Transformers Universe MUX

The Roboskull

The Roboskull is an aircraft-cum-spacecraft designed exclusively by Destro as representative of the Red Shadows aerial threat. Piloted by Red Wolf, it was similar to the Star Wars TIE Fighter design built around a human skull. Its wings rotated to allow the craft vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL) capability.

The Roboskull is heavily armoured and a formidable weapon in the Red Shadows arsenal.

The aircraft has a single pilot cockpit together with a rear-gunner site and an escape chute. It also features brainwashing equipment and wing-tip mounted searchlights.


In 2016, the Roboskull was used in an attack on G.I. Joe as they attempted to free the Aden Explorer from Red Shadows control. Severely damaged in the fight, the Roboskull was nevertheless successfully used by the Black Major to escape.

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