Transformers Universe MUX

Russia is a nation-state. It is the largest nation-state on Earth, stretching from Europe across Asia.


It used to be part of the Soviet Union, and the most dominant of its fifteen republics, but in the mainstream TFUniverse, the band broke up in the early 1990s.


Joe comic/TF cartoon

Certain members of the Oktober Guard are from Russia.


Trypticon made his home in Siberia for a number of years before travelling to Cybertron.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Russia is still part of the USSR. The Current President of the USSR in the Shattered Glass Universe is Yevgeny Primakov.

In early 2010, a group of Decepticons from the mainstream TFUniverse crossed a rift into the Shattered Glass Soviet Union and attacked an installation there. The Soviets blamed the United States, increasing tensions between the two countries.