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This article is about the evil (and dumb) main-universe Runabout - for his Shattered Glass counterpart, see Runabout (SG).
A pretty car makes an even prettier wreck.

Runabout likes to watch things blow up; the bigger the explosion, the more he enjoys it. If he's not busy hunting Autobots, he'll pass his free time by using parked cars for target practice or igniting fuel pumps at a gas station. A good-sized fireball never fails to bring a mischievous smile to his face. Seemingly driven by an unending supply of evil energy, he avoids even the briefest lulls in activity as if he's terrified that boredom might fatally infect him. As a Battlecharger, Runabout gets more than enough opportunity to stay busy, but he worries about what he'll do with himself after he finishes blowing up all the Autobots, cars, and gas stations on Earth. He calculates at the rate he's going he'll have to find a new sport within two years.

In Lotus Turbo Esprit sports car mode, Runabout has a maximum speed of 185 mph and a range of 550 miles. He can transform to robot mode in .4 seconds. He uses a particle beam rifle that shoots a high-energy beam of neutrons with devastating results.

Runabout's attention turns to beautiful cars like a young man's turns to beautiful women. In Runabout's case though, the more beautiful the car, the more he craves to destroy it. This often distracts him from his true mission and leaves him vulnerable to attack.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Runabout transferred to Earth in 1986.

"Heh heh. He said 'do'."

MUX History:

Runabout is part of the Decepticons' Assault Infantry.

OOC Notes

car modes



Lotus Turbo Esprit sports car mode

May 18 - Hookie Nookie

Huhuhuhuh, so me 'an Mucker came up on Hook. Huhuh, after he'd like fallen over on his hook thingie, rolled around, and tehn gotten on fire. And then had more Autobots come in 'an set him on fire. So like when we got ot him he was all real nice 'an squealin and howlin all real loud 'an then we came and we found that he was like day glo. All real sparkly 'an smellin' like somethin Blot brought home to cuddle and love and kiss 'an slobber on. So we got Hook and patched him up enough to get him back. And Hook's a real wuss-bot yup. I mean he got gimpslapped by them Autobots real good. But don't worry, he'll be all nice 'an purdy now won't he Hook? And I'm sure that Hook'll definitely not want any remindres of what those mean ole Autobots did to him fer his own dignity 'an the risk of it bein broadcast ove rall the interwebcoms now?

But yeah, got Hook fer a hook-straction huhuhuhuh.

The report fades out to the chant of 'Fire, Fire, Fire is Cool'


May 18 - Fortress Maximus

From: Decepticon Resources Management Functionary Pencil Pusher (Rank 1)

Log Entry 153:B)
       I've had it with that idiot. Always going on about how our glorious Emperor Primus Pilus and mocking our great lord. I understand that our great Lord cannot handle all such slights personally, but it enrages me that we must tolerate such an insipid thing as a Decepticon. I will have to keep an optic out for something to help redress the situation."
Log Entry 164:C)

The Autobots have for some reason maneuvered Fortress Maximus to Slaughter City. We have little information on it and a reconnaissance team is to be dispatched. However, the substantial amount of firepower and the wide, open area makes it a kill zone for fliers. So, a ground team will have to be sent in through the hellscape that is the Titan's weapons batteries... Wait."

       Rightclick Yesssss.


From: Decepticon Resources Management Functionary Pencil Pusher (Rank 2)

       Dispatch confirmed the solo recon unit dispatch to reconnoiter the Autobot operations around Slaughter City. The operative dispatched was engaged by local Autobot patrols, including a Dinobot. An unknown skirmisher joined the melee, but no data is available. with the confirmation of significant Autobot reinforcements in the area as the reconnaissance unit dispatched was then heavily engaged by further Autobot patrols and went radio dark. Later, they were 'returned' to friendly lines severely damaged, stomped, trod upon, run over, and set on fire. 
       While it is an unfortunate matter that the Autobots returned the dispatched Shocktrooper with sufficient bits left for them to be repaired at the discretion of our Glorious Emperor Primus Pilus, I have put in a suggestion to medical that they take the time to do a protocol update on the reconnaissance unit's vocalizer and personality fragmentation to ensure that appropriate discourse directives and proper respect for the command hierarchy are branded and embedded to the laser core.
       Personal Addendum: With my promotion in hand for 'creative tactical personnel application', I will be going to Kaon and buying a round of drinks for the rest of my fellow Con-federates that work in Decepticon Resources. Pencil Pusher out.


Runabout was played by SkydiveTF in the year 2000. He is temped by Wedgekree in 2021. He currently is available for application.

  • In 2022, Runabout is back in the hands of Wedgekree.


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