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I want to learn -everything-!

Scales is intellectual curiosity given the energy of a kid and let loose. Young and impetuous, she pokes her nose into anything that she sees. Her curiosity serves her well in her job as a medic. It has driven her to learn much more about the structure and repair of robots than what she knew as part of her original programming. Unfortunately, it also causes her to drive people nuts with her incessant questions. Her unusual structure was a matter of whimsy on her creator's behalf, being based off of the mythical dragon, but suits her well. While small and young, she does have some bite when it's necessary, using claws and teeth and a flaming breath weapon, as well as a sting that stuns opponents. However, she prefers to avoid conflicts involving guns and other weaponry. When she needs to, she can also transform into a tape and hide or sulk or carry information. While some may wonder at a medic with claws, she can actually retract them for manipulating delicate items, like circuitry. Her wings and short fin on her back have small photon collection units embedded in them, to utilize the very dragon-like habit of sunbathing.



MUX History:


Scales is a Blaster/Wheeljack creation they put together on Earth in 1999. After the difficulties with the Dinobots' limited intelligence, Wheeljack had the idea to copy the human growth process: set a good base but leave the details unfinished, to be filled in by experience. He succeeded- Scales was intelligent but immature, similar to a bright child. Her rampant curiousity is a feature, not a bug; it drives the young medic to learn.

Unfortunately, neither Blaster nor Wheeljack accounted for one part of the human model: the need for a responsible adult to be a role model and teach the child. Most of the older Autobots were busy with fighting Decepticons. The one Autobot that had time for the young tape was Discord, a paranoid ex-Decepticon barely trusted by anybody else. During the Timewarp TP, Scales was briefly replaced by an older self that had spent a little too much time with Discord and was surly, sarcastic, and bitter.

Fortunately, after everybody was returned to their proper time and selves Scales met the Dinobot leader, Grimlock. As Scales is vaguely the right shape, flies, and breathes fire, Grimlock accepted her as an honorary Dinobot. Few Autobots would consider the Dinobot leader an ideal role model, but Scales adores him. She gets along with the other Dinobots about as well as anybody can (nobody gets along with Slag), and can be found at the Dinocave if she's not busy in a repair bay, often sunbathing alongside Snarl.

Scales often helped Daniel work on his homework. She eventually branched out to a middle school in Colorado, Volk Middle School, appearing at recess and after school. She enjoyed the company of young humans and found schoolwork a great way to learn, so kept the habit until the school closed in 2009.

When the Decepticons laid siege to Valvolux in 2018, Scales was one of the medics sent to aid the city. She was among the party that went underground and discovered Bulwark. Soon after, she was the first medic on the scene when Dust Devil was poisoned by Rartorata and led the work on the antidote. The time spent at Valvolux forced her to grow up a lot, but she was still capable of squealing in delight when she saw Bulwark's dragon form.

In 2019, with Ratchet out of service following an attack by Nightbird, Scales was put in charge of the Iacon Medical Center.

OOC Notes

Scales is friendly, helpful, and a little hyper by nature. When balked repeatedly, though, she can sulk with the best of them, often turning into a tape so she won't have to talk to anybody. She has a lot of cat-like mannerisms.

Scales often greets (transformer) friends by attempting to pounce on them. This is enough to knock over a minibot (like Pipes), but barely moves anybody else.

Her voice is very childlike - she'd probably have Tara Strong as voice actor.






Jul 17 - Dust Devil poisoned

>*The camera shows Scales, perched on a box of supplies in order to make her report. She's sitting, wings folded close and tail tucked around her paws.*<

"The big bug monster that's been stalking Dust Devil came back. It stung him and left some kind of poison in the wound. Grimlock drove the thing off before it could do anything else.

"Dust Devil said it wants the Oracle of Primus, and he thinks it's talkin' about that cube that it wanted before. It's supposed to have an antidote." *Scales pauses to rustle her wings and the tip of her tail flips back and forth.* "I've slowed the poison down by setting up an energon transfusion, but the toxin corrupts the energon it's in to keep spreading, so unless it's neutralized or completely purged, it's going to keep going until it kills him. I'm analyzing some of it to try ta come up with something better, but it's about as complicated as you'd expect, so it'll take time." She looks ready to finish the report, but hesitates and adds, "Dust Devil -should- stay in medical and not go out doin' stuff, so if ya see him wandering around, he needs to get back to bed."

Jul 27 - Update on Dust Devil

  • It's Scales once again, sitting in front of the camera on a crate*

An update on Dust Devil's condition: I managed to develop a good enough antidote to keep him from dying, but he's suffering from some side effects. And when we tried letting him have some regular energon to see if he could, it didn't go well. The antidote causes some of the poison to precipitate out, which we've been removing using a filter. When clean energon is added, it gets converted- turning into the muddy stuff with the precipitate in it. So it's back to the lab for now. In the meantime, he's awake and doing alright, but not talking and definitely not ready to go back into the field.

Backblast and Imager have been helping to work on this. We'll keep at it.

>*Scales reaches forward with a paw and turns off the feed.*<

July 30 - "Time to Call in Some Help"

Backblast and Scales are stumped, so they ask an expert to help.

Aug 01 - Dust Devil cleared for duty

  • Just a voice post, this time.*

Thanks to everybody's efforts, Dust Devil's cured and back on his feet. He's cleared for his usual duties. Scales out.

Aug 15 - Windblade is back

Okay, so, a lot happened. Dust Devil found some Decepticons underground and grabbed me since I was available to help him check it out. It turned out to be Megatron and Shockwave taking Windblade down to see Trypticon. The Decepticons had to fight some of the underground monsters, including a really big driller! An' that meant Dusty and I could sneak into Trypticon. We find Windblade inside, talking to Banshee. Windblade said that if Banshee could promise not to make Trypticon fight anymore, she'd teach Banshee how to talk to him. An' she did. An' there was this inhibitor circuit that we took off, so Trypticon doesn't have to follow orders anymore if he doesn't wanna.

Anyway, after that, Banshee had Trypticon come up and put in a big show, but he didn't attack any of us. Shockwave did, though. Dust Devil got hurt- I didn't see where he went, but I think he's still alive back on Cybertron. The Dominicons were there and they took out Megatron AND Shockwave. And then Metroplex brought us back to Earth and took the Dominicons with us.

So, Windblade is safe and back on Earth, and if you're on Cybertron y'might want to keep an eye out for Dust Devil. And the Dominicons helped us get away.

August 15 - "Saying Hi to Snarl"

Cobra interrupts Scales and Snarl chatting in the desert.

August 21 - "Who Is Bulwark?"

Windblade asks about Valvolux, and Scales is happy to share what she knows.

October 31 - "Tape Talk"

Scales visits Harmonex again, and Soundwave is still there. At least they don't fight.

November 7 - "Valvolux Briefing"

Elita One gets briefed on certain aspects of Bulwark.

November 08 - Fallen Attack on Retoris

November 15 - Elita One's Condition

>*Scales reports in from the Sparkplug Center, having found a spot where there's actually nobody behind her for once.*< There's good news and bad news on Elita's condition. She was very badly damaged right when she was actually using the Timestopper, and the result is that most of her body is now frozen in time, as if the Timestopper had been used on -them-. The good news is that she's not getting any worse. The bad news is that there's no way to do full repairs with her frozen in place, and she can't use her own Timestopper to try to unfreeze herself.

Dust Devil's offered to try powerin' the Timestopper to get Elita's body unstuck. He knows the risks and he's willing to try it. BUT, I'd want somebody on hand to monitor Dust Devil and be ready to cool him down, and even if it works, I'd also want more than one person actually present to work on Elita. She took a massive amount of damage, an' that's not easy to fix even without the time complication. *Scales pauses to huff a little puff of smoke.* Me an' Backblast got to know Dust Devil's systems pretty well when we were workin' on him in Valvolux. I'd feel a whole lot better if somebody who's worked on Elita before were here for this. *The little dragon ends the report.*

December 16 - "Commanding the CAT"

Elita has her covert team. Now, who do you put in charge in a team of intelligence agents?


Jun 04 - Soundwave and Imager

Scales is in Iacon Medical, with Inferno standing behind her. "Okay, so, I missed that more people hadn't heard about this," the tape confesses. "Soundwave an' Imager are both locked up in Harmonex right now. I mean, literally- with Harmonex under a shield an' them inside, nobody c'n get at 'em. But also, they went there and fought each other an' locked up physically, too. Nucleosis end stage." She pauses to gather her thoughts. "Dust Devil was th'one that told me 'bout it, an' he had an idea t'rig up some kinda VR t'see if they're still active an' aware inside. An' that'd be really useful, 'cause we'd also find out if they're still angry or if that effect doesn't persist. That'd be useful t'know. So I've been workin' on a system t'do that between other things, but we still need t'figure out how t'get inside Harmonex t'try it." Scales glances back at Inferno. "I think that's about it. Scales out."

Jun 12 - Medical Report: Soundwave Experiment

>*This report is sent to medical. A private copy is also sent to Ratchet, with addendums. This is a verbal report with accompanying data drop*< Scales voice: "Okay. Dust Devil had an idea to set up a Virtual Reality and see if we can get Soundwave and/or Imager connected to it, to check their status and, if they're aware, to make sure they don't go crazy bein' stuck in one place alla time. I got one put t'gether, Backblast got us into Harmonex, and we tried it out on Soundwave. It worked. We learned that they're not really aware of time passing while they're stuck and not bein' interacted with, so at least we don't hafta worry about that. In the meantime, I got a lot of data about Soundwave's current condition- there's somethin' in his and Imager's energon other than just the nucleosis stuff, so I brought back some samples for study to go with all the other information."

>*Accompanying data drop includes scans of Soundwave and Imager, notes on the experiment, and transcription of Soundwave's self-reported symptoms.*<

Report addendums

The private report to Ratchet has two addendums. The first is a 360 degree pan around Soundwave, showing off his new paint job in loving detail, with the note that he was like that when they got there so they have no idea who did it. The second is a brief snippet from the conversation with Soundwave via Virtual Reality: Backblast saying, "When we finally string up the bastard who caused this, I'll make sure - no matter what state you're in - you get to see it." And Soundwave replying, "Wake me when you find pharma. I will destroy his mind from the inside." This has the note that Scales is a bit concerned by this, but has no idea who to talk to or what to do about it.

August 8 - "New Director"

With Ratchet down, Chromia puts Scales in charge of Iacon Medical Center.

August 14 - "Fix Him While We Can"

With Ratchet lying unconscious after a vicious attack, Dust Devil and Scales decide to get all his maintenance done while he's stationary.

Aug 15 - Iacon Medical Update

  • Scales appears on the screen, a couple of grease smudges on her draconic snout.* Okay. Inferno, I had some free time this afternoon, so even though I know you've got the big repairs, I caught Ratchet up on all the maintenance he's been putting off. An' lemme tell you, it was a lot. Hopefully with his systems doin' better, that'll make things easier when it comes t'putting on the new pieces. Dust Devil was a big help in getting parts for me. I'm gonna get cleaned up and catch a quick nap. Here in a coupla hours, we're gonna start the treatment on the first nucleosis group, so it's gonna be real busy in here. Scales out.

Aug 27 - Nucleosis cure progress

  • Scales appears on the screen in the Iacon Medical Center, datapadd in hand.* Okay, we're getting close to done on this. The last group of ordinary infections are treated and are just being held for testing and recovery now. We'll have them cleared out by tomorrow, barring any new complications. That leaves Imager and Omega Supreme. I didn't detect any new chemicals in Imager's energon after she was retrieved, but there's still the gunk she got while fightin' Soundwave. That'll be a bit more delicate than the usual infections with all the extra energy potential. And with Omega... well, we needed to get enough counteragent made. That's finally stockpiled, so now we need to get him to hold still long enough to get treated. So, if Spike and Cerebros are available, I'd like to get Fortress Maximus to help- he might be one of the few big enough to talk to Omega Supreme face-to-face. Anybody else who can help with keeping the big guy cool during the treatment would also be appreciated.

Thanks! Scales out.

August 27 - "Red Alert Checks on Medical"

Red Alert makes sure Ratchet is okay and no funny business is happening while he's around.

August 29 - "Curing Imager"

Imager finally gets cured of nucleosis.

September 22 - "The Fallen Attacks Iacon- Dominicon Perspective"

The Fallen TP Finale -- the big bad himself shows up looking for his Blaster.

September 24 - "One Missing Dragon"

After The Fallen's attack, Scales has been hiding. But there are still people looking for her.

Sep 28 - Delivery from GI Joe

Text post from Scales: General Hawk from GI Joe showed up at Iacon with a truck full of charged car batteries to help us out. He said that if we can provide a list of parts, he'd be willing to see what they can spare. Also, he plans to stay the day to see the city before going home. Scales out.

September 30 - "Renewal"

Gridiron's spark survived and gets placed in a new body.

October 1 - "Being in Charge Is Hard"

Scales and Stormfront chat a bit before returning to the Medical Center and the people there.

October 6 - "Working on Kodiak"

Kodiak is back on his feet but still needs to get used to his new alt form. It's running a bit rough.

October 7 - "Dust Devil Has a Processor Ache"

Dust Devil is back, and trying to catch up on what he missed.

October 14 - "Arrivals, New and Old"

Iacon sees some new faces and some old ones that haven't been back in a while.

October 31 - "Deathsaurus Is Mysteriously Sick"

Deathsaurus, disguised for the Valvolux festival as Mortilus, isn't feeling so well.

November 5 - "Ask an Expert"

Dust Devil continues to work with Jetfire in the aerospace division. Scales comes by with a medical and ethical problem.

November 18 - "Spelunking for Crystals"

Scales investigates the holes in the ground left by Fortress Maximus previously.

November 19 - "Performance Review"

Cerebros, Spike, and Fortress Maximus all consider what could have gone better.

November 20 - "With the Benefit of Hindsight"

Scales, Dust Devil, and Spike all work to make the forcefield safer and teach the younger Bots about paperwork. On IRC, Deathsaurus laments his choices.

Nov 26 - Safety Measures

It's Scales, reporting in from Iacon's Gates by the broken forcefield generator. "Hi! Me, Spike, an' Dust Devil thought it would be good to have some safety measures built in to keep people from gettin' hurt as bad as Trailbreaker was if the they're workin' the shields and it overloads again. We've put together some breakers and batteries an' put a roof over 'em to keep the weather out. If there's an overload, some of it should drain into the batteries an' the rest will trip the breakers. There still might be some sparks, but nothin' like what it was before." She moves a bit to show off their work. "Sorry we didn't think of it sooner. Scales out."


  • February 11 - "Dust Devil Hurts Himself" - Dust Devil hurts himself while messing around. Scales and Spike patch him up.

Apr 01 - Requesting Permission for a Garden

Scales appears on the screen, optics swirling with just a hint of nervous purple to them. "Hello! It's planting season on Earth, so I was helpin' Megan start seeds there for around Metroplex, an' Spike asked if we have anything like that around Iacon, and, um, I don't think we do. But instead of brinin' in a bunch of Earth plants, I'd like to make a Cybertron garden, like an arboretum with plants from all over Cybertron now that they're blooming again. So... I'm asking for permission, and if I get permission, where it should go. Thanks! Scales out."

Apr 20 - Visitors in Medical

Scales appears with energon on her paws, the familiar shapes of Iacon Medical Center behind her. "Today, I was contacted through internet chat by one of the regulars on the IRC channel warning me that he was approaching with a heavily injured party. When they arrived, it turned out that Deathsaurus and Goth were bringing Khamsin to Iacon for treatment of injuries sustained fighting, I guess Lugnut from what they said. They've asked we fix Khamsin up and Goth wants to stay close to him while he's bein' treated. I have them in a secure room in Iacon Medical Center. Deathsaurus was also heavily injured but not critically, so he went back to Polyhex." She blows out a puff of smoke. "Goin' to want a guard posted here 24/7 while we have our guests. I'm gonna get back to work. Scales out."

Apr 26 - Found Springer

It's Scales, making a report from an unfamiliar room with familiar medical equipment in it. "Typhoon got a bunch of us together to help the Dominicons smash a scraplet nest and get Springer back. He's alive, but in worse shape than Up-Link was. Illarion evaced him back to Valvolux for now and gave him a private room in the city's public medical center where I'm workin' on him. He could be moved back to Iacon any time a transport can be sent over, or we can keep workin' on him in Valvolux a bit longer to get his legs working properly again first."

Scales pauses for a moment, thinking. "We found him in a pit fightin' two kinds of scraplets- little red ones and big black ones. The red ones followed the black ones' lead in the fight. From his injuries, he'd been gettin' worn down a little at a time for a while. If he'd been fightin' a whole nest of scraplets that whole time, I don't think he'd be here now." She shakes her head. "Anyway, once we got Springer out, Upshot blew the place and brought down rock on any of the scraplets that were left there. Scales out."

May 01 - Springer's condition

Scales appears on the report, her body composed though her optics contain more than their share of stressed purples to them. "While repairing Springer in Valvolux to get him stable for transport, I discovered he's currently not sustaining energy in his body and requested Ratchet's assistance in moving him. He's back in Iacon, but he's confined to a medbed until this issue is resolved. Most other injuries are repaired, with the exception of his missing arm which still needs to be replaced. I am referring the energy issue for specialist care, but ordinary repairs to his frame are not impeded by it and can continue. Contact myself or Ratchet with any requests for further information. Scales out."

May 01 - Sabotage on Springer

This report is addressed specifically to Ratchet and Jazz and locked to Command level Autobots. Scales still has a very formal posture, like a cat but with wings half-spread behind herself. "Springer's spark has been affected in some way, preventing his body from retaining charge after energon circulates through it. So far, I haven't been able to find how it's been done, and as I am not an expert on sparks, I'm requesting assistance to determine the cause. While he was missing, Springer appears to have been experimented upon, the modifications tested by his captor by forcing him to fight bands of scraplets. I do not believe there was any tampering after I began to work on him at Valvolux, but I'd recommend requesting the security footage of his stay in their medical center from the Dominicons so we can prove that fact to the more paranoid. Scales out."

May 08 - Altihex Check-In

It's Scales again, reporting from her office in Iacon Medical Center. "Okay, Upshot gave Spike and me a ride over to Altihex where we caught up with Khamsin and Goth. Khamsin's in good shape, gettin' around okay. Goth said he'd be willing to have us do some research on how to repair a faulty self-repair system, so I promised to look into that." The little dragon waves a paw. "So that's the medical part of things. We also talked about Altihex. There's a refinery there that could be fixed up and put to use, but it's occupied by some people who aren't workin' with Khamsin and may be causin' trouble from the sounds of it. So he's open to help with that. An' there's some lab facilities that're locked down that he might need some help gettin' into, 'cause he doesn't know who's inside, if anybody. Khamsin said he'd come by Iacon to talk about those kinda things some more."

Scales pauses to consider. "Khamsin said one of his big priorities is the refinery, since Altihex needs good, clean fuel. After we talked with him an' Goth, we walked the Altihex market a bit an' then came home. Kind of a rough place. Scales out."

May 29 - Garden report for Chromia

Not a video report, this is a series of images and rosters- Two potential layouts for a garden showing how they would fit in the space near the gates of Iacon, a list of supplies needed, and several lists of people who have mentioned being willing to help in various capacities. Backblast, Dust Devil, Spike, and Red Alert are among those mentioned as being willing to look for plants. Wide Load volunteered to help find dirt and work on the construction. And, oddly, Red Alert is again mentioned as helping with the upkeep. There is a brief report analyzing certain plants that could be grown for their specific medicinal or chemical engineering uses and also a report on which plants would be hazardous to human visitors and steps to take to limit exposure if necessary.

The whole thing is filed under Scales' name and sent to command generally but tagged for Chromia specifically.

Jun 02 - Springer cleared

Springer is cleared for duty. -Scales

Jun 20 - Flashstrike cleared

Scales peers at the camera, Iacon Medical Center in the background. "Hey! I got all the weird alien bits outta Flashstrike, cleared the extra charge, and got him all fixed up! He's cleared for duty, which means that the medical center is out of Wrecker patients for now! Scales out!"

Aug 09 - Science report

Amid the various paperwork submitted to the Autobot Science files, Scales has uploaded various files on plants found in the Altihex desert, including soil samples and coordinates for tracking purposes. An additional file was added of an unusual bird noticed there, with detailed images of the wing structure and a radio tracking chip ID to watch migration patterns.

August 16 - "No Longer Armless"

Hot Rod gets his limbs back!

Aug 18 - Security lockout

Scales reports from Iacon Medical Center- "Ratchet's been workin' on a project in his office usin' space bridge technology. He turned it on to show it to me an' Starlock, an' a tentacle came through. It drained most of Ratchet's energon with just a touch, but Starlock turned the device off and that stopped it. Ratchet'll be okay once he's refueled and had some rest. In the meantime, I've locked his office so nobody can get in and accidentally let stuff loose. Scales out."

August 31 - "All Sorts of Problems"

The Medical Center is starting to fill up again.

Sep 01 - Medical Update

Scales reports from Iacon Medical. "First thing- last night, Sideswipe tried to goad Brawn an' Twin Twist into killin' him, so we need to add 'suicidal' to the list of things he's sufferin' from. Thing is, the power in Medical flickered an' the forcefields keeping him in and the guards out failed right when he was doin' that. I hope it's just a coincidence, but we should probably check the area for any coded issues."

The little dragon consults a datapad. "Okay, on to Typhoon an' Ratchet. I can definitely say that it's nothing like what happened to Springer. There's nothing showin' up in a core scan. There's also nothin' showin' up in their energon other than it bein' way too concentrated. That's the cause of Typhoon's overheatin'- too much fuel pressed into too small an area." Scales hesitates. "I... have a hypothesis- if the thing that touched Ratchet caused this, -and- it doesn't normally exist in our dimension but in another, it might be possible that whatever's affecting Typhoon and Ratchet might be present in a different dimension, which means we can't test for it without some kinda way to track that influence. That may be why all tests are comin' up clean while they're obviously afflicted." She shrugs. "Something to try. If those tentacles are still around, could get some clues from them, but I recommend precautions. No direct contact, just in case it's infectious even without bein' connected to the rest of the thing. Scales out."

September 2 - "Mysterious Influences"

Progress is made in treating the mysterious illness that afflicts Typhoon and Ratchet.

Sep 02 - Iacon Medical Center

>*This is a text-only report from Scales.*< Transdimensional radiation discovered in the vicinity of Iacon Medical Center is causing issues. Wheeljack is working to modify the center's internal forcefields to filter out the radiation. Until such protection is established, medical care in the Iacon area should go to the Sparkplug Center. Scales out.

Sep 05 - Transdimensional Radiation Update

Scales appears on the screen, still in Iacon Medical Center. She starts ticking points off with her claws while she speaks. "Okay. We've cleared everybody within the medical center except those who suffered from direct exposure to something from inside the Space Bridge, like Ratchet, or had a previous vulnerability, like Sideswipe an' Sunstreaker. That means that the effect does not appear to be contagious so I'm not callin' for full quarantine measures. However," claw tick, "those who are affected have the effect activated in places where there's been a lot of contact between this dimension and the one the Space Bridge passes through. I recommend those areas be kept clear except for screened personnel until they can be fortified the way Wheeljack an' Ratchet are workin' on protectin' Iacon Medical. So far, we haven't established if people who've been affected an' then protected can have the affliction reactivated by goin' somewhere especially vulnerable again, so that's something to keep in mind as a possibility." Claw tick. "Wheeljack's got a way to find those emissions, so he's the guy to go to for more details on that." Scales pauses, nods to herself, and sighs out a bit of smoke. "Gonna get back to research. Scales out."

Oct 20 - Viral cure

The Autobot spinny shows up and departs to reveal Scales in the Iacon medical Center, looking cautiously perky. "With a lotta help from First Aid, I got a retrovirus to test on Typhoon today. It broke up the Dweller's virus with only a few side effects- some dizziness an' elevated temperature while the retrovirus did its work. After, Typhoon showed no further symptoms and I found no live nanovirii in her system. I'm gonna administer this to Sideswipe an' Sunstreaker next. If it goes just as well with them, I'll package up the retrovirus so it can be given out more easily. Scales out." Autobot end spinny.


Jan 19 - Medical inventory

Scales appears in Iacon Medical Center. "Following up on Starlock's report, I've started a full inventory so we can know the exact numbers. Sideswipe's helpin' me instead of gettin' shot. Even at half done, I've got a list for anybody who wants to go try scavenging parts to stretch our supplies. I should have the full count done sometime tomorrow." A brief list of needed parts rated by urgency is appended.

  • February 07 - "Comparing Realities" - Solstice and Scales compare science from their respective realities.

Feb 16 - Medical Analysis

Scales appears on the screen wearing a little lab coat that covers her wings and holding a beaker. "Okay, so, I've been doing analysis on a formula Solstice let me check out from her world, an' it looks like the chemistry there matches the chemistry here, so there's no weird surprises. Which means once I finish testin' this out, we can add it to our supplies for field medical kits. Scales out."


Scales is an OC and is played by her creator.

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