Transformers Universe MUX
Rev is a Nebulan scientist.

I guess this means Hotwire is Larry and Lube is Shemp.

Run hot, but always keep your cool.

Whether it's cars or transmission speeds, Rev likes things fast. As a scientist focused in the field of telecommunications, Rev worked in the comm-room of the Hi-Q Industrial Research Complex. There, he revolutionized communications technology on Nebulos -- only to witness the Hive seize his work and use it to spy on the populace. Now he secretly uses every trick at his disposal to try to unite the scattered Nebulan resistance. His strong empathy makes him feel the plight of the Nebulan people, sometimes too much.


MUX History

In 2021, Rev was rescued from a Hive prison by G.I. Joe. After his rescue, Rev assisted Crypto in upgrading his equipment.

OOC Notes

On the MUX, Rev's real name is Dr. Ke'rop Glokro.


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