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Judd Nelson, post-Breakfast Club.

How you doin'?

Yo, remember the Wreckers? Dat mercenary team o' big guns? No? Fuhgeddaboudit. Eh, Rodimus used to lead them, 'till, I dunno. Sumpthin. But one day, badda bing, badda boom, all his Wreckers are dead, 'cept for him! Slag that noise! Joins the Autobots. So let me tell you, this Rodimus is a smooth operator. He had a van dyke beard added to his facial superstructure a few cycles back. He feels it makes him look, ya know, distinguished or sumpthin. I tell you what, though, he's got his eye on dat Prime dude. Not that nobody doesn't know it. But dat Prime, he'll get his whatfor, and then? Our guy Rodimus will turn the Autobots into the greatest mercenary team known to the universe, capisce?


Shattered Glass

You can just tell he's evil by the facial hair.

Though Rodimus bought into Optimus Prime's vision for a ruthless and violent Cybertron, he'd rather he be the one in charge. As such, Rodimus led a team of ruthless mercenaries called the Wreckers. The battle of Praxus-Delta would be their last; Optimus Prime hired the Wreckers to bolster the Autobot ranks, but every Wrecker save Rodimus was destroyed. Rodimus believed in little else but his business contracts, and so despite his heavy losses he continued to fight for the Autobots. Eventually, when a spot on the roster "opened up," Prime made him a member of the elite Seeker trio. [1]

Does that make Rodimus Skywarp?

Rodimus saw his next chance when the Ark took off for Earth! En route, the Nemesis caught up with the ship and staged a daring assault. With Decepticons crawling on the hull, the opportunist Autobot took the better part of valor and boarded an escape pod. Do Over

Rodimus returned the Autobots just in time to take part in Emperor Prime's assault on Autobot City.

When Prime went to Perceptor's lab to punish him for supporting the usurper Jetfire, Rodimus accompanied him. Prime let Punch destroy Perceptor's mind as punishment, a task Punch seemed to enjoy. Rodimus vowed to himself that Prime needed to be stopped, before Rodimus was next.

When Optimus Prime launched his attack on Decepticon City, Rodimus was part of his crew, killing many Autobots in the process.




Oct 09 - New Head of Science Division TBA

<Rodimus appears at the center of what is supposed to be Trion square. Behind him is a shackled Perceptor. Perceptor's jaw gapes open dumbly as he continually says short phrases like 'Emperor Prime...strongest. Destroy...all Autobots> Rodimus looks behind his shoulder. Autobots, this is Perceptor. Thanks to Punch's...'procedure' - Perceptor is no longer the head of the science division. A new head of the science division will be announced in the upcoming weeks. *Rodimus looks behind him uncomfortably* ", any Autobots who were vocal about wanting an Autobot OTHER than Emperor Prime to lead the Autobots, I would strongly suggest you repent now before we do the repenting for you. Rodimus out. *screen fades to black*

October 30



For the end of the first part of the Shattered Glass TP he was temped by Double0snake. For the second part of the Shattered Glass TP, he is being temped by Spikewitwicky.



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