Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Return to Calyhex


Characters: Windblade, Dust Devil, Goth, Calyhex, Khamsin, NPCs, Blast Off, Ghost 

Location: Uraya - Eastern Equatorial Cybertron (mostly)

Date: 2-25-2020

TP: Titans Awaken TP

Summary: Calyhex takes some people she met on the highway home.

As logged by Calyhex

Crystalline Highway - Cybertron


Dust Devil laughs, "No...well...they shouldn't be but I guess they can be if you aren't careful."

Calyhex nods "I'll be careful. What can I do?" she asks.

Dust Devil grins, "Tell me if you feel like we're gettin closer or farther away?" He kneels down to offer her a way to climb up on him. "Here, just climb on up and sit up on my shoulders here."

Ghost has connected.

Calyhex pauses. "I dont know. I dont even know if its on the road." the girl says. She moves to Dust Devil, considering him a moment. She reaches up to climb on his shoulders. When she does so, the zombie-like calyhex starts to take on Dust Devil's color schemes. Her optics heal again, one red one blue. She is content sitting on Dust Devil's shoulders. So long as he stays on the road.

Dust Devil has a parrot...err. He looks at his maps and turns to head in the direction of Uraya. "Soooo how long have ya been wandering around?"

Ghost finds herself doubling back on the path after a lengthy time of scouting ahead with a side order of relaying data back and forth from the mainframe she calls home. She returns to the remnants of the road proper, retracing her path towards where she had lost the waif previously.

Calyhex looks pretty much the wy she did the night before. Only now she is in Dust Devil's colors sitting on his shoulders. There is a barrel nearby. "We'll have to take the barrel. Do you want ot help me fill it? Calyhex needs a lot of energon."

Dust Devil is...well he's Dust Devil and covered with some dirt but his color is sorta a silvery blue with darker blue highlights. "Hmmm I can carry the barrel...but I might be able to help with the energon thing without draggin a full barrel around. I can see if there are some springs about."

Ghost's attention roams hither and yon, looking for signs of movement, flickers of light, he scenet of dust and ozone, anything really. Some movement ahead garners enough of her attention that she leaps upwards, pop-flashes thrusters then lands again, approaching Dust Devil and his companion.

Calyhex matches everything, the silver, the blue, the dirt. She says. "Theres not as many as there used to be is there? Everythings either dry or on fire. As far as protection. I can take a form that no one will mess with if you like?" she smiles "Oh! It is one of the ones from last night. Come. Meet the one with the goodies?"

Dust Devil says, "WEll I do have my own protection if we need it too. And there are more than their was, Cybertron is wakin up."

Calyhex nods "Oh. Primus was asleep too. Maybe that's why Calyhex slept so long." well it makes sense to her.

Ghost slows as she draws into comfortable speaking range, "Hello again, little one." Offering Dust Devil a bit of a smile as well, "And you, sir."

Calyhex tilts her head. "Are you little? Or am I sir?" she asks.

Dust Devil grins,

Dust Devil says, "I think we both count as little....but I'm the sir." He bows just slightly so as not to upset his cargo, "Greetins to you too...I hope your in a good mood today."

Ghost chuckles softly, "The one carrying you is sir. You are ad'ika." She gives a shrug, smile remaining, "Now that I've found that one again, yes. Are we going somewhere in particular?"

Calyhex pauses. "I would like to find my way home. But first." she motions to the barrel. "The visitor from another world and his friend. They gave me a gift. A barrel. I can store goodies and eenergon in them so I can feed Calyhex. Calyhex is very hungry and tired. I tried to eat it but it wouldnt stay in." she says.

Dust Devil says, "I said I would help her get there and instead of carrying a barrel of the energon, I can see what Springs might be closest so we aren't carryin all this etra energon."

Ghost falls in step with Dust Devil, "Oh? Only a barrel? Doesn't seem like that would hold a lot of goodies or energon." She tilts her head, "It would make better sense to get closer to our destination and then perform any needed supply runs. Easier to defend as well." She gives the barrel a look then picks it up, "At least this way we're moving and can fill it as we go."

Calyhex nods "Would need many barrels. But barrel is all I have." she says. "Calyhex is very hungry. Maybe we can go home first?" she asks. "Yes. Fill it as it goes." she says. "Now we have to find our way home."

Uraya - Eastern Equatorial Cybertron(#4331RFt)

Windblade has arrived.

Dust Devil has arrived.

Khamsin appears.

Goth appears.

Ghost si walking down the fragmented remnants of the highway, carrying a barrel. She's maintaining a pace to match Dust Devil, who happens to be carrying a certain wisp of a creature.

Blast Off appears.

Calyhex is riding Dust Devil's shoulders today. She has her mismatched optics on, but the hole in her chest is still there. She is in Dust Devil's colors, even matching the dirt covering him. She sing her song again when they approach the asylum.

Khamsin is just a part of the group, literally, sometimes lingering back, sometimes venturing forward, in all cases scouting a bit for those telltale signs of trouble and keeping a good eye on things in his alt-mode, one ear almost constantly turned towards the group in general to listen in on whatever conversations are had.

Goth was flying over head in cloak as he typically does, and minding his own business.. well till he spots a familiar frequency.... That and the singing does catch his ear, but it's Khamsin's appearance that makes him blink, he would silently swoop down to the ground to follow, raising an optic at the smaller bot on Dust Devil's shoulders.. "<<Well, this is an intresting sight.>>" Goth woud say into a tightbeam to KHamsin.

Ghost stays near the Calyhex carrying Dust Devil, attention shifting here and there as memory... twinges about this place.. "Where's a good uplink when you need one.." She shifts her grip on the barrel she's carrying.

Blast Off heard some odd remarks the other cycle on Decepticon channel, and now he's heard off reports that the lights at Calyhex turned on mysteriously for the first time in forever just the other cycle, too. It's strange enough that the shuttleformer has made his way over to investigate, soaring into a lower altitude and starting an approach towards the facility. He's not sure he wants to get to close, maybe long-range scanners will do. He starts scanning the area.

Windblade has arrived.

Khamsin flicks an ear lightly. <<You've no idea, Goth,>> he tightbeams back. <<Still, that such a varied group is...working together is promising in it's own right.>> He moves to get closer to the group itself. <<Still, you may want to be wary.>> He grunts, transforming and stretching a bit. "So...does anyone know if we're close?"

With a swift, yet silent flurry of motion, Khamsin transforms to his Cybertronian form.

Goth would shift to follow along on all fours in the Anubien meches shadow, and keeping a /fair/ distance from Ghostm his ears flicking. "<<...Seems Blast Off maybe joining us as well.. But yes.. Seeing such a varied group is.. promising.>>" Goth muses as he walks along, keeping dust and dirt from causing his own cloaking from flickering.. "<<...And whom is this busted up little bot?>>"

Calyhex starts to perk up a bit as they get closer to hte remains of the Asylum. However, tehre appears to be some rough sorts outside working on the walls, making it whole again. There are about 10 workers in total. They move slowly, deliberately, like drones. A central figure watches over the workgroup. He is a large tankbuild, about 20 feet i height with spiked shoulders. He has animalistic features, almost as if hes half Sharkticon. He hasn't noticed the group yet, but points a clawed hand towards a group of workers. "Continue on the walls, we will be accepting new intakes soon and we want to make a good presentation."

Ghost hmmms, "This is a bit of a rough area, ad'ika. Are you certain we are getting closer to your home?" she asks in a thoughtful tone.

Khamsin looks at Calyhex a moment. <<Unknown. Part of the mystery being unravelled.>> He turns his attention to the asylum and just sort of studies the structure a good moment before his attention shifts to the odd mechs apparently acting as the yardboss. Ears shift forward and he furrows his brow ever so faintly. "If it's a rough area, we should be well on guard. It is...most likely nothing we can't handle."

Blast Off begins to circle above the area, still keeping a watch from high above. He sends a ping down below towards the group of explorers. "<<< Blast Off here, scouting above Uraya. What is the status down there? >>"

Goth optics over the area as he moves along in Khamsin's shadow.. He frowns at the mention of the area being rough... The meches working, and the yard boss give Goth a sense of unease... His fur standing slightly up as he became more defensive... He's tempted to answer Blast Off's ping, but only Khamsin knew he was here! and Ghost.. WEll Ghost was the visible one, ironically.

Uraya - Eastern Equatorial Cybertron(#4331RFt)

Dust Devil has connected.

The workers continue to rebuild the walls, but the foreman nods to the group approaching the city. "Trouble maybe. Let me go take a look. Continue working." the workers don't even look up and continue working. "You guys passin' through to Uraya?" he asks, his voice rough. Unlike the waif, he's very solid.


Windblade has connected.

<OOC> Calyhex fills in. As they approach the city, theres abotu 10 workers working on the walls and theres a foreman out there. abotu 20 ft tall big, spiked shoulders hes approaching the group asking if they're going to uraya

Windblade enters the area eventually.. having been pulled away to deal with a issue that had arisen back on Earth with Metroplex, the scarlet jet moving somewhat quietly as she follows the trail back towards where she thought the group was headed, her speed high but restrained as she works not to cause too much of a disturbance.

Khamsin gives a faint nod as they are addressed, and queried, giving a light nod. "We are...indeed simply passing through, looking at Cybertron as things are slowly revived. Something of interest was rumored to be here and...well, here we are." He chuckles softly.

Dust Devil seems to not mind his passenger. He's been listening to the other speak and watches everyone intently, still thinking as he checks and double checks his maps. "So are ya feelin any better?"

Goth notes the other Autobot, but he keeps to Khamsin's shadow, not saying anything, but he does radio Blast off. "<<Hello Blast Off, this is Goth, seems we keep crossing paths.>>" He chuckles. "<<...Peaceful, at the moment, seems they are helping move a.. protoform, back to her city.>>"

The young femme tries to hide herself half in and half out of Dust Devil. She seems terrified, at the approaching mech. "Lockup." she whispers.

Blast Off gets Goth's message. Hmm. "<< Yes, we do seem to do just that. ...Ah. So nothing of any real importance, then? >>"

The mech crosses his arms. "Well nothin' of interest here except the asylum. We're trying to get it operational. With the talk of peace, Im sure there'll be some that need our services again. Hate to say this but ya guys don't look like media. What are you really looking for?" he asks.

Windblade transforms, landing with a light thump not too far from where the young Femme is before she looks the area back over and taking note of her reaction to the approaching Mech. For the moment she stays quiet and just watches him approach but tries to give a supportive smile towards the Femme before her full focus stays on the mech.

Khamsin chuckles softly. "I am not media, no. I of those starting the talks on peace." He leans slightly to get a look at the facility proper. "Might we...have a look? Curiosity at the very least compels asking."

Dust Devil raises a hand up, "Hey it's okay, We'll protect ya...I got a cool trick if things get too scary okay? Just ask me to do the trick if yer reallly scared okay?" He grins. Optics rove to the other bots, hoping they'll have some nice answers for the nice scary lookin mech.

Goth frowns, noting the small femme's reaction, so this mech was known as Lockup."<<Well.. This seems to have taken quite a sketchy turn...>>" Goth murmurs to Blast Off, as he keeps a close guard on Khamsin, those elongated crimson claws twitching.

The girl whispers in a deeper voice then normal, almsot rspy "Do the trick..."

Hmmm... I do see some others down there with you. I take it they're the sketchy ones? Or are those... do I see Autobots? >>" HMM. What's all this getalongism he's seeing lately, tsk. Still.. "<< I can maintain altitude and position. Inform me if any... stronger action is required. I can hit marks miles away, after all. >>"

Dust Devil isn't sure with how..weird the little femme is if he should use a complete shield so he raises a forcefield wall between himself and the big builder type guy. "How's that? See? And I can cover us too...."

Lockup grunts. "Well we're not quite open for new patients, but I can see if the warden can give you the tour. He should be on du..." he pauses, staring right at Dust Devil. "Calyhex." he sighs. "Don't move. That's a patient projecting." he says. "Did she just show or have you been following her?" he growls. "Calyhex. Stop projecting. Now." even with the forcefield up, the girl starts to shimmer and fade. She whispers. "S'sir." and suddenly disappears. "That's better. Sorry if she startled you. She's not what she appears to be." he says. "Lemme give the warden a call."

Khamsin furrows his brow lightly. <<You know, Goth, I find it...concerning that a place has patients this close to Cybertron's revival... and under who's juridiction and governance?>> He gives Lockup a nod. "It would be appreciated, greatly. Perhaps even open up topics of conversation when working with city-state leadership."

From afar, Windblade hhmmss... Can I still feel her? Since we're close to her actual body? At least i assume her titan body is under the city.. or IS the city?

You paged Windblade with 'the building itself- theres no doubt about it. The city itself is the titan's body but the mind seems to be almost half sedated or kept in a semi stasis. The closer you get ot the city the more you feel its connection to the girl. Once she stops projecting the titan's mind is quiet.'

Windblade pages: Well, just want to make sure :) Most CS have to be touching to really feel a Titan, but Windy is special among CS and can feel at range. Just wanted to make sure she was HERE. :)

Long distance to Windblade: Calyhex grins. she is here. definately. the titan calyhex is awake but something is keeping her from being responsive

Dust Devil pages: Ummm Windblade? If this place has been do they already have a patient? And what do they mean that she's not what she seems to be. And what do they mean warden?

Windblade almost seems to growl at the way Lockup addresses and commands Calyhex, her hands clenching a bit before she forces them to relax, "What is this.. Warden... named?" Her words are slow and measured, carefully controlled as she resists the urge to do violence upon someone who would treat a Titan in such a fashion, choosing to see more of the situation before she reacts. For now.

"<<It is very concerning.. and the fact they are trying to hide such and ..threaten, the titan so is.. concerning, I suspect we may find some rather.. unsavoury things in there.. soon..>>" Goth would reply to KHamsin, knitting his ridges, Yep....This was going to get /ugly/ he could feel it.

Goth then Radio's Blast off. "<<...Hrrm.. We may need your assistance on the ground.. I suspect we're about to enter rather.. unpleasant, ground.>>" Goth would rather be safe, then sorry.

Lockup says. "Bedlam is the warden and chief of staff here. I'm just in charge of the workcrew. It's part of our rehabilitation program. They seem happy to be given an asssignment as far as iI know. Im just an orderly ya know? You kinda caught us on night shift." he sends out a radio, oddly encrupted. Seems this 'medical facility' is run more like a prison than anything. "Warden's helping the head clinician deal with an unruly patient right now. He should be free in a few hours or we can make an appointment? Or if you want, you can meet with a medic on duty."

Blast Off considers saying aw HECK no and just flying on his way. Go INTO... what was it, an asylum? This sounds very much like a place he does not want to be. However, even if he doesn't fully trust Goth yet, the bat IS a medic, and better to remain on a medic's good side. "<< ...Very well. ETA in 1.8 breems. >>" The shuttle soons comes rocketing down from the sky to transform and land nearby.

The shuttle uprights as the wings and stabilizer fin fall away and the engine cylinders fall forward. The top half of the shuttle breaks apart to reveal Blast Off.

Dust Devil grins brightly at Lockup, "But how do you have rehabilitation and workcrews when ya said that the Asylum wasn't operational yet? Who's jurisiction are ya operatin under? The cons? The bots? Who is yer medical staff and who says who deserves ta me locked up in here? Not ta be rude and all but I was enjoyin the company of my friend and she was scared of you. I mean I could send a radio message ta Valvolux and Iacon and inquire with a few different Primes and some other important bots and get the answers that way. But...I'd rather not bother them if yer willin ta just have a friendly chat."

Khamsin nods. "I'd like to speak to whomever is on duty, yes... perhaps Bedlam can find time to join in." He glances at the others briefly. "And I would still like a proper tour of the place. Tell me, off hand, do you know who has overall oversight of this facility? Not...Bedlam per-se, but who does Bedlam get funding, support, and accountability from?" He glances at Dust Devil and nods. "And...indeed, valid points. You have patients, but not yet open..."

Lockup nods "Yeah, The doc or Bedlam should have all the credentials. I'll have you know we're 100 percent legal. Much better then going to say an institute. We're senate approved and everything. Have the letters from Iacon to prove it."

"<<Understood, your assistance is appreciated.>>" Goth says to Blast Off in a grateful tone... He'd optic over Dust Devil wrly that the Autobot has given away too much, but he has trust in KHamsin, all Goth can do is be KHamsin's silent, and hidden, bodyguard at the moment... And then the word /senate/ comes out of Lockup's mouth and all sorts of red flags are now going off in his helm. "<<...Oh dear...>>"

Blast Off heads over to stand not too far from the group, eying them and the gaurds. This already has him on edge. "<< You sure this isn't a *prison*? I don't like the looks of this and I have *no* intention of staying here long... >>" He doesn't take out his ionic blaster, but the Combaticon does have cannons on his legs and he's not afraid to use 'em. He gives a direct stare at Lockup, trying to read him, see if the guard has issues with him and his armaments.

Lockup then looks to Dust Devil and shakes his head "Don't let her upset you too much. One of our patients here has a holoprojector and can project images and uses them to try to get out of her cell. Normally she doesn't get too far, but it seems you ran into one of her projections." He says. "She's in here for a vast array of crimes including sparkeating, assassination attempts, form without function, the list goes on with that one. She likes to project herself as whatever it takes to get her victims where she wants them and to lure them to her. Fortunately enough, shes inside, and safe in her room and cannot do whatever she planned to do, and isnt in a state of mind to know where she is." he shrugs. "Its probably a good thing she 'lured' you here, if that is the case. We can know what she's up to, stop the projections and she can stop harassing good citizens."

The mech turns to looka t Blast Off "Its not a prison, I assure you. This is a rehabilitation center for those affected negatively by the growing violence and changing worlds around them. Not eveery spark is whole and some need some work before they can be returned to society. There are harsher facilities, but the workcamp here givses the patients purpose. They seem healthier and happier, and arne't really complaining are they?" he doesn't seem to be disarming anyone yet. "If you want you can leave anytime. Im not holding anyone."


Khamsin ahs... "That is...interesting. There is no Senate, nor has there been one for a very, very long I'm afraid whatever permits you've been running under may be quite invalid at this moment in time. Perhaps it is best Bedlam come and see us soon as possible. I can see this causing some turmoil between the various groups that are repopulating Cybertron swiftly. You seem to be...speaking as though it's millions of years ago." He looks back at Blast Off and quirks a brow slightly. "Oh... Blast Off.... interesting seeing you out and about. I thought you were...busy."

Lockup nods. "Yeah, I'll give him a second call. Somethin's not right here. So where are /you/ from? You're a rather large group." He sends a radio "He'll be at h is office shortly. Guess I should let you in. Hold on." He motions to the group working. "Keep on working. If anyone leaves their post, I'll know. The tags will go off." The group working nod all at the same time. "So. How is this gettin' in the way of your...peace treaty you said? And what year you think this is anyways?"

Lockup nods. "Yeah, I'll give him a second call. Somethin's not right here. So where are /you/ from? You're a rather large group." He sends a radio "He'll be at h is office shortly. Guess I should let you in. Hold on." He motions to the group working. "Keep on working. If anyone leaves their post, I'll know. The tags will go off." The group working nod all at the same time. "So. How is this gettin' in the way of your...repopulation you said? And what year you think this is anyways?"

Dust Devil looks at Lockup, "This is the current date Cybertronian...and I think this is Galactic...I have earth too but I'm thinkin you might not have that. Especially cause ya think we still have a senate..." He waves his forcefield off and looks at the others before glancing at the inmates being left behind.

Goth frowns from his cloaked position, gently putting a hand on Khamsin's shoulder in a protective manner. "<<Hmph, is anything is tired, I will attempt to intervene.>>" He says separately to both KHamsin and Blast Off.... Goth was feeling his own anxiety and stress starting to spike, the last time he was in one of these places.. "<<...Hmph, I wonder if they were all in stasis as well with the titan.>>" He'd muse to Blast OFf and Kham.. He'd eye up Windblade and Dust Devil.. wondering if he should let them know he was there.

Lockdown tilts his head. "What is this Galactic earth.." he hears the year. "I see. Are you all from this year then? Yes. I do believe you need to come inside." his voice changes a bit, almost welcoming. "Please. Follow me."

Blast Off blinks at the mention of 'sparkeating'... "Wait, you all are here at the request of a *sparkeater*?" What *exactly* did he just get roped into again??? Blast Off nods to Lockup. "Very well, then. It would be unwise to try detaining me. As long as *that* doesn't happen... "

He looks around at them all, frowning under the faceplate, then squints at Khamsin. "I *was*. And believe me, I'd *far* prefer being where I was earlier than in *this* place. However," He glances about but no Goth in sight, "I was... requested to keep an optic on this place. Make sure all is... up and up."

Khamsin considers the invitation a moment... "No. Perhaps it best we return with representatives from the respective factions... Perhaps Prime, or Soundwave, or even Des." He looks at the others a moment. "Something is most assuredly not right here, and while I do want to explore a bit, I think it is not beneficial for us all to simply...disappear into there." He looks at Blast Off. "Is there anything on the old Cybertronian cartographic databases about this place?"

Lockup says. "We will do nothing that will harm you. That is not our intention at all. Please come inside?" the workers start to move inside, single file. Almost part of hte background, their eyes focused straight ahead. Not one has said a word to anyone. "We want to hear about the year <repeats year>." "Bedlam said his office is open and our chief psychiatrist would like to hear about it too."

Blast off thinks he can tell good enerwine from regular"

Windblade simply stands there quietly. Her focus on the city itself.

Windblade pages: Windy is just trying to focus on touching Caly's mind. I cant seem to pose quick enough so.. will settle on her trying to touch minds with Caly CS-way

Dust Devil is walking but he's tense, He looks at one of the workers, "How long ya been here fer?"

<OOC> Calyhex says, "the place does and did exist. but has been defunct since just after the war. It was thought to be abandoned and 'shut down' right about the time the war started up. Some early con insurgents came to the place and broke some of the more insane prisoners out and they took over the place, burned it down and its been as dormant as the rumored titan that sleeps under it. Until now."

The prisoner looksa t Dust Devil and speaks in a slow, mechanical voice. "Until I am well sir. Until I am well."

You paged Windblade with 'caly's mind has a few feels of intense fear. then some pain. then suddenly quite numb. she seems to be in a forced 'twilight' stasis. Somethign forced her to shut into rest mode.'

From afar, Windblade nods, "Windy would be trying to massage that.. to ease at least some of the pain

>.> Gonna use Windy's specilness as a CS to the fullest to do this een from a distance. Cause she knows if she talks right now she'd be putting a sword in somoene.

You paged Windblade with 'she almost seems to cling to you, as if a friendly voice that can speak to her is something she has either never heard in a long time or at all "Solus...." she whispers in your mind.

"Violence is the way of Megatronis."'

Windblade abruptly sits down, legs curling under her as her optics close and she seems.. a bit lost to the world as if concetrating heavily on something.

Blast Off frowns again at Khamsin, but he does start rooting through his old star charts and Cybertronian cartographic databases. What he finds... "Hmm. This place existed before the war and was thought shut down..." he glances to Lockup, then back to the others. "Right after the war started up." The Combaticon looks around the facility. "I thought Decepticon insurgents leveled this place?"

From afar, Windblade simply keeps doing the same thing, just providing a warm hand/touch. Her own thoughts, <<Violence for the sake of violence.. that was his way. To defend what you care for.. to fight to protect those you wish to.. is differnt.. and Solus /lives/.. she will be happy to know you do as well>>

Dust Devil frowns at the answer he is given, "Ummm why are ya in here fer?" He walks forward, still trying to pry answers and trusting in his forcefield to protect him.

Goth's ears fan back, he's now getting a /very/ bad feeling. "<>" Goth Radios both Khamsin and Blast Off... And Grunts. "<<Should tell the neutral and Autobot as well..>>" Goth's ready to start backing up as Lockup starts insiting.

You paged Windblade with 'Calyhex: "Are you solus? You feel like her. Im very tired. The warden is angry and will punish."'

Lockup nods "Decepticons. You really hshould tell us about those too. Sounds dangerous. Its safe inside though. We'll just have to do one thing in the intake room, and then we can take you to see the warden. All of oyu."

Khamsin hmms and nods. "Interesting." He turns. "If your...chief psychiatric practicioner and Bedlam cannot be bothered to come see things for themselves, I am not feeling too inclined to enter a facility I know to be...demolished." He nods. "I shall either wait out here, or return at a later time when it is more convenient for" He pulls out his datapad to make a few notes.

Windblade pages: No I am not. I consider proud to call myself one of her daughters.. but I have meet her. <As warm and soft thoughts as she can manage flood back along the soft link> It is my privliage.. to speak to you and your brothers and sisters Titans.

Goth pages: ...AHAHAH Yep this is gonna blow up the second someone threatens Khamsin

You last paged Windblade.

Goth pages: Goth's gonna murder someone and whoooo

You paged Windblade with 'she gets excited. "Metroplex. Trypticon. Chela."'

From afar, Windblade facepalms at a very bad bad idea >.> Just to OOCly warn.. if this gets tough, WB is not beyond calling for Metro's help.. and trying to get Banshee to bring Tryp to play :P

From afar, Windblade 's thoughts get warm just considering her Titan, "Metroplex... he is the one I am Linked with, he will be happy as well that you are awake. Trypticon as well."

The walls almost seem to shake for a moment. Lockup looks a little concerned. "Well. They have a issue to deal with Im sure it'll be handled soon. If you want. You can make an appointment. I can have them call you at a more convenient time. I hope the...war doesn't catch you though. Just remember. This is a safe place. You have nothing to fear here. And if you see our little inmate, let us know and we'll retrieve her." he sends a radio again.

You paged Windblade with 'Metroplex. Trypticon...(sudden bout of pain from her, then shes quieter) Should sleep. So very tired.'

Khamsin pages: Is it worth mentioning Kham has Intercept? >_>;

Windblade pages: Rest, sleep... know we are here, and we will not leave you alone.

Windblade pages: Oh god.. Solus x.x She might be a touch unhappy at how Caly is being treated ^^

You paged Khamsin with 'yes :) hes radioing in ancient cybertronian "Sir, theres some insane people out here that really need to speak with you once you get the level 10 inmate sedated" theres a response back "Can you distract them?" "Im tryin' to get them to set an appointment. You guys think you can have things under control then?" "Let them escape. This time. If they return, I'll talk to them personally."'

You paged Windblade with 'theres silence from the titan and almost cold from her mind. shes been sedated.'

Blast Off doesn't like this one bit, but then again he hasn't from the beginning. He frowns at Goth's message. "<< I... think you're likely right. >>" The shuttleformer takes a step back, lifting a black hand in a 'no thanks' gesture to Lockup. "I think Khamsin is correct. We can come another time, a better one for all involved, yes?"

He nods to the Gaurd. "That sounds fine to me." Yes, time to be on his way.

From afar, Windblade simply continues to be supportive.. even if Caly cant respond.

Dust Devil frowns as the area around him starts shaking and he looks at the inmate that he asked the question and then turns to look and see what Windblade is doing. "What's goin on?

Khamsin finishes making notes in his datapad and looks at Lockup. "Thank you for your time and assistance..." He glances at the surrounding area as things rumble a bit. "Best of luck for the time being...expect me to return, yes?" He gives a smile and turns to depart. "I...should take my leave..."

Lockup nods "Well give me your frequency and I'll gie it to Bedlam. If you want mine, lemme know. Fixit's pretty good too if the others aren't about."

Khamsin ahs. "Yes, yes...of course." He takes an etched card out and hands it over. "It's on the newer bands, but should pick up older equipment transmitting just fine..."

You paged Windblade with 'she would listen to your voice, calm but in a deep sleep.'

As soon as it started, the shaking of the wlals seems to have stopped.

Lockup nods "Newer bands of cours. I forget you future people have new tech and all." he says. "Well if mine isnt too archaic, call me anytime." he takes the card and bows his head. "Farewell, peacekeeper and friends."

Goth's ears and optics flick about as he keeps himself from falling over from the trembling, he then pauses, his ears shooting upward and his face twisting into concern, oh he heard something, he heard something alright... The bat is getting very twitchy, /very/ twitchy...

<<Mmmm Yes, watch your back as you do.>>" Goth Warns Blast Off, his tone uneven, worried even.

Windblade pages: We will be here.. <Another ilght brush along the link before she 'wakes up'>

Windblade blinks her optics and stands up, her expression calm before looking to Dust Devil, "Nothing is going on." Her tone definitely leaves a quiet 'yet' attached on the end, "They are right.. it is best for us to go now." She turns to start walking off before she looks back over her shoulder, "But we will be back."

Windblade pages: The last part would be strongly sent over the link with as much feeling as Windy can squeeze into it without disturbing her sleeping.

You paged Windblade with 'she actually seems calm. for the first time since feeling her presene. shes unafraid.'

Dust Devil frowns and looks back, "But what about....."

Khamsin looks at Dust Devil. "Nothing can be helped if we rush headlong into something blind..." He nods to Windblade, then to Blast Off and Ghost. "I...would recommend we all reconvene somewhere to discuss next steps."

Blast Off eyes the Autobots a moment before looking to Khamsin. The shuttleformer nods. Leaving sounds plenty good to him right now.