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Remote Patrol Six is a team of Autobot scouts from the Shattered Glass universe.

Remote Patrol Six is a group of Autobot scouts composed of:


Shattered Glass

Remote Patrol Six usually patrols space around Cybertron, to give early warning of potential attacks or hazards. They are currently guarding the Plait Expanse against further incursions by the Junkions.

MUX History

When the Remote Patrol Six encountered the Junkion pirate ship V'ger in orbit around Cybertron in 2012, it fired on the V'ger, disabling it, and then sent in a boarding party. Met with heavy resistance by the Autobots and Decepticon aboard, however, the RP6 was forced to retreat.

OOC Note

Remote Patrol Six is named such because they are the sixth group sent out on patrol (the first five have been killed), not because they have to maintain six members at all times.

Of the Six, Camshaft, Kup, Springer, and Warpath are secretly working for Alpha Trion. Downshift is an undercover agent of the Autobot Secret Police, spying on the members of the Six for their suspected seditious ties. Powerglide and Sandstorm are comparatively innocent, and therefore very likely to die in the inevitable crossfire.


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