Rip It
Rip It
Personal information
Real Name

Fred T. Booth, III


Fall River, Ma





Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Primary MOS

Heavy Equipment Operator

Secondary MOS



7 - Defacto Armor CO



Organizational information




"We are dedicated to destroying the G.I. Joe team and will crush them under the treads of our tanks!"

Mean and fearless doesn't begin to describe Rip It. This guy knows only one thing... destroy or be destroyed, and he obviously lives for the former. Generally one to carry out orders, Rip It sometimes takes matters into his own hands by using his H.I.S.S. to wage private battles of his own against G.I. Joe. Oddly enough, as part of his training, Rip It was required to master the game of golf. Through the strategies and movements of the game, with its winding courses and natural obstacles, Rip It learned how to analyze and negotiate a wide variety of similar battlefield problems. Cobra's only concern is when Rip It loses his patience - and temper - during training manuevers and wraps his clubs around fellow trainees' necks. Lucky for the pros, Rip It won't be hitting the links on tour any time soon.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Rip It is the Cobra chief heavy equipment operator and tank battalion commander. He is a talented but utterly vicious individual. The man has no allies, even within the devious ranks of Cobra, yet has risen quickly through their herarchy based on his inarguable skills alone. Other Cobra troops consider Rip It to be a coward because he unleasehes his metallic mayhem safely enshrouded in a cocoon of multi-layered titanium alloy. But in or out of a tank, most troops avoid him when he is in a bad mood - which is all the time!

Although he prefers the maneuverability of a H.I.S.S. vehicle when sowing chaos on the battlefield, his working knowledge of virtually all tracked vehicles makes him the defacto CO of the Cobra Armored Forces.

MUX History:


Rip It. H.I.S.S. III in the background.

In the year 2000 the experimental H.I.S.S. III was introduced, piloted by Rip It. H.I.S.S. IIIs were ultimately were deemed too expensive for mass production, but Rip It retains a Mk III for his personal use on the battlefield. Rip It took part in the 2016 Trucial Abysmia invasion of Benzheen, and helped rescue General Alawai after his tank was destroyed.

OOC Notes

Rip It is Cobra's Armored Forces CO (Even though it is not in the Divisional Command Structure)



Rip It is available for application.

Preferred Vehicles

  • H.I.S.S. III (2000)


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