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The name or term Roadblock refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Roadblock (disambiguation).
Roadblock is a Decepticon Ground Forces Commander.

I'm going to beat me up while running over myself with myself.

Roadblock is the boogeyman of the Decepticon Army. Squad leaders keep their subordinates in line by using Roadblock as a threat — "March in a straight line while ransacking the city, or I'll have you transferred to Roadblock's command." Roadblock is utterly without fear in battle, and demands nothing less from the soldiers under his command. Many have theorized that Decepticons charging the Autobot position may actually be running away from Roadblock rather than towards the enemy. The fear he creates in other Decepticons is a great motivator in battle, and has also pushed more than one soldier to rise in the ranks as quickly as possible, in hopes of outranking Roadblock so that they never have to serve under him in battle again. These go-getters quickly realize the truth, though... even Roadblock's superiors are afraid of him. Roadblock transforms into a half-track tank and a wind cruiser. He sometimes pilots a massive siege tank battering ram.


Foreign names

  • French: Bulldozer (France), Barricade (Canada, "Roadblcok")
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