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Red Spot
Personal information
Real Name

Ritchie, Michael P.


Cincinnati, Ohio

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS

Laser Weapons Systems Operator


Laser Weapons

Organizational information

G.I. Joe


 Laser Troopers

The theoretical stuff and the practical application to hardware are all fun stuff, but the real challenge is out in the field, crawling through the mud with tracers zipping by overhead. That's where you find out whether you're a soldier or not.

RED SPOT built his first laser device when he was nine, after watching a science fiction marathon on cable TV. It was cobbled together from salvaged parts and items he bought from an electronics catalogue. His interest in light amplification kept growing, but it wasn't until he had joined the military that he realized the full potential of his field of interest. He has participated in development programs at various secret labs and many of the devices he uses in the field are his own designs or contain his modifications. Although he seems to be a classic geek, RED SPOT is better socialized than most. He has interest in other things besides electronics, plays center field in the G.I. JOE softball team, goes out on dates with real girls, and owns t-shirts without band logos or cute messages printed on them. He is also a world-class rated master in chess, and a ni-dan (2nd degree black belt) in Aikido.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Red Spot joined the Joes in 2003.

MUX History:

In 2021, Red Spot was made an official member of Star Brigade and assigned to the crew of the Crusader for a trip to Nebulos, as its laser technician. While in orbit over Nebulos, the crew of the Crusader fought off an invasion by the Star Seeker pirate crew, capturing their leader, Olin Zarak.

OOC Notes




  • 2017 October 13 - "Now on Sci-Fi: Face Off" - Sci-Fi and Red Spot are doing attempting to capture the SG version of Sci-Fi without the normal G.I. Joes knowing about this play. Seymour Fine puts himself at risk while giving easy access to SyFy by teaching some guest lectures at the NYU campus; hoping that SyFy makes his move. SyFy has his own trap set as well against the pair.


Dec 19 - re: Captured Tech Upgrades

From: Red Spot
To: GI Joe Command
Re: Tech Upgrades

We do have the schematics from Trakker’s MASK tech as well. Perhaps if we can couple these ideas together, we can potentially give ourselves the upper hand on this planet. Communication back to Earth to get Trakker in on this dialogue would prove to be beneficial.


Jan 09 - Status Report

From: Red Spot
To: Joe Command
Subject: Nebulos Updates

The Crusader is undergoing a final assessment to make sure all potential uses of it are plausible. The Veracity looks to be pretty stabilized as well.

Sci-Fi and the Greenshirts have managed to a jury-rig long-range communication link established back to Earth though it is slow, has a lag, severe downtimes, and static. We are requesting that Hi-Q or Timmy/Mailman/Captain Awesome see if they can fine-tune this.

I have also temporarily relieved Sci-Fi from duty as he has taken a much-needed break. With my background and everything, I should be able to pilot the Star Fighter we have; though I am not certain if I can call it Starship Velociraptor.

Ozone has established that our troops' health is currently proper and the mercury is not currently an alarming issue as we have been monitoring it better. Our rations are thinning but the locals have been assisting.

Jan 09 - Updated Update

From: Red Spot
To: Joe Command

Additional updates from previous site rep.

"Gears has assessed that the Warp Gate is functioning but it just needs to be orbital.

"Spike has confirmed that the Crusader should be capable of flight in a few days.

"Sci-Fi is looking into sacrificing the Star Fighter as an external thruster for the Crusader if needed.

"We will try to get radio communications restored to full once we have a functional idea of how to prevent an energy drain.

"Hi-Q has been helpful with a lot of these tasks.

"Ozone will be trying to do some checks on us to make sure we're not too burnt out."

Feb 02 - Major SNAFU

TO: Joe Command
FROM: Red Spot

Priority Message: The Nebulos Resistance has made some new technology that binds with us at the DNA level. Once bonded to the user, it can not be used by anyone else. The new rookie recruits used it without permission and now have been bonded to the technology. They are untrained and see it as toys. I repeat, we have rookies with enhanced technology that they are not trained with nor or we as well. We cannot use this technology. Without proper ranking officers available, how do we proceed?

-Red Spot

Feb 05 - re: Current Orders

To: Flint
From: Red Spot
Re: Current Orders

While I appreciate you entrusting me to handle Sci-Fi's workload, I am going to suggest that we let him stay on course. He seems to have everything under control and I think, honestly, despite my previous concerns of his proxy to Wraith, that she is able to keep him grounded. He's still finishing and submitting work on the laser communication system. He's focused and working through this. I think if we bench him for too long, we'll have a harder time to pull him out of this.

I'm also going to suggest that Jinx and I handle the new troops. I might need someone I can trust to help me read the new recruits that enhanced themselves with this technology.

-Red Spot

Feb 07 - NebTech

From: Red Spot
To: Joe Command

Some of the NebTech that already bonded to our recruits is long range communication, nanotech controller, various energy weapons, cloaking, holograms, flight, and some more. I am not sure we can unbond this technology. Sci-Fi is currently adjusting and working on the NebTech that was provided for him.

I strongly recommend that we bring these recruits back for proper training. Concealer has brought up that there might be an emotional addiction for to use this technology. Should the technology become unable to be repaired correctly, the user may go through withdrawal symptoms. Especially as the user will become reliant on using the NebTech.




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