Road Hugger is a Decepticon Micro Transformer.

"Holy cow! Someone bit my elbow off!"

Even by Micro Transformer standards, Road Hugger is brash, defiant, and contemptuous of authority. His intelligence and bravery make him Blackjack's most valued operative in the Sports Car Patrol, but his willingness to follow orders can't be relied on. Despite this, and his disdain for Blackjack's intricate plans and excessive caution, they work well together.


In 2016, Road Hugger was caught by Counterpunch and Floodlight hanging out in the Jump Joint away from his post. Counterpunch called attention to him while Floodlight contacted his commander. Road Hugger was severely reprimanded, and now holds a strong grudge against Counterpunch and Floodlight.



Since the MUX doesn't have *Masters, Road Hugger is a "Micro Transformer".

Foreign names

  • French: Embrasio (Canada)
  • Italian: Rebus
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