Personal information
Real Name

Jeffrey R. Therien


Cumberland, Rhode Island



Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS

Infantry; Heavy weapons


Staff Sergeant (E-6)


Steadi-cam machine gun

Organizational information

GI Joe


Night Force

Repeater is one of the oldest soldiers to serve in the G.I. Joe Team. Having served close to fifty years in the Army, he never rose above the rank of Staff Sergeant. He has never shown any interest in assuming a command position. Although he has been overlooked for promotion, Repeater has nonetheless earned the respect of his commanding officers; they know that they can count on him to provide cover support for the men in his unit. He may be old and jaded by what he sees in the field, but it's not to the point where his comrades would be put off. In fact, they really enjoy his company.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Born in 1952, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jeffrey R. Therien is a veteran soldier from Cumberland, Rhode Island with over fourty years in the Army. He never rose above his current rank because he was best out in the field. After making it through the G.I. Joe team's grueling training program, Repeater's first mission was a "final exam" when he and a group of Joes stopped an Iron Grenadier raid on the Picatinny Weapons Arsenal.

Repeater was later one of a group of Joe that met the original G.I. Joe while defending a government laser facility in Manhattan. He served on many more missions for the team including a rescue mission to retrieve a group of Joes stranded in Southeast Asia, and the defense of the Pit when Cobra invaded the Joe headquarters. Repeater continued to serve on the team until it was shut down in 1994.

MUX History:

Repeater is a reserve member of the team.

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