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This article is about the non-living weapon wielded by the Thirteen - for the combined Mini-Con weapon, see Requiem Blaster (Mini-Con).
The legendary Requiem Blaster

The Requiem Blaster is a powerful weapon of the Thirteen that is able to draw power from a quasar's sound waves, a supernova's thermal energy, or a black hole's gravity. The blaster is massive enough to have its own gravity and is far too large for most modern transformers to wield or even pull the trigger.

There is no record of a Transformer surviving a direct hit from the Requiem Blaster. It might just be the most powerful weapon ever.


Aligned novels

The Requiem Blaster is said to have been reluctantly created by weaponsmith Solus Prime, at Megatronus's urging to protect Cybertron against Unicron. Possessed of great power, the Blaster is allegedly capable of leveling mountains. According to legend, the Thirteen decided by a vote of seven to six to allow the weapon to exist. Stories say the Requiem Blaster was placed on a ship which was lost in deep space. The Requiem Blaster eventually wound up on Junkion, where it was buried in junk. Exiles

MUX History

In modern times, the Requiem Blaster was found and removed from the Planet of Junkion. Unfortunately the weapon's removal led to the planet breaking apart.


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