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This article is about the singular heroic Decepticon digital camera. For his evil counterpart made up of three robots, see Reflector.
Reflector is a heroic Decepticon from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

"See and you can know, know and you can protect."

Reflector is Megatron's intelligence officer, though he is not above going into battle on the front lines. He loves to observe things: vegetation, architecture, Earthen topography, and particularly his comrades' accomplishments. He likes to encourage his associates, and he is very impressed with their unique abilities. He has highly-developed infra-red vision that can record images in darkness, through camouflage and at great distances. In camera mode, Reflector can emit a powerful flash explosion that leaves enemies blind and disorientated for up to 15 seconds. Reflector often gets very involved with his subjects, and his mood tends to reflect whatever he is observing.

camera mode


Shattered Glass

Reflector's report that Optimus Prime had added additional gun ports to the Ark was the trigger that prompted Megatron to attack the Autobots.

MUX History

Reflector fought alongside Megatron on the attack on the Ark, but retreated quickly enough to join the Nemesis before it launched. Arriving on Earth, Reflector began to scout out the new world, but from orbit and in person. He witnessed and reported on Emperor Prime's attack on Sherman Dam, and then took an active hand rescuing the dam's human workers.

When the Autobots were spotted boarding a derelict ship in Earth's orbit, Reflector was part of the team that went to investigate. However, while on the ship with Octane and Scourge, Reflector was grabbed and pulled into the ship's walls, and hasn't been heard from since.


2010 (SG)


  • Reflector's character model is the Photon T-34 toy in either Bumblebee's colors, or reversed colors of Photon T-34.


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