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The Red Shadows are a Cobra splinter group run by the mysterious Baron Ironblood.

Symbol of the Red Shadows

The Red Shadows are led by Baron Ironblood and are believed to be fanatical in their devotion to their leader and cause.

"An evil genius threatens the world. His name is Baron Ironblood and his twisted criminal brain dreams of only one thing....... world domination. Using powerful and sophisticated weaponry, Ironblood's ruthless followers would gladly die for their master. Baron Ironblood has vowed to destroy G.I. Joe."[1]


Major Characters

Baron Ironblood

Rank and File

Red Shadows troops storm a beach.

  • Red Shadows - Infantry troops of the Red Shadows. Majority of them are brainwashed to serve the organisation as fanatical soldiers.
  • Red Torches - Red Shadows Pyro-Troopers
  • Muton - Robotic soldiers of the Red Shadows. Mainly invincible against most small arms.
Weaponry and Vehicles

The Red Shadows weapons, vehicles and armoury consisted of the following:


Transition from Cobra

After Cobra Unity was established, Cobra needed new splinter organizations to do their dirty work. The Red Shadows, led by Baron Ironblood, was one such faction.

It is speculated that the mysterious Cobra agent Interrogator is actually Baron Ironblood.

Return to Cobra

In 2021, the Red Shadows were taken into the larger organization of Cobra.

Red Shadows and Nazis

Red Shadows Trooper

Red Shadows Troopers wear a quasi-German military uniform from the World War II era. Their red clothing is similar in style to the WWII German military wear including long black boots, black gloves and 'Jerry' style helmets, albeit extended to cover the face. In addition, the weapons they carry also included German-style stick grenades and bazookas.

Additional characters and vehicles also had strong associations with the German military in the WWII era - The Black Major for example (Baron Ironblood's deputy) is dressed in a similar style to a Allgemeine SS officer[2] and the Shadowtrak armoured vehicle has a German-influenced design.

Red Shadows operate alongside the Nazis in South America, recruiting from an offshoot of the ODESSA network. This organisation was formed by former SS (schutzstaffel) officers, to escape war crimes at the end of WWII.


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  2. Black Major figure, part of the collection at Leicestershire County Council Museum

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