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The name or term Rollout refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rollout (disambiguation).
Rollout is an Autobot spy.

Bomb. James Bomb.

Spies generally come in one of two flavors: suave and sophisticated, moving through high-class circles with grace and ease, or quiet and unobtrusive, fading into the background unnoticed and doing their work in utter secrecy.

Rollout is a different flavor altogether: loud, brash, impulsive, violent and overall leaving one wondering just how in the hell he actually gets any of his objectives accomplished. His behavior is better-suited to front-line brawlers and heavy artillery units, especially his penchant for finding bigger, louder, and more devastating weaponry to try out. Send him to steal a file and he's likely to detonate the entire building it was stored in. When he's off-duty, he's constantly letting everyone know that he's seriously on some high-stakes top-secret mission that he totally can't give you any details about, but believe him, it's big important stuff! But somehow... the job he was sent to do gets done, to the bafflement of just about everyone who's ever met him.

He probably would have been fine metal shavings centuries ago, or at least severely demoted, if it weren't for the efforts of his "partner" Glitch. Few realize that the tiny bot they consider a remote-controlled battle drone is actually working fervently behind the scenes (typically scenes of carnage and destruction that Rollout is smack in the middle of), stealing data, eliminating problems and—most importantly—covering up for Rollout's many, many mistakes.

Of course, Rollout keeps getting the credit for all this. Whether he's even cognizant of Glitch's role in their job is unknown, as is how Glitch himself feels about the arrangement.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

After suffering a grievous injury in battle, Rollout was transferred to Delphi, where his life was saved by an experimental nucleon transfusion developed by Pharma.

Upon his recovery, Rollout was made warden of Garrus-1 on Luna 2 in Cybertron's orbit, until 2020, when he was replaced by Kenzan.


Foreign names

  • Italian: Ciclope


Rollout is played by Bzero.


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