctica Assault

In the last 24 Hours the Combined forces of the Joes, Cobra and the Autobots have assaulted the Decepticon Facilities at the North and South Poles. In both cases the Facilities were destroyed.

In the North, the Flagg and Cobra Kingsnake were able to gain complete surprise over the Decepticon facility. Our Diving Teams were able to sneak in and blow up the facility, and our losses were minor. We lost a total of 20 jets, 30 more were damaged in one form or another. We lost 15 helicopters, 20 more damaged. Total Casualties were light up north. We had 15 killed, and 275 injured in one form or another. Some injuries were Hypothermia, but most came from falling debris hitting the Deck of the Flagg.

At the South Pole, however, we lost 50 jets, with another 60 damaged. No Helicopters were involved. We did have ground forces involved, and they took a heavy cost from Megatron's Revenge, after the Installation was Destroyed. We sent in 50 Snow Cats, 20 Maulers, and 10 Equalizers; all were destroyed or abandoned. Casualty numbers there were much higher as well. 200 dead, 400 wounded. All have been evacuated to other bases.

All Joes are to be commended, and as soon as possible, a memorial service will be held for our fallen comrades.


Dec 21 - IC Report (Skystriker XP-21F)

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Air Group
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: XP-21F Skystriker Mk II

The Isrealis have just delivered 5 XP-21F, Skystriker Mk II's, the first of the 20 we have been promised, for our testing. There are only five of these things, so I am sure the Command Group would prefer we try to keep them in one piece, at least as best we can. As such, only qualified Jet Pilots are authorized to fly them. You will need to sign them out, so that if they are damaged, Ace will know who to yell at...

These Skystrikers are more heavily armed than the old Skystrikers, with a Loadout of two 30 mm Cannons, compared to One 50 mm Cannon, 2 Shrike Air to Air Missiles, 2 Sidewinder Air to Air Missiles, 2 Phoenix Air to Air or Air to Ground Missiles, 2 Maverick Air to Ground Missiles, and 1 Variable Load Bomb, Compared to 2 Sparrow AAMs, 2 Sidewinder AAMs, and 2 Phoenix AAM/AGMs.

They are also fully capable of In-Air refueling and landing on the USS Flagg.

For a full technical readout, log on to the server, and download the specs to your system (Here. However, these Specs are HIGHLY Classified, and are EYES ONLY to the G.I. Joe team.




Aug 02 - Base attack

TO: Joe Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. Ohara (Scarlett)
RE: Africa Command Base - Germany (AAR)

Last night the Africa Command base was attacked. I recognized one of the attackers as Artemis, but she was not wearing anything resembling a badge of Cobra. Instead she yelled something about the Red Shadows. I have attached a picture of the Red Shadow symbol she was wearing, and I am tasking the Joe Intelligence Group to find out whatever can be found out about the Red Shadows. Raven was injured fairly badly, Temera was only mildly injured, but Steel-Brigadier 910 is in serious condition.

I am still awaiting reports from the Base Commander as to his losses, but they appeared severe.

Recommend immediate influx of Joe Personnel to replace the Base Staff. Especially if this Red Shadows business is just a front for Cobra, and with Artemis leading last night's attack, I feel there is a chance the Red Shadows are related to Cobra.



Interrogator and Crash Dive go to destroy the G.I. Joe base under orders from the Baroness. Will Scarlett and Cover Girl be able to stop them?

Aug 08 - AAR

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Operatives
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Iraq Base

I went to Iraq on 8/8/2012, around 17:00 hours, to assist with the final stages of the Prefabricated Base we were building. Not long after I arrived, Cobra launched an attack. First a Mamba, than a Sea Ray. We fought them off, with the base taking minor, repairable damage. The Mamba escaped, but the Sea Ray was destroyed. It's pilot, I fought as they tried to escape back into Al-Alawi. However, I took a Spear-gun Spear through the leg, nicking my femoral artery, or so the medics tell me, and was unable to capture him.

A flight of Cobra Rattlers were than dispatched, and they bombed the base. The damage was so severe, that there is no reason to attempt to repair it. We'll need to start over.

I was airlifted to the Flagg, and after stabilization, I was taken to the Pit.

I heard Cobra's faked news report, and at no time did I, or anyone else on the team, cross into Al-Alawi.


Aug 08 - Medical Report

TO G.I. Joe Medical, G.I. Joe Command
FROM: Flagg Medical Department
RE: Operative: Scarlett

Scarlett recieved a major wound to her left leg. It partially severed her Femoral Artery, and she lost a lot of blood. We removed the spear, repaired the artery, and were forced to use 8 units of blood, in the process. We have transferred her back to the Pit for further evaluation. Estimated Recovery Time: 1 Week (Depending on the Rehab of the leg)
-Flagg Medical Team

Aug 22 - General Sneaky

Scarlett talks to Hawk about some plans to kick Cobra out of Al-Alawi.

Aug 23 - Kurd Training

TO: G.I. Joe Personnel
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Iraq Military Base: Training Facility for Al-Alawi Kurds

I will be taking the following Training Officers to El-Hassim Military Base in Iraq, to assist in a training program for the Kurdish Rebels operating in Al-Alawi:

Basic Training: Sergeant Slaughter
Infantry Training: Grunt
Advanced Infantry Training: Beach head
Basic Tank Training: Steeler
Demolitions: Tripwire
Shoulder Fired Rocket Launchers: Bazooka

Assistant Trainers (To be used by the others as needed): Alpha Strike Team (OOC Note: Since Alpha Strike Team is the IC team, for now, this means anyone can go that wants)

I will be on site as much as possible, however, since I will be going undercover into Al-Alawi, as Ebony, to lead the Kurds, my time on site will be limited.


Aug 29 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Kurdish Rebel Training and Guerrilla Attacks

The first of the training classes on their new weapons is complete, and they have started to assault Cobra patrols in small numbers. We are planning our first really big strike, with the new weapons that have come in from Wright Patterson, and hopefully in the next few days, there will be something to show for it.

The next group of fifty Kurds are in Iraq right now, and are being trained on the new weapons, but this group will take longer, as we are also training them in captured HISS Tanks.



Sep 06 - IC Report

TO: Joe Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Kurdish Training and Strikes

I have been hearing good things from Slaughter, Beach-Head, and the other trainers, and the Kurds are ready to launch a massive strike on the Al-Alawi Oil Refinery. It is heavily guarded, with a Terrordrome on site, but the Kurdish Leadership wants to make a statement assault. I will be leading the assault soon, in my disguise as Ebony. We will be using the 4 HISS Tanks that have been turned over to the Kurds, along with all the trained fighters.

The Plan is fairly simple, but it has wrinkles in it.

Two of the Kurd Squads will launch simultaneous assaults on a Water Filtration and Purification Faculty, and on the Cobra Hangars in Crown City.

The rest of the force will be pre-positioned near the Oil Refinery, and as soon as any response is made, we will attack, if no response is made, it will be up to the onsite leadership, including myself, to decide if the attack should go forward.

If there are any suggestions from Command about the raid, we will need the input shortly.




Dec 07 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Intelligence, Strike Team Alpha
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: Al-Alawi Insurgency

I have returned from Al-Alawi (Cobra Unity), where for the last 18 months I have lead the Insurgents against Cobra's illegal takeover of the Country. The insurgency is gone, at least as far as I can tell. All groups I had been in contact with have failed to report in. I am available for reassignment.




January 3 - Sim You Later

Snake-Eyes gives Nightingale the show of a lifetime. Also? Push-Ups.

January 4 - A Chance Meeting

Scarlett goes for a walk, and meets an old comrade, who has come up in the world.

January 9 - You making a Movie?

Scarlett Investigates Cobra activity in New York City

Jan 09 - IC Report

TO: GI Joe Command, GI Joe Medical
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: After Action Report - Rockafeller Plaza - NYC

I knew that Interrogator and Angel had been in New York, and I had heard some reports that Over Kill was in New York as well. I can now confrim the Over Kill reports. I ran into him, while I was checking on those reports. A fight broke out, and I disabled him. He caused some damage with a rocket launcher to a building, but I did not engage him with any projectiles, until I was at point blank range. I disabled him, but in the process, I believe he broken my collarbone with his machete attachment, or maybe he just fractured it. About the same time the Greenshirt Medical Evac Team arrived, a team of Black-Clad Troops, most likely Vipers, arrived and took him away.

I am in Medical right now, awaiting more than the stabilization the Greenshirt Medical Team was able to provide.


January 19 - Introducing Nightingale

Scarlett inadvertently designates Dr. Miller's Codename.

January 20 - IC Message

TO: Joe Command, Joe Personnel Clerk
FROM: Master Sergeant Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Second Lieutenant Michel Miller (Doctor)

Doctor Miller has been 'assigned' a Codename by the Greenshirts in Medical, Nightingale. So, I am hereby making the official request that she be be granted that as her Codename, and her probationary status be ended.

It is time we bring her on as a Joe, and stop the screwing around around, folks. Consider me her mentor.



February 3 - After Action Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command, GI Joe Air Assets
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: After Action Report: 2-3-2014

At approximately 1300 on 2-4-2014 (Local) Korean time, Decepticons attacked the Gwangyang Steel Works in South Korea. I responded to the call over the EARTH DEFENSE COMMAND frequency, as I was flying in Skystriker II #3140, on a routine C-A-P over the Pacific Ocean, and I was just crossing the Sea of Japan. Starscream, Valour, and an unidentified Decepticon were there in a Shuttle. Jetfire, Slingshot, and Silverbolt responded from the Autobots. We engaged the Decepticons, and were able to drive them off, without them being able to collect much, if any Steel from the Facility. The Skystriker sustained minor damage, and I was uninjured.

Upon further review, we need to make sure all Joes are monitoring the EDC frequency, and if a call goes out over it, if we can get there in time, we need to respond to the attack.


February 11 - My Medical Status and Intelligence Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Intelligence, G.I. Joe Medical
FROM: Sergent Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: My Medical Clearance, and Other Notes

I have been cleared to return to Full Active Duty, and I have resumed my duties. As such, my first report is on what would appear to be the drawdown of personnel at the Mount Carmel location of the Church of the Coiled Serpent. I have had a Recon Sat. tasked to keep an eye on the place, since it was opened, especially consideing one of the members appears to be the Cobra Operative, Artemis. However, Artemis is not on site, and has not been for a week, at least. Thermal Imaging shows that only half the staff is left on site, and that has been slowly dropping to an even smaller number on a daily basis.

My analysis of the situation is mixed. Either they are abandoning the Church, which without our intervention seems unlikely, or Cobra has a use for their operatives (As I have suspected from the begining that this Church was just a front for Cobra Activity) else where.

I will try to ascertain the locations of where the known Cobra Operatives have been relocated to, but as yet, Artemis has not shown up anywhere in the World that I can find, and Customs does not show her leaving the country, at least not by legal means.


February 13 - IC Report: Tomax and Xamot

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe intelligence, GI Joe Cyber Command
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Tomax and Xamot

I went to New York City last night, in one of my undercover guises, to see if I could learn anything new about the Crimson Twins, and I actually ran into them.

Thankfully, my disguise held up, and when I talked to Xamot, in his guise of one of the Paoli Brothers, I may just have been granted a way for Miss Georgia McHenry to gain employment at Extensive Enterprises. So, I need Mainframe and Hacker to get to work building up the backstory on Miss McHenry. I may also need need some extra undercover Agents to pull it off. As soon as I know, I will let everyone know.

Mainframe, Hacker, expect a dossier on Georgia McHenry to follow shortly. And I do need this background to stand up to even the Baroness preforming a background check, so it has to be flawless. Absolutely no potential holes.



March 9 - Alpha Strike Team Orders

TO: All Joe Strike Teams
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Frusenland

I want all members of the Alpha Strike Teams prepared to move out to Frusenland. With the reports of Destro and his Iron Grenadiers already being in Frusenland, I feel Cobra can not be far behind. Also, the assassinations of Anti-Cobra Gevernment Members leads me to believe that Cobra is behind the entire thing. I can not yet prove it, nor can I offer anything more than a hunch, but it concerns me.



Apr 28 - Strike Team Alpha

TO: G.I. Joe Strike Team Alpha (OOC: Meaning Most current IC Joes)
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Frusenland Operations

While we have not yet been ordered in, Strike Team Alpha is placed on High Alert, and ordered to report to Ämari Air Base in Estonia, to join the G.I. Joe Air Assets, in preparation for possible operations in Frusenland. Strike Team Beta and Charlie are to be prepared to move out, if needed by Alpha Team and the Air Assets. Naval Forces should begin to deploy to the North Sea.



Apr 13 - IC After Action Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command Staff
From: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE After Action Report

On the evening of 4/13/2016, I was returning to the Pit from under cover work in Cobra Unity in a Skystriker II. After a mid-air refueling north of Omaha, I recieved a message from Jetfire, Autobot, warning me to stay away from the Van Mark Production Corporation building in Detroit. Of course, seeing as how it is American property, I investigated. Three Decepticons, Valour, Dreadwind, and Slugfest were attacking the plant. I engaged them, after they failed to comply with orders to leave U.S. airspace. I was able to drive off Dreadwind, and than engaged Valour. After a few exchanbges of fire, I dropped a bomb on Valour, but it missed, and leveled the Van Mark building. I am on scene now, checking the building for survivors. I will report more, as I know it.


Apr 15 - IC: Report on Assignment

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Intelligence
CC: G.I. Joe Medical
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Return to Active Roster and Undercover Assignment Report

I have return from undercover operations in Cobra Unity. The actions of the insurgents have not done a whole lot to force Cobra to withdraw from the country, but even with little to show for it, I believe we should continue to support the local population get their country back.

The operations in Frusenland also came up empty, for the overall objective, but every little bit helps get the locals more confidence.

For Medical, I will need a full physical before I can be returned to full active status, so as soon as someone is ready, they need only call for me.



August 22 - "Frozen Find"

Joes uncover a frozen mostly dead Cybertronian in Alaska and ask for help. A random assortment of helpers arrive.

Aug 22 - Arctic Excursion

A waystation in the permafrost along the Canadian/Alaska border was reporting regular radio transmissions of an unknown origin. A team was sent in lead by myself to investigate. While there a group of Autobots and affiliated joined in to discover an unknown Cybertronian entombed in the ice with no specific faction insignia. Simultaneously a large Decepitcon showed up while the team went on alert.


Under the direction of Ambassador Witwicky, a parley was agreed to with Deathsaurus where he agreed to assist in recovering the Cybertronian to take them to Autobot City for repair and rehabilitation under the Geneva Convention. Cybertronian was given to Autobot custody. Medic Starlock stated that he was from Harmonex, a city state on Cybertron.

August 30 - "Caged Rose"

Villetta Rose isn't human. What, then, is she?

Aug 30 - Subject: Villetta

To: Operational Staff

Message: The woman who calls herself Villetta Rose claims to be from Iowa and attending university. She was located during an alien shuttle launch featuring a group of potatoes departing the system by unknown spaceship after a skirmish between our forces and potatoes in England. The potatoes were reported taking a number of inanimate ones with them and were tracked to a shuttle.

Since her retrieval, Villette has no official records in any database. She does not register as human according to any tests that can be done, nor is her genetic material on file or comparable to any human or alien beings on file. She has given a story of being a 'normal' person in her claimed hometown which she appears to believe with total sincerity.

Initial genetic analysis suggests she's not human, although what she actually is has still not been determined. She has no blood pressure and Doc was unable to find a vein. She's maintained her story under questioning, even after setting off Doc's alien scanner, unlike the Dire Wraiths we'd encountered before. However, her imperfect genetics set her apart from Mindbender's clones and resurrections, which would have passed much more rigorous examination.

Currently she is in a containment and isolation room in the brig while Doc is doing followup genetic tests comparing her genetic material to potatoes, particularly the animate ones, and failing any genetic material sequencing the tests will be expanded to other non-humanoid genetic sequences.

She is to be monitored and kept in quarantine until further orders are given.

Sep 15 - Interrogation

From: Scarlett
To: Personnel Assigned Operation Mash
Subj: Interrogation

Msg: Had another talk with interrogation subject in her cell. She (referring to individual by female pronoun for ease of reference) was engaged in small talk. Individual had fully human mannerisms and behaviors, appearing bored and somewhat agitated by continuous incarceration.

Talked to subject saying she was only known escapee from Ames (city of individual's purported location) stating that it had had a high infection and she was only known escapee, spliced with prepared images of area. Subject appeared nonchalant but worried. No tells available in behavior nor grief but surprise. Possibility that subject is mentally exhausted and so no great distress.

Individual appears to fully be able to maintain presence as human. Has functional memories, behaviors. Background appears fully fleshed out in head based upon discussions. Subject has minor recollections of unimportant events, no major dissassociative episodes from holes in programming. Normally small details lead to mental errors and disruption of programming.

According to Doc, subject is genetically stable, discussions have shown no signs of disorientation and agitation beyond what is to be expected given state of normal human. Individual is -very- adept at appearance of normality. If was not aware she was artificial life form, she might almost engender distress at seeing her incarcerated for extended period and worry at violation of prisoner protocols. The work done on her has been extremely high quality; not just her genetic structure but her mental state and consciousness.

No further updates

  • September 20 - "Joes Smell a Ratte" - A cluster of potatoes steal even more potatoes from a smoky California.

Sep 20 - Potato Encounter

While along the West Coast on standby against possible Cobra operations and to assist with the firestorms, the team present located a potato infestation. A group of them displayed better tactics, attempting to use smoke to cover an attempted flanking maneuver against the team present. The potatoes were driven off, but at least one potato displayed surprising abilities of flight while fleeing with a group of non-sentient potatoes and was able to disengage without interference. The area was secured and swept by an analysis team and then Joes present were transferred to assist with firefighting duties.


  • October 16 - "Wargames II" - Now that the Joes have helped get the country back in order Hawk wants to get the Joes into the best shape they can be in case Cobra attempts to attack the US again. To that end he has arranged a series of wargames for the Joes to participate in.

Oct 16 - War Games - Casualties

General Post: TO ALL JOES

From: Scarlett

We had a major loss today Joes. During tank games for War Games training, a tank was destroyed by a live demolition pack rather than a training pack. Greenshirt Private Luis Martinez died from an explosion and several others were badly injured. Flags at all facilities are to be at half mast. He is to be inducted as a full Joe posthumously and given a Codename. He died a Joe.

PVT Nakmura was the one that placed the training demo pack on the tank. Upon inspection she was found to have live packs on her. Given the strict separation and marking of all live field packs and training ones, all equipment used in the exercise is to be put through immediate inspection. All vehicles, weapons, rounds, packs, supplies, uniforms are to be checked manually and cross referenced against inventory by hand. Private Nakamura is restricted to barracks pending a full investigation.

A full audit of all munitions, stores, vehicles, assets at base is to be done under the coordination of Battleaxe. I expect a full invneotry and inspection of barracks, stores, armory, vehicle bay, hangar, maintenance pits.. EVERYTHING on site. We lost people today Joes. We WILL get to the bottom of this. We mourn. We won't let it have been in vain. And I know what we all think. We will investigate and get to the bottom of this.

  • November 10 - "Attack at Sea!" - Something stalks the deep, and it will rise and attack the Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho>.

Nov 10 - Cruise Ship Attack

To: General Operations
Subj: Attack on Aoi Sangosho

Msg: A distress call was heard from the cruise liner <Aoi Sangosho> off the eastern coast of Japan. It was under attack by a trio of (seemingly) Cybertronian attackers with alternate forms of sea creatures. A rapid response team lead by General Hawk consisting of myself, Poise, Cookie, Wet Down, and Mara engaged them in sea and aerospace units. The Cybertronians exchanged insults and threats along public access channels. They were clearly seeking a fight. Upon engagement they attempted to sink the cruise liner, calling up a fourth undersea ally to try and cripple it.

They were driven off by heavy firepower and retreated. Rather than pursuing the team engaged in rescue operations of the Aoi Sangosho. The Cybertronians did not attempt to engage again. Request that combat profiles be worked up on them for future engagements /and/ we ask the Autobots while they're not holding up their end of their treaty obligations.


Jun 01 - Arashikage Temple Alien

To: General Personnel/Restricted Access
Subj: Alien Infiltrators

Msg: Myself and Snake-Eyes located a dormant Arashikage Temple in the mountainous areas of Japan that had gone active. We infiltrated finding that there was an individual training (Picture Link upload of Shadow Strike) thought to be a Cobra associate. When engaged, he lead the trainees in a counter attack but was badly injured.

At that point an unknown Cybertronian (picture tag of Stardrive)


appeared along with an old man. The Cybertronian identified herself as 'Queen'. The old man joined in the melee, a few moments later revealing himself to be some sort of alien biological entity scaled to cybertronian standards (Pic of Vekktral in Dire Wraith form).

Vekktral in Dire Wraith form

The alien infiltrator transformed at the same time from injuries (tag of D'Rge in Dire Wraith form).

D'Rge in Dire Wraith form

Claiming the 'Queen' was an usurper as the 'Queen' (pic tag Stardrive) said he could surrender and rejoin or be destroyed. While the infiltration team threatened the Cybertronian, her sycophant attacked but was driven off (picture tag of Vekktral fleeing along with D'Rge). The original alien infiltrator also fled in the engagement, and the 'Queen' wandered off.

I am not familiar with the individuals in question nor their species. Given the use of 'Queen' I would presume a hierarchical dynamic. Usurper would indicate that she recently took over power in some way and is clamping down on dissenters, possibly indicative of a need to suppress resistance or out of personal revenge.

The Temple was damaged in the melee but stable. We have a large number of trainees, none of which survived. A very large number of booby traps which teams are to be on alert and disassemble carefully, any Ninja Force team members are to be present for this. Varying amounts of alien bio (or mechanical) fluids for analysis. Snake-Eyes will be doing a sweep of the Temple given his familiarity and will be looking for any indicators that the infiltrator may have left technology or other items behind in the Temple since he had to cut and run. So the followup teams should go through every centimeter of it with a Ninja Force member present or someone fluent with the Arashikagi combat styles. It's going to be a long cleanup Joes. Let's figure out who these -things- were and what sort of threat we're dealing with here.

Personal Addendum: Bugs are still better than potatoes. But don't ask Cookie to come up with recipes for this one. Also, X-COM is to be taken out of the rec room's game stations if I hear any jokes.

Jun 30 - Encounter

To: Ninja Force/Intel

Msg: While myself and Snake-Eyes were at the Arakashi Temple that had been infiltrated (OOC - By the Dire Wraiths) a pair of siblings came in (picture - tag Katana and Wakizashi attached). They were members of the clan/stayed there for training and did not seem related to the aliens that had taken over the Temple. Upon being shown holographic footage of the infiltration they believed it. The male spoke something of a 'Daisho' that needed to be completed in short order (request followup for Intelligence to pursue leads for, using identity of two individuals to narrow search). Both displayed poor operational security and focused more upon teasing one another than their environs. This would mark them as primarily civilians or trainees to the Clan and that did not have an extensive/if any amount of field combat experience.

Aug 9

Cyborg Vs. Another Ninja - Artemis is in Mexico, and Scarlett is tracking her!

Aug 09 - Shooter

To: All Joes
From: Scarlett
Subj: Joker of Spades Shooter

Msg: Was tracking the 'Joker of Spades Assassin', aka Artemis, sniper affiliated with Cobra (see appropriate files) that was targeting a cartel leader in the Mexican desert. Artemis was able to shoot the cartel leader while he was inside his residence and before I could intercept. Maneuvered to engage her.

Target stated that she was pursuing this as a personal vendetta, out for revenge, and not doing so under the auspices of Cobra. She seemed less professional than she normally was noted to be, which lends some credibility, possibly.

Engaged Artemis, and moderately injured her but she was able to escape. Shooter abandoned her rifle, it was recovered at scene.

Artemis remains at large and this is far from the last of her targets.

Aug 19 - "Always bet on Black"

Even with the details being unclear as to the how, Ebony has returned to the Prime-Universe. She even sent a message to Scarlett to let her know. What happens next is pure chaos.

Aug 22 - Encounter

I received a message along my personal secure network giving coordinates in Alaska. Upon going there I ran into my.. Alternate self from the separate reality where things were darker and inverted that we had encountered before. She was somehow stuck in this place, or at least she said she was and was looking to 'maintain' a living. We attempted to come to an agreement where we would put limitations on her behavior and keep watch on her but she would be left to her own devices so long as she obeyed the.. Rather restrictive conditions (to her).

When she disagreed I went to engage her and she defeated me with extreme ease. However, she was not attempting to.. Kill me at all and I was left with only moderate injuries, and she could have killed me at any point when I was unconscious. She put in a call for medevac for me. Current whereabouts unknown. Current goals unknown. I failed and she is currently gone to ground.

Oct 20 - Swamp Patrol

To: Joe Personnel/Nebulos Team
Subj: Swamp Sweep

Msg: In a nearby swamp to our command structure we detected a large deposit of metal on passive sensors. Unable to get a more exact positioning, a number of foot patrols were sent out with metal detectors. A team consisting of myself, Ambassador Witwicky (in case we came into contact with the locals), Sinatra and the Rats (for sweeping), myself (command), Jinx and Temera (for escort), and Sci-Fi (for analysis) swept around. We were able to pinpoint a deposit of metal which seemed to mass approximately as much as a large vehicle or weapons platform, exact type unknown buried deep in the swamp. It matches what we know of local Nebulan alloys. Exact status of vehicle scaled is unknown due to depth of it's burial.

Also at least three shells were located. Ambassador Witwicky said they were scaled approximately to the level of Cybertronian exo-suits and I defer to his expertise. At this point we could not tell if they were drones, humanoids in armor, robots, or other. There were possibly more present. No explosives or active power generation was picked up in the sweep though given we were limited to a visual examination (and in the case of the rats, scent) this may not mean much. I made the decision to withdraw at this point given it was clearly more in depth than a recon for possible salvage and we have insufficient information. We withdrew back to rendezvous point. Some information was taken in (see Ambassador Witwicky's attached photos and Sci-Fi's sensor scans). Position marked on the map and no signs in the area were of HIVE Patrols or local flora and fauna of a hostile nature.

Oct 27 - Resistance Operative

To: Nebulos Team
Msg: Resistance Operative

Msg: A possible location for a resistance base on Nebulos was located and General Hawk lead a patrol team out to an area that was a blocked off cliff range. A demo team lead by Sinatra was able to effect a partial collapse in it which gave sufficient access to locate an operative of the resistance (tag: Outrider) who was moderately injured and had been buried for multiple months. The area is thick in mercury and highly toxic so is not suited for ongoing operations.

According to the Operative (that served primarily as a courier) much of the Resistance had been swept up by the Hive and is held prisoner. We know of at least one Hive prison that the operative has stated a large number are being held at that we have a firm location of. The team has taken the operative back to base for medical treatment and a more extensive debriefing.

The status of the Crusader is poor, with not a highly stable orbit. A landing is required or parts to take for repairs. Details are being determined for what our course of operation will be. As well as for the prisoner aboard her. The General will give us marching orders soon, Joes. Maintain readiness.


Feb 04 - My Status

I have returned from Nebulos. I caught a ride with the Shuttle, on a supply run.


Feb 05 - IC Report

TO: All Joes
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: Personnel Records

I am getting with Hacker on the compromised records. I have already sent Greenshirt Teams out to cover some of the more High Profile member's family. However, if the attack on Sci-Fi's parents was a result of the records being stolen, I would not have expected his, to be the first target. So to combat this, I have sent a warning to all local Law Enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for Cobra in their area. I have informed the agencies where close family of a Joe lives, of what to be looking for, and where they might want to concentrate a little extra protection.

Some family members, I am not overly concerned with. My brothers, for example, or Marissa Faireborn. If anyone of you think your family might need extra protection, inform me quickly, and I will see if I can get them better security.

I have also had an idea, that if we could get them somewhere together, like a resort vacation area, we could protect them better, in a group, than with small packets of Greenshirts.

I have also alerted Falcon, and the Alpha Strike Team, to be ready to respond, should we get any kind of warning from the LEO's (Local Law Enforcement) that any Joe Family member might be in danger. There will be a Strike Team Element ready to move, via Plane or Helicopter, to any location in the United States, and can leave within minutes.

I am efforting to discover, along with Hacker's help, exactly what information from the personnel files were taken, as reviewing the time involved in the theft, Hacker does not believe that Cobra could have gotten everything in them. If we can narrow down, we can limit the damage they could potentially do.

One final note. If I can get Hacker to get me a location of those files, I will want Strike Teams Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie on Alert. We will be staging a mission to knock those files out, one way or another. In addition to the Strike Team members, I will want a Wing of Fighter Jets, a couple Bomb Experts, and at least two Computer Specialists to join the assault. This should allow us the ability to destroy the records, whether we do it physically, or via deleting and shredding the files electronically.

I will not rest until the situation is solved.


Feb. 7 - A Call to Action

Scarlett gets some bad news, and runs to the person she trusts most.

Feb 07 - RE: Cobra Attack

Another attack on the Pit is a fear I share. I am wondering if we are putting all of our proverbial eggs in one basket. Having a backup, in Fort Wadsworth's Pit might help, but that location is not unknown to Cobra.

I am wondering if we shouldn't go with a wider disbursement. The concept of the Pit, created in the 1980's has not allowed for advancements in technology. With Cobra in Space, they can monitor Joe Vehicles returning to any central location.

Perhaps what we should do, is consider either a mobile Headquarters, or disperse the teams based on Geographical terms. We can place out Air Wing, the plane section, anyways, anywhere in the United States, and have a fairly quick reaction time. I can work out a dispersal plan, once we have come up with a series of locations to send them to. I would likely break it down into Strike Team Elements, with Armor, Helicopter, and various other assets also deployed with the Strike Teams. We have enough Joes to create a few more strike teams, beyond: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. We'd easily have enough elements to add in Delta, Echo, and at least Foxtrot. If Hawk, Flint, and Duke would like, I will work out the exact breakdown of the Strike Teams, with also locations for Star Brigade, Ninja Force, and other Sub-Teams as well.


Feb. 8 - "One Step Closer"

Scarlett and Snake-Eyes get one step closer to finding her brother.

Feb 09 - Disbursement Plans

Here are some ideas I had, about how to disperse the Strike Teams, and the Air Assets.

Over Seas Teams will remain as already dispersed.

U.S. Based Air Assets, other than a small wing of Helicopters and Jets with each Strike team should be sent to one of the following AFB's: Edwards Air Force Base in California, Andrews AFB in Maryland, or Barskdale AFB in Louisiana. Naval Forces to be deployed to various Naval Facilities. Evenly split Atlantic and Pacific Ocean Bases.

Strike Teams

I see this breaking down as follows for each team, of which we have enough staff and personnel to actually create 5, instead of the three we currently have.

Command Element: Falcon, Beachhead, Gung-Ho, Stalker, Scarlett
Strike Team Leaders: Airborne, Lowdown, Recondo, Snow Job, and RoadBlock.
Pilots assigned to Strike Teams: Lift-Ticket, Wraith, Wisp, Slip-Stream, and others as they become available.

Star Brigade would, once Space Station Delta is repaired, be stationed on Space Station Delta.

Ninja Force would be placed wherever needed, and operate out of a location along with a Strike Team.

Strike Team Base of Operations: Camp Lajune, Fort Leavenworth Kansas, Fort Wainwright Alaska, Fort Irwin California, Fort Wadsworth New Jersey.

These are just rough plans. Nothing would be set in stone.

Under these plans, G.I. Joe Command would go to which ever location they thought best.

If, in the future, we wanted to reunite the teams, we would need to consider where to put a base, that would be easily defensible, and not easily located. So far, every Pit we have used, has ended up compromised in one way or another.

Feb 09 - Addendum

Note: As an alternative to Disbursement, we could consolidate all forces in one location, except for small teams, that way, our Headquarters always has a strong defense force. We would need a bigger base, and we would have to be more covert about where we launched aircraft and spacecraft from. I might suggest building something near the Grand Canyon. It is deep enough to not get a lot of satellite penetration.


Feb 14 - IC Report: Baroness

TO: Joe Command, Joe Intelligence
FROM: Scarlett
RE: Baroness Activity
CC: Concealer

It seems odd to me, but I am getting reports of sightings of the Baroness in the general area of the Pit. First she was spotted near Autobot city, meeting in a coffee shop with None other than Spike. This meeting was in the past week, and my informant can not answer any questions about the contents of their discussion.

Than, just a few nights later, I get a report from Concealer, that someone matching the Baroness' description was in that bar, Hamburger Mary's. She wasn't doing anything, from what I could tell, but Concealer was able to discover that she is acting as a consultant for NASA. If this is the Baroness, and she is really acting as a consultant for NASA, we do need to discover where she is, what she is doing. From all indications, if it was Baroness, Concealer did not give away the fact that she is a Joe. I would suggest that we encourage Concealer to contact this woman, and try to work on getting more information from her.

Concealer, contact this Ana Cisarov, and see if you can learn more. Discreetly, of course. Do not let her figure out you are a Joe.


Feb 14 - IC message to all Joes

TO: All Joe forces
FROM: Scarlett
RE: Flint

Flint has taken a short vacation. In the time he is gone, and if Hawk is unavailable, Lady Jaye and myself will be acting as the Command Staff for the Joes. Any concerns or needs should be forwarded to us. This is only temporary, as Flint just had to take some time off.

I am currently away from the Pit, but if I am needed, I am just a radio call away.

Don't break anything, boys and girls.


Feb 17 - A Broca Encounter

Scarlett goes to Broca, to find her brother, but finds something else.

Feb 23 - Scarlett Goes to Broca

Scarlett enters Broca, once again. This time, she brings company.

Feb 23 - IC Report: Broca A.A.R.

TO: All Joes
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara
RE: Broca Beach After Action Report

Earlier this evening, I entered Broca Beach, with two small Greenshirt Teams. Based on Intelligence I had gathered, I was certain my Brother was there, in Broca somewhere. The two most likely spots were the Medical Center and an Arcade.

The Arcade was covered by one of the Greenshirt teams, and in the end, they took too many casualties to get inside. When so ordered, they withdrew to the Medical Center, for Exfiltration.

My team was responsible for the Medical Center, as I had it pegged as the most likely location for Joe to be held.

As I approached, I encountered Zarana, disguised as a homeless person. She convinced me she was injured, and I helped her into the Medical Center. She tried to stall me, for what I presume was an ambush. However, I was able to get a jump on her, called in my back up, and we engaged Cobra Forces in the medical center. Most of them did not survive the encounter. I am unsure if Zarana survived, but I did put a sword through her, a few times.

Once the Lobby was secure, I moved into the stairwell, and located an entrance, in the Morgue, to an underground medical facility.

Joe was there. He was guarded by a pair of Crimson Guardsmen. I killed one, quickly, the other shot him, at least three times. That Guard is dead now too.

We all exfiltrated, via the roof of the Medical Center, and an Osprey flown by Wraith.

Joe is in the Pit's Medical Center, and I have asked Lifeline to take care of him. He is in serious condition, and I can only hope Lifeline can save his life.


Feb 27 - IC Report

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Intel
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Broca Beach
CC: Strike Teak Alpha, Bravo

I have been, via satellite, monitoring Broca Beach. There would appear to be a lot of traffic out of the Town. Multiple Semi-Trailer loads left from various points in the city, to move to a freighter in New York Harbor. The Freighter is listed as Frusenland Trading Vessel Umfangreich, which translates to Extensive.

Unsurprisingly, this Vessel's next destination is Kuwait, Al Jarah's port to be exact, which is just 100 miles to Cobra Unity.

Also, many busloads of people have left Broca, heading towards different Airports in the area.

I believe this shows that Cobra is pulling out. If we intend to strike, we should do so soon.

I want Strike Teams Alpha and Bravo ready to move, as soon as orders come through.


Mar 01 - IC Report: Cobra Anagrams

TO: All Joes
FROM: Sergeant Major Shana M. 'Scarlett' O'Hara
RE: Anagrams of Cobra

With a little help from Hacker, I have run a few Database Searches for Anagrams of Cobra, for things to be wary of. This list is long, but I will point out the highlights. I will try to get the entire list on the Joe Server, and will post the link, when I get a chance to fully show the list.

  • There is a Train Company, a Circus, a Delivery Company, and many more with this name.
  • Other than Broca Beach, there are about 100 businesses with this name, most of them centered around Broca Beach
  • There is a few small businesses with this name, near Millville, and also near Springfield, which is why this one popped out. However, as Hacker pointer out, Arboc is also the name of a Pokemon.... Whatever that is.
  • In Kuwait, there is a BRACO Shipping.

There are more, and I am going to have to have someone working on pulling records and company rosters on the above listed, and some unlisted companies, to see if we can eliminate any of them.

For now, I would avoid doing any business with a company on the list.




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