Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Release the Spectre

Characters: Backblast, Brave Dave, Dust Devil, Ghost, Hot Rod, Omen, Ratchet, Soundwave, Starlock, Tap-Out

Location: Iacon; Praxus

Date: October 07, 2021

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Ghost is freed from Iacon.

As logged by Tap-Out - Thursday, October 07, 2021, 7:23 PM

Iacon Medical Center - Iacon

The first floor of the facility is a masterwork of elegant precision of movement; dozens of medical droids carrying tools and materials rushing in between medics and gurneys rapidly, Autobot medics moving from room to room while reading datapads or discussing matters in low, hushed tones, and automated medical equipment moving slowly from floor to floor make the entrance floor of the medical center seem like the production stage of a choreographed waltz. Two elevators on either side of the floor allow access to other areas of the facility, which include patient rooms, testing labs, and rehabilitation facilities.


Ratchet walks out of his office, shutting the door behind him. He strides purposefully towards Ghost's forcefield chamber and picks up her electronic chart, checking sedative levels and other indicators of recovering cerebral activity. He gazes through the forcefield at her, assessing her with experienced optics. Energon levels are one thing - Ratchet also relies on his gut. He might not talk about it as much as Ironhide does, but Ratchet has learned to listen to his instincts.

Dust Devil has been working on the forcefield generators, mostly monitoring them while he works on what looks to be a gift basket. Like...a literal gift basket. There's even a bow on it.

Starlock's been keeping a close eye on them, as its her notes on the chart.... They've cleared mostly and there is a note they are just now waiting on Soundwave to indicate a place, on that note, Starlock is at her desk listing to music with her headphone's jacked in. the patches from where Omen got her are still there but they look about ready to come off.

Tap-Out strides into Iacon Medical. For once, his forest green armor is brightly polished, and he carries himself a little more formally than his usual mellow strut. He scans the medbay, first for threats, then for officers. Spotting Ratchet, he makes a beeline for the medical director. "Tap-Out reporting for escort duty, sir," he reports. "I was assigned to safely transport the prisoner out of Iacon." He glances into Ghost's chamber.

And as Ratchet approaches the area where Ghost and Omen are kept, the inky, indigo bundle of 'feathers' and rage blinks optics open from her perch on Ghost's shoulder, giving the Autobot a slit-optic'd glower. She opens her beak in a yawn, fluffing ruff and crest before shifting to preen Ghost's finial with an air of ownership. She's staring at him though, deliberately while Ghost..

Well Ghost said she was tired after Starlock pulled the sedatives, and mentioned a defrag before she dropped under into a more or less natural sleep if this several day long down-cycle could be considered normal. Systems have been internally cycling up and down, slowly running through checks on many levels but predominately, there's a soft hum on a quantum level, a deep, deep defrag cycle syncing all those systems of hers. Omen has been preening her off and on while defending the space somewhat aggressively to little reaction. Except now. That finial flicks back and away from the sharp beak of the raven, followed by a mumbled << 5 more minutes >> in primal vernacular.

Starlock perks up seeing Tap-Out and takes out her headphone jack. "Oh, Ratchet, Tap-Out Hello." She'd smile and start to come over, and then she makes a face hearing Tap-Out. "She's not a prisoner." She says flatly.

Dust Devil is still working on a said basket. It looks like it's woven with lots of different colored wires. And there are different smaller packages inside.

Ratchet stands by Ghost's forcefield-protected chamber, her electronic chart in hand. He looks over Starlock's medical notes, nodding to himself approvingly. He glances up as Ghost's systems cycle and she mutters in the primal vernacular. "Wakey wakey," he says in modern, Vaporex-accented Cybertronian Standard. He glances at Starlock and Tap-Out. "Starlock's right," he agrees. "She's a patient, who is now clear to leave, if you have no objections, Starlock?" he asks, checking with the medic most familiar with Ghost's case.

Hot Rod is entering on in and going to sweep about. As he would catch optic of Ratchet he would give a nod and then slowly survey things going on. And Hot Rod is being peculiarly quiet. No rapid fire questions or comments on what was going on, no sort of banter or attempts at being jocular. Just going to glance about and take in the scenario quietly while trying to figure out the full circumstances before commenting.

"Yep, I was assuming we were merely waiting on Soundwave to give a spot to meet to facilitate her return safely to 'con territory." Starlock would chirp with a smile, crossing her arms.

Dust Devil says, "Hey Ratchet, I get ta hang with you and keep ya company while these guys go play entourage....ain't that awesome?" He tilts it back and forth and grins as he looks at Ratchet, "Her present's done.....""

Tap-Out rolls his optics with a 'well, excuuuuuse me' expression, but then quickly straightens up, raising his chin slightly. "Of course, sir. When our GUEST is ready to be delivered to the meeting site, I am ready to escort her as her bodyguard. I will protect her as well as I would any Autobot ally - or potential ally," he says seriously, glancing back in at the recovering Decepticon. "No harm will come to her," he promises. "By friend or enemy," he adds.

Omen lets out a croaking kraaa, giving that finial a sharper nip before chortling softly. << No amount of sleep is going to make you less idiotic, idiot. Or make you look better. >>

There's another grumble from the Decepticon femme and a wince at the nip, << Fine fine, I'm up I'm up.. For frags sake.. >> Blinking optics open, staring upwards as systems hum online. "Fek.. wasn't a horrible defrag hallucination was it?" she asks nobody in particular, slowly moving to sit up on the table, wings creaking as she expands one to the fulles, tucks, then does the same with the other. There's the soft crack-creak of tiny joints and actuators firing off as she does before her attention slides to that forcefield and a brow cocks upwards. "Well. Hello Ratchet, fancy seeing you here." tone dry. Attention slides around as Omen re-perches on her shoulder, "And company."

Much of the engging back and forth amongst the Decepticon and her union representative goes beyond Hot Rod's immediate ability to catch onto while sweeping about the medbay. It sounds like there's no pending immediate doom en route so the cavalier maintains a look over at ease. Tap-Out's narrative gets a low twitch of a smile on his faceplate once Hot Rod is sure that -no one- is making optic contact with him in a 'did you really just narrate that' expression.

Starlock gives Tap-Out something of a stink-optic, but nod in acceptance, letting the earlier look go, before she glances over and waves a hand in a friendly manner. "Nope, and you've been asleep for about two days." Starlock says with a nod.

Ratchet sends a radio transmission: "Ghost is ready. Do you wish to contact Soundwave to set up a meet point?" to Jazz.

Dust Devil grins, "Omen swears in her sleep...." He move slightly so that he can show Ratchet the nice gift basket for Ghost.

(Radio) Jazz sends Ratchet a radio transmission, 'Yes.'

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Our I could I just ask you on this channel huh Soundwave?"
<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Soundwave would never eavesdrop on us...<< snicker >>"
<<Autobot>> Tonka says, "Right, and if you believe that, I've got a bridge to the moon to sell you, cheap."
<<Autobot>> Starlock snorts loudly

Hot Rod sends a radio transmission.

Ratchet flashes Hot Rod a smile and the nods to Starlock. "I contacted Jazz; in case he wants to handle communications with the enemy. If he's not available, I'll contact Commander Cassette Recorder myself. In any case, we'll get our little lost specter home soon." He then glances at Dust Devil. "Good," he says, in response to both statements. "Then I have some chores for you after you've delivered your gift."

Ratchet narrows his optics. "It's not a prank, is it? As much as I love a good gag, with current Autobot/Decepticon tensions, it would NOT be appropriate," he warns. He nods absently to Tap-Out's enthusiastic promise, his own expression one of 'yeah yeah yeah.' When Ghost addresses him, he turns and gives her as friendly a smile as he can. "Yeah. I'd rather be at the bar, but work calls, right? How are you feeling?" he asks diagnostically.

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Autobots, we are releasing our visitor from Medical. Be sure that no harm comes to her in Iacon. There are bots assigned to protect her as she heads to her location which I do not have confirmation of yet."

Dust Devil grin INNOCENTLY, "Hey! I put alot of thought inta what went inta this! I even made the basket. surprisingly easy ta do when yer stuck in medical with no one ta chat with. However the Vector Sigma keychain was on I had ta make due."

<<Autobot>> Soundwave says, "You may ask."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Theere he is"
<<Autobot>> Para-Droppable PITA Backblast says, "Hrm?"

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

<<Autobot>> Soundwave says, "Its best to assume I hear everything from everywhere."

Backblast sends a radio transmission.

Ghost blinks, "We both do." she admits with a wry expression. Reaching up to ruffle the raven's ruff, she gets finger-nipped for her troubles. "Swear in our sleep. Must be hereditary or something." Wings tuck, fold, partially transform until she's looking much more seeker-esque. A look at the field surrounding her 'area' before she slips off of the table to stand. A tilt of her head, wings creaking slightly as they adjust and she runs a quick internal check. "Well..Rather be at the bar myself."

She peers at Dust Devil a moment, raising brows before she answers with a shrug, "I don't -feel- like one of Primus' Anointed." A wry smile before she adds, "Not sure if you would feel different but anyways.. I feel. As normal as i will be while here. A little tense, keeping protocols dampened down and.." blink-pause, "I.. uh.. There's not need for a gift basket. This was.. An unintended visitation. The thought is appreciated but I must politely refuse such a thing."

Omen grumbles, side-opticing everyone outside the forcefield again before deliberately shifting feet, flicking talons out and back in. << Bite? >>

"No bite, We're going home, Omen, Behave."

Backblast saunters into Medical, still carrying Brave Dave and Eeek. "Mentlegen." 'Ook' 'EEEK!'

Hot Rod would just shake his head, "Probably best not to escalate things. If there's going to be some sort of negotiatio giong on with her release, might want to have Crosscut along to make a statement on it." He would muse to Ratchet. "And we have our orders, whenever the meeting location is ready we're going to roll out." Hot Rod would be mellow and then glance at Dust Devil and Ghost's words.

Things seem to be peaceful and the leadin to the exchange seems to be as well as he can tell it's going. Hot Rod is just attentively listening to the commentary on the radio anda mongst the members of the medbay.

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "We are requesting the best place to escort you colleague for you to rendy-vous."

Starlock rubs at her temples. "Last thing we need is Soundwave going absolutely ballistic again." Starlock grumbles in agreence with Ratchet.. However she's.. relaxed, and gives a crooked smile, glad everything is, so far, going smoothly.

Her finials flick up. "Hey BB, Dave, Eek." She'd smile at the three and look back with a nod, thankfully to Ghost curbing Omen.. sorta.

<<Autobot>> Soundwave says, "how far can she travel? What is her condition?"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "She's fully functional and cognizant, so just a matter of where, imagine a neutral territory."

Tap-Out glances back at Ghost, seeming unaware of the silent shade thrown at him by Hot Rod. His amber optics do widen at the idea of Ghost as one of 'Primus' Annointed.' His head snaps in Dust Devil's direction. "Is that even a thing? I'll have to ask Glyph." He glances back as Backblast arrives. "Are you escorting us as well, sir?" he asks politely. Unlike Backblast, Tap-Out seems unarmed. Some bodyguard.

Backblast grins and gives Starlock his usual laconic salute. Brave Dave attempts to copy it. Eeek continues to look around with that 'everything is new and confusing and I don't think I like it' startled expression common to baby apes.

He nods to Tap-Out. "Yeah just in case anyone gets any smart ideas." He confirms.

Dust Devil smirks at Ghost, " gave me somethin ta do. I think convincin the priest was the most fun I've had in ages. But ya might wanna hide some of this before Ratchet realizes what is in here. Amazin what strings I can pull....and just how nice my tab is at the Roll out." He looks in the basket, "Besides....there are some treats in here fer Omen too. Gotta be tastier than the fingerfood she's after right now."

Backblast looks to Ghost. "Just take it, yeah? Kid's been good recently, just consider it a gift from one diplomat to the other. Tell you what, if you do I'll make sure Dave doesn't try and eat your fingers when you say hello to him on the wy, can't say fairer than that."

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "As my medic has informed. We can get her into any neutral territory. we simply didn't repair her to damage her."
<<Autobot>> Soundwave says, "which is closest to her? I assume her damages are severe? I would not want to damage her further by moving her too much. I will come personally. You do not need to worry about hostilities."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Chilll Sounders, she's competely fine"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "I saw to her personally"

Ghost raises brows at hearing 'going ballistic again'. Finials flick forward, back and she has to turn to look at the wall a moment, attempting to cover a brief flash of embarrassment. Pity she's white, her entire frame tints. There's an ahem before she turns back, still slightly 'tinged' with color. "Is it a gift basket or the sort of going away present Intel Ops is going to keep away from me for -ages-?" A shake of her head as she settles systems quieting down. "Right. back into the breech it is." Flex of shoulders, peering through the field, expression sliding into polite interest. that lasts all of a click before, "Oooh.. is that one of the -petrorillas-.. is that a.. oooh.." Stepping closer to peer at Backblast, and the 'rillas. "What are they doing here? are they okay?"

Omen gives another sharp nip, muttering. Ghost winces before aheming again, "Right, right. Professional. Thank you for the gift offering Dust Devil. Is there a particular timetable we're operating on? Anything I should be wary of, words, gestures, angry avians trying to eat people?"

<<Autobot>> Soundwave says, "my thanks for not furthering her damages. It is due time I got my agent home. Praxus would be a good location."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Yeaah no, i repaired her in full, Omen bit me, so."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Think theres more damage on my end then hers."
<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Praxus it is. One cycle. now get off my comms."
<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "rotating frequencies."
<<Autobot>> Starlock snrks
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "I think thats up there with Prime telling Starscream to get off his lawn"
<<Autobot>> Soundwave says, "Until we meet again < coms go out from his end >"

Ratchet smiles bemusingly at Dust Devil. "Looks like you struck out, kid. Although I'll bet that basket would look lovely in my office," he hints. "You owe me." To Ghost, he grins. "Maybe we can meet there after your release, someplace neutral, like The Rollout. I'd love to have a conversation with ya outside a forcefield," he chuckles, looking amused at the idea of Ghost being 'Primus' Anointed.' He turns and gives Backblast a casual salute/wave, the turns back to Ghost. "Praxus work for you?" he asks.

Hot Rod would just watch back quietly over and then look like he would consider speaking on something, and tehn go, "We should also make sure to give the city a heads up on it that we'll be making the exchange so that they're not going to be worried about a bunch of us coming out of nowhere and in case they'd feel a bit safer monitoring us from afar." He would speak up quietly over after making an assumption and running it through a quick filter.

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "OK Bots, we have one cycle to get her to Praxus. Tell me what you need?"

Backblast smiles and lets Ghost look at the Rillas. "Brave Dave here, from the Copperbacks, and this one I'm calling 'Eeek' until he develops enough of a personality to earn himself a name." He smiles, then his face falls. "They're here 'cause we took down one of the poacher shuttles, Orion's Hammer. We rescued quite a lot, but as the only thing nearby that smells familiar, Dave and Eeek are sticking with me until I can get them home."

<<Autobot>> Tap-Out says, "Are we doing this by shuttle?"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Might be a good idea, lot quicker and keeps 'er from going to far through Iacon"

Dust Devil acks as he looks at the basket and then runs to one of the cabinets, grabs a set of.....towels...and throws them on top. "See....ya even got the towels....and you can have the blankets ya used too...especially since I think Omen was makin holes in them...."

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "If Ratchet goes ta hit me, I swear I probably didn't do it...."

Starlock grins at Ghost's interest at the 'Rilla's and gives a wide smile. "Their doing /alot/ better then they where before." Starlock adds, looking at them both.

She'd glance back to Ghost and add to Ratchet's statement. "Thats the place Soundwave asked to meet at." She nods.

<<Autobot>> Jazz nods, "Fine, let's take her to a shuttle. Dust Devil, head out to Praxus ahead of us, find a nice place to hide and observe."

Ratchet nods. "Good idea, Hot Rod. I'll alert Sky High," he says, sending a quick message to the eccentric ruler of Praxus. He looks at Backblast with a raises optic ridge. "Are you taken them on your mission? They can't stay here unsupervised. I'm still finding Hound's furry pets underfoot," he complains. Ratchet mutters to Dust Devil, "THAT's what we should give the Decepticons as a parting gift. Some of your furry friends."

Ghost ahhs, "I don't think I was much of a conversationalist while I was here, I'm afraid. It's.. a bit blurry still. But nothing that sets off my inherent paranoia." A tilt of her head, "Drinks at the RollOut sounds like a plan. After they let me out again. I fear I may get grounded, so to speak." She shrugs, then nods, "Praxus is good. Neutral city, and there's our tower still there where Intel Ops can snoop before I'm allowed into any of the more sensitive places." Merry smile, attention tracking to the petrorillas. "I hope you get them home soon, Backblast." She stands on her side of the field and cocks her head, "how do you want to do this? Cuffed? Should I have Omen dock? Whats the least.. ahh.. concerning for your group?"

Dust Devil mutters to Ratchet, "There might be some there if they figured out there were engex bottles in the basket...of course you mighta been in it too..."

Hot Rod would give a nod to Ratchet's comments in acknowledgement, then turn over to Ghost's elaboration. Looking like he might say something but then go quiet. That was something up the chain to figure out the best response for and how to handle it. A low look of irritation at himself given. Or at least the external shell of one.

"No need for cuffs, we did tell Soundwave we'd getcha' back away and unharmed, and since you're not a prisoner, not gonna do that.. though you maay want to dock Omen." Starlock says with a cringe. "I fear she's still mad at me for following orders and when I was turning the sedative's off." She sighs. "we'll be escorting ya' to a ship and take off from there." She explains.

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "use the V'Ger, we might as well since it is using our real estate. For now."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Alright, i know the code for that one, so I'm driving!"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "wait wrong one"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "uuhg i'm not awake"
<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Hey!"
<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "That's sorta my ship! well...mostly benin's.....I just borrow it"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Hey I realized my mistake and correct it"
<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "repeatedly....."

Tap-Out assesses the security of the situation. "Maybe dock your bird, since she's bitey?" he suggests, agreeing with Starlock. Looking at Dust Devil, he asks, "Can you take down the field?" Back to Ghost, he says, "I don't think cuffs will be necessary, either. Like they said - you're not a prisoner, and if you wanted to get away from us, cuffs wouldn't stop you anyway," he admits. He waits for Dust Devil to lower the forcefield.

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Just so you know...if you use it, it likes to land upside down."
<<Autobot>> Tap-Out says, "The V'ger? Don't we want her to get there in one piece, sir?"

>> The forcefield protecting Omen <CyberRaven) fades away. <<

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "We do. It will be fine."

Backblast nods to Ratchet "They kick up a right shitstorm if they're not around me."

Brave Dave, true to the 'Brave' moniker, waits until Backblast is close to Omen and Ghost... before attempting to climb across and/or grab onto something shiny.

<<Autobot>> Tap-Out chuckles. "I like a challenge!"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "This should be intresting"
<<Autobot>> Tap-Out says, "Sir, may I suggest then that Backblast go ahead for scouting, and Dust Devil accompany us in the V'ger, since he's most familiar with the... peculiarities of that ship?"

Dust Devil takes down the forcefield and then pushes the basket over to Ghost.

<<Autobot>> Para-Droppable PITA Backblast says, "I'll ride close and drop down when we get there to check the LZ."
<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Approved."
<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Don't shoot Robby~!"
<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Autobots, I am itching to shoot Soundwave in the aft. if anything goes sideways. Please let me know."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "noted Jazz"

Omen warks, hunkering down on Ghost's shoulder at the mention of 'docking'. "No." talons half extend and close down to anchor her better on her hosts shoulder. "No. Guard. -Mine-. Guar-WAARK!" wide optics as Brave Dave reaches out for her 'Ghost'. " nonono! Mine!"

Ghost raises brows, nodding, "Perhaps I.." winces as Omen anchors herself, "Right. That's a negative on the hidden angry bird routine." She watches as the field is dropped then steps over the imaginary threshold. "I can only apologize for Omen's assault on you Starlock. She felt she was doing the right thing and protecting me while I was not able to do so myself."

She turns and finds a petrorilla moving to attach itself to her. Brows raise and she.. -freezes- going utterly motionless save for finials flicking forward in alert-alarm. Plating shifts slightly here and there, gapping to prevent any appendage pinching should he climb her and primary datacables snake out, offering support and a gentle nudge back towards. "No. You can't come with me you -darling- thing you. Go back to Backblast. I don't belong here. And I should go, soon, before the natives get more restless."

Starlock rubs the back of her helm and chuckles. "Its alright, already forgiven, its part of a medics job, not the first time a patients beat me up in their confusion when I'm just trying to help." She says and smile, she then glances to Omen. "Looks like Omen's not gonna budge huh? Alright." She'd nod.

She can't help but bring her hands up to cover her mouth as she giggles at Ghost and little Dave.

Brave Dave looks up at Ghost with a pair of number-9 cute-eyes, complete with wobbling bottom lip... before he's nudged towards Backblast. He turns to the sniper, and catches sight of the treat he's being offered and the sad puppy-dog eyes just melt away as if they were never there. He knuckles back over to Backblast, climbs back up to his usual spot on the top of BB's backpack, and accepts his treat, gnawing and chewing away happily.

Backblast leans over to Dust Devil. "I modified your recipe a bit... if you simmer down some of the sugarwire plant sap and let it caramelise a little, then break up the treats into the mix and reform them it'll gum his mouth shut for at /least/ ten minutes, and look how happy he is.

He grins, motioning to Dave. Who looks as happy as any child does when he's had his jaw stuck shut with really good toffee.

"Could I get that recipe? I know a few mouths I'd like to gum up for some peace and quiet." Ghost notes as the escort group takes her to the shuttle.. and then.. onwards to Praxus. She spends the time quietly affirming to Omen that no she doesn't plan on any additions, yes Omen is best bird, yes she'll share whatever treats are in the basket but only -after- IntelOps gives it a good scan and quarantine. Omen spends the time bitch-grumbling about not wanting to share, how Ghost is an idiot of the highest degree, stop sticking cables into all the places, and more on the don't want to share.

Backblast laughs his dirty-drain laugh, noting it down and offering it to Ghost on a slip of flimsy.

Praxus - Northwestern Cybertron

Praxus is one of Cybertron's city-states, located in the northern hemisphere. It borders Kalis, Nova Cronum, and Altihex, and is one of the stops on the Tri-Torus Loop. Praxus was Cybertron's technological and cultural center and occupied a prominent position in Cybertron's political arena. This put the citizens at odds with the Decepticons, who sought to forcefully reimagine Cybertronian society. For this reason, Praxus was targeted during the early phases of the war.


Starlock also explains, during the ride in what she means by Soundwave going ballistic.

Backblast waits until the shuttle is coming in to its parking pattern before he just... pops the door and drops out. Calmly, as he falls, he pulls a piton-gun from his belt, fires it into one of the stantions of the Loop's overpasses, and uses the line to brake himself neatly to a stop a few inches off the ground, the piton gun smoking as it vents the braking heat. He lowers himself the last short distance on the motor and lets go, leaving it hanging there in case he needs to make a quick get-away.

Dave, who has held on through the whole ride, protectively arched over Eeek, voices his approval of such antics as everything settles, and Backblast scouts out the landing zone.

Once he's found a good spot to touch down he guides the V'ger down with road flares.

Ghost tucks the recipe into a compartment on her forearm and spends the rest of the ride blinking at Starlock as Starlock explains, during the trip, about Soundwave and 'going balisstic'. brows raise and the intel agent and her raven look at one another with very similar expressions. The raven starts to snicker-chortle halfway through with Ghost looking more and more politely neutral. Backblast leaps out, netting a thoughtful frown at the antics and Ghost simply says, "Well.. That was.. unexpected." And waits to be escorted off of the shuttle proper, with raven on shoulder.

Soundwave shows up alone and unarmed at the meeting point. He stands across the field, looking at the Autobots and Ghost as they leave the shuttle, his face impassive.

Starlock looks over. "Backblast? Yeaah he does that." She says with a puffed cheek. "Wish he didn't but eh." She'd shrug. "IF you mean Soundwave?.... Well.. Yeah.. Yeah it is." She'd puff her cheeks again, looking like she's one of the ones thats going to help walk Ghost out, she also has a small bag with her.

Backblast gives Soundwave a nod of greeting as he sets the flares in a bucket to burn out and joins the others. Kingslayer is, as usual, carried lazily over his shoulder because BB just isn't the kind of mech who voluntarily disarms. There's no threat to his posture. "Evening Sounders."

As he stops, Brave Dave peeks over his head to look at Soundwave, nervously. He's only just getting his mouth unstuck from the 'toffee treat' he was given before the shuttle ride, so instead of 'ook' it comes out more as 'mmph!'

Soundwave nods "Autobots." He says, his voice remaining neutral and ever emotionless. He nods to Dave. "Dave." After some hesitation, Dave nods back. With as good a Copperback clade greeting-grunt as one can do with one's teeth partially gummed together.

Ghost steps out of the shuttle once it settles, moving along as directed. Omen's perched on her shoulder, giggle-snickering about something while Ghost has a politely neutral expression on her face. She looks to be in good, if not great condition. Biolights their usual violet hue, plating her opalescent white. Wings parked in 'seeker' configuration. She peers at Soundwave before sliding into a more formal stance, saluting, "Commander."

Tap-Out steps off the shuttle, scanning around for hidden Decepticons. Trust, but verify. The bodyguard looks unarmed, but he sticks close to Ghost anyway, although it's not obvious if he's guarding the Autobots from her or her from the Autobots. In any case, he makes no attempt to stop her from joining her partner, although he barely acknowledges Soundwave at all, focusing instead on locating possible threats he *can't* see.

Soundwave nods to Ghost "Agent: Ghost." he says in his normal synthed tone. He looks to the otehrs to see when she will be released to him.

Starlock would make her way over with Ghost and pull out a dataslug, as well as a couple vials, and hold them out to Soundwave. "Medical files form where she was with us, and a couple samples of the sedative's used, where you can analyst them and ensure their safe." Starlock states with a nod.

"Maybe also check to see if Ghost's not build up too much a resistance to them." She adds... Also giving Soundwave something of a /look/ knowing he's hiding behind the mask considering how he was acting before and what he outright said on the net channel.

Backblast seems privately amused, if anything, by Soundwave's professional mask. He doesn't say anything though, just unslinging Kingslayer and setting it butt down against the ground to lean on casually - studied by Brave Dave.

Dust Devil would probably be giggling at Soundwave except there's some rampant swearing from inside the shuttle and crashing of stuff and a yelp. "Robbie I'm sorry! I promise I'll help ya clean up when we're done! No I'm sorry I didn't ask Benin first! Put down the laser cutter! ROBBIE! I didn't steal the shuttle....not exactly...I was coersed! Blame Jazz! OW! Dammit Robbit that's my windshield!" Yeah He's a little busy inside the V'ger.

Ghost settles with hands clasped behind her back. Omen ruffles plating before bowing her head as well, quieting and looking serious as well. Ghost gives Tap-Out a side glance, brows raising as she waits a moment, Omen on shoulder, some covered basket in hand. She waits a moment before voicing softly, "Please extend my gratitude and my apologies to your command for my.. unplanned 'visit' to Iacon. As the situation was.. a surprise to us all, I am grateful that the ambassador route was taken verses the enemy operative route. Should there be any additional information forthcoming from your faction, on how I -got there-, please let me know." She steps away from Tap-Out, moving to Soudnwave side and turning around to face the Autobots, settling into an only slightly nervous air of professionalism. "If it pleases my Commander, I would like to go home, now."

Starlock shrugs. "Honestly I think everyone was hoping you could tell us that, as from what I gather you where just.. down there, like rock." Starlock says with a puffed cheek and a shrug.

When Starlock breaks off from the others to approach Soundwave, Tap-Out follows her. Assigned to guard Ghost or no, Tap-Out apparently cares more about protecting the life of an Autobot medic than a Decepticon subversive agent. NOW he gives Soundwave his full attention, staring at him through narrowed optics.

Tap-Out doesn't seem to find the situation as amusing as some others do - he is coiled to strike at any moment if this exchange goes sideways. When Ghost addresses him, however, he does divide his attention to listen. "I will forward on your gratitude and apologies and promise to share any information we discover about how you got there, as long as it doesn't violate security concerns," he adds with an unspoken, 'of course.'

Soundwave pauses. "Seems to me that this was just a miscalculation on both sides." He says, letting Starlock approach him. He eyes the sedatives and puts out his hand for them.

Backblast stays silent, just watching.

Starlock gladly passes them and the dataslug to him. "Yeaah, file this under, Slag happens." She chuckles and nods. "Right.. we'll leave ya' two be." She winks, and heads back with Tap-out.

Ghost tilts her head, watching as the dataslugs and the samples of the meds used on her are handed over. There's a quiet questioning, "To the Aerie, Commander?"

Tap-Out returns to the V'ger with Starlock, giving Soundwave one last side-optic before preparing to board the ship and report back to Command.

Soundwave nods "The aerie is good. We can keep you there until you recover." He pauses. "My thanks...for taking care of her." He says distantly.

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

Ghost turns and heads for the Aerie, Omen taking off to fly ahead.

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Alright she's back with Soundwave"

Iacon Medical Center - Iacon

The first floor of the facility is a masterwork of elegant precision of movement; dozens of medical droids carrying tools and materials rushing in between medics and gurneys rapidly, Autobot medics moving from room to room while reading datapads or discussing matters in low, hushed tones, and automated medical equipment moving slowly from floor to floor make the entrance floor of the medical center seem like the production stage of a choreographed waltz. Two elevators on either side of the floor allow access to other areas of the facility, which include patient rooms, testing labs, and rehabilitation facilities.

<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Good Work Team. Return when able."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Will do"
<<Autobot>> Tap-Out says, "On our way back now, sir. Report incoming."
<<Autobot>> Jazz says, "Understood bots."

Dust Devil

Dust Devil returns to the medical bay...with a cracked cockpit. Angry mutters can be heard as he walks in. Tracker is happily trotting next to Dust Devil, unperturbed. "Ratchet! Do ya gotta second?"

Ratchet looks up as Dust Devil returns. "How went the exchange?" he asks. "I hope we don't live to regret giving her back." He frowns at the sight of Dust Devil's cracked cockpit. "How did you manage to get injured on a simple transport run?" he asks in grouchy disbelief. "C'mere." Ratchet rolls over a tool cart and stands next to a medbed, waiting for Dust Devil to hop on. "This from an Autobot or Decepticon?" he smirks.

Dust Devil makes a face, "Neutral party...." He hops up onto the berth and sighs. "Robbie was....disgruntled about my choice of vehicle for the exchange. Couldn't quite get him to understand that it wasn't precisely my choice. So technically we can blame Jazz."

Ratchet chuckles in amusement, moving closer to examine Dust Devil's injury. "I'm sure Ol' Ben will understand," he says, scanning the cracked cockpit and frowning at the damage. "You get yerself banged up faster'n I can make parts! What did Alpha Trion do - just keep a couple'a spare Dust Devil's lying around and just swap out your core as you wrecked each body?" He scowls and moves over to a special spare parts bin just for Dust Devil. "Keep this up and I'll have to start swappin' in Blurr parts."

Dust Devil makes a face, "Substandard parts?!" Yep....good thing blurr ain't here. "Hey I've done a bang up job not gettin banged up since becomin Ambassador. Usually it's friendly fire I gotta worry about."

"Well, fixing that would require a personality overhaul, and I don't have time for that kind of project. Talk to Rung," Ratchet advises. He returns with spare parts for Dust Devil's cockpit and transforms his left hand into a toolset for removing the damaged panels.

Dust Devil says, "Besides if ya weren't fixin me all the time you'd be rusty and outta practice. I hope I get ta hear some comments about Ghost's gift basket."

Ratchet stops and looks at Dust Devil frankly. "So, what was in that thing? Is it something I'm going to regret not stopping you from giving her? And did I unknowingly contribute to this present from my missing private stash?" he asks, optic ridge raised.

Dust Devil grins at Ratchet, "Nah I'm not that cruel....yer stuff is safe. But I did put some engex in there. Ummm there might be a plaque from the priests of the pious pools proclaiming her to be an acolyte or herald of Primus."

Ratchet coughs, trying to cover a laugh. "Oh, Primus. Well, I guess that makes it official. I'm sure if Luminous ever returns, she'll listen to whatever Ghost says," Ratchet chuckles. "Did Imager an' you figure out how she got in th' Pools to begin with?"

Dust Devil makes a face. "She wsa helpin Alpha Trion...well...really Vector Trion. Remember the guy who came back in 1999?"

Ratchet scowls and almost spits oil. "Oh, Primus! Not more time-travel malarkey!" he objects.

Dust Devil says, "YEP! They're goin back in time ta save us back then and it the time they're leavin....but there were TWO instances of Alpha Trion in Vector Sigma and....yeah big friggin headache for Ghost. Pretty sure she's sworn herself off Old mechs...especial noncorporeal ones...""

"Hey!" Ratchet replies defensively. "Some old mechs are cool. Just not ones that talk in riddles and seem to want ta help th' Decepticons sometimes as much as th' Autobots. I'll be happy when we're back to just one Alpha Trion, thank you very much. Two Trions are two too many! I remember when we had none! Now you're just being selfish!" he scowls.

Dust Devil says, "Soon we ain't gonna have any..." He sighs, "He's got a mission that he's gotta do or somethin. We might not have Vector Sigma fer a while. Not sure yet. Still hammerin out details."

Ratchet frowns and lays off the teasing. "OK. Well, keep me informed. And Jazz informed, before he has a Predacon." He finishes up Dust Devil's repairs and steps back for a scan. "There. Good as new if I do say so myself." He transforms his toolhand back into normal digits and throws Dusty's damaged parts into the recycler. "Now, skedaddle before I really do find more work for you." With that, he heads back to his office to eventually fall into sleep mode at his desk.