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As of 05/03/2020 (User:Bzero), Retoris is
under Autobot control.
Autobots within the territory are in command, Decepticons within the territory are seen as hostiles, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are protected.
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Retoris was once an independent city-state on Cybertron directly south of Iacon. Ruined and abandoned after thousands of years of war, Retoris is protected by natural defenses on the sides and Iacon itself from the rear. The city-state has started rebuilding efforts after years of small-scale fortifications. The front of the city is protected by a massive defensive structure, 'lovingly' referred to by the Autobots that defend it as The Wall.


On one occasion, a raiding force from Silent Grill were seen outside Retoris. Waiting for something. When nothing happened, they seemed pleased and left.

Later, Cuffs encountered Seawing in Retoris. They tangled, but Seawing was able to escape.

Retoris recently re-opened its neutral starport, bringing in off-worlders to visit and becoming very a metropolitan trading hub in the process. War profiteers have been quick to take advantage of the state's Free Trade Zone and cheap local labor.

OOC Notes

Retoris is in the process of being revamped. The City of the Wall, the bulwark of Iacon is returning to some of its former glory. Retoris is to be a hub of commerce, with seven large spaceports and a free market, which will hopefully draw in a lot of alien races that had shunned Cybertron. Lots of markets with lots of rarities! As an act of good faith (and in hopes they don't bomb the F*****g place again) In one section of the free trade zone, even Decepticons are allowed access under a few provisos. Weapons must be peacebonded if mounted, or removed and secured if held. All Decepticons must keep their IFF tracker active. Any weapons fire, altmoding, or act of violence is given a single warning, after that. That Con is banned.



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